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MARCH 13, 2020

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403-542-3341 403-902-0654
Rose Economic 3 items combo
only $9.98
Transmissions, Engines, Wheel Alignments,
Custom Exhaust, Air-Conditioning, Oil Changes, 403-934-5957
Tires, Brakes, Differentials, Inspections,
Machine Rotors & Drums, Out of Province Inspections 403-561-0037 587-316-2000 www.the-reps.ca 102 2nd Ave, Strathmore
133 Orchard Way, Strathmore, AB | hzegil@yahoo.com Kevin Baldwin Realtor Real Estate Professionals Inc. Each Office Independently Owned & Operated order online:morethanicecream.ca

Page 3 Council votes against

Oxbow annexation
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Strathmore’s town limits will not be changing anytime

soon, as council voted on March 4 to maintain current
town boundaries and not annex a proposed develop-
ment to the west of town.
Brilliant band performance
In November 2015, the previous town administration
received an application for annexation from Telsec Prop-
Page 10 erty Corporation, the proponents of a 327-acre residen-
tial development sited on county lands adjacent to the
current Oxbow Country Golf Course. While past officials
showed support for the plan in March 2016, progress be-
tween the town and county stalled as Alberta’s economy
slowed and the local housing market cooled.
After Town of Strathmore administration reviewed the
annexation proposal and discussed the project with its
proponents and representatives from other town depart-
ments, they identified several factors that pose risk to the
town, said Renae De Molitor, Town of Strathmore senior
Braves host planner.
playoff tourney “The annexation proposal carries upfront carrying
costs, and during this low real estate time, equates to
a significant risk to the town as pockets of unfinished
subdivisions and unfinished infrastructure can become a
Offering IV Sedation town liability,” said De Molitor.
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS Undeveloped land is not scarce in Strathmore and an-
Dr. Sharif Faizi DMD nexing the development would only increase its supply.
Dr. Simarjyot Randhawa BDS
General Practice Family Dentistry With annexation, land surplus throughout town would
increase from 62 to 67 per cent, according to town ad-
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292
www.theranchdentalcentre.com Strathmore has numerous developing communities
with undeveloped lands, including Edgefield, Lakewood,
Ranch and Wildflower, and several communities in plan-
ning phases that have yet to be constructed, includ-
ing Grandview Gardens, Heritage Heights, North Hill
Heights, The Prairies and West Creek.
As the project would introduce new developments
on the outside of Strathmore separated from existing
or planned residential communities, town officials de-
termined that annexation would not represent “smart
growth,” and would “create urban sprawl.”
The project was assessed as having a large upfront car-
Look on Page 16 for rying cost due to necessary infrastructure upgrades. An-
Town of Strathmore nexing the Oxbow development would necessitate addi-
Municipal Notices tional road upgrade and maintenance costs for example,
as Range Road 244 requires major upgrading and Range
Inspiring the aspiring
Contact Us Today!
Road 254 is gravel, requiring year-round maintenance. Leon Crane Bear, Siksika Board of Education Chair, Siksika Chief Ouray Crowfoot,
403.934.5589 Developing existing or planned communities in town and Strathmore Mayor Pat Fule honour the student chief and council members
info@strathmoretimes.com instead allows Strathmore to “facilitate smart growth, uti- from Westmount Elementary School at the Strathmore Civic Centre on March 5.
lize existing infrastructure, stormwater and services, and
www.StrathmoreTimes.com implement economic initiatives.”
Photo by Sean Feagan

$234,900 $399,900 $239,900 $125,000 $298,800



Page 2 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

On the
Best Chinese & Western Restaurant in Strathmore ground
at job fair
Ryan (l-r), Pamela, and
Kurtis Seely of Early
Bird Air Ltd. swooped

Price over to the Strathmore
Reduced job fair to showcase
their business on
March 4 at the Strath-
more Municipal Li-

LOWER PRICES, brary. The job fair fea-

tured businesses from
across Strathmore and
Wheatland County

SAME looking to expand their

Sean Feagan Photo


All ITEMS' PRICES ARE LOWERED, Please Check New Menu & Order

Online: morethanicecream.ca
103 2nd AVE. Strathmore

3 items $1.98
For all kid’s
Only $11.98 menu!

SHS band concert

On March 3 the Strathmore High School music program presented Chasing Sunlight. The Concert
Band, Choir, Junior Jazz Band and Senior Jazz Band kicked off festival season with a selection of
uplifting and inspiring musical pieces. Christine Foshaug Photo

Preventing wildfires with

TIMES planning and response
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Throughout Alberta’s prairies, con-
trolled burns can be risky because
“wind can change pretty dramatically in
With wildfire season upon us, resi- a short order,” Elliot added.
dents of Wheatland County should be To conduct a controlled burn, Wheat-
proactive to prevent the chance of fire. land County requires residents to attain
On March 1, the government of Al- a permit from the county, which estab-
berta announced the start of the prov- lishes condition requirements, such as
ince’s wildfire season. While front-line requiring an adult present, not burning
firefighters are prepared to respond to when wind speeds exceed or are pre-
wildfires across the province – from dicted to exceed 15 kilometres per hour,
sweltering forest fires to rapid prairie and have mitigation in place to prevent
fires – the best approach to stopping and react to fire spread. The county can
fires remains prevention. also enact fire bans to limit or prohibit
Most of Alberta’s fires start due to hu- item burning or advisories to warn of
man negligence, said Vern Elliot, Wheat- high-risk conditions.
land County Fire Services consultant FireSmart Canada (firesmartcanada.
and Strathcona County Emergency Ser- ca), a non-profit, offers a free online
vices Deputy Fire Chief. course – FireSmart 101 – to improve

“When you look at a lot of the bigger awareness about approaches to fire pre-
fires that have occurred in the province, vention.
most of those are caused by people,” Rural landowners can limit their risk
said Elliot. further by creating firebreaks on their

The potential speed of prairie fires properties, said Wheatland County Di-
makes them dangerous to people and vision 1 Councillor Jason Wilson. Dur-
their livelihoods, said Elliot. ing the 2017 wildfire around Gleichen
“With the grasslands, it can travel fast, and Carseland that required the county
which can threaten crops and livestock, to declare a state of emergency, Wilson
and it threatens lives; it can come up had areas of his property scorched and
The Strathmore Times will be publishing on outbuildings, storage for grains, or it
can threaten residential properties.”
had to relocate his cattle.
“You go around the field, whether its
this Special Supplement on A common ignition source of many
fires is off-road vehicles, said Elliot.
stubble or native pasture, with a disc
and make a swath all the way around,”
Friday, March 27, 2020 “Where materials get caught up near
the exhaust, the exhaust heats it up to
he said. “It might not prevent a fire, but
it’s going to slow it, because it has got
a point of ignition, and that (material) to jump that fresh dirt.”
Deadline: March 18, 2020 might drop off as you ride through a The best way to respond to wildfires
field or across a valley.” is a community approach that involves
Many wildfires result from intention- both landowners and emergency re-
al fires that unintentionally spread, he sponse teams, said Wilson.
To book your spot contact: said. These fires happen when land- “Farmers know the area, they know

403-934-5589 or email rose@strathmoretimes.com owners start “a significant fire on their

property, and don’t make sure it’s in
the roads, and they know where the fire
is going to jump,” he said. “We know the
control and monitor the condition.” geographical aspects of fighting fire.”
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3

Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment

Bob Sheddy C0-Owner/Commercial Broker

BobSheddy.ca 403-324-2222

KaraLee Foat, MA Co-Owner/Broker

PowerRealty.ca 587-390-0596
123 2nd Ave,
Strathmore, AB

Students from four Strathmore-area schools — Westmount Elementary, Wheatland Crossing, Crowther Memorial Jr. High, and Strathmore High — were www. StrathmoreTimes.com
honoured in an inauguration ceremony on March 5, featuring an opening prayer, a welcoming address by community partners, and a shared meal.
Sean Feagan Photo

Schools celebrate student chiefs Tasty fresh and frozen

Ukrainian food, just like you

and councils
would find in
Baba’s kitchen!
SEAN FEAGAN stepping-stones,” he said. “You have to always be growing.
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Looking around this room, it’s a good feeling to see a packed
house because it shows how serious we take education at
Student chief and council members from four Strathmore Siksika, and how much we will support our future leaders.”
and area schools were honoured in an inauguration ceremo- The program helps builds relationships within and be-
ny featuring municipal, county and band leaders. tween communities, said Jeff Grimsdale, GHSD director of
On March 5 at the Strathmore Civic Centre, Golden Hills learning. FRIDAY & SATURDAY
School Division (GHSD) and Siksika Nation presented stu- “We’re always trying to be an inclusive school and school BUFFET - all you can eat
dent chiefs and councils from Wheatland Elementary School, system, and these students are phenomenal leaders in buffet from 4 to 8 pm.
Wheatland Crossing School, Crowther Memorial Junior High school,” he said. “You will see the pride they have for their
School and Strathmore High School. The students were hon- culture, and they help bridge that gap between us and our THURSDAY - 50/50 Keto &
oured in an inauguration ceremony featuring an opening neighbours.”
prayer, a welcoming address by community partners and a Students involved in the program today could prove to be
Regular Buffet from 4 to 8 pm.
shared meal. the leaders of tomorrow, said Laurie Huntley, GHSD board UPCOMING EVENTS:
Involvement in education is a stepping-stone for students chair.
Month of March - Pre-order your Easter
to become the leaders of tomorrow, said Siksika Chief Ouray “I hope that for you, this is just the beginning of your lead- Dinner, pick up or delivery, hot or cold.
Family Dinner,
Crowfoot. ership journey, and you will continue to find your purpose March 14 - Family friendly perogie class
“We need future leaders like you to continue this edu- and use your voice to help make our schools and our world from 2 to 4 pm.
cation; the junior highs, the high schools, those are each a better place,” she said. March 19 - Special tea sandwich luncheon from
11 am. to 2 pm. Three seatings, $9.99 includes all you

Senior tax rebate program adjusted can drink assorted teas, tea sandwich and pickles
tray and dessert. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free
on request.
SEAN FEAGAN under the program ranges from $100 to $200, depending on March 21 - A magical night with Calgarian
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter applicant income, age and marital status. buffet. Adult only.
Magician Malcohm Russell & BBQ buffet.
Eligible for the program are Strathmore residents aged 65 Two show times 4 to 6 pm. & 7 to 9 pm.
A town program to help seniors with their property taxes years or older who are registered homeowners living at home March 28 - Paska bread class (Easter bread)
will be adjusted annually to match provincial thresholds for in good tax standing. Applicants must provide government- from 2 to 4 pm.
assistance. issued photo identification, a Notice of Assessment and a April 5 - Dinner with Ghost Hunt Alberta
from 7 to 10 pm.
Under the Town of Strathmore’s Senior Tax Rebate Pro- property tax assessment.
April 10 & 11 - Special Easter Buffet from 4 to 8 pm.
gram, senior residents can receive financial aid to help with The program, which started as a pilot project in May 2019, Now taking reservations
municipal property tax increases, depending on their income. has assisted 120 Strathmore residents, with a total of $19,400 May 10 - Mother’s Day tea. Two sittings
On March 4, council voted to make the qualifying income distributed. Of those engaged in the program, 88 had nev- from noon to 2 pm. & 3 to 5 pm.
level for the program equal to that of a provincial seniors er before been in Family and Community Support Services
Search: Dobre Food and Catering
support program, the Senior Benefits Special Needs Program, (FCSS) offices, leading some of them to access other supports on Facebook for full event details
which is adjusted on July 1 of each year. offered by the town, said Linda Bernicki, community and so-
The current income threshold level for the provincial se- cial development manager with Strathmore’s community and 135 3rd Ave, Strathmore
niors’ program is $28,150 for individuals and $45,720 for protective services. 403-902-9963 or 403-870-6343
couples, compared to $27,690 and $44,965, respectively, for “We’re continuing to engage with those residents still to
to book events, make reservations,
the town’s rebate program in 2019. assist them with other programs and services they weren’t
The amount of benefit seniors may be eligible to receive aware of,” she said. or for more info.

