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this week
Restoring The Wheel

T he wooden waterwheel
located at the north
end of the Trout Pond at
the Minnedosa Heritage
Village has been a popu-
lar attraction for a number
of years. The handsome,
Gold Medal hand-crafted waterwheel
was installed at the local

for Peewees museum grounds almost

20 years ago.
Constructed of tama-
rack wood by Gallus Ober-
holzer of Erickson, the
waterwheel was donated
as a tourist attraction for
the community by the now
defunct Minnedosa Heri-
tage Foundation in August
Over the years, local
museum volunteers have
done basic minor repairs
to the water wheel and

Bethany regular maintenance in-

cluding covering the wheel

during the winter months
and applying new protec-
tive coating. Even with this
Burn regular maintenance, time
took its toll on the unique
Photo by Karen Mitchell

wooden structure. Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village volunteers (L-R): Tony Mullie, Vern Philips
Last season, the cen- and Bruce Firby re-assemble the recently restored wooden waterwheel which has been
tre hub of the waterwheel an attraction at the north end of the trout pond since 2001.
had rotted and degraded
major overhaul and spend tions to strengthen the wa- volunteers, at the Town of furbishment has come in
so bad that the snug fit be-
up to $2,000, in order to get terwheel. The centre hub Minnedosa Public Works at under $1,000.
tween the centre hub and
more years of enjoyment has also been rebuilt with Shop in the Industrial The newly refurbished
the steel shaft had loos-
out of the waterwheel. metal work repairs under- Park, Rebuilding the intri- waterwheel will be back
ened resulting in the wa-
Since that time, the taken by Kingdon Machine cate waterwheel from the on display at the Heritage
terwheel no longer being
Rapid City able to turn. At the close of
the busy summer season,
waterwheel has been re-
moved and disassembled
Works of Minnedosa. Once
the needed repairs were
centre out. Throughout the
process, volunteers have
Village for the 2020 tourist
season and as a result of

Dragons Win
piece-by-piece. A great completed, new wood been in close contact with this recent work, the mu-
the local museum board
deal of wear and rot was preservative was applied the waterwheel’s original seum committee hopes to

discussed the deteriora-
found throughout the ag- to the wood with new rust builder, Gallus for guid- get at least ten more years
Gold tion of the waterwheel and
rather than lose this hand-
ing wheel and museum
volunteers have been re-
coating to being applied
to the metal. The pieces
ance and suggestions. To
date, thanks to volunteer
out of the wooden water-
wheel as a community
some Heritage Village at-
building new wooden sec- were then reassembled by labour, the waterwheel re- tourist attraction.
traction, voted to approve a

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2 Friday, February 7, 2020 The Minnedosa Tribune

Training Session Held on Economic Development

By DARRYL HOLYK helps the committee (CDC assets which we are fortu- attract the same business. was given some basic sta- phase. The majority of par-
board) decide the direc- nate to have. On the other In order for Commu- tistics for an unknown ticipants voted that we are

A four-hour session enti-

tled, “An Introduction
to Community Economic
tion we want to go,” stated
Town Councillor and CDC
Chairman, Jim Dowsett.
hand, sometimes these as-
sets can create struggles
such as the current con-
nity Economic Develop-
ment to succeed there
has to be co-operation
community. Information
included a population
breakdown for various age
currently somewhat in the
middle balancing between
an emergence/struggling
Development (CED)”, was Some of the topics cerns regarding the condi- between a number of groups and the popula- phase and a vision/plan-
hosted at the Sanderson covered during the ses- tion of our lake. partners such as the vari- tion changes between the ning stage.
Room of the Minnedosa sion included defining For successful eco- ous levels of government 2011 and 2016 Canadian One of the final ex-
Community Conference community economic de- nomic development, you (municipal, provincial and Census. Also provided was ercises of the session had
Centre on Monday, Janu- velopment, reading and have to understand your federal), local champi- a percentage breakdown participants thinking
ary 27th. One dozen par- using community data, as- community, its focus and ons (community minded of the economic/business about where they would
ticipates, including local sessing your community, what it truly needs. Just people to bring ideas forth makeup of the commu- like to see the community
municipal staff and lead- the different structures of because a neighbouring and help achieve goals), a nity. From this basic data, in the months and years
ers, Minnedosa and Area Economic Development, community recently at- Community Development participants learned that ahead and to consider how
Community Development the required skills and job tracted a certain new busi- Corporation (CDC) and an they could determine a to get there and achieve
Corporation (CDC) board description of an Econom- ness or attraction does Economic Development great deal about a commu- those goals?
members and local busi- ic Development Officer not mean your commu- Officer (EDO). nity such as whether it was Participants came
ness owners attended (EDO), setting goals and nity needs that same thing Throughout the ses- a growing or dying com- away from the training ses-
the session facilitated by priorities for your commu- to be successful. A local sion, there were a number munity and what strengths sion with hopefully more
Neepawa’s Economic De- nity and how to measure example would be last of individual and group and weaknesses it had in knowledge and a better
velopment Officer, Mari- the outcomes. year’s addition of Splish brainstorming and hands- its business and tourism understanding about eco-
lyn Crewe. The session A valuable message Splash Inflatable Water on exercises. One of these sectors. nomic development and
focussed on the basics as from the session was that a Park to Minnedosa’s tour- focussed on proving how Another exercise how to put the wheels in
outlined in Module One community does not need ism/business community. much you can determine asked each participant to motion to move economic
of Manitoba’s Community the expertise of outsiders While this business works about a community just rate where he/she felt our development forward for
Economic Development who are not familiar with for Minnedosa, because of from statistical data. For local community was cur- Minnedosa and the sur-
Certification Program, your community to tell you our lake, it would be point- this exercise, participants rently at on a four phase rounding area.
Community Edge. what is best for your com- less for a community with- were divided into three scale ranging from a Chaos
The session came at a munity or what your com- out a water body to try and groups and each group phase to an Actualization
time that the Minnedosa munity needs. Such ideas
and Area CDC is under-
going somewhat of a re-
structuring to determine
should be generated with-
in your community from
the people who live and
Filling Soup Bags For Food Bank
how to best move forward work in your community. By DARRYL HOLYK
with the best interest of the Each community is unique

