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Test Your Vocabulary Skills
List of Common Abstract Nouns

ability energy intelligence sacrifice

adoration enhancement jealousy sadness
adventure enthusiasm joy sanity
amazement envy justice satisfaction
anger evil kindness self-control
anxiety excitement knowledge sensitivity
apprehension failure laughter service
artistry faith law shock
awe faithfulness liberty silliness
beauty faithlessness life skill
belief fascination loss slavery
bravery favouritism love sleep
brutality fear loyalty sophistication
calm forgiveness luck sorrow
chaos fragility luxury sparkle
charity frailty maturity speculation
childhood freedom memory speed
clarity friendship mercy strength
coldness generosity motivation strictness
comfort goodness movement stupidity
communication gossip music submission
compassion grace need success
confidence graciousness omen surprise
contentment grief opinion sympathy
courage happiness opportunism talent
crime hate opportunity thrill
curiosity hatred pain tiredness
customer service hearsay patience tolerance
death helpfulness peace trust
deceit helplessness peculiarity uncertainty
dedication homelessness perseverance unemployment
defeat honesty pleasure unreality
delight honour poverty victory
democracy hope power wariness
despair humility pride warmth
determination humour principle weakness
dexterity hurt reality wealth
dictatorship idea redemption weariness
disappointment idiosyncrasy refreshment wisdom
disbelief imagination relaxation wit
disquiet impression relief worry
disturbance improvement restoration
education infatuation riches
ego inflation romance
elegance insanity rumour

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