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Volume 1 Issue 9 www.sulyapinoy.org July 2008

by Dondave Jabay

H yehwadong, Seoul — Complying with its

constitution and bylaws, the Filipino EPS
Workers Association (FEWA) elected its new set of
officers for president, vice-president, and seven
board members for 2008-2009 terms of service at
Woori Bank on June 29.

The newly elected officers are: Sofonias “Chabok”

Paragsa, president; Marcelino Serdena III, vice-
president; together with Precy Villaveza, Teofilo
Camo, Marvin Babasa, Ma. Victoria Cardona, Ismael
Calandria, Fritzalito Sapon and Joel Tavarro, com-
prising the seven board members.

Under FEWA constitution and bylaws, elected

officers need to appoint any qualified FEWA mem-
bers for the positions of secretary, treasurer and
auditor by majority decision to complete the list of
new set of officers.
Photo by Franklin U. Caturla
Sofonias “Chabok” Paragsa, newly elected FEWA president (centermost, front row) together with other incoming and outgoing Among those appointed are: Shela Alvarez Balatero,
officers pose inside the FEWA office during their meeting in preparation for their 2008-2009 programs and projects. secretary; Ronnie de Guia, (turn to page 2)

by Elizer Peñaranda by Elizer Peñaranda

S eoul, South Korea - The Filipino EPS Workers

Association (FEWA) welcomed Tsomlee Go
and Mary Antoinette Rivero of the Philippine Taek-
S eoul, South Korea - The
Philippine-Korean Cultural
House (PKCH) and the Filipino
wondo Team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics last EPS Workers Association
July 6. (FEWA) have established a tie up
to curb the labor problems of
Arrived last May 17, the two Olympic hopefuls with OFWs and help promote Philip-
fellow Philippine Taekwondo athletes Manuel pine Culture to Koreans last July
Rivero, brother of the latter, and Marlon Avenido 10.
who gave support as their sparring partners during
the training period in Seoul. PKCH Public Relation Coordina-
tor Eunha Park emphasized the
They considered South Korea as the ideal place for aims of the cultural house as the
Taekwondo training after they (turn to page 2) hub of cultural exchange between
Koreans and Filipinos by deepen-
ing their understanding of each Photo by Elizer Peñaranda
culture; by narrowing the cultural PKCH Staff Eunha Park (rightmost) and Faith Ocampo (center) facilitate the
gap through the intensification of consultation between the worker and the volunteer lawyer.
information dissemination on the
arts, culture and tourism of the two countries. together with SULYAP’ Chairman Rebenson “Reeve”
Recana personally congratulated PKCH for the pro-
However, Park mentioned that they have received grams it had launched in promoting Philippine Cul-
job offers from Korean employers but they don’t ture to Koreans and Korean Culture and Language to
have any direct contact with any Filipino Commu- Filipinos as well. “We need the help of some Korean
nity in Seoul. They help Korean employers who agencies like the PKCH to find immediate solution to
would like to employ Filipinos and this would be the migrants’ labor-related problems,” Paragsa said.
Photo by Amie Sison
much easier with the agreement between PKCH
FEWA officers and members pose with the players of the
and FEWA. PKCH provides free legal assistance from the Seoul
Philippine Taekwondo Team: (Standing) Manuel Rivero, third;
Tsomlee Go, fourth; Mary Antoinette Rivero, sixth and Marlon Bar Association for Filipinos residing in Seoul as
Avenido, seventh at FEWA Office, Seoul, South Korea. FEWA President Sofonias “Chabok” Paragsa regards to a labor-related problem (turn to page 4)

by Edward Castro
writer volunteers have Editor, and Edward Castro, News Editor, discussed
the potential and passion the importance of layout and photojournalism in
in writing articles and reformatting the newsletter to better provide readers
this training would be with quality and attractive newsletter.
very helpful for self-
improvement as we Sister Luz Olalia, SJBP congratulated the partici-
share our God-given pants as she commended the officers and volun-
talents to others,” teers of KMCC for their usual support despite of
Dacones added. busy schedule and work. “I hope that you would
pursue what you’ve gained as soon as possible to
FEWA and SULYAPI- encourage the other members of the community,”
NOY have received Sister Luz added.
invitations from the
community for journal- In effect, the participants actively worked during the
ism seminar though the workshop as they competed in news, feature and
Photo by Dondave Jabay
editors are non- cutline writing categories which were judged by the
professional media resource speakers themselves. “The seminar-
SULYAP’ Adviser Maria Regina Arquiza discusses the importance of journalism in practitioners but for workshop was an educational experience for the
the community while KMCC President Anthony Carl Dacones (front row left most) eight months of provid- aspiring writers like us for we studied journalistic
and members participate during the seminar- workshop at Kasan, Gyeonggi-do. ing news and relevant writing skills, a participant shared.

K asan, Gyeonggi-do - The Filipino EPS Workers

Association (FEWA) and SULYAPINOY Edito-
rial Staff conducted a seminar-workshop on various
articles to OFWs in South Korea, they have gained
support from a number of Filipino communities
and civic organizations. "It’s about time to share
Among the 25 participants, the following emerged as
champions on each category: Catherine Manuel,
journalistic writing skills of Community Journalism as the knowledge and this training is very relevant news writing (Kasan Migrant Workers Attend Jour-
part of their outreach program held at Kasan, because Kasan is a community with many news- nalism Seminar), Orly Tungala, feature writing (Tag-
Gyeonggido last July 20. worthy events and activities," emphasized Maria ulan sa Tag-araw) and Francis Katigbak for the
Regina P. Arquiza, SULYAPINOY adviser, during writing cutlines.
In cooperation with the officers and volunteer mem- the seminar.
bers of the Kasan Migrants Community Center
(KMCC), the training was designed to provide partici-
More so, SULYAP’ Chief Editor Elizer Penaranda Inspirational Quote
mentioned the dedication of SULYAPINOY in
pants with the skills and knowledge to better produce
news and feature articles based from the activities of
conducting such activity as it is committed to serve "To give real service you must
the Filipino community. “The event such as this
the community. would definitely a great help to well inform the
add something which cannot be
participants and we believe that they can write bought or measured with
KMCC President Anthony Carl Dacones welcomed relevant articles about the activities here in Kasan
FEWA President Sofonias Paragsa and The SULYAP’ money, and that is sincerity and
and nearby places,” Penaranda added.
Team and discussed the plan of the community to integrity." - Douglas Adams
reformat its current newsletter-Annyonghaseyo. “Our Meanwhile, Dondave Jabay, SULYAP’ Managing