community at heart. While and different and has dif- n the evening of
the local CDC board con- ferent assets, needs and Thursday, January
tinues to operate and meet challenges. For example, 30th, 14 local volunteers
regularly, the board chose not all communities have gathered at the Minnedosa
to close its office and let assets such as an abun- United Church to create
its Economic Develop- dance of available water, a packages of dry soup mix
ment Officer and Assistant lake or a ski hill which are to donate to the Minnedo-
go late last year. “I hope it just a few of Minnedosa’s sa and Area Food Bank.
Minnedosa Lions Club
member, Gord Kingdon
20021BB0 had learned about the “fill
a soup bag” initiative while
attending a Lions confer-
ence in the United States.
“I thought, why wouldn’t
something like that work Photo submitted
here,” said Gord. He pro-
posed it to the local Li- help fill these dry ingredi- ning were set up along long gredients, calorie content
ons club and they were in ent soup bags and encour- tables similar to a produc- and a recipe to make the
favour and then put the aged families to bring their tion line. Throughout the soup. In most cases, it is as
wheels in motion to do this kids to expose them to vol- evening work party, they simple as adding the dry
in support of the local food unteerism. measured out the required mix to boiling water.
bank. They called on vol- The volunteers who amount of dry ingredients When the evening was
unteers to come out and came out Thursday eve- for each soup package over, a total of 300 soup
which will make one or packages had been cre-
two servings of soup. ated for the Minnedosa
Municipality of Harrison Park Conforming with food and Area Food Bank. The
safety and nutrition regu- Minnedosa Lions hope to
2020 Grant Applications
lations, each soup mix continue to do this project
The Council of the Municipality of Harrison Park wishes to advise package states the kind of in the community in the
that grant applications are now being accepted from non-profit soup it will make, the in- future.
organizations who wish to be considered for grant funding in the 2020
fiscal year. Grants will not be provided to religious organizations.
All grant requests must be accompanied by current financial Buying or selling real estate?
statements. Helping you is what we do.™️
Applications must be completed and submitted to the Municipal
Office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 14, 2020. Dave Burgess
Sales Representative
Applications will be reviewed by the Council of the Municipality of
Harrison Park. Approved grant funds will be issued following final 204-730-8181
approval of the 2020 Financial Plan.
Application forms and additional information are available for
pick up at either municipal office or by calling 204-848-7614 or
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 7, 2020 3

Town Council Notes... Pee Wee Bombers Win

Marzoff and ACAO Yuen
Vallie Collins, one of the
survivors from US Airways
Gold at Veterans Cup
M innedosa Town
Council met for its
second regular meeting of
were authorized to execute
the 2020 Veterinary Servic-
es agreement on behalf of
flight #1549 which pilots
successfully ditched on the
Hudson River in 2009 and
the new year on the eve- the Town of Minnedosa. Dwayne Forman, Mayor
ning of Tuesday, January A resolution was of the Town of Gillam and
28th in Council Chambers. passed projected that by RCMP Assistant Commis-
Mayor Skatch presided the year 2030, the Town of sioner, Jane MacLatchy,
with Councillors Taylor, T. Minnedosa will work to- who spoke about last sum-
Dowsett, Saler, Butler and wards reducing its green- mer’s search revolving
J. Dowsett in attendance. house gas emissions to six around two fugitive mur-
Councillor Blais was ab- percent below the 2015 lev- der suspects.
sent. els. The Town is committed Councillor Butler re-
Second and third to becoming a member of ported that the Minnedosa
reading were given to By- the Federation of Cana- Lake committee meeting
law #2586 to set the gar- dian Municipalities (FCM) had been postponed until
bage levy for the years Partners for Climate Pro- after an upcoming meet-
2020 to 2022. The rate in- tection (PCP) program ing of Town officials with
crease was proposed last and has already created a the provincial Govern-
fall and given first reading greenhouse gas inventory. ment to discuss what can
in October 2019. Estimated The Town has also adopted and cannot be done to ad-
annual costs to provide a Climate Change Local dress concerns regarding Photo submitted
garbage pick-up service Action Plan (CCLAP) and the local lake. Back row (L-R): Matt Pentecost (Assistant Coach), Mike Lamb
within the town is estimat- submitted it to the Federa- The Government Gen- (Assistant Coach), Steven Tomlinson, Matthew Toews, Nickolai Brazeau,
ed at $184,000 for each of tion of Canadian Munici- eral Services subcommit-
Noah Cornish, Zach Lamb, Dylan Ewasiuk, Ty Burton (Head Coach)
the three years. Included palities (FCM). tee of council met recently
Middle row (L-R): Quentin MacDonald, Kalem Noordenbos,
in this figure is $84,000 gar- Councillor Saler re- and reviewed $70,600 in re-
bage pick-up and $100,000 ported that he attended quests through the Town’s Hudson Boyd, Rem Lemoing, Dane Wahoski. Front row (L-R): Colby
to cover contract work, the 2020 Manitoba Disas- grants to Organizations Pentecost and Grady Burton. Missing: Roland Boles-McKay
disposal of garbage and ter Management confer- program. Of these, $38,000
tipping taxes as charged ence in Winnipeg with lo- in grant funding from the By DARRYL HOLYK Friday, the Bombers de- nament. “Although we
by Evergreen Environmen- cal Municipal Emergency Town was approved, pend- feated MacDonald Girard. conceded an early goal,
tal Technologies. The ap-
proved annual levy rates
include $120 for residential
Coordinator, Marcy Nylen-
Nemetchek and munici-
pal emergency committee
ing budget approval.
CAO Marzoff reported
that two members of the
L ast weekend,
Minnedosa Bombers
Peewee Majors travelled
the On Saturday, they took on
Stonewall “A3” and Grun-
thal and won both games.
we fought back in true
Minnedosa style and came
out with a 5-1 victory,” re-
property, mobile homes, member, Kathy Tomlinson. Minnedosa Fire Depart- to Stonewall to play in During Sunday’s semi- ported Assistant Coach,
duplex and commercial “It was a very good confer- ment, Fire Chief Dean the Peewee Veterans Cup final, Minnedosa faced Matt Pentecost. With this
with light to medium pick- ence,” reported Saler, who Jordan and Captain Jon Tournament. During the off against the Brandon fifth and final win of the
up, $180 for triplex, $240 indicated that some of the Kowal, are registered to tournament, which ran Predators coming out weekend, the Minnedo-
for small apartment com- guest speakers included attend an upcoming spe- from January 31st to Feb- on top with a win of 8-1. sa Peewee’s earned the
plex (four to five unites) Frank DeAngelis, retired cialized Canadian Pacific ruary 2nd at the Veterans This put the Bombers into championship title and
and commercial property principal of Columbine Railway training session in Memorial Sports Complex, the championship final headed home proudly
with heavy pick-up, $360 High School who spoke on Pueblo, Colorado. the local Bombers won five against MacDonald “A”, a wearing gold medals!
for large apartment com- the 1999 school shooting, straight games! team which had also gone
plex (over five units) and In their first game on undefeated in the tour-
$36 for seasonal property.
First reading was giv-
en to Bylaw #2570 for the
Town of Minnedosa to par-
ticipate in the recently es-
tablished Assiniboine West
Watershed District which Minnedosa Minor Hockey proudly presents the 14th annual
includes what was for-
merly known as the Little
Saskatchewan River, Lake
Don’t miss the action
of the Prairies and Upper
Assiniboine Conservation 4 vs 4 pond hockey ♦ no goalies on Minnedosa Lake!
Districts. full canteen ♦ beer garden

Rock The Lake

Council authorized
the transfer of an outstand-
ing utility account totalling Ê
$174.81 to the respective
tax roll.
2 person teams 8 ends
no sweeping stick curling
If your register by Feb 7 at skatethelake.ca
label prizes for top
reads 3 teams
dress code: your finest or favourite hockey jersey
20/02/29 SOCIAL!
Late lunch
$10 tickets
$75 per team
register by Feb 7 at
It’s time to Sat. Feb 16
15 18+
ID Required
Kayla Graham
204-868-5242 rockthelake.ca or skatethelake.ca
renew your
subscription Social proceeds to benefit the Beach Enhancement Committee.

