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SUBJECT: Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing

TOPIC: A Health Talk on Postnatal Exercise


Miss. Divya rohit, Miss. Ravina patel,
Assistant professor, 1 st year M.sc (N) student,
Nootan college of nursing, NCN, visnagar

SUBMISSION DATE: 29 / 03/2019



1 General objective 04

2 Specific objective 04

3 Introduction of postnatal exercise 05

4 Definition 05

5 Purpose 05

6 General instruction 06

7 Detail of postnatal exercise 07

8 Importance 13

9 Summary 14

10 Bibliography 15


Name : Ms Ravina Patel

Subject : Midwifery and obstetric nursing
Topic : A health talks on postnatal exercise.
Group of participants : Postnatal mothers and their relatives.
Date : 29/03/2019
Time : 10:00 AM
Venue : Postnatal ward
Method of teaching : lecture cum discussion.
Av aids : flash card.


After attending health talk on postnatal exercise participants are able to

know about the meaning of postnatal, postnatal exercise, types of postnatal
exercise and its important. They can also know about the how to demonstrate
the exercise.


After completion of the health talk the participants will be able to:
 Introduction to the topic.
 Define postnatal exercise.
 Purpose of postnatal exercise
 General instruction
 Explain the postnatal exercise
 Importance of postnatal exercise.

1 1 Introduction  Postnatal exercise should be started Lecture cum Flash card What is the
minute of the as soon after birth as possible in discussion meaning of
postnatal order to improve circulation. postnatal
exercise Strengthen pelvic floor and exercise?
abdominal muscles and prevent
transient and long term problems.
2 1 Definition of A series of physical exercise that are Lecture cum Flash card Define the
minute postnatal performed by the postnatal mothers discussion postnatal
exercise to bring about optimal functioning of exercise.
all system and prevent complication.
3 2 Purpose of 1. To improve the tone of muscle Lecture cum Flash card What is the
minute postnatal which are stretched during discussion purpose of
exercise pregnancy and labour specially the postnatal
abdominal and perineal muscles. exercise?
2. To educate about correct posture
and body mechanism.
3. To minimize the risk of puerperial
venous thrombosis by promoting
circulation and preventing venous
4. To prevent backache.
5. To prevent stress incontinence of
4 1 General  Before starting and after Lecture cum Flash card Which type of
minute instruction finishing exercise, the mother discussion general
must practice deep breathing. instruction
 Never hold breathing while follow during
performing exercise the performing
 Relax the muscle after the of postnatal
performing each exercise exercise?
 Exercise must be done in a
controlled and rhythmical

5 2 Explain all the ABDOMINAL EXERCISE Lecture cum How to perform

minute postnatal  Explain the women to assume a discussion abdominal
exercise. supine position with bent. exercise?

 Explain her to inhale through the

nose, keep the rib cage as
stationary as possible and allow
the abdomen to expand and then
contract the abdominal muscle

as she exhales slowly through
the mouth.
 Explain her to place one hand on
the chest and one hand on the
abdomen when inhaling. The
hand on the abdomen should rise
and the hand on the chest should
remain Stationary.
 Repeat the exercise five times.

1 HEAD LIFT Lecture cum How to perform

minute This exercise can be started within a discussion head lift

few days after child birth. exercise?

 Instruct the mother to lie supine

with knees bent and arms
anterior stretched at her side.
 Instruct her to inhale deeply at
first and then exhale while lifting
the head slowly, to hold the
position for a few seconds and

2 HEAD AND SHOULDER Lecture cum How to perform
minute RAISING discussion head and
shoulder raising
On the second postpartum day
instruct women to:
 Lie flat without pillow and raise
head until the chain touches the
 On 3rd post partum day instruct
her to: Raise both head and
shoulder off the bed and lower
than slowly. Gradually increase
the number of repetitions until
she is able to do this for 20time.

