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fos +01 (©), TOWING VESSEL, +AMS CLASS. NOTATION: IS NOT TO BE COPIED IN WHOLE OR PART OR DISCLOSED TO ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY R WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT. THIS DOCUMENT AND THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS IS COPYRIGHT AND REMAINS THE PROPERTY OF KENTON MARINE asa 238 bog BSE eE8 gee Zee PTBANDAR ABADI JA" pr. WARUNA NUSA SENTANA| PaxOcean PTDRYDOCKS WORLD PERTAMA KENTON MARINE Xenlon Marne Singapore Pe Lis KENTON MARINE SINGAPORE PTE LTD JI6224 - Tonnage Calculation Enclosed Volume Calculation Item Hull Deckhouse Wheelhouse Funnel Skeg Total Cargo Volume Calculation Item Nil Total GROSS Tonnage GT = (0.2+0.02"togV)"'V NETT Tonnage d D (40/30)? ka = (0.2+0.02"l0gV) ky = 1.25(GT+10000)/10000 Ny Ne k2"Ver(4ra(3*D))?* OR 0.25 X GT Therefore, NT = ky*Ve"(4*d/(3°D))?4K3"(Ny#+Nal10) oR NT=0.3XGT Therefore, NT Date: 9/20/2016 By: yx Volume 1190.58 m? 272.84 181.36 18.15 132 Ve 1645.70 m? Capacity No Volume (100%) Ve= om = 435 t 4,000 m 5.200 m 1.0519 - (rotlager than 1) 0.2643 - 1.3044 - 0 persons 0 persons 0 (Wniehever is trge) 409 ™ 109 = wit (Whienever is axger)