editorial board and staff who were in full support to FEWA Hails Olympic…
FEWA Elects New… the said event.
made it for Beijing Olympics through the World
treasurer; and Ronald Austari, auditor. Qualifying Event in Manchester, England .
More so, FEWA’s founding president Rebenson
The newly elected officers expressed their gratitude Recaña and adviser Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Go from UST is set to compete in the male less-than-
to all FEWA members for their trust and confidence Ph.D. inspired all the members while giving their 58 kilogram event while Rivero from Ateneo de Manila
is set to compete in the female less-than-67 kilogram
on them. “We promise to continue FEWA’s dedica- inspirational messages during the nomination
tion to serve our fellow migrant workers according to event. “I didn’t expect FEWA would come this far.
our abilities and limitations,” Paragsa, the new presi- A lot of trials were experienced but because it Based from their previous competition, they were
dent commented. continuously lives its commitment to serve our closed to a medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics. “We
are very much prepared for this coming Beijing Olym-
fellow Kababayans in Korea, until now FEWA pics and hopefully bag the very first medal of the
Meanwhile, Alwyin Casiño, a president nominee has exists and well recognized,” Recaña shared. Philippines in Taekwondo,” Go shared.
promised to continue his commitment to FEWA
regardless of the outcome of the election. “It’s an “The objective of FEWA is commendable and it Also, Rivero mentioned that this will require rigid
honor to be a nominee, but even if I was not training, determination and prayers. “Our events are
continuously shows the true value of the Filipino
mostly dominated by the Chinese and Korean ath-
elected, my passion to serve my fellow migrant people even in the foreign land. Good luck to the letes but with God’s will, surely we’ll give our country
workers through FEWA will continue while I am still nominees and for all the members, keep going pride and glory,” Rivero added.
working here in South Korea,” Casiño said. and going,” Prof. Abagat added.
In 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Filipino Taekwondo
athletes Stephen Fernandez and Beatriz Lucero
The election commenced with an official nomination Also, Paragsa together with other officers started bagged the bronzes but Taekwondo was a demon-
event a week prior to the election proper at the planning its most awaited event - the foundation stration sport until the 2000 Sydney Olympics officially
Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Center (HFCC) on day celebration. “We are also considering FEWA considered it a regular sport.
June 22. The SULYAP’ team composed of Dondave online membership through SULYAPINOY website
Jabay, managing editor, presided the nomination to accommodate EPS workers working at far The Philippine Taekwondo Team left South Korea last
July 19 to join fellow athletes of the Philippine Team
procedure while Elizer Peñaranda, EIC, emceed the places who have difficulties to come to for the 2008 Beijing Olympics on August 8 to 24
whole program together with the members of Hyehwadong,” Paragsa added. themed with “One World One Dream.”

2 SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org


Filipino EPS Workers Association for Two Glorious Years

T he Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA),
currently is the largest organization of EPS work-
ers in Seoul, has been in a front line of assisting and
showing concern on labor-related issues to fellow work-
ers in South Korea.
As organized on July 2, 2006, it has been committed to
its objectives and regarded as people and God-
centered organization. The increase on labor problems
challenged FEWA’s founding president Rebenson B.
Recaña and fellow EPS adhoc committee members, to
establish a group to assist workers about labor laws
and issues with the initiative and full support of the
former Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community
(HFCC) Chaplain Fr. Giovanni B. Jaron, MSP.
Since then, it has become people centered by which its
constitution and by-laws provide the general welfare of
the officers and members in serving fellow migrant
workers. With adequate trainings on Korean labor laws,
occupational safety and health and Korean culture and
language, all volunteers offer counseling on Korean
labor issues and concerns.
In 2007, the elected officers led by Loreto Agustin as
president were committed to share their time, effort and
talent to various programs, discussions, trainings and
activities of the Filipino community.
working far away from Seoul thus cannot come to to what it had started - serving people for the glory of the
More so, FEWA has been actively participating in Hyehwadong to seek guidance and answers to their Almighty which become a common goal and eventually
church activities for it was awarded a certificate of labor related issues. turned into passion to all its altruistic volunteers.
appreciation given by former HFCC Chaplain Fr. Glenn
Giovanni B. Jaron, MSP on April 29, 2007. Currently, new set of officers led by Sofonias FEWA has opened opportunities for ordinary migrant
“Chabok” Paragsa were elected to promote and workers who have the heart of serving the Filipino com-
Serving God thru volunteerism has inspired and uphold the virtues of being a FEWANIAN which munity to become leaders, counselors, writers and even
strengthened the solidarity of all members in sharing paved the way to be one of the most respected and broadcasters as it continuously provides compassion to
the God-given talents thru its programs and projects highly regarded Filipino organizations in South the underserved fellow migrants and victims of injustices
such as SULYAPINOY newsletter and Website Online Korea. in South Korea.
Forum. These projects provide opportunities in reach-
ing and helping out those migrant workers who are For two remarkable years, it consistently committed Congratulations and Mabuhay ang FEWA!


Editor-in-Chief: Elizer M. Peñaranda Managing Editor: Dondave Jabay
Opinion Editor: Rebenson B. Recaña News Editor: Edward A. Castro Chairman: Rebenson B. Recaña Vice Chairman: Dondave Jabay
Feature Editor: Elizer M. Peñaranda Literary Editor: Amie Sison
Cartoonist: Alden C. Balgos Layout Artist: Dondave Jabay Board of Publication in:
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Office Address: 115-9 Songbuk-gu, Songbuk-dong, Seoul Korea Editorial Address: OK AIRTEL VISION ASIA, Vision Bldg. # 85-3, Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul,
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www.sulyapinoy.org SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 3

