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12/19/2019 Boarding Pass | Campus Recruiters

Boarding Pass
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Resume : 9689953

Name : Tejas Chavan

Date of Birth : 15-09-1999

Email ID : tejas.chavan1509@gmail.com

College Name : Mithibai College

Event ID : 41931

Event Name : Mithibai FA Hiring FY 2020

Event Venue : Wipro Hiring- Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg,

Gulmohar Road, Suvarna Nagar, Vile Parle (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056

Event Date : 20-DEC-2019

Reporting : 08:30

Identity Check : PAN Number

Identity : XXXX249Q

Candidate Signature:

GD / Test Technical Interview HR Interview

You will be required to carry below mandatory documents to attend t

he Online Assessment:

1. Print out of this email (Boarding pass)

2. Original Aadhaar Card
3. Incase you have you do not have Aadhaar card please carry Origi
nal Govt. ID Proof (PAN card or Passport or Driver's License -
photocopies/ scanned copies will not be accepted)
4. College ID Card

https://synergy.wipro.com/campus/cd/candidate/boarding-pass 1/2
12/19/2019 Boarding Pass | Campus Recruiters


1. Hardcopy of the Boarding Pass will be verified by Wipro auth

orized personnel during the test. The authorized Boarding Pass
will be verified at every stage( Technical & HR interview) of Wipr
o's Selection process.
2. Candidates who have participated in any selection process h
eld by Wipro in the last six months for Engineering and last thre
e months for Non Engineering are not eligible.
3. At any stage, whether during your interview process or upon j
oining the Company, if it is brought to our notice that you have i
ndulged in malpractices or used illegal means to clear your onli
ne assessment, the Company shall withdraw or
revoke the offer with immediate effect and we reserve our rights
to take suitable action against you as we may deem fit.
4. You are allowed to take the test at the designated locations fr
om the systems assigned to you for the online
assessments. You are not allowed to use any gadgets like mobil
e and tablets etc to take the assessment. If you are found
using of these gadgets, the test will be disqualified.

https://synergy.wipro.com/campus/cd/candidate/boarding-pass 2/2