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Social Sustainability - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges SWOC Appraisal & Vision

Convenor Zoe Miller

The conversation map set out below, outlines an assessment of the challenges, existing strengths, Beautiful
developing outdoor
weaknesses and opportunities involved in growing a socially sustainable New England region. Greenscapes
facilities bikeways creeks
These ideas, developed from a quickly assembled small group of stakeholders, are seen as a starting gardens
point for an on-going discussion about the social priorities and start-up initiatives we could as a colours
wellness health Opportunities
regional community of communities, consider supporting. centres, complimentary
4 season climate possible
our financial assets medicine fresh air
changes inititaives
Our Good Education NECU, committment climate
Strengths Facilities: schools, TAFE, to financing local
geography availability
UNE business
altitude sunlight, water developing sustainable
cultural diversity welcoming
movement of people walking tracks for renewable energy, principles
rich cultural Multicultural & Thinking in/out of region sustainable housing
solid agricultural striving for
life, music, arts communities relatively well serviced reserach base something better
theatre scene govt services empowering community
local food, wine 'rubberband' effect CSIRO, UNE centro design issue
long-term in decision-making
cafes as people return to
safe community committment tension on new designs
region young flexible
to place waste handling
prosperous engaged workforce base for ICT
recognise, community minimizing
old money volunteer
transport reliance on lack of match-up engagement - expand awards
culture volunteers/governance developing a clear vision
air, rail complacency & co-ordination youth scholarships
access to Sydney always been here around working
issue of Leadership &
but 'not tested together affordable
Financial Competence where our pinpoint the
better regional sustainable
but no air competition local food industry we want
transport housing
& no plane to comes from
poor regional
brisbane importance of eg glasshouses availiability of
access to Sydney appropriate
infrastructure Our
Our impact petrol Brisbane housing for all addressing
poor speed Refining Challenges
Weaknesses prices social groups disengagement
'expensive Promoting what we need to
region building committment
regional broadband' Attractive New England work on
not well-known to community
What will a Socially Sustainable New England look like? healthy
Other Stakeholders ideas
affordable sustainable community kid friendly
local food wine
energy, housing streetscapes

communities with
socially & environmentally thriving accessible high emotional
aware industry & cultural scene inetelligence, wisdom
waste management interactive library spaces

much reduced inclusive community

carbon footprint sustainable transport governance
bikes, electric making transparent decisions
n issue
For the full Social Stakeholder Group Report
see Global forum discussion site
at http://ness.wikidot.com/
valuing our people
as our best asset

economic The Social Sustainability Stakeholders

& & environmental Group included:
brains sustainability Zoe Miller, Kevin Dupe, Nickie Murcell, Jane Guilfoyle, Lou Conway,
Stuart Robertson, Dave Schmuder, and Julia McCosker

courage heart
& belief
This conversation details the SWOC appraisal & maps the key ideas,
ment What do we need to do to foster Social Sustainability? themes and design principles for a sustainable New England but it
nity is only a starting point.........Micheal O'Loughlin Evolveris

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