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World Lit.

FEBRUARY / MARCH Assignment Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
February 3 4 5 6 7
Opener – Writing Opener – Review Opener – grammar Opener – grammar Opener – grammar
Rules Writing Rules Continue ppt notes Continue ppt notes Finish ppt notes for
Creative Writing Begin ppt notes for for Literary Elements, for Literary Elements Literary Elements
assignment (due Literary Elements, focusing on Sound Discuss plot details & Complete practice
EOP) focusing on Sound Devices and plot concept map paragraph
Devices and Figurative Language Complete practice
Figurative Language sheet for theme
10 11 12 13 14
Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 4 vocab Opener – Quick Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 4 vocab
Begin Hero’s Kahoot review game Study Identify plot details, Identify plot details,
Journey Unit - Take for Literary Elements Literary characterization characterization
notes and test preparation techniques, and techniques, and
receive handout for Elements Test Hero’s Journey Hero’s Journey
binder *Blog assignment *After test – get next details in movie details in movie
Study for test! 4 vocab words
24 25 26 27 28
Opener – Review Opener – 10 flash Opener – 10 flash Opener – Study / Opener – Quick
Vocab. cards cards Review Vocab. Study
Complete Unit Two Hero’s Journey Hero’s Journey *Turn in Class
Vocabulary Activities Activity – Partner Plot Activity – Partner Plot Kahoot review games Openings Packet!
& Hero Creation & Hero Creation Unit Two
Study for test! (planning & rough (Storyline and Plot *Blog assignment
draft) details) Vocab. Test
March 2 3 4 5 6
FINISH PROJECT & Hero’s Opener – grammar Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 4 vocab
POSTER *Paper hand-back & Groups will work on Read and annotate
Hero’s Journey Journey Quiz Folder Expectations Culture project (due “What Is Cultural
Activity – Partner & “Catch Up” Day EOP) Identity?” (1 – 9 on SB
Plot & Myth Creation 1.3)
9 10 11 EARLY RELEASE 12 13
Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 4 vocab Opener – 10 flash Opener – 10 flash
Read and answer Read and annotate Compare and cards cards
comprehension “Everyday Use” (SB contrast cultural Compare and Complete Unit Three
questions for “By 1.11) and answer details via Lion contrast cultural Vocabulary Activities
Any Other Name” comprehension Work on the movie details via Lion in vocabulary book
(SB 1.7) questions comprehension Work on the movie
questions comprehension Study for test!
16 17 18 19 20
Opener – Partner Opener – Quick Opener – grammar Opener – grammar Opener – 4 vocab
Study Study Begin brainstorming Finish rough draft for MLA review
Kahoot review *Turn in Class and graphic organizer personal narrative Begin typing final
games Openings Packet! for personal narrative Edit & Revise activity drafts of personal
Unit Three Write rough draft for for personal narrative
Study for test! personal narrative narratives
Vocab. Test
*Calendar is tentative (subject to changes). Any changes will be noted in classroom and on the class schoology.com blog.