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Volume 137 Issue 49 Friday, February 14, 2020 www.minnedosatribune.

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INSIDE Heritage Co-op Feels the

this week
Pinch of Fuel Blockage

Salute to
Minor Hockey

Floor Plan for

New Daycare

Photo by Darryl Holyk

While some Co-op gas bars “ran out of gas” during the recent fuel blockage, Minnedosa’s Heritage Co-op gas bar
continued to serve its customers, although it has been operating on a lower-than-normal fuel supply.

By KAREN MITCHELL Workers illegally blocked tribution to small commu- out of fuel for short periods sue seems to be somewhat
access to and from the nities where Co-op may of time over the weekend, more secure, the labour is-

L ast Thursday, Febru-

ary 6th, Heritage Co-
op addressed potential
CRC, as well as the Feder-
ated Co-operatives Lim-
ited (FCL) Carseland Ter-
be the only fuel sources
available. Heritage Co-
op was also working with
the rural gas bars of Heri-
tage Co-op have been able
to maintain a fuel supply
sue had not been resolved
as of press time. “We need
to see everyone get back to
fuel outages throughout its minal and third-party fuel FCL to replenish its fuel for customers. “Minnedo- the bargaining table in or-
service area. This issue is a terminals near Winnipeg supply sooner than later. sa has been running on der for a deal to be reached
direct result of the labour resulting in a huge supply During the potential fuel very low inventory, and we at the refinery,” said Zar-
disruption that is occur- and demand issue. The outage, Heritage Co-op have been moving fuel to charias. “Most of the illegal
ring at the Co-op Refinery Co-op Refinery Complex introduced daily card pur- the most urgent areas as blockades have been re-
Wheat Kings Complex (CRC) in Sas-
katchewan, where nearly
continues to operate nor-
mally with replacement
chase restrictions on diesel
(300 litres) and gasoline
needed,” explained Zach-
arias. “FCL Distribution,
moved at this time, and we
are doing our best to serve
Read at TCS 700 refinery workers were works, therefore the sup- (100 litres) for its cardlock along with our local Pe- our members in this diffi-

locked out on December ply is there. Heritage Co- customers. troleum people, have been cult time. We continue to
5th after their union (Uni- op received its fuel from On Tuesday, Febru- working hard to restore appreciate the support and
for) issued strike notice. the CRC and affected Win- ary 11th, Lorne Zacharias, inventory levels, and as of understanding of people
The union has walked nipeg terminals. General Manager for Heri- today (Tuesday) we seem in each of our communi-
away from the table re- To address the poten- tage Co-op confirmed that, to be making progress.” ties.”
garding talks on the work- tial fuel outages, Heritage while the Brandon Heri- He added that while
ers pension contributions. Co-op prioritized fuel dis- tage Co-op sites did run the immediate supply is-

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