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Thank you so much for your purchase!

To get started quick, we wanted to let you know about the file format options.

You book comes in four formats:

* PDF - Best for larger screens like tablets, laptops, or computers

* MOBI - Best for Amazon Kindle apps and devices
* ePub - Best for all other ebook readers and apps
* KePub - ePub formated for Kobo readers and apps

Basically, the PDF looks just like the print version (if it exists). This means,
the PDF usually looks the best, but it isn't flexible. You will do a lot of pinch
and zoom on smaller devices like your phone.

The MOBI, ePub, and KePub formats are dynamic which means you can change the font
size at will. This is great for reading on small devices or e-ink readers like the
Kindle or Kobo devices.

The MP3 files are the sound files.

A lot of people like to read the PDF (looks the best) on a tablet while listening
to the MP3s on their phone. With your Dropbox link, please feel free to view the
content on any device you own. We just ask that you don't share that link with

If you have any questions or problems or suggestions, please don't hesitate to

email us at help@thejapanshop.com.

Thank you,
Clay & Yumi