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cerita malin kundang versi inggris

Teks Lengkap Cerita Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa

Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, on the north coast of Sumatra lived a poor woman and his son. The boy
was called Malin Kundang. They didn’t earn much as fishing was their only source of
income. Malin Kundang grew up as a skillful young boy. He always helps his mother to earn
some money. However, as they were only fisherman’s helper, they still lived in poverty.
“Mother, what if I sail overseas?” asked Malin Kundang one day to his mother. Her mother
didn’t agree but Malin Kundang had made up his mind. “Mother, if I stay here, I’ll always be
a poor man. I want to be a successful person,” urged Malin kundang. His mother wiped her
tears, “If you really want to go, I can’t stop you. I could only pray to God for you to gain
success in life,” said his mother wisely. “But, promise me, you’ll come home.”

In the next morning, Malin Kundang was ready to go. Three days ago, he met one of the
successful ship’s crew. Malin was offered to join him. “Take a good care of yourself, son,”
said Malin Kundang’s mother as she gave him some food supplies. “Yes, Mother,” Malin
Kundang said. “You too have to take a good care of yourself. I’ll keep in touch with you,” he
continued before kissing his mother’s hand. Before Malin stepped onto the ship, Malin’s
mother hugged him tight as if she didn’t want to let him go.

It had been three months since Malin Kundang left his mother. As his mother had predicted
before, he hadn’t contacted her yet. Every morning, she stood on the pier. She wished to see
the ship that brought Malin kundang home. Every day and night, she prayed to the God for
her son’s safety. There was so much prayer that had been said due to her deep love for Malin
Kundang. Even though it’s been a year she had not heard any news from Malin Kundang, she
kept waiting and praying for him.

After several years waiting without any news, Malin Kundang’s mother was suddenly
surprised by the arrival of a big ship in the pier where she usually stood to wait for her son.
When the ship finally pulled over, Malin Kundang’s mother saw a man who looked wealthy
stepping down a ladder along with a beautiful woman. She could not be wrong. Her blurry
eyes still easily recognized him. The man was Malin Kundang, her son.

Malin Kundang’s mother quickly went to see her beloved son. “Malin, you’re back, son!”
said Malin Kundang’s mother and without hesitation, she came running to hug Malin
Kundang, “I miss you so much.” But, Malin Kundang didn’t show any respond. He was
ashamed to admit his own mother in front of his beautiful wife. “You’re not my Mother. I
don’t know you. My mother would never wear such ragged and ugly clothes,” said Malin
Kundang as he release his mother embrace.

Malin Kundang’s mother take a step back, “Malin…You don’t recognize me? I’m your
mother!” she said sadly. Malin Kundang’s face was as cold as ice. “Guard, take this old
women out of here,” Malin Kundang ordered his bodyguard. “Give her some money so she
won’t disturb me again!” Malin Kundang’s mother cried as she was dragged by the
bodyguard, ”Malin… my son. Why do you treat your own mother like this?”

Malin Kundang ignored his mother and ordered the ship crews to set sail. Malin Kundang’s
mother sat alone in the pier. Her heart was so hurt, she cried and cried. “Dear God, if he isn’t
my son, please let him have a save journey. But if he is, I cursed him to become a stone,” she
prayed to the God.

In the quiet sea, suddenly the wind blew so hard and a thunderstorm came. Malin Kundang’s
huge ship was wrecked. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship, and fell on a small
island. Suddenly, his whole body turned into stone. He was punished for not admitting his
own mother.

cerita malin kundang dalam bahasa inggris ini memberikan pelajaran berharga bagi kita
sebagai seorang anak agar menghormati orang tua dan jangan sampai durhaka kepadanya.
Hikmah lain dari cerita malin kundang dalam bahasa inggris yang dikenal sebagai anak
durhaka adalah janga sombong dengan kesuksesan atau kekayaan karena tidak akan bernilai
apa-apa jika hanya untuk berbangga diri. Ada juga cerita lain yang tidak kalah menyedihkan
antara anak dan ibu yang juga hampir serupa dengan cerita malin kundang dalam bahasa
inggris yaitu tentang cerita sangkuriang dalam bahasa inggris.

Teks Cerita Sangkuriang dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi. She was also smart
and clever. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly kingdom of
Kahyangan desire her as his wife. The prince asked permission from his father to marry
Dayang Sumbi. People from Kahyangan could never live side by side with humans, but his
father approved on one condition, when they had a child, the prince would transform into a
dog. The prince accepted the condition.

They get married and lived happily in the woods until Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby
boy. The prince then changed into a dog named Tumang. Their son is named Sangkuriang.
He was very smart and handsome like his father. Everyday, he hunted animals and looked for
fruits to eat. One day, when he was hunting, Sangkuriang accidentally killed Tumang. His
arrow missed the deer he was targeting and hit Tumang instead. He went home and tells her
mother about the dog. “What?” Dayang Sumbi was appalled. Driven by sadness and anger,
she grabbed a weaving tool and hit Sangkuriang’s head with it. Dayang Sumbi was so sad;
she didn’t pay any attention to Sangkuriang and started to cry.