An Overview of Korean
Labor Law Structure
Source: Korean Labor Education Institute
(Continuation from previous issue…)
by Dondave Jabay
Seoul, South Korea - Aiming to promote cultural do research for news, program content, issues 3. Brief Introduction to the
diversity by providing information about Korean related to Filipinos in Korea like Korean spouses Korean Labor Acts.
traditional culture and customs, Woongjin Founda- and migrant workers; write my own scripts; plans
3.1. Individual Labor Relation Law are
tion in cooperation with Digital Radio KISS and for the program format; and collects and choose
the following:
Digital Skynet is scheduled to launch its Korea’s the songs that I will be playing for every pro-
first Multilingual Radio Station in August this year. gram,” she added. —> Labor Standard Act’ (in case of seafarers,
‘Seafarers Act’): it is the most important Act to set the
Multicultural Family Program, the specific title of the The program is to be aired daily at 3am, 9am, lowest standards of working conditions and covers
program also intends to help migrants and new 3pm, and 9pm starting from August 1 through ordinary labor conflict (delayed payment of wage,
residents of South Korea enhance their cultural Skylife channel 855 and C&M Cable. By Septem- working hours, overtime work payment, paid leave,
identity and pride. It will be aired in Filipino, Chi- ber, the program is also expected to be available holidays, retirement allowance. dismissal, etc.). The
nese, Vietnamese and Thai languages. through the internet. “This is the first and only standards which do not meet the standards stipulated
radio station for Filipinos here in Korea which in the Labor Standards Act shall be null, an employer
The Filipino program will play different genres which means that this is for all of us, Filipinos. I am treat workers at least according to the Labor Stan-
include Filipino music, broadcast both Filipino and really hoping that a lot of Filipinos will support this dards Act.
Korean news, basic Korean language study, talks program. This can also be a way for us to dis- —> ‘Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance
on culture and customs, and other entertaining seminate information, to raise our concerns, Act’: This act regulates compensation for workers who
topics. The program is basically for foreign spouses express our thoughts, and use this as our voice are injured, develop disease or died. In accordance
of Koreans and their families and all foreign workers and be heard,” Arquiza shared. with Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act,
in South Korea. workers are eligible for compensation for medical
Also, she is the current SULYAPINOY editorial treatment, compensation for disability, compensation
Ms. Maria Regina P. Arquiza, a Mass Communica- adviser and giving the opportunity to deal with for business suspension, and compensation for the
tion graduate in St. Scholastica’s College- Manila migrant workers and the concerned issues help bereaved family.
and currently studying at Ewha Womans University her to be aware of the present situation of the —> ‘Minimum Wage Act’: This Act guarantees work-
in Seoul as a scholar taking up Advertising and OFWs in South Korea. “Like SULYAPINOY, the ers a certain minimum level of wages. The Korean
Public Relations and Division of International Stud- intention of being able to serve for Filipinos is government publicly announces the Minimum Wage
ies was chosen to be a Philippine DJ and producer what makes me continue in trying to balance every year; an employer shall pay more than the
of the said program. “It’s an honor to be chosen as everything despite my heavy workload in the minimum wages. (In 2007, the minimum wages is
a Philippine DJ of the program. I feel so blessed of university,” Arquiza said. 3,480 won per hour, 27,840 won per a day while in
having this kind of opportunity. For me, it’s not a 2008, 3,770 won per hour, 30,160 per day)
job, it's a passion. It's overwhelming and at the “I am expecting that this multilingual radio broad-
same time fulfilling. I've always wanted to serve for casting program is going to serve as a bridge to —> ‘Act on the Equal Employment’: It aims at ensur-
any kind of task that has something to do with the gap between Koreans and Filipinos. It’s about ing an equal opportunity and treatment for men and
women and Filipinos. time for us to understand each culture,” she women in employment. This Act prohibits discrimina-
added. tion against a female worker in terms of employment,
“My basic jobs as a DJ and program producer are: wages, and working conditions. Also sexual harass-
ment at work shall be prohibited and child-care leave
and maternity leave to protect maternity of a female
worker shall be ensured in this Act.
Philippine-Korean Cultural... Philippine folk dances like “Pandanggo sa Ilaw”
and “Tinikling” were showcased. In addition, individual labor relation laws include
like the reported case of an EPS worker who’s Na- ‘Industrial Safety and Health Act’ for workers’ safety
tional Pension System (NPS) monthly contribution and health in workplace, ‘Act on the Development of
Besides promoting culture of the two countries, it Occupation Abilities of Workers for facilitating the
was solely paid by the worker himself which is a also supported the lecture of the Philippine Am- development of workers’ occupational abilities,
violation for it should be a shared contribution be- bassador Luis Cruz about awareness on multicul- ‘Employment Insurance Act’, ‘Employment Security
tween the employer and the foreign worker. turalism and Philippine Culture at Sookmyung Act’, ‘Framework Act on Employment Policy’ regulat-
Women’s University. ing employment security and unemployment allow-
“Filipino Communities should work with Koreans in ance.
dealing with social issues and problems and they On the other hand, Faith Ocampo, a Filipina
need to know more about PKCH as they offer free 3.2. Collective Labor relations Law
student and a PKCH intern supported the Promo-
eye clinic service by appointment basis, Reeve tion of Philippine Culture to Korean students on —> Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment
“Reeve””Recana Act’: This regulates establishment and management
Asian Culture Experience about the Philippines. of trade union organized by workers, and collective
Together with some volunteers, they showcased bargaining, collective agreement, collective action,
Also, it conducted a seminar on Korean Culture last Filipiniana, games like “luksong tinik” and industrial action. It might be the most important Act
May 18 to introduce the Korean culture to Filipinos. “luksong baka” and some other customs and related to labor relationship between employers and
In cooperation with the Philippine Embassy, Prof. traditions of the Filipinos. workers.
Christian Joon-park helped the participants to better Also, there are several Acts including ‘Act on the
adapt to Korean way of living. PKCH is currently connected with the National Promotion of Worker Participation and Cooperation’
Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) of the regulating the labor-management council, not the
PKCH supported events like “Rainbow Festival” for Philippines to further exchange information on trade union, in workplace and ‘Labor Relations Com-
multicultural families, multicultural food festival and mission Act’ regulating operation of the labor relations
culture and arts as they continuously support all commission dealing with the matters with regard to
the 5th Songtan Special Tourism Zone where Filipino migrants in South Korea. labor relations.