Call 867-3816 SKATEthelake.ca February 15 + 16 ROCKthelake.ca

4 Friday, February 7, 2020 The Minnedosa Tribune

Around Good Food is Grown Close to Home

Canada’s Agriculture Day February 11th

C anadian consumers are only one step removed from

the people who produce most of the food that lands
  The sector has been growing at an average of three
per cent over the past five years, a full one per cent stron-
ger than Canada’s overall manufacturing sector (average
1.9 per cent) over the same period.
By Darryl Holyk on their dinner tables, according to Farm Credit Canada’s   To keep the agriculture and food sector growing, Ca-
(FCC) director of Industry and Stakeholder Relations. nadian producers and processors need to stay on top of
“Many consumers would be surprised to learn that the latest consumer food trends, at home and abroad, in
Senior Bombers… the safest and highest-quality food is grown only a few
kilometres from the city where they live, or processed
order to meet consumer demand and develop new mar-
kets for their products.
The Minnedosa Senior Bombers have wrapped up
their regular season of play in the Tiger Hills Hockey and distributed in a plant that employs their friends and   “Whether you are growing, processing or distribut-
League. They played their final game for the regular neighbours,” said Marty Seymour, who also oversees ing food, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the
season in Cartwright on Friday, January 31st and un- Canada’s Agriculture Day (February 11th, 2020) on behalf consumer,” Faulkner said. “The more informed they are
fortunately, suffered a 7-3 defeat. The 2019-2020 regular of FCC. about how food is grown and processed, the better. At the
season began in late October with the Bombers win-   “There’s actually only one degree of separation be- same time, consumers provide us with valuable insights
ning their very first season game 6-3 over Gladstone. tween consumers and the people who produce their on how food preferences are changing, so our growers
Throughout the season, a total of 18 games were played food,” he said. “But in our fast-paced urban environ- can better meet their needs. It’s very much a close, two-
with the Bombers earning eight wins and suffering ten ments, we sometimes lose sight of that fact.” way relationship.”
losses.   A recent survey by the Canadian Centre for Food   The fourth anniversary of Canada’s Agriculture Day
Integrity showed three-in-five Canadians have an inter- will focus on strengthening that relationship between
est in learning more about agriculture and modern farm consumers and producers who share a common appre-
The art of reading… practices. ciation and sense of pride that comes from buying food
February is I Love to Read Month and a number of   “There’s a strong and growing appetite among con- grown or processed on Canadian soil, Seymour said.
special events are being held in the community at our sumers to learn more about the food they buy and they   “Conversations on Canada’s Agriculture Day and
schools, library, etc. Reading has numerous benefits, want information straight from the individuals who grow throughout the year are important for building trust be-
some of which include, keeping your mind sharp, ex- it,” said Seymour, adding farmers are viewed the most tween consumers and the people who grow and process
panding your knowledge and learning new words. Read- favourably – ahead of health professionals, scientific re- the food we eat,” Seymour said. “The stronger that con-
ing is a great way to relax and relieve stress so throughout searchers and government officials – in providing infor- nection becomes, the more likely consumers will choose
the next month, and all year-long, pick up a book, pam- mation about food and food production. “If you can’t talk Canadian products offered on the grocery store shelf.”
phlet or newspaper and enjoy the art of reading. directly to a farmer, the next time you’re in a grocery store   “While there’s a strong economic argument for sup-
look at the labels to find out where the main ingredients porting Canadian agriculture, we should also be driven
come from and where it was processed.” by a strong sense of pride,” he said. “Let’s show our pride
Dangerous drivers…   By choosing to buy Canadian-produced food and and appreciation for Canadian growers and the work
Last Friday as I was out on the road delivering The food products, consumers are supporting the local and they do by buying Canadian food and food products
Tribune to neighbouring communities, I found myself Canadian economies. whenever possible.”
wondering how some people get a driver’s license! For   In 2018, Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing   If you’re unable to participate in one of the many
those who travel our highways regularly, I am sure you sector – which includes activities, such as meat and dairy events and activities planned for Canada’s Agriculture
have seen some strange and dangerous driving habits processing, grain and oilseed milling, and fruit and veg- Day across the country, you can join the fun by making
out there. During my recent travels, I had three encoun- etable preserving – produced goods valued at over $117 a meal with your family using all Canadian ingredients,
ters, all along the stretch of highway between Minnedosa billion, accounting for almost two per cent of the national snapping a photo of you raising your fork to Canadian ag-
and Neepawa. First, a truck raced passed me on double gross domestic product (GDP) and roughly 250,000 jobs riculture then sharing it on social media using #CdnAg-
solid lines (which you are not supposed to do in case you nation-wide, many in rural and agricultural areas. Day.
did not know), then a car flew by me just metres before

From Fashion House to The Office

we entered a passing lane zone and then pulled in and
cut me off in the far right passing lane and the final one
was a car pulling out to pass me while there was oncom-
ing traffic which nearly caused a head-on collision. My
apologies to these three drivers for holding them up by
obeying the speed limit and driving with some common
sense! However, there was one bright point to my trip as L ast year, the building at
65 Main Street South un-
derwent a major renovation
I saw an RCMP officer pull over a speeding truck along
that stretch of highway. Be safe out there – it’s a little cra- transforming it from a former
zy at times! ladies clothing retail space to a
modern office and professional
Some time ago, the familiar
Tribune Founder signage of the building’s long-
time occupant, “The Fashion
William Gibbens
House”, was removed and last
Born - 1854 at London, England week brand new signage for
Died - February 20, 1932 “The Office - Business Suites”
at Cornwall, Ontario was installed.

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 7, 2020 5

Local Dancers Perform at Scottish Pavilion


22 Expressive Dance
with Crystal Highland Ye O l d
dancers entertained at the
Scottish Pavilion during
the Westman Multicul-
tural Festival in Brandon.
The dancers performed
an afternoon show at the
Victoria Inn on Satur-
day, January 25th with
dancers travelling from 1890 – Messrs. Dennison and Almon were each paid
Minnedosa, Clanwilliam, five dollars for auditing the Town of Minnedosa accounts
Basswood, Strathclair, for 1889.
Onanole, Neepawa, Kel-
wood and Kenton. 1900 – Minnedosa’s B.A. St. John is supervising the in-
During the event, the Photos submitted stallation of a giant clock being placed on Main Street at
Billie Haddow Highland Portage la Prairie.
Dancer Scholarship was Back row (L-R): Rhogan Scott, Olivia
presented. Congrats goes Wootton, Shawnee Inkster, Lily Fraser, Emily
1910 – The dam proposition is again being mooted and
out to Lara Denbow from Alexander, Briel LeMoing, Lara Denbow, judging by the men who are taking active steps in its
Neepawa on winning the Christyna Caldwell, Sage Toews, Sarah favour, it is probable that it will be carried to a success-
scholarship. Lara qualified Turnbull, Lexi Singh, Sam McLaughlin, Faith ful issue. A dam would mean increased prosperity for
to be nominated by her in- Inkster, Cearan Scott. Front row (L-R): Crystal Minnedosa.
structor Crystal Scott and
Scott (Instructor), Juna Cann, Hazel Proven,
was chosen by a commit-
tee. Emerie Ferguson, Arabella Wilson, Daxton 1940 – Minnedosa Consumers Co-op closed the most
The award was open Brock, Avery Pearson, Clara Johnson successful season of its 11 year history with net profits of
to Highland dancers who and Emily Warwaruk $3,220. T.H. Taylor was re-elected Co-op President.
take Highland dance in-
struction in the Westman dance has affected her life At right, Crystal Scott 1960 – On February 1st, Minnedosa Auto Sales Ltd.
area. The qualifying dancer in a positive way. with Lara Denbow, opened on the premises of Thoms Motors Ltd. The new
must have taken Highland While Lara received a recipient of the company is under President Wilbert McLeod and Secre-
dance in 2019, currently certificate and recognition tary treasurer, Bruce Dent. Both have worked for Thoms
Billie Haddow
taking lessons and plans at the Scottish Pavilion, her for a number of years.
Highland Dancer
to continue with Highland teacher will receive $100
dance next season. The scholarship to put towards 1980 –RCMP stats for the Town of Minnedosa in 1979:
nominee was also chosen Lara’s Highland dance les-
eight drug offenses, 77 traffic offenses, 56 impaired driv-
because of how Highland sons in September 2020. ers. Overall, the local detachment showed an increase of
216 cases , most of which were related to traffic offenses.
A correction from last week’s Basswood News. Sympa-
thy is sent to Ken and Barb Stone on the recent pass-
ing of their son, Daniel, not David as reported last week.
1990 – The laundromat situated at Poplar Park Trailer
Court will soon open as a convenience store called, Price
Busters. The store will offer every thing from chocolate
bars to band-aids and movie rentals will be a highlight.
SEGA games and machines will also be available for rent.

