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How To Uninstall Prime OS | Dual Boot

Windows | Remove Prime Operating

System Command Prompt
WINDOWS August 03, 2019 0

Hello, Welcome to Cursed Brains, In this following video I will be showing How to Uninstall Any Dual Boot

Dual-booting is a great thing to be used as we can install & access multiple operating systems with totally
different environment on our computers simultaneously by choosing which one to boot on the start-up screen
& recently its been really craze of using Andriod operating systems due to increasing amount of android
gaming, people want to play these Android games such as PUBG Mobile on systems or laptops in which Prime
OS & Phoenix OS been the most used Android OS as dual boot,

but the challenge comes when you have to remove or uninstall these dual boots which can cause several errors
or corrupting your entire system, as previously I made a video over fixing grub error on Phoenix which was an
error caused due to dual booting & even I made another video guiding how to easily uninstall phoenix OS
from system or laptop,

so to avoid such errors, removing these operating systems cleanly will be a great way to handle much of harm
to your system,

let me show you guys the Prime OS volume, which I will uninstall or remove completely from the system,

get into the disk management & delete the prime OS volume entirely, then extend the other volume, from
where it was shrunk, & close the disk management,
next step requires is running command prompt as administrator,

as command prompt opens, get into disk part,

& then you have to list the disk of your system,

DISKPART> list disk

there you will see a list of the disk you have, select the disk which is visible to you, the number can vary on
your system, so just enter the number of the disk you see to select it,

DISKPART> select disk 0

once the disk is selected you have to list the volumes of the selected disk,

DISKPART> list vol

volumes or partitions are created while installing windows or later, you will see all volumes & partitions from
your system, I just want you guys to be sure not to touch or alter any volumes or partitions, which is system-
related so be careful, either you may corrupt your entire system,

Now you have to select the volume which is in Fat32,

DISKPART> select vol 7

After selecting the fat32 volume you have to assign it any letter so it will become an active volume to alter it &
even it will be visible in the windows explorer,

DISKPART> assign letter z

once the letter is assigned, exit diskpart

& then get into the fat32 volume by entering its letter into the command prompt,

as you get into fat32 volume you have to list its directory,

change directory to the EFI directory,

Z:\cd EFI
list all the directory of EFI directory,


& here you will be able to see all the operating systems, that are installed on your computer, as you can see the
Android directory that's PRIME OS, which we have to remove from the directory to completely uninstall &
delete it, this can be used to remove any OS installed on your computer, kindly type the following command
correctly to remove the prime OS,

Z:\EFI>rmdir \S Android

As you will try to remove the directory from fat32 directory, you will be asked that you are sure that it has to
be removed, so just make sure you have perfectly selected the right directory to remove & say yes to remove,

Android, Are you sure (Y/N)? Y

when you will press the enter, the directory will be removed, & you will be taken back to the EFI directory, so
just confirm it, that it has been removed from the fat32 directory by rechecking,


& you will get it if the directory is been removed successfully it won't be visible anymore in the fat32 directory
the prime OS has been removed completely, you just have to remove the Prime OS listing from UEFI boot list,
which I will show in the next article & video stay tuned,
hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section, don't
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just head over to below of the description, thank you for watching this video.