403.934.3334 www.strathmoremotors.com

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

($139.95 VALUE)
With this coupon. Expires March 31, 2020 With this coupon. Expires March 31, 2020
Page 4 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

REMEMBERING OUR ROOTS ~ Jerry and Nancy Kamphuis which used to stand on the north side
of the TransCanada Highway just east
of the weigh station. Jerry continued
JOHN GODSMAN join his cousin who was their sponsor. Jerry was born in May working with Air Canada for another
Times Contributor 1958, the first child born in Canada, followed by a sister. His seven years at the same time as they
other three siblings had been born in Holland. were developing Country Lane Farms.
The Kamphuis family name originates from the Nether- Jerry attended school in Black Diamond where his dad Jerry was also installing computer ven-
lands. Jerry’s father Johannes and his wife Berinda along looked after a chicken farm. Following graduation from tilation controls for
with their three children immigrated to Edmonton in 1953 to Grade 12, Jerry worked with a drywall buildings housing
company; then in 1978, he joined Air Can- poultry and hogs,
ada and spent the next 13 years working
and potato storage.
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 in flight operations, baggage control, etc. In 1999, they sold
Nancy’s family also originated in the the location and
For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119 Netherlands. Nancy’s father, Cornelius purchased land just
Radder, emigrated with his family to the north of the highway
United States when he was five years of on the same road as
St Patrick’s Day Party age. He served in the United States Air the original farm.
Force during the Second World War, then
is on Saturday March 21st starting at 7:00 pm. immigrated to Canada, to Holland Marsh
There, they built up
Country Lane Farms
Entry fee is $10 per person. north of Toronto, in 1949. Nancy’s mother with a new barn,
Tickets can be purchased at the door or beforehand Maria, also born in the Netherlands, came and 10 years later,
to Canada in 1950 to marry Cornelius.
at the Legion. The band Poets and Saints will be set They were married that year and had five
a new house con-
structed by everyone
up to play some good music. children, of which Nancy is the middle. in the family, along
Nancy’s father Cornelius worked for Air with friends.
Canada and in 1974, the family moved to
The Annual Steak and Lobster Dinner is set up for Calgary where Nancy graduated from high
While raising their
May 9th - tickets can be purchased at the bar. family in the Strath-
school. Nancy attended DeVry Business College, then worked more area, Jerry and Nancy were very
for Air Canada and Dome Petroleum. Jerry and Nancy met at involved in the Strathmore Alliance
Chase the Ace is back on Friday March 20th at 6:00 a church in Calgary in 1976 and were married in 1980. They Church, serving in many areas includ-
have three children and four grandchildren.
pm along with Meat draws, 50/50’s and Nevadas. In 1984, Jerry and Nancy purchased a farm located one mile
ing children’s ministries and church
finances. Now, they continue to volun-
The Kitchen will have its usual great meal prepared south of Log Cabin Service Station (orange and white stripes) teer at the Strathmore Heritage Days,
and donate to and work with organi-
Bingo is Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm zations like the Mustard Seed, Calgary
Dream Centre and other needy causes,
which have always been a high priority
The biggest change they’ve seen in
WE WILL REMEMBER THEM this area over the past 20 years or so
is the increase in traffic volume, popu-
lation growth and all the fairly recent
Thought for box stores in Strathmore.
the Week Team Rossiter
A person’s
Great curling at the
Junior Bonspiel
is revealed Ten teams played in the Strath-
more U15/U18 curling bonspiel on restraints
by his or her
save lives
Feb. 21-22 held by the Strathmore
& District Junior Curling Program.
respose to U15: 1st – Team Rossiter (Strath-
more & District Curling Club), 2nd
the – Team Janz (North Hill Curling SGT. MICHAEL PAYTON
Senior Peace Officer
unexpected. Club). U18: 1st – Team Northwood
(Airdrie Curling Club), 2nd – Team
Wright (Acadia Rec Centre), con- The Town of Strathmore would like
solation 1st – Team Wipf (North to highlight the importance of occupant
Hill Curling Club), consolation 2nd restraints. Buckling up is one of the
– Team Kobsar (Strathmore & Dis- simplest and smartest choices drivers
trict Curling Club). and passengers can make when ensur-
Photo Courtesy of Larissa Damen Team Kobsar ing their safety in a vehicle.
Most Albertans understand the impor-
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay presents:
tance of buckling up – according to a
recent survey, 97.4 per cent of Albertans
BBB PSA: Tax use occupant restraints. However, peo-
Time is Scam Time ple who choose not to wear a seatbelt
are still killed and injured in collisions
every year in our province.
From 2012 to 2016, there were 341
unbelted fatalities in Alberta. Nearly
a quarter of those fatalities were men
aged 18 to 24. During 2016, 53 people
died and 375 people sustained injuries
as a result of not being properly re-
strained at the time of the collision.
In 2016, restraint users involved in
collisions had a much lower injury rate
(6.8 per cent) than those not using re-
straints (24.1 per cent). Airbags offer
With the tax deadline around the corner, BBB is warning tax payers
about scammers disguised as tax professionals.
additional protection in collisions, but
are designed to supplement the safety
Here are some common tax scams: features provided by seatbelts.
It is important that children are re-

• Email phishing - Phony emails sent by scammers that look as if it’s strained properly. Without a booster
from the Canada Revenue Agency, asking for your financial and seat, a child is three and a half times
personal info in order to “verify” your account or claim a tax refund,
more likely to suffer a significant injury.

but are loaded with viruses and malware.
• Tax preparer fraud - A flyer in the mail, an email or even a phone call A 2017 Driver Attitude Survey indicat-
that advertises a tax specialist promising a high return for your money ed 95 per cent of Albertans agree that
at a reduced rate. when driving or riding in a motor vehi-
• False audit notifications - Aggressive calls demanding immediate cle, one should always wear a seatbelt.
payment to avoid a fine. If no payment is made, scammers threaten to

CALL 403-934-5589
Buckling up whenever you are in a
have you arrested, or even deported if you’re new to the country.
vehicle is one of the easiest and best
Learn more at BBB.org ways to keep yourself and others safe.
Always buckle up!
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 5

Leela Sharon Aheer, MLA


U12 Ice Rebels Meetings by appointment
win zones 403-962-0126
The Strathmore Ice Rebels clob- Chestermere.Strathmore@
bered the Indus Howlers by a assembly.ab.ca
final score of 11-2 to take the
Big Country Zone U12C rin- MAILING ADDRESS:
gette championship. The team is
PO Box 2527,
coached by Randal Praeker and
managed by Wendy Bell. Strathmore, AB
Photo Courtesy of Wendy Bell T1P 0H3


Conversion therapy counselling

To the Editor suicide will increase.
We have all heard about the recent bylaw regard- This bylaw is discrimination at its worst! I am
ing conversion therapy for those who are struggling shocked to think that our councillors would be so cal-
with gender dysphoria. Some of them feel lost, or con- lous as to leave no option for someone in such pain
fused, they don’t belong here or there. They are hurt- when there is help through counselling – but not for
ing and desperately need help, but there is no place the LGBTQ crowd – for them it is not accessible.
for them to turn. There is help through counselling Surely accredited counsellors or pastors can give
but not for the LGTBQ crowd. Even accredited coun- them the help and support they so desperately need
sellors are muzzled by Strathmore’s councillors bylaw. to get them through this difficult time of their life.
No accredited counsellor would dare to break the law!
In their misery, many of these victims think there is Ruth Wahl
only one way out – and that is fatal. Depression and Strathmore

Dams to mitigate climate change

To the Editor tion so we have to make a different agreement. We
We’ve agreed that climate change is here. Nature is also have an agreement with the United States about
bigger than mankind. We might slow climate change the Milk River.
down some, but we cannot reverse it, so what to do? Remember, now is the time to build dams, not 30
The glaciers east of the Rockies will disappear in years from now when the water (or glaciers) are gone
about 30 years. So, we should build dams on every and when we start building dams we should put tur-
creek and river south of Edmonton, now. bines in every dam to make electricity and any dam
I know when Alberta and Saskatchewan became in Alberta that doesn’t have a turbine, we should put
provinces in 1905, each province had about a popu- them in now.
lation of 400,000. So at that time an agreement was
made that each province should have 50 per cent of Martin Van Bostelen
the runoff. Now Alberta has about double the popula- Strathmore

Preventing the spread of coronavirus

partners to understand potential health risks, but
Chestermere-Strathmore MLA
our personal ability to mitigate our surroundings
and how we interact will be the most substantive
Hello Chestermere-Strathmore readers! This action we can take. We will update self-isolation
week I think it is really important to chat about and self-monitoring recommendations especially
the coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus has for those returning from holidays.
been identified in Alberta. For the latest updates Alberta Health has sent a memo to schools and
and to answer any questions regarding coronavi- superintendents, and to parents to update them
rus please go to Alberta.ca or call Healthlink at on how to keep our kids healthy. Let’s make sure
811. Information is updated on an hourly basis. that we prepare together as communities and in
Washing your hands in hot water with soap our families by chatting regularly with our kids
is the best medicine, and refrain from touching about washing their hands, and how to work with
your mouth, nose and eyes as much as possible. those in our family who may be at risk, such as
Sounds easy doesn’t it, but we know it is not. Hand our seniors. Make sure that anyone who requires
sanitizer is good if you have no access to water medication has what they need, or that it can be
and soap, but it is just a short-term solution. The delivered if you are self-isolating.
best thing that I heard was to wash your hands Practicing regular preventative actions is the
as though you just chopped a bunch of jalape- best way to minimize risk of infection. I would
nos and you have to put contact lenses in. Cover like to acknowledge the incredible work of all
your mouth with your elbow when you cough or of our health professionals responsible for iden-
sneeze, and wash your hands immediately. Wash tifying and treating this threat. It can’t be said
your hands and keep your distance from people enough, wash your hands, follow the recommen-
(this coming from someone who hugs everyone). dations on Alberta.ca, and let’s work together to
If you are looking for information on symptoms, keep ourselves and each other safe. As always, we
the best place to check is at Alberta.ca where love to hear from you.
there is a dedicated and up-to-date page for coro- (Leela Sharon Aheer is the MLA Elect for Ches-
navirus information. termere-Strathmore, Minister of Status of Women
We are monitoring this very carefully and work- and Minister of Culture and Multiculturalism)

ing across Canada with our provincial and federal


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Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