2000 – The second annual Minnedosa Can-Am Sno-X

races were a complete success with close to 150 racers
registered. Local racers included Jason Wark, Bryce Bu-
chanan, Nathan Dmytriw and Reg Delaloye.

2010 – Mayor Duane LaCoste announced at Tuesday

night’s Council meeting that he will not seek re-election
in October’s Civic Election. LaCoste was elected to coun-
cil in 2002 and was acclaimed mayor the following year.

Tribune Deadline
Tuesday at 12 Noon

M L A for R id ing M ountain
is pleased to welcome
The Minnedosa Senior Citizen’s Association received a grant for
Constituency Assistant
$500.00 to impove the air flow in the building. It is important
to get the air circulation moving between the offices and the JUDY SNITYNSKY
building. Lois Collen and Nora Driedger accepted the grant from
Board Member Gaylene Johnson. For all inquiries, please call
For more info or to make a donation to the Foundation go to or Toll Free 1.844.877.7767
www.minnedosafoundation.com. Email: gregnesbittmla@mymts.net
6 Friday, February 7, 2020 The Minnedosa Tribune

Burn ‘Em Dessert Auction Funds

Down in Presented To Cancer Services

Photo by Darryl Holyk

(L-R): Peggy Mullie (Rotary), Carrie Winder (UCT), Sharilyn Knox (CPCS),
Ellen Bramley (UCT) and Jean Sharpe (UCT).

By DARRYL HOLYK were paid, the UCT, Rotary groups and information,
and Lions realized a grand education and resources

L ast week, representa-

tives from Minnedosa
UCT, Rotary and Lions
total of $7,419 which they
proudly presented to Cen-
tral Plains Cancer Services
targeted at various age lev-
els. For more information
on this most valuable ser-
presented the proceeds Executive Director, Shari- vice, please see the Central
from their recent pie and lyn Knox. Plains Cancer Services ad
dessert auction to Central Many cancer patients under Services in The Tri-
Plains Cancer Services and their families in the bune’s Business Directory
(CPCS). Minnedosa area benefit elsewhere in this edition.
The three local service from the variety of services As a result of the great
groups joined together offered through Central success of the recent fund-
Photos by Minnedosa Fire Department earlier this year to hold Plains Cancer Care. While raising pie and dessert
a fundraising auction in one of the most popular auction, local organizers
By DARRYL HOLYK Members of the local fire wooden-sided home with support of CPCS in order aspects is the transporta- hope to continue to host
department burned both a civic address of 31 1st Av- for local residents to be tion program providing such events in the future to

F or some time now, the

Minnedosa Fire De-
partment has been using
old homes to the ground
last weekend.
The two-and-a-half
While the removal
of these two dilapidated
able to continue using the
many valuable services
offered to cancer patients
drivers to get patients to
and from their cancer-
related medical appoint-
assist Central Plains Can-
cer Services in providing
its valuable services to the
an old derelict brick house storey foursquare style houses has cleaned up the and their families. ments, CPCS also provides local community.
in the village of Bethany for brick home was located village landscape, it has Once all expenses head coverings, support
training purposes. The fi- at 27 1st Avenue, directly also resulted in a further
nal exercise was to remove behind St. John’s Memo- decrease of the overall ap-
the house and its smaller rial Church. The second pearance of Bethany.
neighbour to the south house was a small, long MINNEDOSA GOLF CLUB
during a controlled burn. abandoned, single-storey
Minnedosa Golf Club
Expansion Committee
Cash Calendar Draw Winners
for the Month of January 2020
Lottery License #MGCC3945RF

Rick Hislop $250

Paula & Jene Conrad $50
Tara Lee Buchanan $30
Wayne McLeod $30
Sharon & Mas Naga $30
Donna Dowsett $30
$20 Winners
• Stu Boyd • Jamie Stone
• Alison Burgess • Doug Wilson
• Jordyn Firby • Maureen Snedden
• Blair & Wendy Grant • Claudette McKenzie
• Lori Cooper • Harold Gilleshammer
• Dayton Brown • Wayne & Tille Johnson
• Dave Alexander • Mary Slashinsky
• Tom Johnson • Eagle Keys
• Katherine Bayes • Ryan Skelton
• Luke Paulson • Jurqin & Shelly Schwarz
• Wayne Hopkins • Ray McPhail
• Nancy Smith • Mindy Pollon
• Colleen Woychyshyn
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 7, 2020 7

Newdale News Valentine’s Day Doesn’t


E ric Henke lived in the

Jack Dalgarno house
vourites. Kudos to this tal-
ented group of 50+ singing
voices for their dedication
each year in presenting the
Have to Break the Bank
while living in Newdale, audiences with such mem- By KAREN MITCHELL favourite songs and dance lows and blankets, break some soft music.
not the Jack Waddell house orable musical evenings. the night away with your out the popcorn or snacks
as reported last week.
Birthday wishes are
The hosting committee
served a delicious punch, N
ext Friday, February
14th, is Valentine’s
favourite person.

