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Nokia Way and values

A flat, networked organization, as well as speed and flexibility in decision-making,

characterize the Nokia Way of working. Equal opportunities and openness towards
people and new ideas are also key elements we want to nourish.

Nokia is straightforward when dealing with customers and suppliers, and always looks
for innovative ways of creating and introducing products and solutions to the market. We
provide individuals with a platform for personal growth in a challenging environment
with a clear vision, goals and shared management
principles - the Nokia Way. The Nokia Way brings together talented individuals who
share these principles, and therefore share success.

The values of our company make us different. They provide a sense of direction for
consistent behaviour as employees and citizens of the world, and in our quest to be a
great internet company. Through extensive employee engagement, we have renewed our
values that reflect our business and changing environment. They act as a foundation for
our evolving culture and are the basis of our operational mode. Living them every day is
our shared philosophy.

Engaging you

At every step of the way, we need to engage all our stakeholders, including employees, in
what the company stands for in the world and how we meet the needs of our customers.

Performance based rewarding

Nokia provides employees with market competitive rewards through a flexible global
structure, which can address diverse and changing business and employment
environments, as well as specific individual preferences.

Our Total Compensation Package is tailored for each country and typically consists of
elements such as annual base salary, incentives, bonuses, possible stock options or
performance shares, flexible Work-Life balance solutions, and other local benefits.

Nokia rewards employees for good performance, competence development, and for
overall company success. This creates a positive and encouraging environment with
opportunities for employees to optimize their potential and be rewarded fairly. Higher
performance and contribution will lead to higher rewards. The Nokia global market
competitive rewards structure addresses the need for flexibility, personalization,
empowerment and commitment.

The basic salary is set to meet market conditions, the demands of the job and individual
competence and performance. The variable part may consist of incentives or bonuses and
other compensation, such as overtime pay and call-out pay.

Bonus System

Employees should have the opportunity to share in the success of Nokia. Short-term
incentive programs such as individual, team, project/program incentives and the Nokia
Connecting People Bonus allow Nokia to offer immediate rewards for employee and
team achievements. The Stock Option Plan is a long-term reward that may allow
employees to share in sustained company success.

Eligibility for an incentive, bonus or stock option plans is defined by the content and
nature of each individual's job.

Local Benefits

Additional local rewards and benefits are also developed to complement the global
programs and to ensure that the local market conditions are met.

Annual Reviews

Nokia has implemented a global process, where the change in the pay level for each
employee is based on the results of the annual performance review.


Nokia cares for its employees right throughout the cycle of their working life: from
induction and training, through development and advancement, and on to retirement.
Nokia's Work-Life balance solutions mean that health benefits and possible local
retirement benefits are tailored to individual needs according to factors such as tenure,
contribution, performance, roles and responsibilities.
Professional and personal growth

The environment in which we do business is evolving continuously. To succeed, we must

have the passion and courage to look for new ideas beyond existing products, services
and ways of working. Only with truly innovative ideas will we be able to define the
future development of our industry and profoundly shape the way in which people
understand and use our products and services in their everyday lives.

Commitment to Self-development

People at Nokia continuously look for ways to improve their performance in order to stay
at the forefront of technology and to develop their own competencies. Employees are
encouraged to create their own development plan and take advantage of the variety of
available learning solutions and methods. On-the-job learning is also heavily encouraged.


Coaching is regarded as a vital part of continuous learning. Highly skilled colleagues at

Nokia provide our employees with rich sources of experience and knowledge. Receiving
coaching and participating in different teams will fuel employees´ development as well as
give them the opportunity, every day, to share ideas and goals with innovators and
industry leaders.

Learning Solutions and Training

Our employees have access to a wide variety of training activities. Through our global
network of Learning Centers, we aim to offer a consistent standard of training and
development to all our people. The Learning Market Place Intranet contains information
on all Nokia´s learning solutions including e-learning as well as classroom training.

Management Training

At Nokia, we place particular focus on developing managers in management and

leadership skills. It is one of the key areas in competence development. There is a full
range of training available from new managers´ programs to senior programs for our
more experienced people.
Internal Job Market

All of our employees are invited to look at the job opportunities available inside Nokia.
All vacancies, with the exception of very senior positions, are advertised internally.
Employees are encouraged to improve their competencies through changing their
positions. Internal job opportunities, the possibility to register to our internal candidate
pool and other services for job-seeking inside the company are available through the
Internal Job Market Intranet. The aim is to give Nokia people the opportunity to manage
their own careers.

Performance Management

Nokia has created a successful performance management system across the whole
company called Investing In People (IIP). This system is closely aligned to the company
strategy and planning processes and involves biannual formalized discussions between
employees and their managers.

Employees are encouraged to be active and to "own" their IIP. In this way, employees
always understand what is expected from them, how their individual achievements
support the Nokia overall strategy, and how they are rewarded.

The well-being of our employees is important and also fundamental to the Nokia Way.
We as an employer recognize the importance of the balance between work content and
personal interests and needs, as well as the impact of that balance on employee well-

Nokia is offering services, programs and guidelines to support employees´ possibilities to

maintain work-life balance according to their changing needs and life situations. These
work-life balance solutions may alter by country according to local needs, legislation,
employment market situation and common practices. Typically they include e.g.
teleworking, mobile working, flexible working hours, sabbaticals, study leaves, health
care services as well as recreational activities and other activity clubs.

Flexible Working

Mobile Working and Teleworking:

We recognize the diverse needs of the individuals in the different phases of their lives.
We can provide our employees with innovative solutions aiming at having positive
effects on the overall quality of life, job satisfaction and job performance. Depending on
the situation and needs, flexible working solutions can provide alternative modes of
working such as teleworking at home or at other locations (e.g. working at remote sites).
Flexi Time:

Depending on the local market conditions, employees may take advantage of flexi time
including flexible working hours and part-time working.

Time Off:

Nokia´s flexible working solutions can include unpaid time off and sabbaticals. These
solutions support Nokia´s philosophy of Employee Personal Growth and Self-
management and enable employees to take extented leave from work.

Health-care Services

Nokia aims to maintain and improve the working environment and well-being of its
employees. In order to ensure the physical well-being of employees Nokia offers amongst
others medical check-ups, counseling and insurance programs to the employees.


Volunteering is yet another way to help create a balance between personal convictions
and professional lives. Nokia's global volunteer program Nokia Helping Hands gives
employees a chance to contribute their time and effort to worthy causes in their
communities. Nokia employees can use 1-2 working days per year for Nokia Helping
Hands volunteering.

Other Services

We offer fitness facilities and programs as well as other sporting, social and cultural
activities, which promote workplace relationships as well as personal development and
comfort. These well-being services may also include laundry service, cafeteria, take-
away food, day care and on-site concierge services, among others.

The content and selection of services varies in different countries, according to local
practice, legislation and other factors.