how to
make yogurt
Tricia Green and An-
gie Howkins, owners of
Strathmore RCMP are reminding Holy Kraut, hosted a yo-
residents to Lock-It or Lost-It gurt making class at the
Strathmore Municipal Li-
following several thefts brary on Feb. 8.
from vehicles. Miriam Ostermann Photo
- Locking your vehicle doors is a
quick and simple way to help
prevent this crime. New subsidized counselling program
- Hide loose change inside the
vehicle where it can’t easily be seen
and take all items of any value with
for town and county residents
SEAN FEAGAN an-certified counsellors.” criteria for clinical services.”
you when leaving your car. Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Under the program, which launches By establishing the program, the
- Never leave your vehicle March 1, legal residents of Strathmore Town of Strathmore is following suit
running unattended. Town and county residents will soon and Wheatland County with an Alberta with the Town of Drumheller and Star-
have better access to help in navigating personal health care card are eligible to land County, which have also formed
Strathmore RCMP ask residents to life’s speed bumps thanks to a newly access up to eight sessions of counsel- a partnership with Wheatland County
launched subsidized counselling pro- Counselling to establish a similar sub-
help do their part by ensuring their ling at minimal cost, depending on fam-
gram. ily size and income. sidized counselling service in its Drum-
property is properly locked. Wheatland County Counselling Inc. is The program is not intended to ad- heller office.
launching a new subsidized counselling dress persistent, chronic mental illness- Residents interested in the program
1-800-222-TIPS program in Strathmore, in partnership
with Strathmore Family and Community
es, such as schizophrenia or personality are required to contact Wheatland
disorders, which are better evaluated County Counselling to determine if they
(1-800-222-8477) Support Services (FCSS). and treated through Alberta Health Ser- qualify and what services match their
The pilot program offers full-scale, vices, explained Dundas. needs, explained Linda Bernicki, com-
evidence-based support for short-term, The program will make in-demand munity and social development man-
moderate concerns residents may be counselling services, for “any age, in any ager with the Town of Strathmore Com-
facing, said Rachel Dundas, owner and format,” more accessible for residents of munity and Protective Services.
executive director of Wheatland County Strathmore and Wheatland County, said “It’s based on your income and your
Counselling. Dundas. story,” said Bernicki.
403-934-5552 “The concerns could be anything: “There is a high need for counselling The Town of Strathmore has devel-
120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore stress management, depression, anxi- services in our area,” she said. “Many oped the program because it believes in
ety, post-divorce adjustment, relation- people are forced to travel to Calgary if providing poverty reduction initiatives
ship problems or ADHD,” said Dundas. they want specialized services because and access to support services to any-
YOUR WEEKLY “We’re a specialized agency with psy- they can’t afford to pay out of pocket one, and attaining counselling with a
HEALTH ADVICE chologists, social workers and Canadi- for private services, or they don’t meet psychologist is prohibitively expensive
for many, explained Bernicki.
“It is an important program for com-
munities to look at because there is so
Hearing Loss Shouldn’t Be Experienced Alone many changing needs, from everything
Gord Morck
Pharmacist from relationship needs, to family con-
flict,” she said. “We want to provide all
Capsule Comments options for people and make it afford-
After animal studies, what are the “phases” for test- able for people to attend and get the
ing a drug? assistance they need.”
PHASE ONE: Sometimes called first-in-human
studies where 20-100 healthy volunteers will take
the drug in sub-therapeutic but in gradually increas- We’ll Make You
ing doses to test the efficacy and safety of the drug.
This phase helps determine the optimum range of
PHASE TWO: A larger group of volunteers (100-
300) with the specific disease is used to determine
how well the drug works and continually checks the
safety of the product. Therapeutic doses are used at
this stage and a decision is made whether the drug
will be effective at all. If it shows promise, it moves Please call 403-934-9681
to the next stage. to schedule your appointment
PHASE THREE: A longer term study that is ex- Dr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak
panded to 300-3000 patients with the disease and
will continue to check the efficacy of the drug and NEW PATIENTS WELCOME
note any side effects that arise. If the drug passes all
parameters of safety and efficacy at this stage, it is #11 - 55 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore
released for general use but only after all the data has
been reviewed by Health Canada.
PHASE FOUR: This phase is also called the
postmarketing surveillance trial. This occurs after www.CrystalRidgeDental.com
the drug has been OK’d by Health Canada. In this
phase, data will be collected about rare or long-term
adverse effects over a much larger population.
These four phases can take many years and are
designed to develop the safest and most effective
drugs. Phase four can even result in some drugs be-
ing recalled due to serious side effects arising that -Wildflower
may not have been seen during the trials. $449,900
4 Bed, 3.5 bath, Fully
Hours: Finished, Walk through
M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm pantry, upgraded and
Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm We’re Right Beside You. Every Step Of The Way. MLS#C4288941 more!!

Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.

Beltone Hearing Centre REALTY HORIZON
Ph: 403-934-3122 202 2nd Avenue Strathmore
Fx: 403-934-6474 403-901-6332 Alisa Wurz
Get the latest new products, special Office Hours: alisawurz@hotmail.com
savings, contests and more sent directly
Wednesday / Thursday
to your email. Sign up today for the
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
beltone.ca 9:00am - 4:00pm See all my LISTINGS at
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Walk in
from the Cold
Y T H !
Strathmore Overnight
Shelter (SOS) held their EVE UST G
annual Walk in from the
Cold event on March 1,
with over 22 walkers tak-
ing part, including SOS
board of directors and
specials guests First
Nation Princess Falon
Manywounds and Siksika
Nation Chief Ouray Crow-
foot. The event raised
Photo Courtesy of SOS
#1 128 3rd Ave, Strathmore • 403-934-3364

Powerful & AUCTION
Singer-songwriter Michela Sheedy
entertained a full house at the
Strathmore Legion on Feb. 15, in
the Strathmore Musical Arts Soci-
ety’s third concert of the season.
Christine Foshaug Photo & AUCTION
RSA emerging artists perform 5:00 Cocktails
Saturday April 4th, 2020
Strathmore Civic Center

Salt Water Moon 6:00 Roast Beef Dinner 

7:00 Live Auction w/ Cody Hayes
LAUREEN F. GUENTHER The long-term impact of that battle, she said, Silent Auction All Night
Times Contributor was also a factor in Newfoundland joining Canada
in 1949. All Proceeds Stay In The Community
Salt Water Moon, a classic Canadian play set in As Ogden gets to know the characters of Mary
Newfoundland, will be performed by Rosebud
School of the Arts graduating students Rebbekah
and Jacob, she said she’s learning from them.
“I’m learning about their resilience and their abil-
Tickets $35 or $250 for a table of 8
Ogden and Joel Braun, March 13 to 15, in Calgary. ity to move forward even though it’s really tough Tickets available through Eventbrite.
This is Ogden’s final project, and she’s also pro- and it can seem overwhelming. Their humour is Visit The Lion's Club Facebook Page
ducing the play. part of that. When we think of Newfoundlanders, @smorelionsmember
On a bright, full moon night in we think they’re hilarious and
1926, Mary Snow is gazing out they’re fun. But the thing about
at the moon and stars, when she
sees an unexpected visitor com-
Newfoundlanders is that they’re
also really strong people and CARSELAND
ing down the road.
“It’s the story of Jacob Mercer
coming home (to Newfound-
strong-willed. Mary and Jacob,
they’re both fighters.
“I tend to be too self-caring,”
Box 215, Carseland, Alberta T0J 0M0
land) after he bolted,” Ogden she added. “There’s a place for
said. “He comes back to woo self-care. There’s a place for sto-
back the woman he left. He icism too. We will make it. We
comes back because he finds will get through this.”
out she’s engaged. Mary Snow is Ogden chose primarily emerg-
a bit on edge because she hasn’t ing artists for her team members
heard from him for a whole and to perform the play in Cal- Join us for our
year.” gary’s Arts Commons, “the hub
Ogden and Braun, a husband- of the professional arts world in final bonspiel of the season
wife team, are the only cast Calgary,” to give these emerging
members. Ogden said Mary’s
character “fits me like a glove.
artists an opportunity to display
their work for professional art-
March 26-29, 2020
“She is super stubborn,” said ists.
Ogden. “She loves a good story. She has great hu- All four performances of Salt Water Moon will Sturling Bonspiel (2 person team)
mour and she really gives Jacob Mercer a run for be at Arts Commons’ Motel Theatre space, March
his money.” 13 to 15. Reserve $20 tickets at creatinggenesis.ca Oyster Supper
Set 10 years after the Capture of Beaumont- and pay for them at the door.
Hamel in the First World War, the play also has “I hope (the audience will) laugh and … let go
March 28 (Catered by Carseland Lions)
important historical elements, which Ogden said of their busy lives, … whatever pressures they are
Entry Fee - $120 per team
was another reason she chose it for her project. carrying, for just an hour and a half, and fully en-
(includes curling and supper)
“I think it’s important to continue telling these joy a story. I also hope that they take away from
stories,” she noted. “In Beaumont-Hamel, the Welcome to Supper for non curlers - $20 each
the story that sometimes it’s worth following your
Newfoundland regiment was wiped out in an heart,” said Ogden. “Come out and see the show.
hour. It wiped out most of their men. Wiped out See what emerging artists can do with a Canadian
Contact: Rycki Murphy 403-874-1834
their economy.” classic.” or email: carselandcurling@gmail.com


510 - Bay B - County Lane Mall (across from A&W) | 587-365-3279 (EASY)
Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Events calendar


Working Well Workshop PSDS Certified Installers Farm Transition Workshop
Wheatland Admin Office Round Table Carseland Community Hall
6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Wheatland Admin Office 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
FREE - Register by contacting: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Register Online:
Gay.Mowat@wheatlandcounty.ca FREE - RSVP by contacting: 2020farmtransition.eventbrite.com
or 403-361-2166 cindy.ramsay@wheatlandcounty.ca
or 403-361-2010

- 2020
More information and registration details are available on our website

Upcoming Meetings
March 24: Council Meeting
April 7: Council Meeting

Agenda packages can be found on our website.

Mark your calendars!

Wheatland County’s Annual General Meeting is at 7 p.m.
on March 31, 2020 at the Rockyford Community Centre

Please join us!

• Permit process and applications
• Change to inspections and why
• Industry changes
• Your feedback

For questions and to RSVP please contact:

Cindy Ramsay - Wheatland County Nicole Paggett – Park Enterprises
by phone 403-361-2010 or email by phone 403-329-3747or email
cindy.ramsay@wheatlandcounty.ca nicole@parkinspections.com

Canada Water Week is a celebration of water from coast-to-coast, held
annually on the third week of March to coincide with World Water Day
on March 22.

Stop by the Water Booth at the Wheatland County administration

office on the morning of March 19 to enjoy some coffee and treats,
and to learn more about water in Wheatland County. We will have
To Register:
some tips for managing water in your home, on your farm, or on
Visit 2020farmtransition.eventbrite.com your acreage, and information on funding opportunities. Staff will be
Phone 403.361.2166 or email gay.mowat@wheatlandcounty.ca available for discussion from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

Wheatland County
is a great place to
live and grow.
So as our community continues to grow we want
to make sure it keeps getting better.

We need a plan to make sure our open spaces,

recreational facilities and cultural opportunities
keep pace with our growth and dreams over the
next ten years.

We need to hear about what’s important to you.

We want to know more about your thoughts,
priorities and preferences when planning for a
bigger and better Wheatland County.