Ice Skating/Skiing –
and cuddle up watching a
good movie you will both
Love Notes – start the
day by leaving love notes
around the house for your
being sent to two former then warm spinach snacks
residents; Bob Jones of followed by a strawberry The day , often thought Spend some time outside partner. Put a note in his/
Sandy Hook, MB and Mar- parfait. And a beautiful of as a day of love and ro- being active and working Make Supper To- her work bag or jacket,
ion Brown of Sooke, BC. warm February evening to mance does not need to up a sweat and then return gether – rather than one send a text throughout the
We hope they both had a boot! cost you an arm and a leg. home together and warm person in the kitchen cre- day. Set the stage for later
wonderful day! Hope everyone that It also doesn’t lie in the each other up. ating a feast, do it together. in the evening by remind-
Congratulations to took in the Scotties curling lap of men only! Men and Make it fun and special ing them they are wanted
the rink skipped by Lucas in Rivers had the team they women alike can spend the Tour your favourite and create something you and loved.
Pedersen who took second were cheering for win it all! time showing their partner places – make a scavenger have never tried before or Whatever it is you
in the First Event at the Two of the best women’s that they are appreciated hunt for your partner with maybe a tried and true fa- choose to do to celebrate
Strathclair Bonspiel held rinks in Canada curled in and wanted. a listing of significant and vourite. Don’t forget once the love you have for your
in January. Great curling the final, Jennifer Jones If you are searching for memorable places from it’s all done to clean up to- partner, make it personal
fellows! And to former against Kerri Einarson and some inexpensive ideas to your relationship. Include gether to. and special for you. Choose
Newdale resident, Brian the Manitoba representa- show your love, here is a things like your first kiss things that make an impact
Tolton, and his rink of Ha- tive is (drum roll), Kerri small sampling of things location, your favourite Massages – what a on you and your love and
miota who won the First Einarson, which makes you could do come next coffee shop, first date, the better way to relax than to stop trying to put so much
Event in Shoal Lake Men’s Manitoba one of the favou- Friday. Remember to be first time you said “I Love have a couples massage or pressure on yourself. Love
Bonspiel a week ago. Brian rite’s to win the Canadian experimental, imaginative You”. one partner massage the is something that should
had his son, Ryan, playing Women’s Championship and just stop sweating the other. Spend some time be done every day, in little
with him at this bonspiel. coming up soon. If you small stuff… love doesn’t Movie Night – set up relaxing, working out the ways, keeping sparks alive.
A wonderful evening weren’t on the edge of your have to empty your pocket! an intimate setting in the stress of the day and then It’s not just a one time a
of music was held at the seat all game you probably living room, set the lights follow it up with a glass of year event. Have fun with
Strathclair Hall on Febru- weren’t watching! Bonfire – as long as on low, have plenty of pil- your favourite drink and it.
ary 1st when the Strath- With the Super Bowl the weather isn’t atrocious,
clair Dinner Chorus pre- last weekend, curling from start up a nice bonfire in
sented their last seasonal Rivers and musical enter- the backyard. Pair it with
performance of “Disney tainment locally, what a some yummy hot choco-
Dazzle”! All the music choice we all had. late, throw on the winter
was taken from the many Elgin Hall took the clothes and cuddle up by a
Disney movies, from re- Sunday morning service in nice fire.
cent ones like Frozen and town and we enjoyed our
Tangled to Cinderella and visit with him over coffee Chocolates - make
The Jungle Book, the old fa- beforehand. your own homemade
chocolates. Whether you
take a class together or
Dr. Gerard Murray do it together at home, let
your creative juices fly.
Optometrist Then you can spend the
evening sampling your
9:00 -5:00 creations together.

Monday - Friday Dance – clear your

living room, move the fur-
418 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB niture and hit the dance
floor. Make a list of your

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a

heart shaped pizza from Blazers!

Friday, February 21st

vs. Edmonton Oil Kings
at 7:30 p.m.

For tickets call 204-726-3555 or visit Blazers Mini Mart

www.keystonecentre.com 204-867-5255 (47-2)
8 Friday,February 7, 2020 The Minnedosa Tribune


BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads: Ground level 4 plex suite GET UP TO $50,000 from Booking slots for Febru-
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. available to rent March 1st. the Government of Canada. ary. MINOR REPAIRS and 
267 2nd Street N.W. 1,100 sq/ ALL Ages and Medical Con- MAINTENANCE inside your
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ft, 2 bedroom, Full Laundry ditions Qualify. Have a child home! Fix-it jobs. High qual-
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930, (washer, dryer), stove, fridge, under 18 instantly receive ity painting. Terry’s Home
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 microwave, dishwasher, Air more money. CALL MANI- Enrichment Maintenance.
BY FAX 204-867-5171 Conditioning, 30 x 40 fenced TOBA BENEFITS 1-(800)- T.H.E.M. cell: 204-868-8088 or
in backyard with shed. Call or 211-3550 or Send a Text Mes- email: them@live.ca (48-4) x
BY E-MAIL class@minnedosatribune.com text  (204) 210-2910  for more sage with Your Name and
details. (47-3) x Mailing Address to 204-808- NOTICES
0035 for your FREE benefits
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa COMING EVENTS package.
Advertisements and
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any HIP/KNEE statements contained herein
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be Minnedosa Adult Learn- Replacement? are the sole responsibility of
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third ing Centre’s February classes Other medical the persons or entities that
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear start Monday, February 3rd. conditions causing post the advertisement, and
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in Besides the regular hours dur- the Manitoba Community
any advertisement which is published. ing the day, the centre is open Newspaper Association and
from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Disability Tax membership do not make
RATES on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Wednesday and Friday after-
Credit allows for
$2,500 yearly tax
any warranty as to the ac-
curacy, completeness, truth-
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. credit and $20,000
BATTERIES FOR EVERY- noons the centre is closed. fulness or reliability of such
Lump sum refund.
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Take advantage of
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ine, motorcycle, golf carts, 2519. (47-2) x conditions, please consult
bolding, and centering). Apply NOW; quickest
phones, tools, radios, com- refund Nationwide! the Association’s Blanket Ad-
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & puters etc. Reconditioned, Let our readers know vertising Conditions on our
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. Expert Help:
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Manitoba history books: Though we cannot guaran-
Deadlines “Beyond the Gates of Lower Minnedosa Senior Citi- tee publication, MCNA will
Fort Garry”, “Trucking in zen’s Association Annual get the information into the
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later
Manitoba”, “Horndean Heri- Meeting. Monday, February right hands for ONLY $35.00
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Friday’s Response Builder
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edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE
don General Hospital”. All Sandwiches $12.00 AGM to Advertising 947-1691 for more informa-
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follow. Everyone Welcome! x WORKS! tion, or email classified@
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typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor the Minnedosa Tribune 204- STORYTIME FOR • GET SEEN by over mcna.com
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kids have all the fun? Join us Homes!
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. minnedosatribune.com Effective February 10th,
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To ensure your advertisement appears correctly please submit on February 11th, 2020 for 2020, Minnedosa Centennial
mind awareness
it in person, by fax, mail, or email. Grownup Storytime. Bring • Showcase your info, Handivan NEW phone num-
Need to start February a coffee and share in the business, product, ber   204-868-8164. For reser-
off with a bang? The Blan- reading experience of Stuart job, announcements vations call Monday - Friday 
AUCTIONS FOR SALE ket Classifieds reach over
400,000 Manitoba readers
McLean’s “Vinyl Café Turns
the Page”. Hope to see you
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Estate & Moving
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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 7, 2020 9