4 SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org

“Halo-halo”by Ma. Regina P. Arquiza

S taying in another place with summer weather

like Philippines causes the sentiment of being
far from home. The irony lies on the feeling of being
etc. This ingredi-
ent which comes
from the coconut
is also used in making “halo-halo”. Beans or
“monggos” used in this dessert are usually large in
number that can be compared to Filipinos as they
in a certain environment where it seems to be like family considered show unity in accomplishing things. Filipinos abroad
home, but in reality, that’s illusiveness. as the tree of life are always together like families as they share their
symbolizes how thoughts and blessings to each other.
Familiarity actually triggers nostalgia. Filipinos consider
their families as The “ube” or purple color symbolizes good judgment
But Filipinos always try to find things that will ease and considered to be the color of people seeking
their sentimental yearnings. They engage to several their lives. Like
“kaong” which spiritual fulfillment. Filipinos are known to be highly
activities like basketball tournaments, summer out- spiritual people. The belief on the existence of a
ings or picnics, out-of-town trips, team building activi- can be used in so
many ways, Filipi- Supreme Being helps them develop their maturities
ties and so on. as individuals. Despite the challenges and difficulties
nos try to find
Summer in Korea is on its peak. The heat of the ways to improve coming their ways, they can manage through the
summer makes people crave for a creamy, sweet the lives of their guidance of their faith to create sound judgments.
and a filling dessert known as halo-halo which is families. They try “Pinipig” is a crispy dried pounded rice on top of the
similar to “pat-bing-su” of Korea. Eating halo-halo is a to do everything “halo-halo”. Like a Filipino, the sound created by
good way to avoid heat and enjoy the heat of the for the sake of eating “pinipig” may also symbolize that he always
summer instead. their parents, has a voice to express his thoughts about issues. A
siblings and rela- Filipino is never quiet, always willing to fight for his
According to some people, “halo-halo” exemplifies tives.
the “east-meets-west” culture of the Filipinos since rights and will never remain silent especially if he is
the ingredients used come from a wide variety of Jackfruit or on the right side.
influences like leche flan from the Spanish, shaved langka symbol- “Leche flan” is one of the favorite desserts in the
ice from the Americans, red mung beans from Chi- izes the sweet- Philippines. Its softness gives a scrumptious or
nese, and tropical fruits from Asia. However, “halo- ness of Filipinos “malinamnam” taste that pleases the tongue satisfy-
halo” which is known by every true-blooded Filipino is as they show their warmth to others. Filipinas who are ing the demands of the senses. The characteristics
more than an icy treat representing the idea of the said to be “malambing” eases the anger of people of Filipinos as being soft-hearted, caring, and shar-
“east-meets-west” culture. around. The Filipino smile which is a metaphor of Fili- ing people delight the world as well. The Filipinos are
pino’s nature as being warm and friendly establishes emphatic sensing the feelings of others giving a
“Halo-halo” has more than ten ingredients such as intimate social interaction making other people feel the
kaong, jackfruit or langka, macapuno, beans or black importance of relationships. sense of belongingness.
monggo, ube, shredded melon, cubed mango, cubed Fruits like mango, melon, banana, avocado, star
avocado, colored gelatin, sago in syrup, saba ba- The silky coconut strand which is known as “macapuno” apple, corn, and etc. give a colorful appearance
nana, roasted pinipig, leche flan, evaporated milk, ice gives the slippery feeling as it touches the tongue. It just tempting one’s taste bud. Like Filipinos, no matter
cream, and so on. Every ingredient can be a repre- goes easily through the mouth not requiring more en- how hard life is, they always manage to put color in
sentation of what kind of people Filipinos are. ergy to be chewed. It goes with the flow easily. This kind life. Some of these fruits are seasonal that make the
of feeling is like a Filipino knowing and coping how a “halo-halo” more exotic. Like Philippines and its
“Kaong” or the sweet palm fruit is a very useful palm certain dance flows.
in the Philippines yielding sugar, starch, alcohol, and people, their exotic qualities amaze the world.
etc. This ingredient which comes from the coconut Bean which is one of the main ingredients of “pat-bing-su” Enjoy summer with this delightful treat, “halo-halo”.

by Elizer Peñaranda

“W hat you are is God’s gift to you, what you

become is your gift to God.”
fellow workers were painstakingly sheltered onto
container vans while others were billeted in the
“center” of HFCC,” Reeve added.
If there’s someone who will stand for one’s right in
South Korea, he’s definitely Rebenson “Reeve” Re- Also, frustrations came in when there was nobody
cana who had once failed, stood and inspired. stood by him except Fr. Glenn who was with him
along the rough and winding road. Until, Fr. Alvin B.
Reeve is a graduate of B.S. Electrical Engineering in Parantar, MSP, the current HFCC chaplain, came and
University of Mindanao (UM) in Davao City, Philip- becomes very supportive by providing the needs and
pines. Born to become a leader, he served as presi- spiritual advice to our humble leader and to FEWA
dent of various organizations like Student Body Coun- members as well.
cil in Banaybanay Davao, Council of Electrical Engi- “God is so good! He knows our deepest advocacy
neering Students of UM, Technical Education and and blessed us with Fr. Glenn and Fr. Alvin with
Skills Development Authority Trainees Organization equally people-oriented volunteers of FEWA, SU-
(TESTADO) of Region XI, Chungsin Electric and LYAPINOY and fellow Filipino Community leaders
Machinery Manufacturing Corporation-OFW Associa- Smiles of Servant Leaders: Reeve Poses with the former who provide us with extra strength to pursue what
tion in Taiwan, EPS-TESDA Batch 52 and Filipino HFCC Chaplain Fr. Glenn Jaron, MSP during the 2007 FEWA we’ve started and provide more programs for the
EPS Workers Association (FEWA) in South Korea in Recollection. coming years,” he shared.
establishing FEWA fully supported by Fr. Glenn Gio- Reeve is set to come back to Seoul in August under
In July of 2005, he arrived in South Korea for a 3-year vanni B. Jaron, MSP became a reality and came up with the re-hire program of the Employment Permit System
work contract under the Employment Permit System. concrete programs and resolutions for EPS workers and pledged to continue his service as chairman of
Besides 3D type of work, he’s been to several change across the peninsula. the board of the SULYAPINOY Newsletter. His story
of workplace for he could better serve his fellow EPS Despite all the odds, he must not fail his fellow migrants’ is only a page out of almost 52,000-page life stories
workers who were distressed and underserved. trust for there should be a leader who understands his about sacrifices and success of OFWs in South Ko-
followers, a man of character and action and, most of rea.
Due to the imperfection of the said labor program, all, a God-fearing servant to all.
Reeve with his fellow migrant workers have experi- “I want to change the paradigm and refocus on the
enced language difficulty, culture shock, labor con- He remembered his sad experiences when he lost his new possibilities. More so, we must uphold and pur-
tract violation and discrimination from some Korean jobs to better devote his time to those who were victims sue our dreams and aspirations for our family and
employers and co-workers. Thus, the idea of of abuses. “I couldn’t sleep and live in comfort while my beloved country,” he added.

www.sulyapinoy.org SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 5


by Dondave Jabay

A s a foreigner in the land of “kimchi”,

many of us cannot avoid of eating
those spicy, hot, uncomfortably odorous,
and vegetative types of foods in Korea.