- 2020
How to get involved.
Interested in sharing your thoughts? There are a
few different ways that you can participate
Participate Face-to-Face

Join us in your community at the following locations:
• Gleichen Community Hall, 6-8 PM on March 24
• Carseland Community Hall, 6-8 PM on March 25
• Carseland Library, 10-11:30 AM on March 26

Manager of Emergency and Fire Participate in an Online Survey

Strapped for time, but still want to share your thoughts?
Services No problem, you can easily contribute through our online
Closes: March 23, 2020 survey on wheatlandcounty.ca
Quote Job #P20-02
Have questions? We would love to hear from
you! Contact our office at 403-934-3321 or
Seasonal Hamlet Labourer admin@wheatlandcounty.ca
Closes: March 20, 2020
Quote Job #P20-04 We want to know what’s important to you.
Canada Water Week is a celebration of water from coast-to-coast, held annually on the third week of March to

Let’s talk!
coincide with World Water Day on March 22.WATERCelebrate

For more information and to apply, visit our


The Wheatland County Agricultural Services Department has 2% liquid strychnine available for pest control operators and
farmers for the control of Richardson Ground Squirrels.
It will be made available for purchase only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. until June 18, 2020.
The price is $284.88/case or $11.87/bottle +GST - limit of 3 cases per person per visit.

Public Hearing
Bylaw #: 2019-33 Bylaw #: 2020-14
Statutory Document: Kneehill County and Wheatland Statutory Document: Special Areas Board and Wheatland
County Intermunicipal Development Plan County Intermunicipal Development Plan

Proposal: In order to comply with the recent amendments Proposal: In order to comply with the recent amendments
to the Municipal Government Act, municipalities that share to the Municipal Government Act, municipalities that share
a border must enter into an Intermunicipal Development a border must enter into an Intermunicipal Development
Plan (IDP) that address specific topics. The intent of Plan (IDP) that address specific topics. The intent of
the IDP is to foster good relations by putting into policy the IDP is to foster good relations by putting into policy
Wheatland County will consider the following applications how both municipalities will communicate with each how both municipalities will communicate with each
for Public Hearing at the regular Council meeting on other on different types of planning applications as other on different types of planning applications as
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 9 a.m. well as establishing a dispute resolution process. Each well as establishing a dispute resolution process. Each
municipality’s jurisdiction remains the same, and the IDP municipality’s jurisdiction remains the same, and the IDP
Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland does not change land use districts. does not change land use districts.
County or in person at the above meeting. The application
files may be reviewed in the County Office during regular
office hours Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

More information regarding public hearings and

development permit decisions can be found on:
Bylaw #: 2020-01
Legal Description: SW-11-24-26-W4M
Proposal: To redesignate +/- 3.00 acres from Agricultural
General (AG) District to Industrial General (I-G) District to
accommodate the future subdivision of an existing stair
construction business.
Bylaw #: 2019-12 Bylaw #: 2020-04
Legal Description: Document: Land Use Bylaw 2016-01
Plan 041 1592, Proposal: To amend the Land Use Bylaw 2016-01 to up-
Block 1, Lot 2 date Specific Use regulations and Definitions regarding
Proposal: Cannabis Stores and to update Highway Commercial,
To redesignate Hamlet Mixed Use, and Hamlet Commercial land use dis-
67.09 acres of land tricts to include Cannabis Stores as a discretionary use.
from Agricultural
General (AG) District Bylaw #: 2019-40 Road Closure
to Industrial General Location: NW 19-24-25-4 & NE 24-24-26-4
(IG) District. Proposal: To close a portion of undeveloped original
Government Road Allowance lying between NW 19-24-25-4
& NE 24-24-26-4 containing 0.42 acres, to be disposed of
and consolidated with the adjacent lands.

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey 587-316-2000 www.the-reps.ca
Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose Facebook - @theREPsGroup & Instagram - therepsgroup

20 MARCH 13, 2020

Storm advances
Sutter Cup Champs Close series The Strathmore Storm Atom B team earned a 5-2
Despite a valiant effort, the Strathmore Storm fell 6-5 to the Indus win over Okotoks in Game 1 of their league semi-
Strathmore players Tate Yule (l-r), Cyle Clayton, Philip Raycroft and Rhett Harten won Hurricanes in Game 4 of their best of five series on March 7 at final game on March 7 at the Strathmore Family
the AMMHL Sutter Cup with the Okotoks Oilers on March 8. After winning the south the Strathmore Family Centre. After winning the opening game of Centre. The Storm then took Game 2 on the road
division, the minor midget M15 triple-A team will now prepare for the 2020 Provincial the Central Alberta Hockey League M15 semifinal, the Storm fell by a 4-3 score, advancing to the Tier 3 Yellow fi-
Championship in Red Deer March 19-22. Photo Courtesy of Doug Raycroft three games to one. Doug Taylor Photo nals versus Kneehill. Doug Taylor Photo

The Wheatland Warriors defeated the West Central Tigers 3-2 in Game
The Wheatland Braves opened the SCAHL South Conference play- The Wheatland Braves battled the Taber Golden Suns in the 2 of their SCAHL championship series on March 7 at the Strathmore
off tournament with a 11-2 win over Lethbridge on March 5 at the SCAHL South Conference championship game March 8 at the Family Centre. Despite the win, the Warriors were defeated two games
Strathmore Family Centre. Doug Taylor Photo Strathmore Family Centre. Doug Taylor Photo to one in the series. Doug Taylor Photo

Successful season for WAA

MARIO PRUSINA Hurricanes on March 5, before taking an overtime dagger defeated the Braves WHEATLAND CHIEFS
Times Editor care of the Medicine Hat Orange 3-1 the 5-4. The Wheatland Chiefs entered the
following morning. South Conference midget champion-
Even though all three teams in the The Braves defeated the Cranbrook WHEATLAND WARRIORS ship March 5-8 in Medicine Hat with a
Wheatland Athletic Association (WAA) Wings 7-1 later that evening, capping After winning the SCAHL South Con- 20-14-5 regular season record.
were eliminated from the South Central the round robin with a perfect 3-0 re- ference bantam championship on March The Chiefs opened the tournament
Alberta Hockey League (SCAHL) play- cord. 1, the Wheatland Warriors took on the with a 7-3 win over the Lethbridge Hur-
offs, it was a successful season to say The team’s success continued in the top north team in a best of three league ricanes on March 5, before posting a 4-1
the least. semifinals, as the Braves took out the championship. win over the Foothills Bisons the fol-
Two of the teams made it to the south Medicine Hat Black 5-3 on March 7. The Warriors, who went 28-9-5 in lowing day.
conference final, and a third played for Much like their battle all season long, the regular season and went 5-0 in the Despite dropping the final round rob-
the league championship. Here is a re- the Braves met the Taber Golden Sun in South Conference Championship, trav- in game 4-1 to the Okotoks Oilers, the
cap of each team: the South Conference tournament final elled to Rimbey to take on the West two teams were slated to meet in the
on March 8. Central Tigers in Game 1 of their cham- semifinals on March 7.
WHEATLAND BRAVES After opening the scoring in the first pionship series on March 6. The Tigers The Chiefs got their revenge with a
The Wheatland Braves hosted the period, the Braves tied the game early defeated the Braves 5-2. 8-0 pounding over the Oilers, setting
SCAHL South Conference Champi- in the second period. Taber would re- In Game 2 the following day at the up a South Conference Championship
onship tournament March 5-8 at the store their lead, before the Braves tied Strathmore Family Centre, the Braves match with the Medicine Hat Hounds.
Strathmore Family Centre. the score going into the third period. rebounded with a solid 3-2 win, forcing Despite an opening goal from Joel Ro-
After compiling a 26-7-3 regular sea- After giving up a goal 3:45 into the third a one game showdown for the league mano in the finals, the Chiefs ultimately
son record, the local double-A peewee period, the Braves scored twice midway championship and a berth in the pro- fell 3-1 in the championship game.
team entered the tournament as the sec- through the period, taking their first vincial championship. The Wheatland Athletic Association
ond seed in the South Conference. lead of the game. However, despite a valiant effort, the will gather one last time next month to
The Braves opened the tournament The Golden Suns would score a short- Warriors were defeated 4-0 in Game 3 celebrate a successful season at their
with a 11-2 win over the Lethbridge handed marker to tie the game before on March 8. annual awards dinner.

The Strathmore Times will be

FARMING and publishing this Special Supplement on
Friday, March 27, 2020
AGRICULTURE Week Deadline: March 18, 2020
To book your spot contact:
Rose 403-934-5589 or email rose@strathmoretimes.com
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

Held on December 6, 2019, this year over
$56,000 was raised to be used toward
Standard community betterment.
Thank you to the following donors and buyers, without your
support this type of event could not possibly be this successful.

2019 Standard Lions Auction DONOR List

Addlee Ventures Ltd.-Strathmore Louis Dreyfus-Lyalta
Alan Larsen-Standard Meadowlark Consulting-Bill Gauthier-Standard
Alberta Ag Centre-Crossfield Memory Lane Directors-Standard
Armstrong Auto-Hussar MNP-Drumheller
Arrowwood Co-op Association Ltd. Martin Shields-Member of Parliament
ATB Financial & Gates Agencies Ltd. Nutrien-Strathmore
AVB Greenhouses-Standard Owen Oil Tools-Standard
B & G Services-Jason Gauthier-Standard Pat Newell Equipment Hauling-Rockyford
B & P Cycle & Sports-Calgary Paterson Grain-Gleichen
George Freeman hosts 2J basketball zones Barbeejay Supplies-Cheadle
Barry & Heather Van Laar-Standard
Phil Faubion-Standard
Phoenix Signs & Graphics-Strathmore
George Freeman School hosted the 2J basketball zones on March 6-7. The George Freeman Falcons
BASF Pioneer Hi-Bred-Dave Sammons-Gleichen
boys team won second place with Prince of Peace coming up ahead of them to win gold. The George
BAYER Crop Science Prairie Source Trading Ltd.-Jamie Fraser-Lethbridge
Freeman Falcons girls placed fifth with Red Deer Lake winning the girls competition.
Ben Unger-Standard Premium Ag-Strathmore
Adelle Ellis Photos Burnco Rock Products-Strathmore Refinish FX Auto Body-Rockyford
Calgary Stockyards Ltd.-Strathmore Richardson Pioneer-Standard
Cal’s Construction-Standard Roadhouse Restaurant & Lounge-Strathmore
Canada Malting Rocking Horse Industries-Strathmore
Cervus Equipment-Drumheller Rockyford Hotel & Jeff Dick
Cheadle Lions Club Rockyford Steel
Cheyenne Heating Services-Pete Anderson-Hussar Rocky Mountain Equipment-Drumheller
Christensen Clover Farm Store-Standard Rosebud Gas Co-op Ltd.
Co-op Feeds-Calgary Rosebud Seed Plant
Core Ag Inputs-Strathmore Rosedeer Hotel/Last Chance Saloon-Wayne
Corteva Agriscience-Calgary Russ Nail-UFA-Drumheller
Creteworks Concrete Specialists-Strathmore Schumacher, Gough & Co.-Drumheller
D-Alta Mechanical Services-Rockyford Smiley’s Restaurant-Strathmore
D & S Ag-Dustin & Stephanie Larsen-Standard Standard Tire
Darcy Koester Ag Ventures-Rockyford Strathmore’s Florist
David & Marlis Nielsen-Standard Strathmore Golf Club
Drew Gregory-Standard Strathmore Motor Products
Early Bird Air Ltd.-Strathmore Strathmore Seed Cleaning Plant
HCC boys bring home gold Farmers Edge Strathmore Vet Clinic
The Holy Cross Collegiate (HCC) boys basketball Fountain Tire-Drumheller Sundgaard Poultry Farm-Standard
team won the Vegreville Composite High School Gates Agencies Ltd.-Standard Superior Feed & Supply Ltd.-Rockyford
tournament on Feb. 29. The team dominated the Gene’s Oilfield Services-Standard Syngenta Canada Inc.
competition by winning all three of their games to Getz, Collins & Associates-Strathmore T & A Electrical-Strathmore
bring home the gold medal and banner. Gibsons Energy-Standard Tankers Transfer Service-Standard
Manny Everett Photos Gleichen-Standard Transport-Darren Firkus Target Airspray Ltd.-Strathmore
Glover International Trucks-Drumheller Terry & Meryl Clark-Standard
Gray’s Ltd. -Strathmore Tervita-Standard
Gregg Distributors-Strathmore Total Control Security-Kyle Suntjens-Drumheller
Gregory, Harriman & Associates-Strathmore Twila Green-Standard
Harvest Financial & Insurance-Strathmore UFA-Strathmore
Hi-Standard Spraying UPL Agro Solutions-Leduc
-Glenn & Mark Laycock-Standard Vitera-lndus
Hugo Stolz-Strathmore Westcan Solar & Power Services-Curtis
Hunter, Wallace Surveys-Drumheller Jensen-Strathmore
Husky Oil-Standard Westergard Motors-Drumheller
Hussar Seed Cleaning Co-op Western GM-Drumheller
Keith & Donna Nelson-Standard Wild Life Distillery-Canmore
Knibb Developments-Standard Wild Rose Auction Services & Consignment Centre
Knuckle Buster Mechanic Services-Standard & Dave Johnson Auctioneering Services
Koole Livestock Hauling-Standard Yvonne Way-Standard
Larry Casey-Standard