FOR SALE BY TENDER Services to Seniors Resource Centre

Sealed, written tenders for the property situate in the RM of Elton and described
below will be received by:
Rolling River School Division 2 part-time Resource Coordinator Positions
110-11th Street Rolling River School Division is located in Overview: 20 hours per week (on call every second weekend); $15.00 -
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4J4 southwestern Manitoba, Canada in close proximity to $17.00 per hour based on qualifications.
Attention: Patrick D. Sullivan Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon. The Minnedosa and Area Services to Seniors is currently accepting
PARCEL ONE: NW ¼ 24-12-19 applications for 2 part-time Resource Coordinators to service our local
PARCEL TWO: Pt. NW ¼ 14-12-19
0.75 FTE TEACHER required community with a start date of February 24, 2020.
PARCEL THREE: NE ¼ 14-12-19
PARCEL FOUR: Pt. NE ¼ 11-12-19 Erickson Elementary If you are an individual who is a self-starter, anticipates the needs of
CONDITIONS OF TENDER (Phys Ed/Music) others, a dynamic thinker, encourages participation in social events,
1. Interested parties must rely on their own inspection and knowledge of the
enjoys interacting and meeting new people, is up for a challenge to
property and not on any representations made by or on behalf of the Vendor. For more details and application information, please visit our website at
2. Tenders must be received on or before 4:00 p.m., on February 21, 2020. develop new and exciting activities, has a positive outlook, and the
www.rrsd.mb.ca select Employment then Teaching Positions. ability to work independently and effectively with others in a team
3. Tenders must be accompanied by a $1,000.00 deposit cheque payable to
Meighen, Haddad LLP. Deposits accompanying unacceptable bids will be environment, we are looking for you!
refunded. Thank you to all applicants for their interest in
4. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Reporting to the Board of Services to Seniors, the duties include:
Rolling River School Division.
5. Parcels may be sold individually or as a package. Lifeline updates and installs, record and stats keeping/submitting,
Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE office administration, equipment rental, event activity and workshop
1. The closing of any purchase and sale resulting from an accepted tender will organization, website/social media, etc.
take place on the 1st day of April, 2020, which will be the closing date.
2. The bidder whose tender is accepted will be required to complete an Qualifications: minimum grade 12 or equivalent must have computer
agreement covering terms and conditions of sale. training and/or knowledge of Microsoft Office, mechanically inclined,
3. In addition to the deposit, the balance of the accepted tender must be familiar with social media/website maintenance experience.
paid within 30 days from the date of notification of tender acceptance or
Heritage Co-op Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and access to reliable
evidence provided that the purchase funds will be available under conditions
acceptable to the Vendor. If the balance of the accepted tender is not paid is presently inviting applications for transportation is a condition of employment. The successful applicant
within the set time limit the deposit paid may be forfeited as liquidated must provide a Criminal Record check, a Vulnerable Sector Check and a
damages and not as a penalty. Driver’s Abstract prior to the commencement of employment. If you
4. Possession will be provided to the Purchaser as of the closing date.
5. The successful bidder will be responsible for real property taxes commencing
SEASONAL AGRO DRIVERS currently do not have these documents, please consider making
arrangements to complete.
For our Agro Department located in Minnedosa, MB
January 1, 2020.
For further information contact Meighen Haddad LLP at 204-727-8461 Duties to include, but not limited to, delivery of ammonia, dry and liquid fertilizer Please submit resume no later than February 14th, 2020.
(48-2) and assisting in other areas of the Agro as needed.
Mail to: Services to Seniors PO Box 1844, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
FOR SALE BY TENDER Email to senior@mymts.net
Applicants must possess the following:
Sealed, written tenders for the property situate in the RM of Minto-Odanah and  Excellent customer service skills
Please indicate on the envelope or in subject line of email
described below will be received by:  Highly motivated CONFIDENTIAL RESUME ENCLOSED. References are required.
MEIGHEN, HADDAD LLP  Previous agriculture experience an asset
 Valid Class 1 or Class 3 driver’s license We thank all applicants in advance however,
110-11th Street
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4J4 To become a member of our team, please submit your cover letter and resume to:
only successful applicants will be notified.
Attention: Patrick D. Sullivan
PARCEL ONE: Pt. NW 1/4 6-13-18
PARCEL TWO: Pt. SE 1/4 6-13-18 Mail to: Box 1050, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Attention: Annette Haywood, Human Resources Manager
PARCEL THREE: SW 1/4 6-13-18
CONDITIONS OF TENDER Or apply in person at our Minnedosa Agro located at 100 Heritage Way in Minnedosa,
1. Interested parties must rely on their own inspection and knowledge of the
property and not on any representations made by or on behalf of the Vendor. www.heritagecoop.ca
2. Tenders must be received on or before 4:00 p.m., on February 21, 2020.
3. Tenders must be accompanied by a $1,000.00 deposit cheque payable to
Meighen, Haddad LLP. Deposits accompanying unacceptable bids will be WE THANK ALL CANDIDATES FOR THEIR INTEREST, HOWEVER,

4. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
5. Parcels may be sold individually or as a package. Town of Minnedosa
The Town of Minnedosa is accepting tenders for:
1. The closing of any purchase and sale resulting from an accepted tender will
Erickson Dental Clinic has an opening for a permanent
take place on the 1st day of April, 2020, which will be the closing date.
part time position at our office in Erickson, MB. Wednesday to
RFQ 2020-01
2. The bidder whose tender is accepted will be required to complete an
agreement covering terms and conditions of sale. Friday . Very good wages. Office reception. Kindly send email Hay Land
3. In addition to the deposit, the balance of the accepted tender must be to ameu2021@yahoo.ca . (45-4) x General information:
paid within 30 days from the date of notification of tender acceptance or
evidence provided that the purchase funds will be available under conditions ValleyView Ag is seeking a seasonal floater operator for The Town of Minnedosa has approximately 32 acres of alfalfa
acceptable to the Vendor. If the balance of the accepted tender is not paid the upcoming fertilizer season along with a tender truck driver hay land available for rental. Rentals must be submitted on a
within the set time limit the deposit paid may be forfeited as liquidated
damages and not as a penalty.
to start early April. Floater operator will be required to operate per acre basis. Rental shall be on a yearly term renewable if
newer model 8400 terra gators with a raven viper 4 monitored
4. Possession will be provided to the Purchaser as of the closing date. GPS. Applicant must have experience in this field and able to
both parties are in agreement.
5. The successful bidder will be responsible for real property taxes commencing
January 1, 2020.
work long hours in peak season months. Truck driver - Tender The area is reserved for future housing development and area
truck driver must have class 1 license and able to work long
For further information contact Meighen Haddad LLP at 204-727-8461
(48-2) hours. Full time employment is available for the right applicant.
may vary as construction progresses.
Text or call. 204-867-7113 or email. robboyd109@gmail.com All distance measurements are approximate and will
(45-4) x
require verification by the contractor.
Tender package available for pick up at the Town Office or by
Buy and Sell emailing kmoyer@minnedosa.com
Any enquiry concerning the content of this Request for

Treasure in the Quotation should be directed to Kevin Marcino at 204-867-

0037 or minpwork@mymts.net
Sealed Tenders marked “Hay Land” will be accepted at the
Classifieds! Town of Minnedosa’s Civic Centre, 103 Main Street South,
Box 426 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday,
February 20, 2020.


