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Task Achievement: 7.5 you cover all the requirements of the task and give enough detail. As
you are writing to someone you don’t know, make sure you keep the tone of the letter
formal (so no contractions).
Coherence and cohesion: 8 you organize the information and your ideas logically; there is
clear progression throughout. To get higher marks try using a wider range of connectors and
Lexical resource: 8 some very nice vocabulary, there is no real problem with spelling. You’ve
used adequate vocabulary to write this formal letter.
Grammatical range and accuracy: 7.5 you use a range of structures and the majority of your
sentences are error-free. Remember that if you are writing a formal letter (to sb you don’t
know), you need to avoid contractions.

Task Achievement: 7 You present a clear purpose and the tone is consistent and
appropriate. You present and highlight the key features

Coherence and cohesion: 7 overall, you arrange information and ideas coherently and there
is a clear overall progression. Try using a wider range of connectors

Lexical resource: 6 you make some errors in spelling and word formation, but they do not
impede communication

Grammatical range and accuracy: 6 you make some errors in grammar and punctuation but
they rarely reduce communication