Jurassic Ice claim zone banner 2019 Standard Lions Auction BUYERS List
The Strathmore U14A Jurassic Ice ringette team won the Big Country Zone 2 banner on March 8 at Alan Larsen Don Envoldsen Perry Ellis
the Strathmore Family Centre after defeating Cochrane 6-3. Six different scorers on the Jurassic Ice Alberta Ag. Centre Dundas Oilfield RNH Enterprises
team proved that the game and win was a total team effort, after playing two previous games against Austin Larsen Erik Bach R & M Farms
Cochrane this season with one tie and one loss. Photo Courtesy of Janique Legacé Bar Box Farms & Ranch Fred Dankwerth Richardson Pioneer
Brent Gregory Fred Rice Rick McCallum
Brian Rasmussen Fresh Earth Farms Inc. Robert Knudsen
Brian Story Gates Agencies Ltd. Romayne Gregory
Bruce McMurray Gates Mechanical Russel Hermanson
Carol Allard Getz, Collins & Associates -Ag. Mechanical
Cheadle Lions Club Gleichen Lions Club Sahara Farms
Chimney Hills Grain Gleichen Standard Transport SLD Farming Ltd
& Cattle Co. Greg Smith Slim Wilson
Clare Nelson Hans Olsen Standard Spray
Clifford Larsen Harvey Larsen Strathmore Lions Club
Cluny Lions Club Hastie Hauling Strathmore Motor Products
Cody Norton Jackie Jensen Sundgaard Poultry Farms
Cole McCallum Jared Dugan T & A Electrical
Colin Gates Jason Wilson Target Airspray Ltd.
Core Ag. JayJay Farms Ltd. Tom Ikert
Creteworks John Elias Triple G Farms Ltd.
Cochrane Lions Club Keith Nelson Tyler Duncan
Crowfoot Valley Farms Koole Livestock Hauling Wayne Dundas
Crowfoot Valley Ranch Kyle Crump West Can Solar & Lighting
D & S AG-Dustin Larsen Lawrence Jensen Westergard Motors
Dale Beingessner Matthew Nielsen Wild Iron Farms
Going to provincials Dallas Nelson Mike Inglis Wolf Willow
The Strathmore Storm peewee-B female team is off to the Alberta Provincial Championship in Ver- Darrell Larsen Mike Rasmussen Agriculture
milion after clinching the Zone final on March 1 at the Strathmore Family Centre. In a two game ag- Darren Firkus Mike Sauve
gregate, the Storm lost Game 1 6-3 in Olds on Feb. 29, before winning Game 2 the following day by Darren Larsen Murray Michie
a score of 7-3. The Storm will represent Zone 6 in the Peewee Female B Provincial Championship David Nielsen Parflesh Farms Ltd.
March 26-29. Photo Courtesy of Jodi Vanderlaan
Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Learning to curl
CLASSIFIED Some students from Wheatland Crossing
ADS IN THE School got the chance to learn curling tips
from two-time Canadian women’s cham-
TIMES! pion Heather Nedohin (second from left) in
a special Learn to Curl clinic in Standard.
Call The opportunity was provided by Rose-
403-934-5589 bud Gas Co-op. Junior
Janet Kanters Photo
Strathmore’s own Ella Haffner, 8, was the junior in-arena host during the

Pass the Salt Calgary Flames game versus the Anaheim Ducks on Family Day at the Sco-
tiabank Saddledome. Ella submitted a video audition and earned her spot
as the in-arena host. Photo Courtesy of Katelyn Redekopp
FOR THE LOVE OF as chocolate or coffee or
PANCAKES eating in front of the TV all
to remind them of Jesus’
Volleyball club takes bronze in Premier debut
A few of us will have journey to the cross and PATRICK PRICE knew each other from the other sports
Times Contributor so there was an immediate bond. They
enjoyed pancake feasts this what that means for them.
are like sponges. They are quick learn-
past week. For the church Today, many will actually Sports can be full of surprises, and one of the latest surpris- ers and soak up everything we teach
it was Shrove Tuesday. take up a practice during es on a local level occurred in Edmonton on Feb. 29-March them.”
For others, Fat Tuesday. Lent. Some activities people 1, when the upstart U14 boys’ team from the Strathmore Vol- The U14 team was created this sea-
It is a celebration and an add to their routine might leyball Club won a bronze medal in Division 2 in their first son through the Strathmore Volleyball
opportunity to enjoy eating be doing a random act Alberta Premier tournament. Club, organized by Cole Hintz. Last year,
all the rich and fatty foods of kindness each day, or The team only lost two games in one set throughout the when the club enjoyed its first season,
you have around the house choosing to be intentionally tournament while winning 10 games in five sets. there was only one team, a U15 boys’
in order to use them up generous with their time and “The only set we lost was to Lacombe in the semifinal, who team. This year, there are three teams
before the Lenten season – resources by supporting a went on to win the gold medal,” said coach Matt Byma. “One – U14, U15 and U16 – and the sport is
historically a period in the local non-profit, or reading of our best players didn’t play and I think if he was there, we growing in popularity.
could have finished first.” “About six years ago my wife and I
church calendar marked a daily reflection or a faith
The team was formed this season and is comprised of junior started a volleyball program in Strath-
by fasting and religious based book in order to grow high athletes in Strathmore. more,” said Cole Hintz, who also coach-
obligations all to prepare in their discipleship … the “The group of kids we have are remarkable athletes,” noted es the senior varsity boys’ volleyball
oneself for the holiest of opportunities are endless. Byma. “They are from four junior high schools and they all team at Strathmore High School. “It
events – Good Friday and Lent, meaning spring, play other sports like basketball and hockey. They all kind of was designed to teach kids and play-
Easter Sunday. is an opportunity for ers about the game. In volleyball you
You eat pancakes in order a lengthening in our only have to worry about a three-metre
to use up your rich and tasty discipleship. It is a gift of square, whereas in other sports you are
cream and butter and all intentional time set aside competing against another player in that
the various toppings one for us to re-turn to the God square. Last year we started the Strath-
Unit D, more Volleyball Club, where the empha-
can put on a pancake. After revealed to us in Jesus. May
sis is on development.”
this celebration, some folks we each enjoy this gift to 202 Canal Court, Due to their success in their first
will either fast through the the fullest. Strathmore, AB competitive Premier, the team will now
season of Lent or give up Rev. Pamela Scott move up to Division 1. The top three
something they enjoy such Strathmore United Church teams in Division 2 move up to Division
1 while the bottom three teams in Divi-
prowatersystems sion 1 are relegated to Division 2.
BOW RIVER ALLIANCE CHURCH SACRED HEART CATHOLIC @gmail.com “I think it will be good for the boys,”
105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym Byma said. “I think we’ll do well. A lot of
403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
teams don’t know us because we missed
Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
office@bowriveralliance.com Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki Water Softeners, Iron Filters the first Premier of the season and we
Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am were in Division 2. I have no doubt we
www.bowriveralliance.com & Drinking Water Systems can compete in Division 1, but we must
103 - 227 3rd Ave. execute. We have to make fewer mis-
(1 PET. 2:9) 587-727-0649 ´fdc≈faev√ ƒç∫ fv √s
takes than the other team. In Division 1
322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore strathmoreanglican@gmail.com Festival tickets we’ll definitely be an underdog. The top
403-714-2283 Rev. Malcolm Kern Day Pass - $5 teams don’t have us on the radar yet, but
Pastor: Sunday Adeola Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am Festival Pass - $15
they will when we play them.”
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ” Showcase concert
There is no doubt volleyball in Strath-
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm
www.rccgstrathmore.com HOPE COMMUNITY Individual - $5
Family - $10
more is gaining momentum, like a snow-
COVENANT CHURCH ball rolling down a hill. But, there are
STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424 strathmorepaf.com

Pastor: Heidi Wiebe strathmorepaf@gmail.com

extraneous aches and pains associated
50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225 with that popularity, such as poaching
Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer Worship Service Sundays 10 am @strathmorepaf

Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda www.hope-community.ca @StrathmorePAF

players by other club coaches, mainly
New Office Hours: Musical Theatre: March 27-28 - Strathmore High School
from the big cities.
9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543 Sponsored by the Town of Strathmore “As volleyball becomes more popular
Worship Service: 10:30 am Voice: March 29 - Strathmore united church
Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail Sponsored by the Town of Strathmore
in Strathmore, other coaches will ap-
Children’s Church & Nursery in Service Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe Concert Band: March 30 - Strathmore High School proach junior and senior high school
Extending Grace - igniting hope Associate Pastor: John Duerksen Sponsored by Corbiell Electrical Ltd.
www.strathmorefullgospel.com instrumental & jazz: March 31 - Holy Cross Collegiate &
players to get them to play for their club
Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde
10:00 am Worship Service
Strathmore United Church teams,” said Byma. “We have already
LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN Sponsored by Corbiell Electrical Ltd.
had a club coach approach a player.
112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374 www.strathmorealliance.com Choir: April 1 - École Brentwood Elementary School

