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1st Level Assessment: Health Threat

2nd Level Assessment: Inability to provide home environment conducive to health maintenance and personal development due to limited financial resources

Family Health Analysis Objective of Care Intervention Plan Evaluation

Problem Intervention Rationale Method Resources
Contact Required
Subjective: The problem is Short Term: 1. Assessed the To have baseline > Home Visit > Health > Client is
“Ma’am, wala due to its: After 2 hours of condition of the data in planning Teaching manifesting an
gyud mi tarong nursing house and the the appropriate > Interview understanding
nga sudlanan sa > Inability to interventions, the client’s level of interventions Method > Time and effort and
mga pagkaon kay provide a proper family will be able to knowledge done of health knowledge of
dili mi makapalit storage of food demonstrate an > Observation teaching and the
usahay”, as which is essential understanding of assisting the importance of
verbalized by the in keeping the the health teachings 2. Discuss general To ensure that client in storing having a
client. food clean and with regards to the safety concerns people living in their food proper food
avoiding it to be possible effects of with client the house are storage and
Objective: contaminated not having proper educated about > Cooperation of equipment.
> Most left-over storage facilities for the possible the family
foods are placed > Insufficient their foods. risks of > The family
in the table knowledge of the contamination > Tupperwares have an
without a cover cause that the Long Term: that they may and food arranged and
living it exposed food might be After 3 weeks of acquire from containers, clean dining
to the contaminated home visits, the their food table with the
atmospheric from the family will be able to leftover
pollutants pesticides and show compliance on 3. Assist client in To provide initial properly
pollutants measures on how to storing their foods action in covered and
> All the store their foods in container, prevention of the raw foods
condiments > Lack of and vegetables separating diseases and safely kept in a
including sugar, containers to be properly. condiments and increase family’s basket.
salt, and coffee used for storage raw vegetables, awareness
are stored in a and lastly in
cellophane and cleaning the area
near their storage.
was left opened
on the table

> Onions, garlic,

bell pepper, and
other types of
vegetables are
scattered in the