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This fact brochure will help you establish

a better understanding of the costs and

benefits of using registered apprenticeship
Benefits of a Registered Frequently Asked Questions
as a skills training model, and discuss Apprenticeship
the steps toward implementing these How do I get started?
programs in Kentucky. Businesses and companies that offer The best way to get started is to call or email a
apprenticeship programs know that these Kentucky Registered Apprenticeship Program
coordinator. He or she can provide you with all
What is Apprenticeship? programs make good financial sense.
Here is why: the necessary information and resources to start
a registered apprenticeship program. Contact
Apprenticeship is a structured system Apprenticeship programs give a sound information is listed at the end of this document.
of hands-on training designed to teach return on your business investment.
highly technical skills. It is a program A recent study showed that the financial What will an Apprenticeship Program
designed to produce craft workers who benefits of apprenticeship training programs coordinator do for me?
exceed the cost for 15 different trades. On Program coordinators will walk you through the
are fully competent in all aspects of average, for each dollar invested, private entire process and help you get started. Once
an occupation, including knowledge, employers receive a benefit of $1.53—a net you have an apprenticeship program, they will
skill, and proficiency on the job. With return of $0.53. be in contact with you regularly to help you
apprenticeship training, there is a written (See “Return on Apprenticeship Training Investment.” manage your program.
agreement between the apprentice and Canadian Apprenticeship Forum. June 2006)

the employer or apprenticeship program How much will it cost to start an

Apprenticeships put a skilled and trained apprenticeship program?
sponsor, approved by and registered workforce at your fingertips. The primary cost to starting an apprenticeship
with the Kentucky Education and Work Apprenticeship programs ensure that you have program is time and effort. You pay no fees
Force Development Cabinet, Office of skilled workers who are familiar with your work to the Education & Work Force Development
Employment and Apprenticeship Services. and production standards. You determine Cabinet to register a program. If you decide
This agreement specifies the length of exactly what skills you need, and design training to participate with a training partner for the
and educational programs to foster those skills. Related Technical Instruction portion, you will be
training, related technical instruction,
required to pay fees for tuition or training. These
an outline of the skills of the trade to be “Homegrown” employees are more fees vary by program.
learned, and the wages the apprentice productive.
will be paid. After successfully completing A skilled professional worker who trained as an Are there any financial benefits?
the prescribed hours of related classroom apprentice within your business will naturally Yes. The financial benefits are both short term
instruction and hands-on training, the be more productive since he or she is already and long term. First, you save on payroll costs
familiar with your agency’s standards and because you pay your apprentice lower wages
apprentice will graduate to a highly skilled
procedures. That means your employees will than you would pay a journey-level worker. As
“journey worker.” spend their time contributing to producing your time passes and apprentices progress in their
expected results, not getting up to speed. training, they earn increasingly higher wage
Another benefit to both workers and amounts.
agencies is that apprentices who are Apprenticeships foster loyalty.
There is something intangible about the loyalty In the end, you will benefit financially by
veterans can receive GI Bill benefits if having a better-trained and more productive
workers feel toward a business that values them
eligible. Graduating high school students enough to invest time and money to help them workforce. A recent study showed that the
will have access to Kentucky Educational reach their career goals. Training apprentices in financial benefits of apprenticeship training
Excellence Scholarship (KEES) monies they your business creates skilled and experienced programs exceed the cost for 15 different trades.
employees, many of whom will stay with you for On average, for each dollar invested, employers
have earned. receive a benefit of $1.53—a net return of $0.53.
the long term.
How long will it take to set up a program?
Creating an apprenticeship program that is What types of occupations can be
registered with and approved by the state learned?
usually takes two to three weeks. There is a wide variety of occupations for
apprenticeship training. Opportunities are
What is my role as an employer? available in the building trades, such as
For jobs that have an established apprenticeship carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.
program, an employer is responsible for the There are also opportunities that exist outside
following: the construction trades, such as firefighter,
machinist, printer, childcare development
Overseeing on-the-job training and specialist, finance specialist, sign painter,
monitoring attendance at related automotive technician, teacher assistant,
training classes master craftsman, and other professional
Evaluating progress before recommending technical trades.
advancement to the next pay level
Recommending award of the certificate
How long does an apprenticeship last?
of completion when an apprentice has Depending upon the occupation,
satisfactorily completed the required apprenticeship programs can last from one to
course work and on-the-job training five years. An additional requirement includes
completing 144 hours of related technical
instruction for each year throughout the
What makes apprenticeship training
apprenticeship program.
Apprenticeship training includes paid on-site
training as well as quality-related technical
instruction. This training teaches the apprentice
the knowledge and hands-on skills needed for
the job. An apprentice is also taught unique
craft skills associated with the occupation
through the progression toward journey-worker

Apprenticeship­—A World-
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Offering Equal Educational Opportunities
Class Training and Talent

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