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Printing and assembly instructions:

Document Berishith 45 5
•page 1-3: instructions
•page 4: print on regular printing paper as many as needed. One per student.
•page 5: print on regular printing paper, as many as needed. One per student.

Document Berishith 45 5b
•page 1 and 2: print on regular printing paper as many as needed. As
many as needed per student.
•page 3: print on card stock paper. Each sheet has three playing cards enough
for three students. Print out what you need, you can laminate if desired.
•page 4-6: print on card stock, you can laminate if desired, cut out. The printing
amount depends on how you want to use these card. I would
suggest one complete set per student. One complete set being all the Hebrew
and all the English cards.
•page 7: print out on regular printing paper as many as need, one per student.
•page 8: print out on regular printing paper, answer key.
example of ways to use these printable's:

1st day use page 4 of Berishith 45 5 document as an introduction

page. Go over the pronunciation of each word, review letter sounds,
and it can be used as a teaching topic such as ‘Yah is in control or
All things work together for the good for those who are called
according to his purpose, or even Forgiveness’

2nd day (*and everyday if desired) use pages 1 and/or 2

of Berishith 45 5b document to learn how to write the scripture
ref in Hebrew. Page 1 is a tracer page, print off as many pages as
you’ll use for the week. Page 2 is a copy work page, again print off
as many pages as you’ll need for the week.

3rd & 4th days *use pages 3-6 on Berishith 45 5b document as game
reviews. There are a couple of games you can use the cards for:
Concentration: mix the English and Hebrew words ups, lay out face
down in rows. Now each student can take a turn flipping two cards,
what they are hoping to flip is an English and Hebrew word, but this
won’t always be :-) if the cards are both of one language then
flip them back over and remember where they were. To be able
to keep a set of card, they have to be a matching English and Hebrew
Scramble relays: Use only the Hebrew word cards. Give each team
or student a complete pile of the Hebrew words face down, start the
timer and have them flip the pile and begin to lay out the cards in the
right order, remember right to left is the Hebrew way of reading/writing.
In this game you can use page 3 as a playing sheet for them to look at
to help get the words in order. Need more of a challenge?
Don’t use the playing sheet. The student or team that finishes first and
has the correct order of words wins.
5th day *use page 7 on document Berishith 45 5b. This word search
can be a little challenging to the student who is just learning
Hebrew, which would most likely be most of us. If it is a bit too much,
have your students work on this through out the week or work in
teams. Note this is a horizontal, right to left word search.

6th day * finish up with any incomplete work and use this day for
review. The games are good for this day ;-)
There is an added maze printable thrown in for the fun of it. I’ve also
included a written test or quiz for those who use them, page 8 on
document Berishith 45 5b.

This is just an example of how you can use these sheets. Feel free to
use all or just one ... what ever works for your family, just have fun
leaning Hebrew.


* add a practice sheet of copy work

Berishith 45:5
45:5 ‫בראשית‬

‫ועתה אל תעעבו ואל יחר בעיניכם כי מכרתם‬

m •kar•tem
e ki- b •e•ne•kem,
e yi•har w •’al-
e te•a•s •bu, ‘al- w •’at•tah
sold because yourselves angry not be grieved not Now

‫אתי הנה כי למחיה שלחני אלהים לפניכם‬

lip•ne•kem. e•lo•him s •la•ha•ni
e e
l •mih•yah, ki hen•nah; o•ti
before Elohim sent to preserve because here
Berishith 45:5

“ And now, do not be grieve nor displeased with yourselves

because you sold me here, for Elohim sent me before
you to preserve life.”