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Companies as to focus on develop new products to meet the global market for their
survival. Due to rapid change in environment new innovative designs has to be implemented
to achieve the competition between the competitors in the global market. It is mainly depends
upon the capacity of the organisation to built the new product.

It helps to increase the customer values and create a comparable rate at a lower cost,
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BPM system means as a  #  %*!!

)  , (Neely et al., 1995£.

Ô  (New Product Introduction£ is primarily connected by following strategies,



2eva the first electric made in India car with the collaboration between Maini group
the AEV LLC of USA, the company was acquired by the Indian based auto giant Mahindra.
2eva is the pioneer for the India automobile industry with the electric based platform. In that
electric vehicle they have gone a level up with two newly designed models NX2 and NXG.

Among those two models they have implemented an advanced technology called
2EVive which is exclusively available in 2eva NX2. It also has a special feature which helps
to use the reserve energy by remotely and there will be no damage to the battery. This will
help the driver to access the nearby recharge station or the home to recharge the car. For this
feature we can easily contact 2eva through customer care telephone or sms.

In the year 2009 2eva and GM have come to a conclusion to share the electric vehicle
technology for the gm¶s car platform. This is one of the greatest achievements for both the
companies. This will refine the car platform and the advanced control system. And this will
be specifically for an Indian market. This agreement was *0''#1
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!#!!'1. (media.gm.com£.
Customer will have an opportunity to get options on electric platform based vehicle to
own, and also an environmental friendly option for the individual to drive. But after the
Bangalore based company have been under taken by Mahindra, the JV between GM and the
2eva joint venture is on the hold.

an the whole Maini have made a revolution in car industry with the new concept
called electric vehicle. The car which first ever changes the mentality of the auto giants to
make an electric vehicle is 2eva. This is the pioneer for the electric vehicle in India and in
many countries. In this period the all the countries where showing more interest in
introducing the new emission norms to control the global warming. The auto giants prefer
that making electric vehicle is the one of the good option to avoid the Co2 emission more in
numbers. For example auto giants new EVs are Tata Indica EV, Hyundai i10 EV, and GM
Spark EV.


Electric vehicle has a high potential in the global market. There is overall demand
throughout the world for the EVs because of the lower cost and emission free. The support
from the governments and communities is one of the additional benefits for the EVs.
2EVA has already received incredible response in a variety of markets. For testing and
demonstration, 2eva have been exported to many countries to create a revolutionary impact
in the global market.
Manufacturing scope for the EV is wider. The expected sales by the year 2020 are 1
million cars. Sales can also be double when the government participate in the programme

Now the organisation is planning to enter China. Mahindra and Mahindra have set
high expectations of cashing in by this car, because in China the demands is growing because
of the global warming government has forced the user with strict norms for emission. The
main intend is to reduce Ca2 in the environment.

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Bangalore Company (Mahindra and Mahindra£ is looking forward to implement the
mass marketing in china due to high population. This also led them in financial assistance
Electric charging network is biggest challenges for the organisation. China
government has a plan to introduce network across many cities to increase the growth of EVs.
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(automobileindia.com£. Due to poor charging networks the sale of 2eva is only 3500 cars in
24 countries.

The research and development department had five major tasks at hand. They were
mY 2esearch and collect info regarding quality and customer feedback.
mY Data basing of various opinions of staff from all the departments.
mY Study the various aspects involving time and motion in manufacturing and assembly
line and customer service.
mY Introducing Quality circles within the organisation.


Since 2eva, is an automobile manufacturer concentrating on the electrical variety, their

main focus of research was on the batteries used. Their research included simulated every
other battery which can be utilized (e.g. lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and so on£. Their
main focus was on lithium batteries because of their numbers on energy density. 2 & D
department also suggested the importance of batteries life and wanted them to be higher.
anly Lithium ion batteries are said to achieve the above expected conditions without causing
any external changes. And it is also said that this type of battery is viable because the already
launched 2eva model can be upgraded to this battery if needed by the customer. ather
positive aspects of this battery are
mY Energy is increased to 10 KW/hr.
mY Driving range increased from 80 Kms to 120 Kms.
mY Newer designed iEMS and ventilation system to enhance driving in cold weather
mY Standard charge time reduced from 8hrs to 6hrs.
mY Specially designed charging port to optimise charging i.e. to charge 90 percent in
under an hour.

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They adopted a logical method to gather comment from the existing user on the bases of
the next level of cars by means of.
mY Informal chats with users
mY Focus groups.
mY 2egular meeting with distributors and end-users.
mY Providing space to express their experiences in discussion forums.
mY Focuses are made to the exact crowd to take the analysis.
With help of the above analyses they create a file requirement manuscript with respect to
the demand in market are.
mY More space needed for passenger cabin.
mY Need of higher power and speed capacity.
mY Need of quick charge of battery.
mY Stability in all weather condition.
mY Increase user friendly interface.

The broad put into effect with implementing the design electric car for global markets
mY Increased variety ± respect to the customer need.
mY Established Li-Ion Battery technology ± with reference to safety for the customers.
mY Increased life cycle of the battery.
mY Improved all climate performance.
mY Fast charging capability ± 1 hour.
mY Improved power and acceleration.


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