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‘Tho REGISTERING AUTHORITY. Gharianad 1 ea are othe Parson to be registered as registered owner SoniWife/Daughter of 2. Age of the Person to be registered as registered owner 3. Permane— 5. Name and ado BHealer or Manufacturer from whom the vehicle is purchased 6 If Ex-Amy vehicle or imported vehicle, enclose proof of approval ‘of design by State Transport ‘Authority 7. Class of Vehicle It motor cycle, whether without or with gear & The Motor (a) anew vehicle (b) Ex-Army vehicle (c) Imported Type of Body Type of vehicle Makers Name Month and year of Manufacturer No of Cylinder Horse power Cubic Capacity Makers Classification Wheel base ‘A. Chassis No(affix Pencil print) B. Engine Number Seating Cap( Including Driver) Fuel used in the engine Uniaden weight(kas) Particulars of Previous Registration and Registered No(il Cie or the body, wings end front: Nobile: 9540866280 FORM 20 APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE Chassis: M0626EG40K3K72801 Sy f DHIRAJ SINGH MOMRAJ SINGH FK1-423C KASHIRAM MADHUBAN BAPUDHAM, SAWARAN JYANTI PURAM GOVINDPURAM, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh 201001 Fk1-423C KASHIRAM MADHUBAN. BAPUDHAM SAWARAN JYANTI PURAM GOVINDPURAM, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh 201001 YASH AUTOMOBILES 309 KAILASH NAGAR GAUSHALA ROAD VIJAY NAGAR M-Cyde/Scooter NEW ‘SOLO WN. TVS MOTOR COMPANY LTD Sep-2019 1 7.88 109,70 TVS JUPITER (BS IV) 1275 ND626EG40K3K72801 EG4KK3710917 2 PETROL, ~ uy ~y 108 ay AER WHITE oo ‘Manufactured in India ij “Mobile No: 9540866280 Chassis MD626EG40K3K72801 “Number D ao Rear axle +c) Other axle d) Tandem axle oo vehicle certified by b) To be refiited 27. Naximum ale weight in (ko.) 2) Front ax! b) Rear axle 3 ¢) Other axle z d) Tandem axle 28. a) Overall length b) Overall width: ¢) Overall height: ) Over hang: 5 ‘The above particulars are to be filled in for a rigid frame motor vehicle of two or more axle for ‘an articulated vehicles of three or more axles, or to the extend applicable for trailer. where a ‘second semi-trailer are to be registered with an articulated motor vehicle The following particulars are to be furnished for each semi-trailer 29, AC Fitted No 30. Gross Vehicle Weight(kgs) 238 31. The vehicie is covered by volid SHRIRAM GENERAL INSURANCE CO insurance certificate or cover nol LTD. Covernote No.-108047/0000/008055, of Valid From 19-Feb-2026 To 18-Feb-2021 92. The vehicle is exempted from Insurance. The relevant order is enclosed Be ae opiate fee of rupees. es Signature or thumb impression of the Date person to be registered as registered owner [Note:The Motor Vehicle above describes is {Subject to Hiee-Porchase agreomentease agroemont with 4 Subject to Hyrothacaton in aveur of Ji. Not old under Hke-Purchase agreermo ur Leasa agreement cr subject to Hypathecation yponecation Det (1) Hypotecation Type HT, Firansers Name MUTHOOT CAFITAL SERVICES LTO Rae an No and angie ra as Ue 6 seer Pe egerabor arb ant eater ae of ar noeemenl oe pune sea Dyess Registering Authority