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Example of a Successful Personal Statement

I wish to be put forward for the study abroad exchange programme at X to study
Geography. Studying abroad will give me an opportunity to submerge myself in
another culture and absorb alternative views on urban and cultural geography
essential to respond to current issues such as globalisation, urbanisation and climate

Fundamentally, I believe I could derive vital further knowledge from the course
modules available at X, which will assist me in acquiring a broader view of
Geography as a subject. Like King’s College London, X has an enviable reputation in
the academic world and, as a result, a year within this system will only help to
enhance my skills and therefore my employability across a broad range of industries.

By choosing course modules at X that are unavailable to me at King’s College

London, I believe I am gaining a great opportunity to increase the depth and breadth
of my geographical knowledge. By studying these modules, I will be fulfilling my
desire to specialize within the field of Human Geography. X’s long history of political
activism will add a new dimension to the political perspectives of the courses. Having
gained substantial grounding during my first year of university at King’s College
London and by specializing in my second, I believe that the third and final year of my
degree will, after having studied at X, provide me with at deeper understanding, the
skill of academic adaptability and a new mindset.

In 2006 I participated in the Youth Energy Summit (YES) in Berlin where youth
representatives from all over the world met to discuss the challenges of the world’s
energy consumption. This experience was especially decisive for my University
career choice. The YES conference deeply impressed me, to play my part and join
forces with international environment agencies and governments to respond to the
urgent challenges of our common future.

In addition to subjects at A-level, I have a strong interest in studying foreign

languages. I am currently studying Japanese as my fourth language. Learning a
foreign language has played a significant role in my education and perspective.
Through learning languages and cultures, I have learnt to appreciate and respect other
people’s identity. My hobbies also stretch to a variety of sports, such as swimming,
playing volleyball and working out at the gym. These interests enabled me to have a
balanced life that is physically and mentally healthy.

Upon returning home I intend to apply the knowledge received at every opportunity
by sharing it with other students and continuing to be active at Kings. I feel I will be
able to participate deeper into the local political debate in my community and have a
broader sense of urban world systems, essential to equip me for my career aspirations.