The Minnedosa Fax: (204) 867-2686 Email: kmoyer@minnnedosa.com

Any or all of the quotations may not be necessarily accepted.
Since 1883
10 Friday, February 7, 2020 The Minnedosa Tribune




In Loving Memory of
Rapid City Dragons Win Gold
Edward (Ted) Garth February 10th, 1929 –
Nylen passed away suddenly at February 8th, 2019
his residence in Winnipeg on
January 29th, 2020. Your unique and
He leaves his sister, Gail caring nature
Davis (Jim), nephews: Colin was a special gift to find,
Davis (Vicki), Sean Davis (Kim) We truly miss you,
and niece Lesley Simon (Ruben) dear friend
and many cousins and many You were one of a kind.
dear friends. He will be missed by
all who knew him. Miss our Friday “Dolly Days”
Cremation has taken place. There Elaine and Marc Chisholm
will be no funeral service. Interment will x
take place in the family plot at the Scandinavia Cemetery at a
later date.
Remembrances and condolences may be shared at www.
If friends so desire donations may be made to the Can-
55+ Bowling
adian Diabetes Association.
Rae’s Funeral Service of Erickson were in care of the ar- Results
rangements. (204) 759-2160.
Photo Submitted
owlers of the week
of February 3rd are Back (L-R) Paul Ziesmann (coach), Josh Hume, Huner King, Noah Fulford,
Bev Chapski and Russ Elijah Ailers, Ethan King, Nathan Hrominchuk, Kelley Fulford.
Pettigrew. Front (L-R): Connor Quennelle, Keegan Rempel, Ethan Fulford, Sheldon
Other good games Rempel, Seth Hrominchuk, Alex Longworth. Gavin Rempel (goaltender)
were Rosemary Hamilton,
By DARRYL HOLYK Dragons took on Dauphin The next day, the team
team yellow and came out travelled to Carberry for
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING 193, Bev Chapski 207,
Wray Douglas 203, Betty
T he Rapid City Dragons
12/13 team kicked off
February with a gold med-
on top with a 7-3 win. In
their next ice action, Rapid
City defeated Neepawa
a tournament and con-
tinued their winning streak
coming out victorious in
On the date and at the time and location described below, a Ann Bertrand 194, Vicky
al! The team travelled to 8-1 which put them into both of their games. Over-
PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive representations from any persons Bugg 174, Doug Pettigrew
Dauphin on Saturday, Feb- the championship finals. all, the Dragons played five
who wish to make them in respect to the following matter: 230, 270, Vivian Cullen
ruary 1st to play in the Dau- In this game, the Dragons games over the weekend
phin Junior Rec Hockey faced off against Inglis and and won each and every
BY-LAW NO. 01-DPA-2019 118, Russ Pettigrew 148,
Tournament held at Credit came out on top with a vic- one!
being an amendment to the Murray Newton 218.
Union Place. tory of 6-2 earning them
Have an In their first game, the the gold medal!
CENTRE, 103 Main Street South,
upcoming event?
Bridge Results Co-op Community Spaces
Let people
Minnedosa, Manitoba.
Thursday, February 27, 2020
know through Accepting Grant Applications
1st - Lois Campbell /
at 10:00 a.m. The Classifieds! Lois Phillips/ SUBMITTED
GENERAL INTENT: The intent of By-law No. 01-DPA-2019
ADVERTISE FOR 2nd - Audrah Caughell /
is to modify the provisions of the Developement Plan
Re-designate an area of land
AS LOW AS $9.00
Jan Macy
3rd - John Cullen /
Albert Parsons
F rom spaces that teach nutritious cooking, to local
wildlife education areas, to local arts and culture cen-
tres, Co-op is truly creating places for everyone.   
FROM: LIMITED LIVESTOCK AREA class@minnedosatribune.com Co-op Community Spaces was launched in 2015 to
help protect, beautify and improve spaces across West-
ern Canada. Since then, we have provided $8.5 million
AREA AFFECTED: An area of land generally described as being at the Municipality of Harrison Park to 115 projects, including parks, greenhouses and sports
North West Corner of Junction P.T.H. 16 and 16A, SE
Pre-budget Ratepayer Meetings fields.
Quarter Section 34, Township 14, Range 18 W.P.M.
Entering its sixth year, Co-op is dedicating up to
FOR INFORMATION: $150,000 per project in capital funding; we’ll be ac-
Contact the office of Tanner’s Crossing Planning District Where: Newdale Curling Rink cepting applications for community-driven projects that
103 Main Street South, Minnedosa When: Monday, February 10, 2020 will bring people together in local spaces across Western
Phone: 204-867-2364
E-mail: tcpd@mymts.net
Time: 7:00 pm Canada. 
“Co-ops have always re-invested their profits in their
A copy of the above proposal and supporting material maybe inspected at the Where: Horod Community Hall local communities; that’s just a core value that’s essential
office location noted above during normal office hours (8:30 to 12:00 and 1:00 When: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 to who we are” said Vic Huard, Executive Vice-President
to 4:30) Monday to Friday. Copies may be made and extracts taken there from,
upon request. Representations may be made either in person or in writing, at the
Time: 7:00 pm of Customer Experience and Stakeholder Engagement at
public hearing. Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL).
Where: Onanole & District “Co-op Community Spaces is another way Co-ops
Recreation Centre are bringing this value to life. Supporting projects that
When: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 bring people together helps to develop and strengthen
Time: 7:30 pm these local communities for the benefit of individuals
and families across Western Canada.”
Where: Sandy Lake Fire Hall Between $25,000 and $150,000 of capital funding per
When: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 project is available. Co-op invites registered non-profit
Time: 7:00 pm organizations, registered charities or community ser-
vice co-operatives to apply online at communityspaces.
The Council of Municipality of Harrison Park ca between February 1st and March 2nd, 2020. Program
extends an invitation to all residents to attend funding categories include recreation, environmental
a ratepayer meeting for an evening of conservation and urban agriculture.  
discussion on community interests and FCL administers the giving program on behalf of
more than 170 independent local co-ops across Western
Canada that form the Co-operative Retailing System.

The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, February 7, 2020 11


Prairie Mountain Ph: 204-867-4657

Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
and Operated Broker Realtor


Parish Backhoe
. Well maintained 2+1 bedroom 1 - Renovated 2 bath home 2 bedroom/ Certified as a Total Electric Gold . Two plus acres - 2 +1 bedroom 2 bath home, most
bath bungalow
. Features central air, updated
ensuite home on a quiet street.
- Features large eat in kitchen with open
Medalion Home this 2 bedroom
1 1/2 bath home is located on a
windows triple pane

. Insulated sunroom that is heated by a pellet stove

George Allard, FCGA* GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
Gateway Street
windows on main floor counter to living room. corner lot & features a good sized
kitchen, L shaped dining room/
& electric fireplace.

Onanole, MB
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
. Vinyl siding, shingles 2013, front
- Mudroom/laundry leads to attached . The attached double car garage offers access to the
living room, mostly newer windows,
step 2017, cold storage insulated, heated oversized single
composite siding, shingles 2016,
insulated 24’x32’ workshop with infloor heat
204-848-7413 ●All types of excavation●
. Outside you will find 2 decks and
storage shed on the open lot
car garage.
- Newly built deck at front door & a larger
single garage with GDO, finished
basement with potential for 2 more
. Non insulated 42’x78’ (‘96)machine shed with
electric 24’x13’ overhead door, 2 storage sheds
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
Residential Certified in waste
one at back door.
& a greenhouse
bedrooms as seller is upgrading
- Beautifully designed deck with pergola windows to be egress compliant. . Lily gardens, above ground flower beds, holding 9-515 4th Ave. water management
and hottub. MLS#1712871 $109,900 Shoal Lake, MB Call: Ian
tank & well. The well services 2 other nearby
MLS#1911282 $149,900
MLS#1908672 $166,900 $99,500 $89,500
MLS#1917399 $279,999 204-759-2680
867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
Take a tour on Realtor.ca or our website www.remax-prairie mountain-npwa.mb.com Dauphin Office -
15 1st Ave. S.W.