During my first month of work and for being

a lone foreign worker in the company, I can
still remember the tough experience I had
while eating three times a day those regu-
larly served Korean foods in the canteen. I
was even counting the days in a week just
to feel the excitement when Sundays are
approaching hoping to eat chicken and
burger at KFC, Lotteria or McDonald in
Hyehwadong, the meeting place of Filipino 1st Row (Left to Right): brown rice, sweet potato, soybean paste, fava bean, and seaweed.
migrant workers in Seoul. 2nd Row (Left to Right): wild grapes, kimchi, garlic, Korean leek, and ginseng.

Two months later, I tried to change my The table below shows some of the foods from the book and their benefits:
appetite and learned to love Korean foods.
Food Nutritional Factors Benefits, Functions
I was inspired to do it when one of my of-
ficemates recommended me to search Brown rice Rich in fiber and selenium, more nutritious than white Kills cancer cells.
about the secret of Korean foods. (hyeonmibab) rice Good for digestive organs.

Has diuretic effect.

Now, let me share you what I have learned Reduces fever.
and hopefully it will help you love Korean Prevents cancer cells from increasing.
Adlay (yulmu) Rich in calcium
Reduces blood sugar.
foods too. Helps weight control, skin, neuralgia, colon
Came from intensive study and research;
the National Cancer Research Institute of Sweet potato Rich in fiber, vitamin E, beta carotene. Consuming a half cup of sweet potato everyday
Korea recommended 54 Korean foods that (goguma) Better to consume unpeeled. halves development of colon and lung cancer.
have strong cancer fighting agents. In the
book “54 Foods that Help people Fight
Contains genistein that prevents osteoporosis, breast Good for menopause.
Cancer”, 27 medical, physics, pharmacol- Soy bean paste
cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, eases post Good for breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung
ogy and dietetics experts and three re- (doenjang)
menopausal syndrome. cancer.
searchers from Korean food manufacturing
firms selected healthful food that retard
development of cancer based on scientific Fava bean Contains more vitamin A, B and C than other beans. Good for liver cancer.
(jakdukong) Peel rich in fibre in the peel. Reduces blood sugar level.

Published by the Korean Society for Can- Fermented shrimp

Rich in chitosan that has a strong anti-cancer effect.
Boosts immune system.
cer Prevention, the book introduces the (saewujeot) Good for alcohol drinkers to prevent liver cancer.
nutritional benefits of traditional Korean
food. Boosts immune system.
Rich in mineral, vitamin, fiber. Enhances digestive function.
Prevents constipation.
According to the book, “kimchi” is full of
nutritious ingredients like chilies, cabbage, Wild grapes (meoru)
Has anti-cancer effect 10 times stronger than ordinary
Good for alcohol drinkers, meat eaters.
garlic, green onion, ginger and radish. It grapes.
contains capsaicin, the source of the hot
taste and cancer fighting ability. Another Rich in vitamins. Prevents colon cancer.
Contains capsaicin that prevents cancer development. Enhances digestive function.
food recommended is wild grapes. The
book says wild grapes have ten times Prevents heart attack, stroke.
stronger anti-cancer effects than cultivated Garlic
Increases good cholesterol HDL that lowers the level
Good for stomach, colon cancer.
grapes. The book also highlighted the of cholesterol in blood.
(maneul) Boosts immune system.
Counteracts poisonous effects.
benefit of brown rice, which is more nutri- Good for men's stamina.
tious than white rice, saying its fiber im-
proves digestion. Enhances liver function.
Rich in vitamin A and B,calcium and iron. Has anti-fungal effect.
Korean leek (buchu)
Better when eaten with soy bean paste. Good to reduce menstrual pain for women.
Knowing the secret of Korean foods hope- Good for stomach, colon cancer.
fully provides an inspiration to all of us to
learn to love “kimchi” and other Korean
foods. So what are you waiting for? Let us Boosts immune system, metabolism.
Rich in vitamin B and C.
Enhances endocrine system.
grab this opportunity while we are still Ginseng Contains ginsenoside,
Good for heart failure.
working in South Korea. (insam) ginseng's unique saponin, that reduces blood sugar.
* Those who have hypertension are advised not to
Has hemolytic effect.
More so, it’s also better to learn on how to
prepare these foods and share with our
Enhances blood circulations.
respective families in home. Contains gingerol, the source of its hot taste, prevents Good for skin, lowers cholesterol in blood.
Ginger (saenggang) colon cancer. Prevents colon cancer.
“Prevention is better than cure, there- Restrains tumor development in neural system. Good for women to prevent breast
fore eat Korean foods now!” cancer, ease menopause.

6 SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org

외국인근로자 쉽게 한 한국 최저 임금 제 Woe-Guk-In Geun-Ro-Ja Swip-Ge Han Han-Guk Choe-Jeo Im-Geum Je
Simplified by: SULYAPINOY Editorial Staff and Board of Publication (Source: Ministry of Labor) 한국 내 재고용 과정 (Re-
(예전 고용주와 재 계약하는 경우)
LABOR STANDARDS ACT (Amended by: Act No. 6974 on September 15, 2003):
(1) Standard working hours per week shall not exceed fourty four (44 hrs.) excluding recess time.(For workplaces with less than 50 workers) 1. 고용지원센터 (Job Center)에
Center)에 외국인근로
(2) Standard working hours per week shall not exceed fourty (40 hrs.) excluding recess time. (For workplaces with 50 workers and above) 자 고용신청서 제출.
(3) Working hours per day shall not exceed eigth hours (8hours) excluding recess time.
2. 진행자 : 고용주
• 근로자의 비자 만료 기간 30일 이전에, 고
Effective July 1, 2008, the 40-hour workweek system shall also apply to any workplaces with 20 workers and above. In other words, the
용주가 고용지원겐터 (Job Center) 에서 신청
standard working hours per week shall not exceed 40-hours. And by the year 2011, 44-hours workweek shall be completely abolished.
서 Re-employment Application Form를 작성
SCOPE Of APPLICATION: 하고 제출 해야 합니다. (관련 서류 : 고용주의
This wage system shall apply to all Korean and foreign workers working under businesses or workplaces in South Korea in which 사업자둥록증 사본, 외국인 고용허 가서 사본,
more than 5 workers are ordinarily employed. 근로자의 여권, 구용계약서 사본 둥)

• 외국인, 근로자의 재고용 확인서 발급과 법

무부 및 한국산업인력공단에 신고.

