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Lovely Professional University,Punjab

Format For Instruction Plan [for Courses with Lectures and Tutorials ]

Course No. MGT613 Course Title: OPERATIONS RESEARCH L: 4 T: 1 P: 0 Cr: 5

Course Planner :- 11026 :: Jagjit Singh


1. Sharma, J.K., Operations Research-Theroy and Applications, Latest Edition, Macmillan publishers India Ltd
2. Operations Research in Passenger Railway Transportation by Dennis Huisman Link: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm? abstract
3. Improvind Patent Examination Efficiency and Quality: An Operations Research Analysis of USPTO using Queuing Theory, Ayal Sharon,
Link: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1026320
4. Game Theory and Operations Research: Some Musings 50 Years Later, Martin Shubik Link:
5. Taha, H.A., Operations Research, Prentice Hall of India, 8th Edition, 2007

Relevant Websites

Sr. No. Web adress (only if relevant to the courses) Salient Features

6 http://www.scienceofbetter.org/can_do/success_stories/psrcpr.htm Reduction in Operating Costand Timein Railways through Transporation

Model: Perfectingthe Scheduled Railroad at Canadian Pacific Railway
7 http://www.scienceofbetter.org/can_do/success_stories/anzmacs.htm Air Crew Scheduling through Air Crew Model at Air New Zealand

8 http://www.scienceofbetter.org/can_do/success_stories/drrcan.htm Optimising Restoration Capacity in the AT&T Network

9 http://www.scienceofbetter.org/can_do/success_stories/riomobdmn.htm Optimising Rhenania's Mail-Order Business through Dynamic Multilevel

10 http:///www.scienceofbetter.org One of the most popularOR websites giving practical applications.

11 www.informs.org Official Site of Institute of Operations Research and Management Science.

Contains a plethora of other links and applications related to OR.

Detailed Plan For Lectures

Pedagogical tool
Chapters/Sections of
Homework to be Demonstration/case
Week No. Lecture No. Topic Textbook/other
Assigned to students study/images/anmation
ctc. planned

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Part 1
Week 1 Lecture 1 Operations Research: Meaning, Significance and Scope, History Book :1,Chapter 1 Ref 9 & 10

Lecture 2 Applications of OR Book :1,Chapter 1

Lecture 3 OR Models Book :1,Chapter 1

Lecture 4 Introduction to LPP Book :1,Chapter 2

Week 2 Lecture 5 Problem Formulation Book :1,Chapter 2

Lecture 6 Problem Formulation Book :1,Chapter 2

Lecture 7 Graphical Solutions Book :1,Chapter 3

Lecture 8 Graphical Solution further problems Book :1,Chapter 3 HomeWork 1 Allocation Demonstrate
computerised model

Week 3 Lecture 9 LPP: Simplex Method Book :1,Chapter 4

Lecture 10 LPP: Simplex Method further problems Book :1,Chapter 4

Lecture 11 Big M Method Book :1,Chapter 4

Lecture 12 Big M Method further problems Book :1,Chapter 4 HomeWork 1 Demonstrate

Submission Computerised Models

Week 4 Lecture 13 Special Cases in Simplex i.e. Unrestricted variables, Degeneracy Book :1,Chapter 4

Part 2
Week 4 Lecture 14 Special Cases including Multiple Optimal Solutions, Unbounded and Book :1,Chapter 4
Infeasible Solutions
Lecture 15 Duality-Concept and Examples Book :1,Chapter 5

Lecture 16 Sensitivity Analysis-Significance, Concept HomeWork 2 Allocation

Week 5 Lecture 17 Transportation Model: Introduction, North West Corner Method, Book :1,Chapter 9 Ref 5
Least Cost Method

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Part 2
Week 5 Lecture 18 Vogels' Approximation Method Book :1,Chapter 9

Lecture 19 Optimality: Stepping Stone Method Book :1,Chapter 9 Ref 2

Lecture 20 Optimality: uv Method (MODI) Book :1,Chapter 9 HomeWork 2


Week 6 Lecture 21 Handling Degeneracy: During Initial Basic Solution and During Book :1,Chapter 9
Optimisation, Concept & Solution
Lecture 22 Assignment Problems: Using Hungarian Assignment Method (HAM) Book :1,Chapter 10

Lecture 23 Assignment Problem, further problems including Traveling Salesman Book :5,Chapter 5 Quiz 1

Lecture 24 Assignment Problem for Optimal Assignment of Crews Book :1,Chapter 10 Ref 6

Week 7 Lecture 25 Game Theory:Introduction, Two Person Zero Sum Games, Pure Book :1,Chapter 12 Case study 1 Allocation Ref 4
Strategies, Saddle Point
Lecture 26 Mixed Strategies: Odds Method, Probability Method, Dominance Book :1,Chapter 12
Lecture 27 Mixed Strategies: Sub Games Method, Graphical Method Book :1,Chapter 12