Pastor: Dawn Nelson

Sponsored by A Friend of the Festival However, the players have to sign a
STRATHMORE UNITED ClASSROOM MUSIC: April 2 - Sacred Heart Academy &
commitment letter at the beginning of
Worship Schedule Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue École Brentwood Elementary School
Thursday Evening 7:00 pm 403-934-3025 Sponsored by A Friend of the Festival the season.”
Sunday Family 10:30 am Piano: April 3-4 - strathmore united church
Rev. Pamela Scott Sponsored by the Mary Mercer Memorial
The next Premier tournament the
Christian Education Sunday Worship 10:30 am team will be competing in is in Calgary,
For All - Ages 3-103 Sunday School 10:30 am Showcase Concert: Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00 pm
Sunday at 9:30 am hope Community Covenant Church
March 21-22, which will be followed by
Nursery Care Provided
Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Wheel Chair Accessible
Volleyball Alberta’s Provincial Champi-
Loop system for the hearing impaired onships, to be held in mid-April in Red
Meeting in the Lutheran Church MARY MERCER
Strathmore Lions Club
“I’m excited,” Byma said. “I’m excited
102 Canal Gardens MEMORIAL Cheadle Lions Club
for our team and I am excited to see
112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171
Rockyford Lions Club

Pastor: Donald Pierre Pastor: Elizabeth Karp

where this program goes in the next
Services held every Saturday Pastor: Dave Mackie 10 years. We have three underage kids
Sabbath School: 10 AM Worship Sundays 10:30 am playing on the team who will be back
Worship Service: 11 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
with us next year. There are going to be
Come Join us for a spirit-filled time a lot of good volleyball players coming
donald816@hotmail.com of worship
through the system in the future.”
Sports can be full of surprises, but not
Patrons & Donors
Lynne Fair Betty Hilton The Butler Family The Muller Family
too surprising when there are dedicated,
The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints The Steeves Family Friend of the Festival Dr. Joni McNeely passionate coaches such as Matt Byma
60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen | jbhansen2@gmail.com and Cole Hintz. The proof, the results,
403-983-2746 | LDS.org | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
are in the pudding.
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 13

Obituary Obituary Obituary
Robert “Bob” Stuart February 6, 1934 Frederick “Fred” James
It is with deep sadness that we an- – March 01, 2020 October 6th, 1941
nounce the passing of Bob on Satur- Hans passed away at the Strathmore – February 27th, 2020
day, March 6, 2020 after a brief battle Hospital on March 1, 2020 with his The family of Fred Knight would like friends and fam-
with cancer. Bob was born on December 19, 1942 family by his side. He is survived by his children ily to gather for a Celebration of Fred’s Life at the
in Calgary, AB to Stuart and Bernice Beagle. He was Marijke Barnson, and Maarten (Shanna) Vermeeren; Strathmore Civic Center located at 120 Brent Blvd,
raised on a farm near Blackie, Alberta and completed and his grandchildren Bradley (Beth), Erica, Julia and Friday March 13th, 2020 at 2:00 pm. For those who
High School in Vulcan, Alberta. In 1967, he married Halle. He was predeceased by his wife Henriette would like to attend the viewing, it will commence at
his wife Jackie and they eventually settled on their (Hetty) Vermeeren; his parents Henri and Catharina 12:00. To express condolences, please visit: www.
farm at Mossleigh where they raised their children, Vermeeren, his sister Ineke Reinhard (Frans); his son mountainviewmemorial.ca.
Rob and Janice. Huibrecht Jan (Herb) Vermeeren and extended family
Bob enjoyed spending most of his time staying busy Jim, Dianne and Kennedy Novak.
with work. He loved to work, always had something Hans studied Agronomy with a major in Tropical Ag-
on the go and would have it no other way. In the mid riculture. This led to working and living in several
80’s he founded and built Altan Duty Free Shop at countries around the world including Indonesia, Ivory NOTICE
Coutts, Alberta. Between the store and the farm, there Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Iraq and the Netherlands
was always a new project in the works. Bob also had prior to settling in Strathmore in 1980. Hans and
a real passion for listening to blues music. Hetty moved to Creston, British Columbia to retire on
Bob is survived by his wife, Jackie; son Rob (Chrisi) a saskatoon hobby farm in 1997, and moved back SEIU LAKE PRODUCT DESTRUCTION LTD.
and their children Justin, Andrea, Kurtis, and Chelbea; to Strathmore in 2013 to be closer to family. Hans ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND
daughter Janice (Steve) Habets and their son Austin; loved to farm, propagate African violets and spend ENHANCEMENT ACT
brother Gary (Barb); sister Shirley; and many nieces time with his beloved African Grey parrot, Coco. Hans NOTICE OF APPLICATION
and nephews. will be dearly missed. The family would like to thank In accordance with the Environmental Protection
A funeral service will be held on Monday, March 16, Dr. Piesas, Dr. O’Brien, all the nurses at the Strath- and Enhancement Act (EPEA), Seiu Lake Product
2020 at Carseland Community Hall at 1:00 p.m. To more Hospital and Sagewood, home care nurses, and Destruction Ltd. has applied to Alberta Environment
send condolences, please visit Bob’s obituary at Irene. At Hans’ request, a private family graveside and Parks for:
www.wheatlandfuneralhome.ca. service will be held to celebrate his life. Hans was • an approval renewal for the construction,
passionate about donating to leprosy throughout his operation and reclamation of their Hussar Waste
life after seeing the effects of this disease in Africa. Treatment Facility (Application #003-253936), and
Another cause near to his heart is to see a hospice • a one (1) year extension to the existing approval
in the county. In lieu of flowers, donations may be that expires on April 30, 2020 (Application #005

Alyssa Bailie (l-r) and Bailee Wathen of Strath-

more and the rest of the Zone 2 U16AA Blaze
Obituary made directly to either The Leprosy Mission Canada
(200-90 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario L3R 6H3
253936). An extension would allow the approval
holder to follow the terms and conditions of the
existing approval until April 30, 2021 or until a
or www.effecthope.org) or to the Wheatland & Area
captured the 2020 AA Ringette Provincial Cham- WERSHLER, Hospice Society (Box 2154 Strathmore, AB. T1P 1K2 new approval is issued, whichever comes first.
pionships in Spruce Grove on the weekend of
Feb. 28. The Blaze, consisting of players from
Wesley “Merril” or www.wheatlandhospice.ca/donate). The facility is located approximately 24 kilometers
November 13, 1935 To send condolences, please visit Hans’ obituary at east of the Village of Hussar in Wheatland County at
Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane and Strathmore, www.wheatlandfuneralhome.ca a legal land description of SW quarter of Section 05,
will now represent Alberta at the Canadian Rin- – March 4, 2020
Township 025, Range 17, West of the 4th Meridian.
gette Championships in Ottawa on April 4-11. It is with deep sadness we share the news of Merril’s This physical waste treatment facility processes:
Photo Courtesy of Kim Bailie unexpected passing on March 4, 2020 in Strathmore, • A maximum of 758,000 litres per month of
Alberta at the age of 84. off-spec non-alcoholic beverages,

Blaze win
• A typical capacity of 6 tonnes per month (up to
Born near McNutt Saskatchewan, Merril was the sec- BIRTHDAYS a maximum of 120 tonnes per month) of empty oil
ond of five children. He spent his formative years in
rural Saskatchewan before moving to Yorkton where containers, and
he completed his education. As a young man he • A typical capacity of less than 1 tonne per month

moved with the Wershler family to Calgary and it was (up to a maximum of 33 tonnes per month) of oil
there that he met June Price. They were married in
1957 and had four beautiful children - Ray, Tim, Kar- A directly affected person may provide input into
en and Blair. Merril spent most of his career working Happy certain regulatory decisions, as allowed by the

for AGT before moving to Northern Telecom where he
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
enjoyed the last few years of his career supervising (section 73). Specifically, any person who is directly
projects, first in the US then in Egypt. affected by this application may submit a written
Retiring in 1987, Merril returned to Calgary and Sheilds! statement of concern within 30 days of the date of
this notice to:
KIM BAILIE shortly thereafter reconnected with Francine Hallett,
whom he had gone to school with in Yorkton. Merril Love you Environment and Parks
U16 AA Blaze
and Francine spent the last 30 years together, enjoy- Regulatory Approvals Center
G Gramma 5th Floor, South Petroleum Plaza
ing travel, books and family, living first in Red Deer,
The Zone 2 U16AA Blaze ringette 9915 - 108 Street, Edmonton, AB T5K 2G8
before moving to Strathmore in 1998.
team returned home as champions Fax: (780) 422-0154
Merril was a great story teller, loved playing cards
and as Team Alberta from the 2020 AA and games, could fix anything and built innumerable Happy E-mail: aep.epeaapplications@gov.ab.ca

Ringette Provincial Championships in fences. He was active in sports, particularly fastball 90th The written statement of concern should include the
Spruce Grove on the weekend of Feb. and bowling, and helped coach his kids’ teams. He following:
28. had a deep love of nature and enjoyed spending time Birthday - the application number 003 & 005-253836
- describe concerns that are relevant to matters
The Zone 2 team is made up of play- hiking, bird watching and traveling with his family
and friends.
Ralph Gregory regulated by the Environmental Protection
ers under 16 years of age from Aird- Merril leaves behind his life partner, Francine Hallett; March 22 and Enhancement Act
rie, Chestermere, Cochrane and Strath- his children Ray (Deb), Tim, Karen and Blair (Paulette) - explain how the filer of the concern will be
more. They completed the round robin
1-3 pm • Sagewood directly affected by the activities proposed in
as well as Francine’s children, Leslie, Donna Hallett
undefeated as they beat Calgary Peak, (John Getz) and Adrienne Gilmore (David). He dearly (2nd floor event room) the application
- provide the legal land location of the land owned
Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove. loved his Wershler grandchildren – Julie Wershler, Come & Go or used by the filer where the concerns
Ben Wershler, Angelique Cull (Kirk) and 5-week old
In the semifinal game, Zone 2 found
great-grandson Asher Cull; as well as Hallett grand-
Celebraton described are believed to be applicable
themselves in a battle against Calgary - state the distance between the land owned or
children - Alex Getz, Kelsey Walker (Krista and chil- used by the filer and the site in the application
Tenacity. The game went back and
dren Blake & Charlotte), Jonathon (Ashley and son NOTICE - contact information including the full name and
forth before going into overtime. Each Logan), Jason, and Steven (Nicole and daughter mailing address of the filer.
team had chances to win it before Alys- Olivia). He will be sorely missed by siblings Naomi, Has this always been your home? Did your Please provide a telephone number and/or
sa Bailie (Strathmore) stole the ring at Darcy (Fran), Barry (Joan), Cleve (Laura) and his many parents or grandparents immigrate to Canada and email address for ease of contact.
the blue line, went in on a breakaway nieces and nephews. the County of Wheatland or MD or Rockyview?
Since May 2010, I have been writing a newspaper Environment and Parks will review each written
and buried the winning goal. A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday March 27,
column entitled ‘Remembering Our Roots’ which is statement of concern, seek more information
In the gold medal match, Zone 2 met 2020 at Wheatland Funeral Chapel (202 Lakeside
eventually transcribed into book form with the same if needed, and notify each filer by letter of the
St. Albert. Early in the game, St. Albert Blvd., Strathmore, AB) at 2:00 pm. decision to accept or reject their written submission
title. These articles are basically Historical Biographies
jumped ahead 2-0 but Zone 2 battled In lieu of flowers, friends wishing to make a memo- as a valid statement of concern. The Public Notice
of Seniors (age 60 and over) whose families moved to
rial contribution can do so to one of Merril’s favourite Strathmore and Wheatland County from America and of this application will also be posted on the
from behind and tied it up 2-2 after the charities – Alberta Wilderness Association (455 12 St Western Europe in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. How did Department’s website at https://avw.alberta.ca/
first period. NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Y9 or www.albertawilderness. they get here? Why did they come here? PublicNoticesViewer.aspx.
In the second period, Zone 2 took the ca/product/donate/) or Ducks Unlimited (17504 111 Over the past 10 years, I have interviewed and written
lead but St Albert came back to tie it. Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 0A2 or www.ducks.ca) articles on many who came here to homestead in the Statements of concern submitted regarding this
With the score tied 4-4, Rachel Bush- To send condolences, please visit Merril’s obituary at New World. application are public records which are accessible
www.wheatlandfuneralhome.ca But, it has been pointed out to me, that most of my by the public and the applicant. Failure to file a
field of Airdire scored her fourth goal statement of concern may affect the right to file a
articles have been written on families who came to
of the game to give Zone 2 the lead the area, east of Strathmore and Hwy 817. Notice of Appeal with the Environmental Appeals
with just a few minutes left. With some If you live west of here, and would like to be included Board.
outstanding goaltending by Carly Crone in this project, please call me at 403.827.7991.I have
published 3 books, and all are on display at the Copies of the application and additional information
of Cochrane, Zone 2 was able to hang can be obtained from:
Strathmore Library, Main Library in Calgary, The
onto the lead and bring home the gold.
As Team Alberta, the Zone 2 U16AA Like Us on Glenbow Museum, The Legislature in Edmonton, and
Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. I’ve also twice been
Seiu Lake Product Destruction Ltd.
Attention: Joe Hofer

