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Department of Education

Region III
Division of City Schools
Angeles City Science High School
Angeles City

Secondary School Principal
Angeles City Science High School
Angeles City

December 6, 2018


We humbly ask your permission to excuse the students (see attached list) on December 6, 2018
who will be participate on the upcoming Education Week which will be held on December 10 – 14 ,
2018. The said students will prepare for their photo booths, VR box and type racing which will be
presented in our school. We thank you and hope for your favorable response.

Anne Rose L. Zamora

ICT Coordinator


Cazarina L. David
School Prinicipal
Gabriel Manio 9-Thymine

Terrence Cusi 9-Thymine

Ysabelle Totaan 9-Thymine

Jimwel Valdez 9-Thymine

Godwin Pring 9-Cytosine

Roje Sarmiento 9-Cytosine

Rafael Hernandez 9-Guanine

James Batongbacal 9-Guanine

Zyven Paragas 9-Guanine

Zachari Quiambao 8-Protium

Nathan Ocampo

Cjay Munoz


EJ Pare