Sangkuriang feel sad and also confused. How can his mother love a dog more than him?
Sangkuriang then decided to go away from their home and went on a journey. In the morning,
Dayang Sumbi finally stopped crying. She started to feel better, so she went to find
Sangkuriang. But her son was no where to be found. She looked everywhere but still couldn’t
find him. Finally, she went home with nothing. She was exhausted. She fell asleep, and in her
dream, she meets her husband. “Dayang Sumbi, don’t be sad. Go look for my body in the
woods and get the heart. Soak it with water, and use the water to bathe, and you will look
young forever,” said the prince in her dream. After bathing with the water used to soak the
dog’s heart, Dayang Sumbi looked more beautiful and even younger.
And time passed by. Sangkuriang on his journey stopped at a village and met and fell in love
with a beautiful girl.He didn’t realize that the village was his homeland and the beautiful girl
was his own mother, Dayang Sumbi. Their love grew naturally and he asked the girl to marry
him. One day, Sangkuriang was going on a hunt. He asked Dayang Sumbi to fix the turban on
his head. Dayang Sumbi was startled when she saw a scar on his head at the same place
where she, years ago, hit Sangkuriang on the head.

After the young man left, Dayang Sumbi prayed for guidance. After praying, she became
convinced that the young man was indeed her missing son. She realized that she had to do
something to prevent Sangkuriang from marrying her. But she did not wish to disappoint him
by cancelling the wedding. So, although she agreed to marry Sangkuriang, she would do so
only on the condition that he provides her with a lake and built a beautiful boat, all in one

Sangkuriang accepted this condition without a doubt. He had spent his youth studying
magical arts. After the sun went down, Sangkuriang went to the hill. Then he called a group
of genie to build a dam around Citarum River. Then, he commands the genies to cut down
trees and build a boat. A few moments before dawn, Sangkuriang and his genie servants
almost finished the boat.

Dayang Sumbi, who had been spying on him, realised that Sangkuriang would fulfill the
condition she had set. Dayang Sumbi immediately woke all the women in the village and
asked them to wave a long red scarf. All the women in the village were waving red scarf,
making it look as if dawn was breaking. Deceived by false dawn, the cock crowed and
farmers rose for the new day.

Sangkuriang’s genie servants immediately dropped their work and ran for cover from the sun,
which they feared. Sangkuriang grew furious. With all his anger, he kicked the unfinished
boat. The boat flew and landed on a valley. The boat then became a mountain, called Mount
Tangkuban Perahu (Tangkuban means upturned or upside down, and Perahu means boat).
With his power, he destroyed the dam. The water drained from the lake becoming a wide
plain and nowadays became a city called Bandung (from the word Bendung, which means

Teks Cerita Kancil dan Buaya dalam Bahasa Inggris

Mouse Deer and Crocodile

One day, Mouse Deer went down to the river to take a drink. But he knew that the crocodile
might be waiting underwater to eat him, so he said out loud. “I wonder if the water’s warm.
I’ll put in my leg and find out.” Of course Mouse Deer didn’t put in his leg. He picked up a
stick instead and put one end into the water. Chomp…! Crocodile grabbed the stick and
pulled it underwater. Mouse Deer laughed. “Ha… ha…ha… Stupid crocodile! Cant you tell
the difference between a stick and a leg?” Then Mouse Deer ran off to drink somewhere else.

In the next day, Mouse Deer wanted to cross the river. He wanted to eat the fruits on the other
side of the river. He saw a floating log in the river. He knew that Crocodile looked like a log
when he floated. Mouse Deer didn’t want to be eaten by Crocodile when he crosses the river.
He had an idea. He called out loud, “Crocodile!” Crocodile rose from the water, “Hello,
Mouse Deer. Have you come to be my lunch?” Mouse Deer smiled. “Sorry, not today,
Crocodile. I have orders from the King. He wants to invite all the crocodiles in this river to a
party. He wants me to count all the crocodiles so he could prepare enough meal for you.”

“Really…? Tell us what to do,” said Crocodile. “You must line up from this side of the river
to the other side,” said Mouse Deer. Crocodile then got all his friends and family. They lined
up across the river. Mouse Deer then jumped onto Crocodile’s back. “One,” he counted. He
jumped onto the next crocodile, “Two.” And the next crocodile, “Three.” Mouse Deer kept
jumping until he arrived on the other side of the river. “How many are there?” asked
Crocodile. “Just enough,” said Mouse Deer. He laughed as he ran to the forest.***

Terjemahan Cerita Kancil dan Buaya dalam Bahasa Inggris

Suatu hari, Kancil pergi ke sungai untuk minum. Tapi ia tahu bahwa buaya mungkin
menunggu didalam air untuk memakannya, jadi dia berteriak keras-keras. “Aku ingin tahu
apakah air hangat. Aku akan memasukkan kaki saya ke dalam air dan mencari tahu. “Tentu
saja Kancil memasukkan kakinya. Dia mengambil tongkat dan memasukkan satu ujung ke
dalam air. Chomp …! Buaya menyambar tongkat dan menariknya ke bawah air. Kancil
tertawa. “Ha … ha … ha … buaya bodoh! Tidak bisakah membedakan antara tongkat dan
kaki? “Lalu Kancil lari untuk minum di tempat lain.

