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] ] Film review


llead the film reviews (a-d) then decide which film is best for which person.
The Review Match 1-4 with a-d.

a Tlrc Love Thing is the latest vehicle

for Grant Twiss, recently voted Geoff
most attractive man in the world
by Girt Ative magazine. The story
is minimal' Twiss's character, My hobby is the American West. I read
lovable simon, is the only one
friends who is not married. Twiss of his about the American Civil War, the
goes to all the weddings until
eventu ally finds love. will you he Indian Wars and cowboys all the time.
like it? yes, of course you will.
I love westerns. They're my favourite
b cameraman Pete olnay won an award for
some of the stunning
shots of the Rocky Mountains Melissa
in Bert, Girt and Titty.Ben and Gin
are dogs and Tilly is a cat.
when a family leave home and leave My idea of heaven is to go to a good
their animals behind, Ben, Gin
and Tilly travel a thousand miles film and then a meal with about six
across the Rockies to find them.
AII three animals can talk and girlfriends. Ideally, the film should be
their pet's-eye view of life is a treat.
romantic without being too silly. And a
few good-looking male film stars always
c wyatt E'arp was born in Pella, helps!
Iowa. He was iust old enough
fight on the union side in the civil to
war - he was fifteen. His
family went to california in 1864 Sandra
as part of a wagon train.
arrived in Tombstone, Arizona, He
in lBTg and the famous gunfight at I go to the cinema to be scared. I don't
the oK corral between the Earp
Brothers and Doc Holliday was
two years later' only wyatt was like stories about everyday life. I can get
alive after the gunfight. It,s a great
story and it is well told in wyatt,veteran everyday life at home, thank you. I want
director Bob santana,s
first film for ten years. to be terrifi€d, I want to scream. I like
horror films, ghost films, murder,
mystery. I don't care as long as I'm
d As a couple they are
iust too good to be true. He is an award- frightened!
winning scientist' She is a brilliant
concert pianist, but she gave
it up to look after the kids. This is Reg
America, so they are both
beautiful' And their house is beautiful,
even if it is haunted. But Since I started watching films with my
what the spirit tells Petronella (carrie
Langtry) about her hrsbancl chilclrctt, I t¡uitc likc kids'filrrls. I've
(Barney Grable) makes her
see their rnarriage in a new
one thirlg hc'trics ttl k¡fl llcr- lig¡t. l;rr. ¿rlw¿tys il'thc
l)('('n ¿ul ¿utint¿tl lovt'l'¿ttttl
And Ic'¿rrr still ¡r,.¡r lrt,r-s(.r.(,;rr. \y,,,
rt'itlf y tttr.st .s('(' 'l'ltt, ll,tt.st,o, lilnt lt¿rs iutiltutls ilt it, s() tlttlt'lt lltt'
lltt, Ititt.
I lt'I t t' t'.
]5 chat roorn

Heflo out there. I am sitting on the

floor in the dark. There is no furniture
I rr:;t reading. Tick (/) the correct column.
room. There is onry the right of in this
the computer. I can see the ights
out of the window. I don't know anybody f of the big city
in this city. fs there anybody out New Worried both neither
there? - NEW BOy
Boy Girl
Hello, New Boy. why isn,t there any furniture
room? WORRTED GrRL in the
1 is happy
Hi' Worried Girf . Because afl my furniture
is still in Scotfand 2 is hungry
from' ft arrives tomorrow. I came down - where I come
where I start work next week. I had
by train a day early to visit the company
a meal in a cafe. Then I went for a
3 has a computer
Except for the hour at my new office wafk.
I haven't tafked to anybody for three
what are you worried about, worried girr? days.
4 has no furniture

- NEw Boy 5 comes from Scotland

oh, nev/boy, lou sound so sad. f,m worried
exams . ft's ridiculous
about my
lsn't itz f,m twenty_three and
6 is starting a new iob
worr i ed about my exams, like f,m
have to eat at the cafe?
a schoolgirl. what did you 7 had a meal at Big Joe's
I made a sandwich
What a funny question! Weff, promise
you won,t faugh. I usuaffy eat good
healthy food. But I felt so afone
here. so I had Big Joe,s Fry up. ft
I found a sandwich
sausages, chips, bacon ... Are you was fried
hungry? - NEW Boy 10 hasn't talked to anybody
Yes, r'm starving- r don,t know why. for some time
r,m nervous about my
and r rhink rhal s makins me rrL.r.rlVLy.
hungry. r 11 felt better after the talk
:;?:: ::T:'_ro: sandwich. why don,r you join me

drnner? WORRfED GfRL
But how can | ...? Ah, I understand.
OK, l'm back now. I just went to get Second reading. Find words in the text which mean the following.
sandwich that I bought on the train. half a
I'm just eating now. Nice having
with you worried girf. _ NEW BOy Jinn"r
tables, chairs, armchairs, etc.
Nice having dinner wi th you , too, new boy. To
this is my first date for about be honeSt, very silly
a year. Can, t remember
the last time f spoke to anybody
actually And do you 3 food cooked in a way that is bad for your health
know something? r feel r vv vL
better now. you,ve realry cheered -.lr

me UP. WORRTED GrRL very hungry

I feef better too' Reaflyl oK. Must go.
Good luck for tomorrow.
- NEw Boy ¿r littlc ttit afr¿rid atrottt what rni¡¡ht happen
Good luc_.k t-o yoLt, lc)r). Coocl
(;ItiL I t lr t jolr