Phone: 204-638-3005
“Living in your Fax: 204-638-5817
Community” *Denotes Professional Corporation

Proud Supporter

www.ricktaylor.remax.ca Rick Taylor 867-7551

MÊ GijsbersÊ
Chartered Professional DEMOLITION BILL HOPKINS
Accountant Inc. 204-867-0260
SEMI WITH LOW BED &hopkinswelding@hotmail.com
Ê 213Ê Ê 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ

204 - 6TH AVE. N.W. 515 - MINNEDOSA ST. 118 - 6TH AVE. N.E.
Minnedosa - 867-3853
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
- 1,450 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey - 1,330 sq. ft. 1 ¾ storey - 1,428 sq.ft., 1 3/4 storey
Open Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - Extensive renovations - 3 bedroom with updates All at Competitive
Monday - Friday
- Extensive renovations and and upgrades - Double garage and
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
huge yard. - Appliances included close to lake • Specializing in water & sewer 204-867-0260
installation & repair
$184,900 MLS #1911047 $35,500 MLS #1930403 $165,000 MLS#1906633 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. • All types of excavationhopkinswelding@hotmail.com
Suite A • Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
110 Main Street South • Gravel, Topsoil
• Sales of septic tanks
Kirk 867-0180
204 867-5550 ● Roofing ● Decks
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing
● Renovations ● Repairs

AUTO ELECTRICAL littlevalleyconstruction@live.ca

204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544
241 - 1ST AVE. S.W.
MINNEDOSA Enterprises Ltd.
- 678 sq. ft. year round cottage - 1/4 section south of Erickson - 1,216 sq. ft. mobile home Refridgeration
Air Conditioning,
- 3 bedroom, 2 bath ● AC
- Built in 2013, septic tank - 1,500 sq. ft. home built in 1-204-867-2558 Heating & Electrical
and well 1999 - Near the river on a quiet
- 2 lots totaling 205’ lakefront - Numerous, quality buildings
street 30 Years
Ex perience!!
$220,900 MLS #1916868 $669,900 MLS #1901111
$124,900 MLS #1931239
Considering listing your Property?
AUTO BODY Bus : 867-3950
All Auto Body Repairs Fa x: 867-2340
Call me today for great service at great rates!
Ph: 867-2083
5 Main St. North
Liz Burton Painting Jon Kowal

Toll Free 844.877.7767 Specializing in

gregnesbittmla@mymts.net Book Farm
#7 � 515 4th Avenue This Spot Solar
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB New Builds
for Fairmount Solar and Electrics Call us today for your
only For All Your Electrical Needs electrical needs
$8.29 204-874-2360 204-281-3394
per info@liskebroselectric.com
12 Friday, February 7, 2020


Custom WAHOSKI St. Alphonsus

Fertilizer MECHANICAL LTD. Catholic Church ● Lawn Mowing & Trimming
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. ● Hedge Trimming
Call today to book your Minnedosa,MB
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
867-3831 ● Aerating & Power Raking
spring floating needs! HEATING  
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m. ● Licensed Arborist Service
GAS FITTING ● Yard Clean Up
Darvin - 204-868-5869
Glen Burgess Robert - 204-867-7113 AIR CONDITIONING SEPTIC Cory Johnston ● Minnedosa
(204) 476-4705
Electrician 204-867-3121 www.johnstonyardcare.com

204-868-5211 204-476-5185
Septic Service People Helping People
- Committed to Caring - Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
Potable water Heating
Book this spot (48-4) HILLSIDE delivery.
Phone (204) 857-6100
Fax (204) 857-8389
Ventilation/Air quality
Air Conditioning
GRAIN Plumbing & Heating Book your portable
$5.52/week toilets.
HAULING Erle Jury & Family services.com
Kitchen Equipment
Call 204-867 3816 Ty Burton Commercial Gas Fitter

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Brian Horner Cell: 867-7558
service specialist

Grain & Fertilizer Cleaning Services

Kent Brown

Sewage Service - Commercial LEONA’S

Plumbing & Heating Studio Of Image
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• Construction • JIM BEAUMONT
MAIN OFFICE Cell: 210-0818 Family Hair Care
5” AND 6” continuous 476-2483 bukarz@wcgwave.ca •Eminence Facials
eavestrough copperwoodenterprise@gmail.com Owner/OperatorÊÊÊ & Product
Siding Roofing 204-867-7182 PLUMBING & HEATING Cell: 476-6591 • Pedicures & LCN Nails
Soffit Fascia Russ Huyghe • Spray Tanning
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam 204-868-6376 Dennis: 476-2766 • Piercing
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation INSURANCE CONSTRUCTION • Eyelash Extensions
Cody Huyghe 23 Hour Service
Fire Retardent Coating
204-867-3738 204-210-0502 204-867-2287
Email: mcreal@live.ca INSURANCE SERVICES Matt Saler
Drivers Licenses, Autopac 204-868-6886 Book Ê
General Insurance We nowÊ offer Ventures Inc.
Cheri McTavish – Broker
867-3946 Plumbing & Heating UNDER NEW
Spot Call us today for your carpet
Gas Fitting
& upholstery cleaning needs.
LEGAL ph: 867-2084 for (204)476-0002
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Credit Union
Alexander only Garbage Bin Rentals

Brad Ross Jackson $13.88 LEAN
Roll Off Bins
Terry McLenehan Law Office A.D.A.M. per
Susan Glasgow B-116 MainSt.St
110B Main S. S Anxiety Disorders
Debbie Strelczik
Minnedosa, MB
of Manitoba ● 204-848-0097
204-848-0097 Rob’s
204-867-6360 204-848-0400
Small EnginE REpaiR &
Chris Ridgen
Support Group SELF-HELP ● 204-848-0400 YaRd maintEnancE SERvicES
Donna Dowsett www.clearlakeclean.com
Meetings are held at • Mowing & Trimming
204-867-6361 Burgess Law
Kim Butler
204-867-6352 Office
Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of
the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Drug Problem? info@clearlakeclean.com •

Snow Blowing
Unwanted Item Removal
Nicole Loewen For more info call:
204-867-6369 • Handyman Services
Alayna McTavish
51 Main Street S Debbie Fisch
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Anonymous can help • Alum & Stainless Welding
Meetings every
204-867-6354 Minnedosa • Reasonable Rates
Trisha Paterson Apparel & Promotions
Joanne Clarke
ALCOHOLICS Tuesday & 204-867-2378 204-720-5934
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Gaylene Johnson burgesslawoffice.net ANONYMOUS Saturday at 7 p.m.
If you like to drink and can
204-867-6357 at Calvary Temple,
Crissy Kowal
204-867-6374 SIMS & COMPA N Y
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't 221 Hamilton Street, Waterpals
Kathryn Yanchycki L a w O ffi c e That's our business. Neepawa, MB Potable Water Delivery
Fax Norman H. Sims, Q.C. P.O. Box 36 Minnedosa and area
204-867-6391 or 867-3966 Health Inspected
E-mail 7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h
Alanon - 210-0433
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