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Omnific Publishing Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Release of Conclusion to

the Hydraulic Level Five Series, "Fourteeners" by Sarah Latchaw

Omnific Publishing announced that they are proud to have released the conclusion to the Hydraulic
Level Five series, "Fourteeners" by Sarah Latchaw, in celebration of the company’s 10th

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Elizabeth Riley, Publisher and President of Omnific
Publishing, says that publishing this book on the company's tenth anniversary was a fitting tribute to the
company's origins on this milestone anniversary. "'Fourteeners' is the third book in the Hydraulic Level
Five series, which started out as a Twilight fanfiction story. Hydraulic was one of the stories I always
wanted to publish as a novel. With each book, the characters have developed further, and 'Fourteeners' is
a stunning conclusion to a lovely series."

Many of Omnific's early books came from Twilight fanfiction and were rewritten as romance novels.
Many books that started as Twilight fanfiction, like "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James (Viking), have
even been made into movies. "It's an exciting time for Omnific Publishing. Ten years after we published
our debut collection, we are still publishing great books like 'Fourteeners' by Sarah Latchaw, and we are
seeing one of our first New York Times Bestsellers, 'Gabriel's Inferno' by Sylvain Reynard, being made
into a movie by Passionflix." The small publishing company has had four New York Times Bestsellers,
including "Gabriel's Inferno" and "Gabriel's Rapture" by Sylvain Reynard, which they sold to Penguin
Random House, "Wallbanger" by Alice Clayton, and "Tangled" by Emma Chase, which they sold to
Simon & Schuster.

Sarah Latchaw is thrilled to have completed the Hydraulic Level Five series with the publication of
"Fourteeners." "Finishing Hydraulic is like the end of an era! It has evolved so much over the past
decade... I finished it once as Twilight fanfiction, but it never truly felt complete until I reworked it and
made it 100% my own. I think this is why 'Fourteeners' is my favorite of the series - it began with Kaye
and Samuel and they were allowed to fully develop as characters without the constraints of different
characters and a different world. I adore 'Twilight' for the massive amount of creativity it sparked and the
people it brought together. But I'm also glad that my characters have been able to step out of its shadow
and come into their own," said Latchaw.

Latchaw took a long hiatus from writing between books two and three of the Hydraulic series. "I'm not
going to lie," she said, "'Fourteeners' was a beast to write. Actually, it was nearly finished several years
ago after an intense month of NANOWRIMO. But something about it didn't feel right...the characters
seemed shallow and their emotions were contrived. So I scrapped a lot of it, shelved it from time to time,
and really reflected and dig deep into personal, tender parts of my brain." She had some profound life
changes in the interim that shaped the way she wrote. "Becoming a foster parent has truly challenged who
I am and who I want to be. It's forced me to become more compassionate, more empathetic, more
intuitive. Every time we had a foster placement, I put aside most hobbies to focus on getting kids adjusted
and working through their trauma with them. It's opened my eyes in multiple ways, and now I have the
benefit of bringing this life experience to the characters I write. They've grown as I've grown," she shared.

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Like many authors, Sarah has come to have a deep affection for her characters. "I love Kaye so much, and
the person she's become. In the very beginning of the series, she isn't all that likeable. She's a bit timid
and when it comes to her relationships, she allows the current to simply carry her along. Throughout her
story, she comes to the understanding that love is a choice, and if she has the courage, she can choose to
love beyond the pain of the past. There's this scene in 'Fourteeners' where Kaye allows herself a
well-earned cry, but she doesn't stay trapped in her 'spinning hydraulic' of grief, as she used to. She swims
through it, then climbs out, towels off, and carries on. She truly has become a rock for the people in her
life," Latchaw explained.

She is especially fond of her book's hero, Samuel. "Samuel... I adore him, not because he's some escapist
fantasy prince, but because he's a real kind of guy. He's got his flaws and baggage. However, love is his
guiding compass. He's made mistakes, still makes them, but he's owned them and learned from them.
People are drawn to him because he doesn't judge, simply accepts them as they are. Kaye calls him a
"light" and that he "sees the best in people but never himself." He has a lot more grace and forgiveness for
others than he does for himself, and I don't think that's something that will ever change about him," she

"Fourteeners" is available online wherever books are sold, and is distributed by Simon & Schuster.

About "Fourteeners":
Life and love are more brutal than the crackled ice of a Rocky Mountain fourteener...

That's what thrill-seeker Kaye Trilby believed, until a deadly avalanche almost swept her from the face of
the earth. Now, tackling life and love with her ex-husband isn't as traumatic as scaling the mountains she
once longed for.

Or is it?

Kaye has loved the brilliant and guarded Samuel Cabral since childhood and, at last, he's allowed her
behind his carefully-cultivated veneer. But so much has changed in the years they lived apart, Kaye
worries she may never fully know him. Why is Samuel firmly against becoming a father? Who is this
mysterious woman in Mexico, and why is she a secret?

While Samuel chases ghosts through the lush hills of Tamaulipas, Kaye chases the woman she once was,
up the peaks of Colorado's gleaming fourteeners. In the end, is it possible Kaye and Samuel are chasing
separate futures?

With this life-affirming and personal novel, Sarah Latchaw returns with a stunning, multifaceted
conclusion to her Hydraulic series. "Fourteeners" is a grown-up story of first love and second chances.

About Sarah Latchaw:

Sarah Latchaw was raised in eastern Iowa. After college, she left behind everything she knew to venture
into the great wild of Des Moines. She has travelled across Europe, explored the Middle East, climbed

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mountains, and braved Legoland with her husband, son, and daughter. Sarah was awarded her MA in
Creative Writing from Iowa State University. In recent years, she and her husband were licensed as foster
parents and now call many children "their kids." She lives for the special moments when she tells her kids
not to jump on "the couch," "the car," "the cat," or "your brother's head."

About Omnific:
Omnific Publishing, who published their debut collection on February 14, 2010, is an independent
publisher of romantic fiction that breaks the mold of traditional romance with stories that excite, inspire,
amuse, and amaze. Omnific publishes fresh, contemporary voices that speak to the modern sensibilities of
today's readers--smart romance for smart women.

Find Sarah online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSarahLatchaw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahLatchaw
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7221728.Sarah_Latchaw

Find Omnific Publishing online:

Website: https://www.omnificpublishing.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmnificPublishing/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OmnificPub

Contact: Elizabeth Riley

562.852.OMNI, publisher@omnificpublishing.com

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