Blaze team will compete in the Canadi- nominated to receive The Alberta Seniors Award, for PO BOX 220, HUSSAR, AB T0J 1S0
an Ringette Championships in Ottawa my writing. Telephone: 403-480-4323 or 403-324-8842
John Godsman - 403.827.7991 E-mail: joeh@ridgefarm.ca
on April 4-11.
Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020


i ce

2 Pr Strathmore Ducks Unlimited Canada is Smart has posted new exam fees. All appliances on one

1/ RS
now accepting tenders for preparation courses for level + full basement, ga-

R GE Slo-Pitch grazing on its projects. Visit people working on their next rage, fireplace, deck. No

B U FORM 1 ducks.ca/albertahaygraze steam ticket. 2A1, 2A2, 3B2 young children. Smoke out-
Dine In Only
at Origin Brewery Irrigation Districts Act
AGM for locations of properties www.SteamSmart.ca. side. $1,200/mo + utilities.
available for 2020 in Alberta. Call 403-934-8204.
(Section 45(2) (b))
Wednesday, RENTALS
Wednesdays & Sundays March 25 GET YOUR

Noon - 5 pm CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2
at 7-9 pm in WANTED bdrm. ½ month rent free
60 Spruce Park Drive,
Behind Origin Malting ANNUAL MEETING the Chuck Mercer WANTED: OLD TUBE AUDIO
Equipment. 40 years or older.
with a six month lease. Heat
& water included. No pets.
Local Home-Cooked Meals Room at the Amplifiers, Stereo, Record- Please call for availability. Apartments for Rent
TAKE NOTE that the annual meeting of the -
403-901-9554 Civic Centre ing and Theatre Sound Call Keli 403-324-2944.
irrigators of the Western Irrigation District Equipment. Hammond Or- 3 Bedroom Condos
will be held at the Strathmore Travelodge, gans, any condition. Call SMALL 1 BDRM HOUSE on for Rent
Strathmore, Alberta on the 1st day of Toll-Free 1-800-947-0393. an equine facility. N/S, no
April, 2020 beginning at 1:30 pm to: Like Us dogs, cats ok. $900/mo.
2 Storey, 3 Bedroom
on Facebook! Avail. April 1. Horse board
Units downtown
(a) present annual reports of: NOTICES extra. Contact: g_rfarms@
Experienced Cleaners
efirehose.net 403-875-9724
(i) the chair on behalf of the Board, 1&2 Bedroom Units
(ii) the manager, 3 BDRM + 2 bath house
in Strathmore
(iii) the auditor of the district, and Dementia Care remember... and garage for rent close to
in adult only building
We will do cleaning of businesses, offices, Strathmore. N/S. Pets okay.
(iv) the maintenance of irrigation works
construction cleaning & homes in Strathmore & area.
of the district, and
MeadowlarkCare.com Available March 1/20. Call Tenants pay all utilities
We carry insurance, bonded, for more info 403-934-4416. For more information
workers compensation and are licensed. (b) conduct any other business.
please call
Please contact 403-604-0181 DATED at the Town of Strathmore, this 7th day EMERALD
or email me at giport@telus.net MANAGEMENT
of February, 2020. & REALTY LTD. HOMES LTD
David McAllister P, (Eng), MSc, MBA Nancy
FOR SALE HELP WANTED General Manager @ 403-934-5687
Western Irrigation District 1 & 2 bedroom
ING. 37+ colours available Community Newspaper busi-
at over 55 Distributors. 40 ness? Post your resume for REPORT WITH YOU TO THE MEETING. & 2 stry units with
2,000 sq ft
year warranty. 24-48 hour
Express Service available at
free right where the publish-
ers are looking. Visit http:// 403-934-5294 parking, some
fully renovated of fully furnished
supporting Distributors. Call awna.com/resumes_add.
& include W/D. COMMERCIAL
“Big Blowout Sale - All Build- suffer employment/licensing
Located in a very nice
ings Priced to Clear!” 20X23 General Farm Labourer loss? Travel/business oppor- From $925.
professional mall on
$6,249. 25X27 $7,334. Creekstone Farms - Strathmore, AB tunities? Be embarrassed? + Utilities.
Think: Criminal Pardon. US en- Wheatland Trail.
28X29 $7,877. 30X31 Job Description: Creekstone Farms is looking for a Ask about our
try waiver. Record purge. File $13/sq ft. Fully finished
$8,965. 32X31 $9,863. One highly motivated individual to operate all manner rental incentives:
destruction. Free consultation. with desks, etc.
End Wall included. Pioneer of farm machinery and assist in all aspects of the
Steel 1-855-212-7036 growing season.
SPEARGRASS GOLF COURSE IS HIRING 1-800-347-2540. www.ac- 403-801-2021 Please call
www.pioneersteel.ca. Duties: • Field work (discing, harrowing...etc.) for the 2020 season cesslegalmjf.com. 403-934-7239
• Seeding • Swathing crops for silage and harvest Work available from April to November. LEASE
INTEGRITY POST FRAME • Load and unload trucks (fertilizer and grain) (Estimate) (We are located 15 minutes GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad
BUILDINGS since 2008 BUILT by use of augers south of Strathmore) credit? Bills? Unemployed? Village of Rockyford,
WITH CONCRETE POSTS. • Baling of straw and hay • Maintain equipment Need Money? We Lend! If you Box 294, Rockyford, AB, T0J 2R0
Barns, Shops, Riding Are- • Use of GPS systems (John Deere- Starfire) F/T and P/T staff for all areas own your own home - you (403) 533-3950 village@rockyford.ca
nas, Machine Sheds and of the operation: qualify. Pioneer Acceptance
Qualifications: Previous farm experience and
more, sales@integritybuilt.
familiarity with the described duties is a must. Cooks
Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-
987-1420. www.pioneerwest.
com 1-866-974-7678 www.
Class 1 driver’s licence is considered an asset, COMMERCIAL SPACE
however it is not a requirement. Servers com.
The Village has commercial space for lease
www.strathmoretimes.com Job Type: Full-time Proshop Assistants DRUGS or ALCOHOL AFFECT-
ING your home/work life?
in Prairie Ridge Park and the zoning for this
property is Central Business. We have more
Replies are to go to Chris@cattleland.ca
and Keith@cattleland.ca
Grounds Maintenance iRecover Addiction Treatment
than one room available and the sizes vary.
HELP WANTED Benefits Include:
Centers rehab facility provides
medical detox and substance Space is customizable to suit your needs with

• Free Golf abuse treatment. www.iRe- approval from the Village.
• Meal & Merchandise Discounts cover.ca; 1-877-387-4155.
Lease rate is $1/ft2 and includes utilities.
• Great Work Atmosphere
• Very Competitive Wages HIP/KNEE REPLACEMENT. Some of the permitted uses in this zone are

Other medical conditions office space, retail (excludes cannabis sales),

NOW HIRING Phone: 403 901-1134


causing TROUBLE WALKING or clinic, personal service. For a more detailed list,
please contact our office or check the Land Use
Fax to: 403 901-1139

SEASONAL BUILDINGS & GROUNDS STAFF Credit allows for $3,000 yearly Bylaw at www.rockyford.ca.

! Will be required to work days, evenings, weekends & extended hours during the Strathmore Stampede
Will be required to work days, evenings, weekends & extended hours during the Strathmore Stampede
! Will be required to work days, evenings, weekends & extended hours during the Strathmore Stampede E-Mail your resume to:
tax credit and $30, 000 lump
sum refund. Take advantage of To arrange a viewing, please contact
! Required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions
• Will be required to work days, evenings, weekends & extended
Required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions
! Required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions
! General grounds maintenance including but not limited to mowing lawns, weed whacking & general clean up proshop@speargrass.ca this offer. Apply NOW; quickest the office and we would be happy to set
General grounds maintenance including but not limited to mowing lawns, weed whacking & general clean up
! General grounds maintenance including but not limited to mowing lawns, weed whacking & general clean up
hours during the Strathmore Stampede
! General building maintenance as required refund Nationwide: Expert something up for you.
General building maintenance as required
! General building maintenance as required
! Set up and tear down for events
• Required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions
Set up and tear down for events
! Set up and tear down for events
maintenance@speargrass.ca help. 1-844-453-5372.
! Work well independently and with others and be very hard working
Work well independently and with others and be very hard working
! Work well independently and with others and be very hard working
• General grounds maintenance including but not limited to
! Ability to operate agricultural equipment would be considered an asset as well as a valid driver’s licence
Ability to operate agricultural equipment would be considered an asset as well as a valid driver’s licence
! Ability to operate agricultural equipment would be considered an asset as well as a valid driver’s licence REAL ESTATE
mowing lawns, weed whacking & general clean up


• General building maintenance as required
! Administrative and event planning support for Cowboy Town Concert and Strathmore Stampede
Administrative and event planning support for Cowboy Town Concert and Strathmore Stampede
! Administrative and event planning support for Cowboy Town Concert and Strathmore Stampede
! Support several volunteer committees leading up to & during their events during the Strathmore Stampede
• Set up and tear down for events
Support several volunteer committees leading up to & during their events during the Strathmore Stampede
! Support several volunteer committees leading up to & during their events during the Strathmore Stampede
! Provide excellent customer service to our guests
Provide excellent customer service to our guests
! Provide excellent customer service to our guests
• Work ! DEAD
well independently OR and ALIVE
! Assist with the sales of Stampede tickets
with others and be very
Assist with the sales of Stampede tickets
! Assist with the sales of Stampede tickets
Must have strong computer and organizational skills
Must have strong computer and organizational skills
! Must have strong computer and organizational skills
hard working
! Must be able to work independently and as a member of a team
Must be able to work independently and as a member of a team
! Must be able to work independently and as a member of a team