Min. Wage/Month
(월 최저 임금)
Overtime Rate/Hour
(초과근무 시간급)
Night Differetial
(심야수당 시간당)
3. 진행자 : Job Center
Rate/Hour Rate/Day • 고용지원겐터 (Job Center) 에서 신청서
(시간급) (일급)
OPTION B ‘Re-employment Application Form’를 받으

44hrs/week 40hrs/week OPTION A 1st 4hrs After 4hrs 10:00PM to 6:00AM 면, 앞서 말한 신청서 사본을 고용주와 근로자에
OT/week OT/week 게 각각 1부씩 발급해 줍니다. (신청서를 받은
8hrs x rate/hr x 날로부터 7일 이내)
Unit \: (KRW) 226hrs/month 209hrs/month rate/hr x 125% rate/hr x 150% rate/hr x 50%
rate/hr 150%
2005 2,840 22,720 641,840 593,560 4,260 N/A N/A 1,420
• 그 이후고용지원겐터 (Job Center) 에서

2006 3,100 24,800 700,600 647,900 4,650 N/A N/A 1,550 법무부와 한국산업인력공단에 신고하게 됩

2007 3,480 27,840 786,480 727,320 5,220 N/A N/A 1,740 니다.
2008 3,770 30,160 852,020 787,930 5,655 4,713 5,655 1,885
• Job Seeker Roster에 자료를 입력하고

1) For companies still implementing the 44 hours work-week system - must use OPTION A Overtime Rate/Hour Computation.
2) Starting Januray 2008, all companies implementing the 40 hours work-week system - must use OPTION B Overtime Rate/Hour
4. 진행자 : 한국산업인력공단 법무부
1. -한국산업인력공단 에서 Job Seeker
Computation for a period of 3-years from its implementation date. After its 3-years of implementation, the computation must be Roster에 Re-employment 둥록을 합니다.
reverted back to OPTION A. - 법무부에서 CCVI를 발급합니다.

Computation: (How to get 226 average working hours per month)? • 외국인 근로자의 귀국/재고용.

Data: 1year = 12 months

1year = 365 days
5. 진행자 : 근로자
- 고용주가 재고용에 동의한외국인 근로자는 다
1year = 52 weeks
음 서류를 구비하여 본국으로 돌아갑니다.
* In 1 year 52 weeks also 52 Saturdays
1. Re-employment Application Form
52 Saturdays x 4 hours/Saturday = 208 hours (Half of 8 hours, for Sat. working days)
208 hours/ 8 hours x 1 day = 26 days
-근로자는 한국에서 출국한 날을 기준으로 1개
365 days - 26 days = 339 days
월 후에 한국에 재입국할 수 있으며, 한국에 재
339 days/year ÷ 12 months/year = 28.25 days/month
입국하기 전에 E9 비자를 발급 받기 위하여 분
28.25 days/month x 8 hours/day = 226 hours/month
국 한국 대사관에 위 서류 1, 2번을 제출합니다.
Ways of computing Minimum Wage
-근로자는 언어시험과 재교육 대상에서 면제됩
1)Minimum Wage/month = 226hours/month.x rate/hour
2)Minimun Wage/day = 8 hours/day x rate/hour
3. 고용지원센터 (Job Center)에 보고.
3)Minimum Wage/month= 28.25 days/month (average working days/month) x rate/day
For 2008: For 2008: 6. 진행자 : 고용주
-고용주는 근로자가 도착한 날로부터 10일 이
226 hours of work/month (Less than 50 workers) 209 hours of work/month (50 workers and above)
내에 고용지원센터 (Job Center)에 고용신고를
3,770 won/hour x 226 hours/month = 852,020 won/month 3,770 won/hour x 209 hours/ month = 787,930 won/ month
해야 합니다.
3,770 won/hour x 8 hrours/day = 30,160 won/day 3,770 won/hour x 8hours/day = 30,160 won/day
- 근로자에 게는 업무변경이 허용되지 않으며,
30,160 won/day x 28.25 days/month = 852,020 won/ month 30,160 won/day x 26.125 days/month = 787,930 won/ month
반드시 이전 고용주와 일을 해야만 합니다. (고

Three Years Re-Employment System Procedure 용주의 폐업이나 고용주의 임금 미지불 둥 불가

피한 경우는 제외)
1. An employer has to renew labor contract within 30-90 days prior to expiration of worker’s VISA.
참고: 2007년 6월 1일 부터 실효
2. The employer applies for worker’s Visa, within two (2) weeks upon application and if approved, a • 기타 자새한 내용은 노동부 홈페이지
Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI) is issued by the Immigration Office. In some cases, only a (www.molab.go.kr)
Secret Control Number is given to the employer. Only the CCVI or he Secret Number is required by the
• 원클릭가이드 외국인을 참조하시 거나 노
Korean Embassy in the Philippines, when the worker applies for Visa.
동부 종합상담센터 (국번없이 1350)로 문
3. At the POEA, proceed to BALIK MANGAGAWA section. 의하시기 바랍니다.
Korean Embassy in the Philippines: • 더욱 자세한 내용은 고용지원센터
10th Floor, The Pacific Star Building Makati Avenue, Makati City
1588-1919로 문의하시기 바랍니다.
Tel.: (632) 811 6139 Fax.: (632) 811 6148

