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November / December 2004

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Waiting for Gnosis

nowledge,” it has
been said “is
power.” We have
also heard that “a
little knowledge is a dangerous thing”
(emphasis on ‘little’). The important
question is, it seems to us: what is
knowledge anyway? Or—to take a cue
from neurotic contemporary
thought—does it even exist?
For many great and ancient spiri-
tual traditions, gnosis or knowledge
of some sort—self-knowing, truth-
knowing, love-knowing, etc.—is ‘a’
goal, if not ‘the’ goal, of the life. And
yet Western culture, it seems to us,
has come to question the very possi-
bility of knowing anything with cer-
tainty, least of all, the answers to ulti-
mate questions of truth—Who are
we?..Where did we come from?..What
James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause
is our purpose? etc. The issue, of
course, is not whether there is such a thing as truth, but rather—whatever it may be—how
capable are we of apprehending it. In fact, from Slaughterhouse Five to Clockwork Orange,
from Catcher in the Rye to Rebel Without a Cause, countless contemporary myths have
made disputing the capacity of humankind to understand truth into a kind of heroism.
From psychoanalysis to existentialism, from situation ethics to political correctness, the
main effect of today’s thought has been to undermine the authority that goes with true
knowledge. Hamlet-like we are left to wonder if we should ‘be’ or not ‘be.’
On such issues, science—at least the kind that dominates our civilization today—does
us little good. The best an honest empirical method can hope to achieve is an indication of
probabilities. Nowhere to be found in the halls of academia is pure knowing, the kind that
comes with what philosopher Theodore Roszak once called “rhapsodic declaration.” Present
in copious quantities, though, is despair.
When, a few centuries ago, we decided to free ourselves from the corrupt priesthood of
the dark ages and to turn to what we thought was a more enlightened way of deciding
things, we believed we were getting closer to true knowing. Ironically, what we got in the
bargain was ‘doubt,’ and to replace old superstitions came a new kind of fear. Instead of hell-
fire we got the void. It has taken a while for the full implications to sink in, but who can
question that a widespread hunger for certitude now threatens to overwhelm civilization.
Sadly, that unrequited longing has already taken many beyond the brink of madness and
into the abyss. And, into the knowledge vacuum created by our corrupt scientific priesthood
has rushed a multitude of false priests and charlatans promising the true wine of spiritual
knowledge but delivering—from genocide to jihad—a plethora of poisons instead. Whether
Adolph Hitler or Osama Bin Laden, the pied pipers of hell, by exploiting the legitimate
human desire for ultimate answers, have continued to ensnare the unwary masses.
Notwithstanding such bitter facts, though, we at Atlantis Rising do not believe that the
quest for truth can or should ever be abandoned. Far from it. We do suggest, however, that
the goal be pursued more sanely, wisely, and less fanatically.
For those lost in the meaningless sea of contemporary life who yet seek to navigate past
the pirate coves and into the safe harbor of true gnosis, it is worth remembering that
anyone claiming special knowledge of such things, and seeking the authority that goes with
it, is subject to challenge and to being required, among other things, to show his real fruits.
Or, to put it another way when it comes to evaluating truth, the proof is in the pudding.
Nothing else has quite the flavor of the real thing.

