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An Early
A Warm Place For Pets

Break I n the event Minnedosa

experiences a commu-
nity-wide emergency or
disaster, our pets will defi-
By DARRYL HOLYK nitely be looked after.
Handling the pet and
livestock portion of the
S taff and students in
Rolling River School
Division had a bit of an
nah Emergency Social
early taste to their upcom- Services plan are sisters,
ing spring break this past Karen Bramley and Ingrid
week. Currah. Karen is the lead
RRSD Administration with Ingrid being second
made the decision to close in command. After work-
all schools and bus routes ing on the plan for a num-
in the Division not once, ber of years, the pair found
but twice this week. The that there was a deficiency
first shut down came on in what would happen to
Tuesday, March 3rd fol- pets when people have to
lowing icy road conditions, evacuate to an emergency
in some areas, which were response reception cen-
created Monday night and tre. Most places that could
early Tuesday morning. be used for such an event
Then, following Wednes- would not be one that al-
day afternoon and eve- lows pets.
nings dump of snow, roads This issue got the sis-
were again deemed unsafe ters brainstorming ideas
by school division officials that could be utilized to
who closed all schools and address this issue. Ingrid
bus routes again yesterday, felt that she wanted to do Photo submitted
Thursday, March 5th. something to benefit the
These decisions, made community emergency Sisters Karen Bramley and Ingrid Currah with a trailer they will use as a warm
to ensure the safety of stu- plan, and decided to pur- place for pets in the event of a distaster or major emergency.
dents and staff travelling chase a 12-foot-long utility
from rural areas, were en- trailer. This mobile emer- The trailer can be hooked trailer would not be easily supplies, etc. which will nels. If anyone has a plas-
joyed by most students gency response trailer up to a generator and used accessible. make the trailer multifac- tic or metal kennel which
excited for a stay-home could be brought to any in any location. There is While Ingrid’s trailer is eted and a huge asset to measures approximately
day. However, some work- location required. The already a similar emer- mostly for her own person- the local emergency com- three feet square, that they
ing parents and caregiv- unit could be used for pet gency response trailer that al use, she has graciously mittee. are willing to part with
ers were left scrambling to owners to utilize if they are the Emergency Coordina- offered to donate it in the The trailer will be fur- or donate temporarily in
find last-minute child care waiting in adverse weather tors does have access to, event of a local emergency. nished with a table and needed, please reach out
for the day as they still had and are in need of a place however it is located in St. If the trailer is not need- chairs and portable ken- to Karen at the Minnedosa
to go to work. for their pets to warm up. Pierre-Jolys, three hours ed specifically for pets/ nels. Karen would like to Vet Clinic by calling 204-
Actual Spring Break The trailer has been away and if roads are animals, it can be used in reach out to the commu- 867-3917.
for RRSD will be the week retrofitted with 30amp ser- blocked in a major win- other factors such as food nity, as the committee is
of March 29th. vice, lighting and shelving. ter storm emergency, this prep or storage, hauling in need of additional ken-

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