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Republic of the Philippines

Region VI-Western Visayas

Department of Education
Division of Negros Occidental
Tinongan National High School
Tinongan, Isabela Neg.Occ.
Fourth Periodical Exam
S.Y. 2018-2019

Test I: Music
Direction: Multiple choice. Choose the letter of the best answer.
1. The period when the Christian church highly influence culture and political affairs in Europe was the:
a. Medieval Period b. Rennaissance Period c. Baroque Period d. Romantic Period
2. Famous composer of Baroque period which is known as the “The Red Priest”.
a. Handell b. Bach c. Vivaldi d. Palestrina
3. The well-known oratorio entitled “Messiah” is composed by:
a. Handell b. Bach c. Vivaldi d. Palestrina
4. Which period is also known as the Middle Ages or Dark Ages that started the fall of the Roman empire?
A. Baroque B. Classical Greek C. Medieval D. Renaissance
5. . He was one of the oldest secular composers whose literary and musical works include chansons and
poetic debates during the medieval period.
A. Adam de la Halle B. Antonio Vivaldi C. Giovanni Palestrina D. Thomas Morley
6. It is called “The Age of Reason”.
a. Medieval Period b. Rennaissance Period c. Classical Period d. Romantic Period
7. Frederic Chopin wrote most of his music using what instrument?
a. Violin b. flute c. piano d. organ
8. A multi-movement work for solo instrument.
a. Sonata b. Symphony c. Opera d. Cooncerto
9. A drama set to music where singers and musicians perform in theatrical settings.
a. Sonata b. Symphony c. Opera d. Cooncerto
10. He was the German composer who bridged the Classical era and the early romantic era. He is the
composer who became deaf in his middle age.
a. Ludwig van Beethoven b. Jovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
c. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart d. Franz Joseph Haydn
11. What does the term “Nationalism” means?
a. Being devoted in music c. having a strong feelings to one’s nation
b. Pride in one’s own composition d. pride for another country or culture
12. The best word that describes the works of this romantic composer is “virtuosity”.
a. Schumann b. Chopin c. Paganini d. Liszt
13. He is the composer who became the most famous violin virtuoso in the world. He was born in October 27,
1782 in Genoa, Italy.
a. Paganini b. Berlioz c. Liszt d. Chopin
14. A piece composed for the development of a specific technique.
a. Nocturne b. prelude c. etude d. sonata
15. This composer is known as the “Poet of Piano”. He was born on March 1, 1810 in Zelazowa, Poland.
a. Liszt b. Schumann c. Paganini d. Chopin

Test II: Arts

Direction: Read the questions carefully and choose your answer on the choices provided in the box.
a. Theater b. Balllet c. Masque b. Chariot d. Opera e. Satyr play
f. Triumvir Pompey g. Playwright h. Thespis i. William Shakespear
j. Theatron k. Minstrels l. Commedia del’arte m. Medieval era
n. Ancient Greece o. Tragedy p. Renaissance era

1. A large circular or rectangular area at the center part of the theatre, where the play, dance, religious
rites, and acting took place.
2. During this era, theatre performances were not allowed throughout Europe.
3. Italian comedy and a humorous theatrical presentation performed by professional players who traveled
in troupes.
4. European theater began in________. It began around 700 B.C. with festivals honoring their many gods.
5. This type of play dealt with tragic events and has an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the
downfall of the main character.
6. A two-wheeled vehicle drawn by horses, used in ancient racing and warfare.
7. a person who writes plays
8. It means place of seeing, but it is more than the buildings where performance take place.
9. He was the first actor and introduced the use of masks and was called the "Father of Tragedy.
10. A type of play that contains comic elements to lighten the overall mood or a serious play with a happy
ending. It was a short, light hearted tailpiece performed after each trilogy of the tragedies.
11. Part of Ancient Greek Theater that means viewing place on the slope of a hill.
12. Group of performers during medieval period who performed in markets, public places and festivals.
They travelled from one town to another as puppeteers, jugglers, story tellers, dancers, singers, and
other theatrical acts.
13. a dramatic entertainment consisting of pantomime, dancing, dialogue, and song and sometimes players
wore masks.
14. He was an English poet, playwright and actor and regarded as the greatest writer and dramatist in the
whole world.
15. One of the first permanent (non-wooden) theatres in Rome, whose structure was somewhat similar to
the theatron of Athens.

Test III: Physical Education

Direction: Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
31. Holyoke, Massachusetts is the place where __________ originated.
a. Badminton b. Basketball c. Volleyball d. Baseball
32. This game is believed to have originated in the game “poona” that was played by English Army officers
stationed in India during the 17th century.
a. Badminton b. Basketball c. Volleyball d. Baseball
33. He is the person who accidentally discovered zumba.
a. Alfread Halstead b. William Morgan c. Elwood S. Brown d. Alberto “Beto” Perez
34. It refers to an activity of walking for a longer distance for the purpose of pleasure and exercise.
a. Hiking b. Orienteering c. Camping d. Mountaineering
35. It is a movement with rhythm that expresses emotions.
a. Zumba b. Dance c. Sports d. Exercise
36. A navigating activity that uses a specially drawn map.
a. Hiking b. Orienteering c. Camping d. Mountaineering
37. A dance fitness dance craze that combines the latin dance step.
a. Aerobics b. Taebo c. Zumba d. Dance xercise
38. A unit of measurement of food to be used in energy expenditure.
a. Carbohydrates b. Calories c. Nutrients d. Food
39. The following are indoor recreational activity except to;
a. Futsal b. Badminton c. Volleyball d. Hiking
40. It is the former name of volleyball.
a. Poona b. Mintonette c. Rugby d. Shuttle game
41. If the student has a BMI of 30, his classification falls into;
a. Underweight b. Normal c. Overweight d. Obese
42. What physical fitness component is needed for a badminton player to quickly return the shuttle?
a. Speed b. Agility c. Strength d. Endurance
43. In hiking, what fitness component is required of you?
a. Speed b. Agility c. Strength d. Endurance
44. It is a picture or representation of the earth’s surface.
a. Compass b. Map c. GPS d. First aid kit.
45. The following are the equipments you need in navigation except to;
a. Matches b. Map c. Compass d. GPS

Test IV: Health

46. An unwanted, aggressive behavior.
47. It is an act of someone who repeatedly contacts you, follows you, sends you things, and talks to you
even when you don’t want them to.
48. The act of using force or threats to force people to hand over their money and properties, on favor.
49. Taking away or forcefully moving a person against his/her will and holding him/her in unjust captivity.
50. Sexual contact between two persons who are so closely related to each other that a marriage is
considered illegal.
51. Forced sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration.
52. An act that includes physical assault, sexual abuse, and verbal abuse.
53-55. Types of terrorism.
56-57. Two categories of intentional injuries.
58-60. types of Bullying.


Prepared by:

Mr. Michael Angelo G. Vinas