1 LEG RAISING Lecture cum How to perform

minute This exercise may begin on the 7th discussion leg raising

postpartum day. Instruct women to.. exercise?

 Lie Down on the floor with no

pillows under the head. Point toe
and slowly raise one leg keeping
the knee straight
 Lower the leg slowly.

 Gradually increase to ten times
each leg.

2 PELVIC TILTING OR ROCKING Lecture cum How to perform

minute  Lie flat on the floor with knees discussion pelvic tilting

bent and feet flat, inhale and exercise?

While ex hating flatten the back

hard against the floor so that
there is no space between the
back and the floor.
 Inhale normally holds breath for
up to 10 seconds and then
 Repeat up to 10 times.

2 KNEE AND LEG ROLLING Lecture cum How to perform

minute Instruct women to… discussion knee and leg

 Lie flat on her back with knees rolling exercise

bent and feet flat on the floor or during

bed. postpartum

 Keep the shoulder and feet period?

stationary and roll the knees to

side to touch first one side of the

bed, then the other.
 Maintain a smooth motion as the
exercise is repeated five times.
 Later, as flexibility increases, the
exercise can be able varied by
the rolling of one knee only.

1 HIP HITCHING Lecture cum How to perform

minute Instruct mother to: discussion hip hitching

 Lie on her back with one knee exercise during

bent and the other knee straight. postnatal

 Slide the heel of the straight leg period?

 Downwards, thus lengthening

the leg.
 Shorten the same leg by drawing
the hip up towards the ribs on
the same side and repeat.

1 ABDOMINAL TIGHTEN Lecture cum How to perform

minute Instruct women to : discussion abdominal

 Sit comfortable on knee on all tighten

fewer. exercise?

 Breath in and extend them pull

in the lower part of the abdomen
below the umbilicus while
continuing to breath normally.
 Hold for up to 10 seconds.
 Repeat up to 10times.

1 FOOT AND LEGS EXERCISE: Lecture cum Flash card How to perform
minute Instruct mother to: Sit or half if i.e. discussion foot and leg

with legs supported. Bend arm exercise?

stretched and ankles at least 12

times. Circle both feet at the ankle at
least 12 times in each direction.
Brace both knees hold for a count of
four then relax. Repeat 12 times.
2 PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISE Lecture cum How to perform
minute (Kegel exercise) discussion pelvic floor
Instruct woman to: Sit, stand or half
lie with for front passages as if to
stop the flow of urine in mid stream.
Hold the contraction for ten seconds.
This is repeated up to 10 times.
Continue to do this exercise for 2-3
months. After three months if the

mother is able to cough deeply with
a full bladder without leaking urine,
she may stop the exercise. If leaking
occurs, she may continue the
exercise for the rest of her life.
1 CHEST EXERCISE: Lecture cum Flash card How to perform
minute Instruct mother to: Lie flat with arm discussion chest exercise

extended straighten to the side during postnatal

,bring both hands together above the period?

chest while keeping the arms

straight ,hold for a few seconds and
return to the straight position.
Repeat exercise five initially and
follow the health care provided for
increasing the number of
repetitions. Instruct the mother to
bend her elbows, clasp her hands
together above her chest and press
her hands together for a few seconds
repeat this at least five times.
6. 1 Importance of  Reduce fat Lecture cum Flash card What is the
minute the postnatal  Maintain figure, shape of breast discussion importance of the
exercise postnatal

 Promote rapid recovery of the exercise?

 Prevent complication

 Prevent backache

 Correct posture

 Increase general circulation

 Prevent incontinence of urine


Postnatal exercise should be started as soon after birth as possible in order to

improve circulation. Strengthen pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and prevent transient
and long term problems. A Series of physical exercise that are performed by the postnatal
mothers to bring about optimal functioning of all system and prevent complication.
Postnatal exercise includes abdominal exercise, head lift, leg rising, pelvic floor exercise,
chest exercise etc, are helpful to reducing to excessive fat and maintain the figure.


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