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Art can be presented as the utilization and articulation of one’s innovative ideas. Coming
up with a “new” idea is an unceasing effort of artists to create a distinction among themselves.
Artists use art as a medium which serve as their way to fully express their thoughts regarding
beauty, pain, hope and understanding within moments to humanity. Therefore, it is necessary for
both the artist and the audiences to build a certain connection in order to understand the message
behind the masterpiece. As you can see, it can be judged by almost anyone either positively or
negative since a lot of emotions are flowing in terms of appreciating a certain art piece.

The immersion of oneself to art would open his ability to appreciate the beauty of life. This
speaks of the art practices wherein it could help humanity understand life better through the
different channels of art. Likewise, art has a language of its own. It can speak to us and resonate
deep with our own experiences. It serves as an eyeopener to humanity regarding the truths that are
ignored or even forgotten. This inspires the modern-day individuals to learn something new
everyday and teaches us to not limit ourselves to what we normally see the world. Art in a way
mirrors the culture of the society. The evolution of arts from decades and centuries ago transformed
cultures of different places.

As students, with the art that we are surrounded by, it gives us inspiration to dream and
create ideas every single day. It serves as a bridge for us to communicate with other people and to
fully express our emotions on the certain art piece. We might not be aware of it, but art has been
an essential part of our journey ever since. For example, music is considered to be one of the major
art forms that was able to change lives and build countless of connections among people. Art has
always been belittled by the majority of the society, but it brought and will bring more changes in
this society and will help transform lives of people day by day.

To summarize everything that I learned in class, art made me realized one important thing
that could have a difference in terms of appreciating art. This is the way on how we look at things
on different perspectives and by different individuals. As you can see, our imagination upon seeing
an art piece is not limited to what we actually see but through a deeper thought of the said art piece.
Artists do not need to explain itself or the art piece in order for spectators to understand. Art pieces
are meant to be mysterious to creative imaginative ideas to what the artist intends to say and to
express their thoughts on it. Since everyone has their own opinion, these opinions will broaden
their experience with regards of having the unique of thought. I believe that art is not something
that is underrated but rather a medium which should be explored more by the new generation.