Lecture 28 Mixed Strategies: LPP-Formulation Only Book :1,Chapter 12

Part 3
Week 8 Lecture 29 Sequencing Problems: Introduction, Processing Jobs through two Book :1,Chapter 22
Lecture 30 'n' Jobs thorough two machines Book :1,Chapter 22

Lecture 31 Processing Jobs through three machines Book :1,Chapter 22

Lecture 32 Sequencing-Further Problems & Concepts Book :1,Chapter 22

Week 9 Lecture 33 Queuing Theory: Introduction, Structure, Performance Measures, Book :1,Chapter 16

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Part 3
Week 9 Lecture 34 Single Server Queuing Model (M/M/1) Model only Book :1,Chapter 16 HomeWork 3 Allocation

Lecture 35 Single Server Queuing Model-Further Problems Book :1,Chapter 16

Lecture 36 CPM and PERT: Networks, Components, Precedence Relationships, Book :1,Chapter 13
Network Construction

Week 10 Lecture 37 Construction of a Network Diagrams Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 38 Critical Path Method: Forward Pass and Backward Pass, Critical Path Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 39 Critical Path Method: Calculation of Earliest and Latest Start and Book :1,Chapter 13 HomeWork 3
Finish Times Submission
Part 4
Week 10 Lecture 40 Critical Path Method: Calculation of Floats (Total Float, Free Float, Book :1,Chapter 13 HomeWork 4 Allocation
Independent Float) and Slacks and their significance

Week 11 Lecture 41 CPM: Further Problems Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 42 PERT: Project Scheduling with Uncertain Activity Times Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 43 PERT: Further Problems Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 44 Estimates of project completion times Book :1,Chapter 13

Week 12 Lecture 45 Estimates of project completion times - Further problems Book :1,Chapter 13 HomeWork 4 Project Management
Submission Software-Eg. Primavera
Lecture 46 Decision Making: Introduction, Steps, Types, Decision Making Book :1,Chapter 11
Lecture 47 Decision Making under Certainty & Uncertainty (Optimism, Book :1,Chapter 11 Case study 1 Submission
Pessimism, Equal Probabilities, Hurwicz Criteria)
Lecture 48 Decision Making under Risk: EMV, EVPI Book :1,Chapter 11

Week 13 Lecture 49 Decision Making under Risk: EMV, EVPI Further Problems Book :1,Chapter 11 Quiz 2

Lecture 50 Decision Tree: Creating a Decision Tree Book :1,Chapter 11

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Part 4
Week 13 Lecture 51 Decision Tree Analysis Book :1,Chapter 11

Lecture 52 Decision Tree Analysis Book :1,Chapter 11

Spill Over
Week 14 Lecture 53 Concept of Project Crashing Book :1,Chapter 13

Lecture 54 Concept of Resource Allocation, Resource Leveling, Resource Book :1,Chapter 13


Details of homework and case studies plan

Nature of homework
Homework No. Topic of the Homework (group/individuals/field work

Homework 1 LPP Problem Formulation and Graphical Method-5 marks for submission followed by a Test worth Individual
10 marks

Homework 2 Simplex Method - 5 marks for submission followed by Assignment Based Test worth 10 marks Individual

Homework 3 Transportation, Assignment, Traveling Salesman, Crew Assignment, Game Theory, Sequencing-5 Individual
marks for submission followed by an Assignment Based Test worth 10 marks

Homework 4 Queuing, Network Theory, Decision Making-5 marks for submission followed by an Assignment Individual
Based Test worth 10 marks

Case study 1 Case Studies to be given in lieu of term paper. Group

*Normally all the homeworks shall be submitted online but in special courses where homeworks cannot be submited online , the insructor can edit the mode of submission while
entering the IP Details

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Scheme for CA:out of 100*
Component Frequency Out of (If any) Marks for each Total Marks

Homework 3 4 15 45

Quiz 2 15 30

Case study 1 25 25

Total :- 100

* In ENG courses wherever the total exceeds 100, consider x best out of y components of CA, as explained in teacher's guide available on the UMS

List of suggested topics for term paper[at least 15] (Student to spend about 15 hrs on any one specified term paper)
Sr. No. Topic
1 Case Studies being used instead of term paper.

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Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage)

Tutorial No. Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned

(case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc)

Tutorial 1 Linear Programming: Problem Formulation for typical and Problem solving
non-typical cases

Tutorial 2 Problem solving using Graphical Method Problem solving

Tutorial 3 Assignment I Based Test Test

Tutorial 4 Solving LPP using Simplex Method Problem solving

Tutorial 5 Transportation Problems: Different Cases-Maximisation Case, Problem solving

Unbalanced Problems, Transshipment Problem

Tutorial 6 Assignment II Based Test Test

Tutorial 7 Problem Solving using TORA Problem solving

After Mid-Term
Tutorial 8 Continue Application of TORA Problem solving

Tutorial 9 Sequencing Problems Problem solving

Tutorial 10 Assignment III Based Test Test

Tutorial 11 Problem Solving PERT/ CPM Problem solving

Tutorial 12 Case Study Case analysis

Tutorial 13 Assignment IV Based Test Problem solving

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