Pada hari berikutnya, Kancil ingin menyeberang sungai. Dia ingin makan buah-buahan di sisi
lain sungai. Dia melihat batang kayu mengambang di sungai. Dia tahu bahwa Buaya tampak
seperti kayu mengambang ketika ia mengambang. Kancil tidak mau dimakan oleh buaya
ketika ia melintasi sungai. Dia punya ide. Ia berseru keras, “Buaya!” Buaya terangkat dari air,
“Halo, Kancil. Apakah kamu datang untuk menjadi makan siang saya? “Kancil tersenyum.
“Maaf, tidak hari ini, Buaya. Saya mendapat perintah dari Raja. Dia ingin mengajak seluruh
buaya di sungai ini ke pesta. Dia ingin aku menghitung semua buaya sehingga ia bisa
mempersiapkan cukup makanan untuk kamu. ”

“Sunggu…? Beritahu kami apa yang harus dilakukan, “kata Buaya. “kamu harus berbaris dari
sisi sungai ke sisi lain,” kata Kancil. Buaya kemudian memanggil semua teman-temannya
dan keluarganya. Mereka berbaris di seberang sungai. Kancil lalu melompat ke punggung
buaya. “Satu,” ia menghitung. Dia melompat ke buaya berikutnya, “Dua.” Dan buaya
berikutnya, “Tiga.” Kancil terus melompat sampai ia tiba di sisi lain sungai. “Berapa
banyak?” Tanya Buaya. “Cukup,” kata Kancil. Dia tertawa sambil berlari ke hutan. *
demikian akhir cerita kancil dan buaya dalam bahasa inggris
Cerita Timun Mas dalam Bahasa Inggris dari Cerita
Anak Indonesia Selengkapnya
Timun Emas

Long time ago, lived an old women named Mbok Sirni. She lived by herself because her
husband had long passed away and she had no children. Every day, she prayed so God would
give her a child. One night, when she was praying, a giant passed her house and heard her
pray. “I can give you a child on one condition,” the giant said to Mbok Sirni, “You must give
the child back to me when it is six years old.” Mbok Sirni was so happy; she did not think
about the risk of losing the child later and agreed to take the giant’s offer. The giant then gave
her a bunch of cucumber seeds. “Plant it around your house.” The giant then left without
saying anything else. In the morning, Mbok Sirni planted the seeds. The seeds grew within
mere days, and blossomed plentifully.Not longer after that, a big golden cucumber grew from
plants. Carefully, Mbok Sirni plucked the golden cucumber and carried it home. With caution
and care, she sliced the cucumber. She was very surprised to see a beautiful baby girl inside
the cucumber. She then named the baby Timun Emas (it means Golden Cucumber).

Years passed by and Timun Emas has grew to become a lovely and beautiful little girl. She
was also smart and kind. Mbok Sirni loved her very much. But she kept thinking about the
time the giant would take Timun Emas away from her. One night, Mbok Sirni had a dream.
In order to save Timun Emas from the giant, she had to meet the holy man who lived in
Mount Gundul. The next morning, Mbok Sirni took leave of Timun Emas to go to Mount
Gundul. The holy man then gave her four little bags, each one containing cucumber seeds,
needles, salt, and shrimp paste. “Timun Emas can use these to protect herself,” said the holy
man to Mbok Sirni.

A few days later, the giant came to see Mbok Sirni about her promise. “Mbok Sirni! Where is
Timun Emas?” shouted the giant. “My daughter, take these bag with you. It can save you
from the giant. Now, run through the back door,” said Mbok Sirni. But the giant saw Timun
Emas running to the woods. The giant was angry. Starved and enraged, he rushed toward
Timun Emas. Mbok Sirni tried to stop him, but the giant was unstoppable.

The giant was getting closer and closer, so Timun Emas opened the first bag she got from
Mbok Sirni. Inside the bag were cucumber seeds. She threw the seeds, and instantly they
grew into large cucumber field. But the giant ate them all, giving him more strength. As the
giant was getting close, Timun Emas took the second bag with needles inside and spilled the
content behind her. The needles turned into bamboo trees, sharp and thorny. The giant’s body
was scratched and bled. “Aaargh, I’ll get you, Timun Emas!” shouted the giant as he tried to
get himself out from the bamboo field. He made it and still chasing Timun Emas.

Timun Emas then reached the third bag and spilled the salt inside. The ground which the salt
touched turned into a deep sea. The giant almost drown and had to swim to cross the sea.
After some time, he managed to get out from the water. Timun Emas saw the giant coming,
so she reached for the last bag. She took the shrimp paste and threw it. The shrimp paste
became a big swamp of boiling mud. The giant was trapped in the middle of the swamp. The
mud slowly but surely drowned him. Helpless, he roared out, “Help! Heeeeelp…!” Then the
giant drown and died. Timun Mas then immediately went home. Since then, Timun Emas and
Mbok Sirni live happily ever after.***