Canadian Prairie Pickers

! Other duties as assigned
• Ability
Other duties as assigned
! Other duties as assigned
to operate agricultural equipment would be considered

Canadian Prairie Pickers

an asset as well as a valid driver’s licence
Deadline to apply is April 3, 2020. Please submit resume and cover letter via email: ryan@strathmorestampede.com
Deadline to apply is April 3, 2020. Please submit resume and cover letter via email: ryan@strathmorestampede.com
Deadline to apply is April 3, 2020. Please submit resume and cover letter via email: ryan@strathmorestampede.com
Fax: (403) 901-0299, or at the office in a sealed envelope: 122 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB
Fax: (403) 901-0299, or at the office in a sealed envelope: 122 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB
Fax: (403) 901-0299, or at the office in a sealed envelope: 122 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB
No phone calls please. No phone calls please.
No phone calls please.
are once again ASSISTANT
touring the area! POSITIONS are once again touring the area!
• Administrative and event planning support for Cowboy Town
Paying Cash
Concert and For Coin
Strathmore Collections,
Stampede Paying Cash For Coin Collections, 209 Ranch Ridge MD C4279579 $189,900
• Support several volunteer committees leading up to & during 3 bed |   1.5 bath | 1035 sq ft
their events during & Gold Stampede
the Strathmore Coins, Silver & Gold Coins, Neat as a pin and ready to move in! Welcome Home! Centrally

• Provide excellent Can.service
customer Mintto Sets.
our guests Royal Can. Mint Sets. located! Great value, walking distance to shopping! This unit is
well cared for & move in ready! Neutral décor throughout & well
• Assist with the sales of Stampede tickets
• Must haveAlso Buyingand Gold Jewelryskills Also Buying Gold Jewelry located in the complex. Park right out front! Lots of natural light!
strong computer organizational The main floors gives great space! Living area, kitchen & dining
area along with a two piece bath. Upstairs is great space! 3

• Must be able to work independently and as a member of a team
$ $ $
$ $ Weaspurchase
assigned rolls, bags
$ $ We purchase rolls, bags
$ $ bedrooms& a terrific 4 pc bath. The master bedroom is a great
• Other duties size with a walk in closet. The basement is partially finished &
or boxes of silver coins or boxes of silver coins the balance is ready for your ideas!
Don't miss out on this great opportunity!
Deadline to apply is April 3, 2020.
Please submit resume and cover letter via email:
To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit Michelle Eldjarnson
arrange a free, discrete
(403) 901-0299, in-home
or at the office visit envelope:
in a sealed
122 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB Broker
call Kellie at 778-257-8647
No phone calls please.
call Kellie at 778-257-8647 (403) 869-9636
Bonded since 1967 Bonded since 1967
March 13, 2020 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 15

Green, Heated or Spring- with a classified ad. Only
thrashed Canola. Buying: $269 (based on 25 words
oats, barley, wheat & peas or less). Reach 97 weekly

for feed. Buying damaged newspapers. Call NOW for

or offgrade grain. “On Farm details. 1-800-282-6903 Ext

Pickup” Westcan Feed & 200; www.awna.com.
Grain, 1-877-250-5252.


Mechanical PHR
Prairie Home Roofing
Prairie Home Roofing


the job done right the FIRST time!
the job done right the FIRST time!
LEADER IN HOME Specializing in:
Prairie Home Roofing
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair

Services! • Tractor & Combine Repairs

Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Get the job done
Roofing Siding
FIRST time!
• Acreage Equipment Soffit
Fascia •• Eavestrough
TRUCK MOUNTED CARPET CLEANING • Lawn & Garden Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
FURNACE & DUCT CLEANING Calgary• 403-796-5381
Metal Roofing 403-796-5381
From “General Maintenance” Soffit & Fascia 403-901-7484
• Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
to “Major Overhauls” info@prairiehomeroofing.com
THE CARPET COP Calgary 403-796-5381
Offer Code: Enter this 5-digit code Shop located 10 minutes east of Strathmore www.prairiehomeroofing.com
AB-001 Kelly Camden Strathmore 403-901-7484
when requesting your free offer
403.991.6192 Murray FREE ESTIMATES
kellycamden@hotmail.com 403-540-8264 403-934-2675 FREE ESTIMATES

PROFESSIONAL Proudly Serving Wheatland County and Area Since 1988

DIRECTORY StrathmoreTimes.com
www. HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC www. StrathmoreTimes.com



APPLIANCE REPAIR SPECIALIST FB Boersema & Partners Ltd. Mobile Licensed

Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes
SERVICING MOST Heavy Duty Mechanic
“Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper
Ryan Mack
Red Seal Journeyman
and build it to your satisfaction.”
Ty Schneider 403.875.7013
Certified I.C.F. Installers tjheavydutymechanical@gmail.com
403-324-8750 403-651-4637 fbbp@efirehose.net
rrmack@yahoo.com www.fbboersema.com
Email: fbbp@efirehose.net

Check us out ONLINE!!

Serving the Foothills since ‘78. “Everything you need to turn raw land into your home”
www. StrathmoreTimes
StrathmoreTimes.com UPHOLSTERY

Handy Kinda Guy Ace Custom Sewing.com

Repair, Build & Upholstery
• Painting • Plumbing PAINTING / FLOORING Strathmore AB
• Small Renovations • Furniture
• Decks & Fences
• Bathrooms
Cover Up Painting • R.V. Interiors
• Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,
Residential - Commercial - Industrial
Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service • APPLIANCE BEST WORK & REASONABLE PRICES Snowmobile Seats & Boat Interiors
• Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
For more information
Call BOB 403-861-7822
Phone: 403-934-7188 COMMERIAL & RESIDENTIAL
Call Debi 403-901-0342
or Text 403-324-7710
Email: jpjesco@efirehose.net Mason Walstra
www.jescoelectrical.ca GENERAL CONTRACTORS — 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE —
3” wide 3” wide version WATER SYSTEMS
Serving Southern Alberta 1999
All Decked Out AB 403-934-3212 | 306-320-7372

q u e eze
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Kitchens, Bathroom Renos and province wide
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Basement Developments PLUMBING & HEATING INC.
with a combined circulation
for only... & HEATING INC.
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households
of over 710,000
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households
Additions, Roofing • Hotwater Tanks plus GST/HST
• Furnaces
Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada Fences & Decks Value Ad Network
• Renovations • Hydronic Heating
Alberta • Service
WeeklyWork • Gas Fitting
Newspapers Association
Maurizia Hinse
Aluminum Rail toll free• New Construction x200
1-800-282-6903 • Sewer Cleaning/
780-434-8746 ext. Vinyl
200& Composite Decking email •classifieds@awna.com
Commercial Sewer Camera
classifieds@awna.com or visit this community
Bill Evans 403-901-8875 bill@alldeckedoutab.ca
Wes Breault 403-999-7097 wes@alldeckedoutab.ca
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One “small” ad •Great BIG Results Squeezthe MOST out of your advertising dollars
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Over 1.6 million readers
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Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households with a combined circulation
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households of over 710,000 for only...
plus GST/HST
Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada Value Ad Network
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association
Maurizia Hinse
toll free 1-800-282-6903 x200 403-934-4271
780-434-8746 ext. 200 email classifieds@awna.com Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
classifieds@awna.com or visit this community newspaper Email: mmdrill@mmdrilling.ca
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • March 13, 2020 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Town of Strathmore Community Page

Public Notices — Be Informed
Next Council Meeting
Council Meeting | March 18, 7:00pm at Town Hall
Utility Invoices
Notice a spike on your February Utility Invoice?
Changes made to Strathmore's utility invoices to improve transparency resulted
Senior's Coffee in a one-time technical glitch. One component of the Sewer & Storm Sewer &
Reserve Fee was not charged for some residents on their January 2019 invoices.
Senior's Coffee: Wednesday Mar 18, 10-11am at
The problem was identified and corrected. Utility customers who were not charged
the Strathmore Municipal Library. Guest Speaker for all fees in January received a corrected charge on their February 2020 invoice.
Value Drug Mart Pharmacy. We apologize for this billing error.

Reminder: Get Your 2020 Business License

Float Yoga
Although the fee for In-Town Business Licenses has been waived, each business is
Beginning March 12, Float Yoga at the
still required to obtain a 2020 Town of Strathmore Business License.
Strathmore Aquatic Centre, Thursday
evenings from 8:00 – 9:15 pm. To receive your Business License, please contact Development Services at
Drop-Ins: $22.00 (pending availability) 403-934-3133, press # (ext.306), email development@strathmore.ca or visit
8 Class Session: $160.00 Town Office at 680 Westchester Road (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm).
Register at Strathmore.perfectmind.com
Strathmore Municipal Building Update
Obstacles can become opportunities. There have been challenges with construction
Drop-In Touch Rugby of the Strathmore Municipal Building over the past few months. Unexpectedly
Drop-In Touch Rugby at the Strathmore Motor
deteriorated underground utilities were uncovered during excavation. Properly
Products Sports Centre. All skill levels, ages
remediating these utilities delayed some work on the overall project. The benefit
16 and over are welcome. Instruction will be
is improved water and soil quality in Kinsmen Park for years to come.
provided for those new to the sport. Please
wear running shoes only (no cleats). The Strathmore Municipal Building is an exciting project for our community. It will
add year-round washrooms for Kinsmen Park, improve convenience for Strathmore
Friday, March 13, 6:00-7:30pm
residents, and help to revitalize our Downtown.
Thursday, March 26, 6:00-7:30pm
For more information visit Strathmore.ca
Monday, March 30, 7:30-9:00pm

Closed for the Season Protect your Property during the Spring Melt!
Above zero temperatures Catch basins are curbside drains that move snow melt and storm water into
have exposed concrete in our the drainage system to prevent pooling of water on our streets. Public Works
Outdoor Rink (ODR). It is not Operators are grading alleyways and roadways to improve drainage of the melting
safe for public skating. With snow.
Spring on the way, the facility You can help keep the water moving and
is now closed for the winter off neighbourhood streets by clearing
season. However, once the debris, ice and snow blocking catch
ice has completely melted, basins. Remove ice and snow from the
we will perform our annual face of the catch basin with a shovel or
maintenance to reopen the ice scraper. It is also helpful to create
ODR for roller hockey. Stay a trench leading up to the catch basin
tuned. (around corners and along driveways).
If you are experiencing flooding due
to a blocked catch basin and require
Summer Day Camps with the Child, Youth and assistance please contact Town of
Strathmore Public Works
Family Hub—Registration NOW OPEN! 403-361-2137.

For more information visit: strathmore.ca/camps/

To register call: 403-934-4918 or email: cyfh@strathmore.ca
Curbside Organics
Subsidy available to those who qualify.
Where do PIZZA BOXES go?

Place food soiled

paper or cardboard
in your green cart
X Paper and cardboard
that has not been food
soiled does NOT
go in your green cart.

For Green Cart Information Visit Strathmore.ca

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore AB T1P 1J6 . 403 934 3133 . For News Updates Visit Strathmore.ca

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