www.sulyapinoy.org SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 7

Ibangon Perlas ng Silangan
ni Lhil Orena
The Pain Pilipinas Sa Aking
Sari-saring kaguluhan dinaranas ngayon ng ating bayan
by Ana Celeste Mga Mata
Sa Luzon, Visayas, maging sa Mindanao man You gave yourself, mind, body, and soul
ni Amie Sison
Still it wasn’t enough
Droga, robbery, prostitusyon, at mga patayan
Still you were left behind
Babae, lalaki, bata o kahit ang may katandaan
It’s the most painful feeling one can have
Ang Pilipinas na aking ngayo'y inaapakan
Sangkot sa iba’t ibang uri ng kapangahasan. You can’t breathe Masaya na maging isang balikbayan
Nakakalungkot isipin na aking bansang iniwan Your eyes starts to brim your tears Ngunit napagmasdan ang kahirapan
You feel like you wanna cry Na hindi malaman kung ano ang dahilan.
Ngayon ay talagang unti-unti ng napapabayaan
You feel so empty and feeling so lonely.
Ng mga taong walang alam kung di kasakiman Wala na sa Presidente ang kasalanan
Walang malasakit kahit konti sa kapwa man Welcome the pain, don’t be ashamed to cry
Let your tears flow and everything will pass
Upang mga Pilipino'y kanyang paglingkuran
Daig pa ang mga taong walang pinag-aralan. Ito'y nasa pagkukusa ng bawat kababayan
Your tears, sorrow, and pain will
Ugaling Pilipino tila atin ng nalilimutan wash away Magtulungan para sa ating kaunlaran.
Pangaral ng magulang di na yata matandaan The memories are still there
Tayo’y tao hindi hayop na dapat katakutan Someone can make you cry but someone Matibay daw ang ating piso
Pagkakaroon ng puso, lamang natin sa mga dayuhan
can make you smile. Ngunit butas ang bulsa ng mga Pilipino
Ito ay panatilihin at gamitin kahit saan ka man. One day you will find yourself smiling again
At ang lahat ay nagrereklamo
Don’t be afraid to love again
Sa pagtaas ng mga presyo ng mga produkto.
Pilipino dapat tayong magmahala’t magtulungan Forget about sorrow and the pain
Likas na yaman nararapat nating pangalagaan For you will find happiness in the end Nagulat din ako sa aking pag uwi
Kagandahang-asal at dugong Pinoy ating pahalagahan Be strong to face the world again. Di sapat ang uwing salapi
Kabataan patunayang kayo’y pag-asa ng ating bayan Sa halaga ng mga dapat ibili
Pilipinas ating bansa, huwag talikura’t pagtaksilan. Sa bawat pagkonsumo pinag-iisipan uli-uli.
Panahon na upang tayo’y magkaisa’t magmahalan Maraming problema ang ating bayan
Pagkamakasarili at kasamaan atin ng talikuran Nasasaktan na aking tignan
At sa buong mundo ipagsigawan at patunayan Si Juan dela Cruz nakasalpak sa kahirapan
Lahing Pilipino tunay na may dangal, may karangalan Nag iisip kung kailan ang kaunlaran.
Sama-sama ating ibangon, Pilipinas,
Perlas ng Silangan.

Higit Pa Sa Tunay Na Yaman ANG GURO

ni Adrian Regalado
ni Amie Sison
Ano nga ba ang batayan ng tunay na yaman? Nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo si Ann mula sa kagalang galang na unibersidad sa Manila. Dahil sa kanyang
Ito bay makikita sa taglay mong karangyaan? talino at abilidad ay nakapagtrabaho sya sa pampublikong paaralan.
Hindi kaya nama’y sa pagiging popular Isa sa mga estudyante nya ay si Raffy Perez. Makikita kay Raffy ang kahirapan at pagkapabaya ng
Kilala at hinahangaan ng karamihan. kanyang magulang. Mukha syang gusgusin.Napag isip ni Ann kung bakit kakaiba yata si Raffy sa buong klase.
Tahimik at mahiyain.Dahil doon, tinutukso sya o nilalait ng kanyang mga classmates. Ninais nyang tulungan si
Ngunit sa aking palagay Raffy, ngunit hindi nya alam kung paano ang gagawin. Bago lang sya sa school at wala pa syang lakas ng
May higit pang mahalaga sa mga bagay na yan loob iparamdam ang kanyang malasakit.
At kung iyong pag-aaralan Sa kanyang pagtatanong nalaman nya na ang pamilya ni Raffy ay mayaman dati ngunit bumagsak ang
Ang yaman ay hindi lang sa materyal na bagay. kanilang negosyo at pumanaw ang kanyang Ina sa pagkakapanganak sa kanya. Napag isip nya na kaya hindi
masyado malinis ang kanyang pananamit dahil hindi sya maalagaang mabuti ng kanyang amang nakatutok
May mga tao tayong tinatawag na kaibigan sa pag tatrabaho. Dahil doon ay nagbigay sya ng pagkakataon na tulungan si Raffy.
Katuwang natin sa lahat ng bagay
Dahil malapit lang ang kanyang bahay kay Raffy, kinausap nya ang Ama nito na kung pwede ay alagaan
Maging sa kalungkutan man o sa kasiyahan
nya muna ang bata. Sa kanya titira na walang hihingiing kapalit. Pumayag na rin ang kanyang Ama upang
Ikaw ay kailanman hindi iiwan. maalagaan ng mabuti ag kanyang anak.Tinuring ni Ms. Ann na tunay na anak ang bata. Pag aalaga sa kanya
ulo hanggang paa. Pag papakain sa oras. At ibinigay nya ang pagmamahal ng isang Ina.Dahil doon kapansin
Kung mga kaibigan mo ay hindi na mabilang pansin ang pag babago ni Raffy. Naging aktibo sya sa mga gawain sa paaralan at nagkaroon sya ng mga
Ikaw ay isa na sa pinakamayaman kaibigan. At higit sa lahat isa sya sa mga outstanding student.
Para kana ring may kapangyarihan
Taglay mo ay higit pa sa tunay na yaman. Ang lahat ay naging maayos dahil sa pag volunteer ni Ms. Ann sa pagkalinga kay Raffy. Pagkatapos ng
isang taon kailangan nyang lumipat sa probinsya. Ito ay utos mula sa Department of Education. Di man sila
magkasama. Sinusulatan ni Raffy si Ms. Ann upang magpasalamat.Sa unang sulat. "Mam graduate na po ako
Kaya kung ikaw ay my kaibigan
ng elementary. Honor po ako! Maraming salamat po. Bumilang ng apat na taon at nagkaroon ng pangala-
Mahalin mo siya higit pa sa iyong yaman wang sulat "Mam graduate na po ako ng highschool. Valedictorian po ako. Maraming salamat po." Na-
Pagkat sya ang yong karamay pakatagal ang sumunod na sulat, ngunit dumating pa rin ang inaasahan. Sa ikatlong sulat "Mam maraming
Kahit sa malungkot na bahagi ng iyong buhay. salamat po." na may pirma nya Raffy Perez M.D. Hindi lahat ay nakuha lamang sa sulat. Paglipas pa ng taon
pinuntahan nya na si Ms. Ann kasama ang kanyang pamilya.
Maraming salamat sa pag dating mo kaibigan
Pakiramdam ko tuloy akoy mayaman Si Raffy na gusgusin dati ay nagbago sa pamamagitan ng pagmamahal ng isang guro. Isang pagmama-
hal na maguukit sa puso ng bawat estudyante. Isang pagmamahal na maipapamana ng isang guro. Ang
Hindi ko na kailangan ang karangyaan
pagtugon ng pagtawag, Ang pagmamalasakit na makakapagbago ng buhay ng isang tao. Isang trabaho na
Basta ikaw ay nasa tabi ko lamang.
hindi kailangan ng i-memorize ang mga theory kundi ang pagiging totoo sa kanyang sarili.

8 SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org


By: Sofonias ‘Chabok’ Paragsa By: Dondave Jabay

1 고 용
1 Instructions:
1) Fill the white squares with numbers 1 to 9 so that they
2 3 2
가 구 3
바 add up to the sums shown in highlighted squares (gray

마 사 지
4 5 4 5
2) A gray color square will show one or two numbers

6 6
일 업 separated by a diagonal line.
3) A number that is above the diagonal line is the sum of

7 8 기7
본 연 장
8 the row of white squares to its right.
4) A number that is below the diagonal line is the sum of
속 필 the column of white squares beneath it.

9 10
회 사 10
원 Two important rules:
1) There are no zeroes.
11 비 11
숭 배 2) Do not put the same number in each sum of the row

사 이
12 of white squares to its right or column beneath it.
12 The most exciting part!!!
Answer to May Issue The first person to answer the puzzle correctly will be
given a public recognition through SULYAPINOY
ACROSS DOWN newsletter and website. How to report your answer?
Please call 010-9294-4365 or email @
1) the front gate 1) large scale 10) which
2) laws and regulations 3) sound
4) corner, angle 5) Seoul route
6) fast
Answer Here
7) Woori Bank
9) Korean language 7) Post office
11) slow 8) benefactor, patron
12) this 9) limit, boundary

by Alden C. Balgos

Answer to June Issue

(All winners who got the perfect answer)
1st - Pepito R. De Guzman,
Guzman Bibong
Hwaseong-si, South Korea.
2nd - Aiko,
Aiko HFCC Chairman for Sports &
Recreation Committee, Hyehwadong, Seoul
3rd - Joean Dela Cruz,
Cruz Cheongju Catholic
Club, Cheongju City, South Korea

6/24 - Amie Sison 7/12 - Joel S. Eguia

7/01 - Bernard M. Aque 7/14 - Alden C. Baldos
Alfred D. Bachoco Ramonchito L. Alvarez
7/02 - Ferdinand L. Romero 7/19 - Renato G. Cabajes
7/03 - Aldrin M. Canlas 7/20 - Princess A. Booc
Raul A. Dairu Maricel Fabon
7/04 - Alwyin A. Casino 7/24 - Aminada O. Dango
7/05 - Ethel G. Pag-Ong 7/25 - Cristina F. Moscoso
7/07 - Ramon V. Soriano 7/28 - Agustin B. Batac
7/12 - Ronald F. Austari 7/29 - Richard O. Dayaday
7/30 - Federico R. Sicat

www.sulyapinoy.org SULYAPINOY JULY 2008 9


외국인 노동자 인권복지회 필리핀공동체

HRWOFC Contact Persons: Ate Maria: 010-7490-1114; Frank: 010-2892-1218; Moreno: 010-4443-

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Fellow Migrant Workers:

We are very sorry to inform you that the HRWOFC Raffle Draw - Kapuso Kapamilya sa Korea (KKK) “Taya Mo, Tulong Mo” was post-
poned from July 27 to August 10 due to unexpected conflict of schedules from the invited guests. We wish for your kind understanding.

More so, please be informed of the following major activities on August 10, 2008 at Cheongju Girls Middle School Gym (Cheongju Yoja
Jonghakgyo) Heungdeok Gu, Sajik 2 Dong, Cheongju City from 9:30AM to 5:00PM.

1. Passport & OWWA Renewal

2. Basketball Exhibition Game between FEWA & HRWOFC
3. Website Launching
4. 2008 HRWOFC Basketball League Championship
5. Open Forum for Legal Affairs w/ the presence of Phililippine Ambassador Hon. Luis T. Cruz, Consul General Abraham R. Estavillo &
Labor Attache Atty. Delmer R. Cruz.
From: HRWOFC Officers


C h e o n g j u Ci t y, S o u t h K o r e a Cell. # 010-5524-4794

SELLING: - Fresh Vegetables - Philippine Products SERVICES: LEISURE:

- International Calling Cards - Forwarding Cargo (Door to Door) - Noraebang

S o ut h K o re a

The CBO on the move in Korea! (1) Performed at the 4th Migrant’s Arirang Festival 2008 (2) Ongoing CBO Basketball Tournament with Labor Attache Delmer Cruz.
(3) Ambassador Luis Cruz posed with CBO during the 110th Independence Day and 13th Migrant Workers Day Celebration… Join us now! Visit www.cbo-korea.blogspot.com

세일 여행사 ( 주 )
Seowon Bldg., 10th Floor 91-1, Kyeongwon-dong Chongro-gu Seoul
Fax #: 723-5781 or 724-0636
Seil Tour System offers very reasonable prices which are amazingly cheaper than other agencies you can find for these routes:
We may deliver your ticket thru mail. Please send your payment through our bank account…
01-163167 Nonghyup Bank - Seil Tour
We’re always ready to assist you for your good trip. For more details please contact…
MILA MONTERDE at 02-724-0677 or SHIN HWA-YOUNG at 02-724-0664
Other Services Offered: We can book you worldwide
www.seiltour.co.kr / www.itms.co.kr

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