PO Box 4
Lyndon, KS 66451 Publisher

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When the Truth Shakes

riting to Atlantis face of the two. Else, how did
Rising, via snail mail Reich’s cloudbuster work? Hint:
or e-mail is the best, Here is one interface. Tom Bearden
but not the only way to does not know of the sound or
make your views known to our chemical ether spoken of by
readers. There are also “forums” on Steiner. Tom should read Steiner.
the Atlantis Rising web site (go to With his four-law logic, here is a
www. AtlantisRising.com and select huge extension of scientific
“Discussions”). thought not seen on the planet for
thousands of years. Even if we get
More on Gene Mallove rid of the need for carbon for fuel,
Eugene Mallove was ahead of we will still need it for the petro-
his time for sure. It’s good to know chemical industry, which itself is
those who write in your very infor- huge on the planet.
mative magazine. It is by far, for Do not believe in fads; global
the money, the top shelf stuff. I let warming is a farce.
a lot of fellows look at the maga- Tom Batorski
zine. Some get enlightened, some Angola, NY
get shaken. Truth is often identi-
fied in this manner. You cannot Air Core Coils
stand in its presence without doing Your explanation of funnels
so. There has been a long war over makes sense (“Dealing with the
this matter. Let’s hope we can Tornado Threat,” by Peter Bros,
move many into the light on this A.R. #47). In short, a funnel is a
subject of cold fusion. There’s a whirling group of electrons re-
proverb about depending on oil; it turning to the atmosphere—a
will lead to poverty. bunch here that whirls back as a
Let’s hope our fellows in Wash- funnel and another bunch there
ington move on this a bit faster. I whirling back as a funnel—and that
don’t mind risking my life for the is a coil! Precisely as all coils made
truth. But to give it up for some of of wire wrapped around a coil form
the causes that we have... I just or an iron core.
don’t know. Let’s also hope the Al- What’s still not seen (but is a be-
One has to marvel at the ingenuity of the
mighty gives us some time to move on it. ginning with your view) is coils of electric
crisis fanatics. Anyone familiar with Atlantis
Tam Lee Ally current need not be made of wires or any
Rising has heard of Wilhelm Reich. His
Lima, OH other metals. The coils also exist without
work alone is enough to sink the global-
warming-due-to-carbon-dioxide (theory). any materials at all. Made of only electrons
The Galileo article deserves a response. themselves—as occurs in radio vacuum
Our scientists are not smart enough to see
(“Gallileo of our Time,” Brian O’leary’s eu- tubes (particularly the magnetron tubes of
through this. Or they are deliberately in a
logy to Gene Mallove, A.R. #47). While in radar and microwave ovens).
power grab. Imagine declaring carbon di-
favor of finding an alternative to burning What you consider as something the coil
oxide a pollutant!
things for energy, the article says things goes around isn’t a “primary flow of elec-
I offer the following: if the recent so-
that just need correction. trons” but is the magnetic field where the
called storms and drought are not just part
Where are the hundreds of millions iron core is located. If used. Or plain air if
of a longer climate cycle, then someone who
killed in the quest for oil? WW 2? That was a it’s an air core coil. There isn’t any electric
is very familiar with Reich’s work can engi-
race war. Both the Germans and the Japa- current there at all. But, the magnetic field
neer a drought, flood, etc. This has been
nese thought they were superior to us. If the there must be larger than the earth’s field.
widely published. Reich’s work was picked
conflict in the Mideast was strictly for oil, Maybe as much as permanent magnets
up by Constable. So if the work has been
then the whole thing could be defused by have—the average kind found in speakers
continued by other hostile powers, then it
drilling in the Arctic or even here in Lake and the like. It should be detectable by a
will look natural. This is of course true,
Erie. The Canadians drill anyway, but the US compass—An ordinary compass—or the
since this is how nature works, via these
side is off limits for environmental reasons. new ones using Hall devices and mounted
etheric or even astral energies. This is called
‘Global warming’ is just another fad. In the on the dashboard of cars.
the veil of nature by the occultists. Reich
70s it was ‘global cooling.’ Legislation was In short, these small funnels and the tor-
broke through it. Tesla did too, but his work
going to be enacted to limit dust. This dust nado, itself, ARE air core coils made of an
was too valuable to sink. Why, even the Arab
was thought to promote cloud formation electric current of electron flow that’s (the)
nations use the Tesla polyphase system.
and coolness. Buffalo had its famous Bliz- same as the current in a bolt of lightning—
I believe the solution to the energy
zard of 1977. It was blamed on dust from roughly the same.
crisis, so called, will come from a marriage
man’s activities. If this was not curtailed, Moses Bernard
of Tom Bearden’s work on logic and
then man would face extinction due to cold, North Las Vegas, NV
Steiner’s etheric and astral energy descrip-
starvation, etc.
tions. Somewhere there must be an inter- Continued on Page 9
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The Promethionby Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.

ISBN: 0-9652292-6-2
This classic book was the inspiration for the sound
energy work of Nicole Lavoie (Return to Harmony)
Here is the Periodic Table in all its glory! Scogna
brings together the natural philosophy of the ancient
Greeks with the I Ching and modern day physics.
Scogna defines the elements of the aura and explains
how this field can be manipulated and unbalanced by
association, contact and impact with radiant waves of
energy and frequencies so prevalent in our modern
world. Imbalances of the 64 electric pressure levels affect
human beings, but he includes suggestions for change –
pressure, sound, color, nutrition.
Of importance are the lists of elemental pairs as used
in sound therapy, trigger points and history and person-
ality of the elements.
Long out of print, this 2003 limited edition has been
beautifully upgraded. Hardcover, 391 pp, for profes-
sionals of the sciences, energetic healing arts, sound
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Why the answers theoretical science provides aren’t an-
swers at all, why it can’t tell us what light is, why planets
rotate or orbit the sun, or even what a tornado is?
Government, religion, medicine, law, production, all
the intellectual pursuits we need to advance civilization,
have been opened up, democratized to accept input from
all sources.
Newton determined gravity is proportional to matter
using a formula that made all planets equal by volume. He
didn’t even know about an atom, let alone different atoms.
Peter Bros’ latest book is a scathing attack on current
science, and would be humorous but for the fact that our
technology, our very survival, depends on the accuracy of
our scientific theory. Scientists won’t talk about possibili-
ties like flying saucers because it would expose the nature
of their crackpot ideas, objects fall because they fall,
planets orbit because they orbit, and light is light because
it is light.
Let’s Talk Flying Saucers
How Crackpot Ideas Are Blinding Us to
Reality and Leading Us to Extinction
Peter Bros
A Trade Paperback at 300 pages, it places science
as the only intellectual pursuit that still operates
on feudalistic principles

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demonstrated beyond any doubt that the
Continued from page 6 text of the New Testament as it came down
to us through the centuries was riddled with
Defending Heresy corruptions and that there was no statement
Regarding the statement, by “Anony- in the earlier texts that Christ was divine.
mous, The Internet,” in the Reader Com- One such excellent work is “The Orthodox
ments section of A.R. #47, that “Arians be- Corruption of Scripture” by Dr. Bart D.
lieved Jesus was created but the words of Ehrman.
Christ as well as the apostolic writings re- We’re not talking here necessarily about
corded in the New Testament clearly refute religious “conspiracy” rather, we’re talking
this view and so Arianism was rejected”: about a huge, maddeningly elusive and com-
Nowhere in the New Testament was it plicated mass of literary and historical
originally stated, by Christ or by anyone else, events that in numerous ways, some overt,
that Christ was divine. Erasmus, in the early some subtle, some intentional, some not
16th century, was the first to point out that (and much more) came to affect the text of
certain passages in the New Testament the New Testament in the early centuries of
(sometimes just a matter of a few words), the Christian era, and came especially to
often quoted by the Roman Catholic Church place upon the New Testament a seeming
as proof that Christ was divine, did not exist bias toward the divinity of Christ which was
in the very earliest Greek (and other) ver- not there when the apostles originally wrote
sions. For this, the great Dutch humanist the Gospels. Since the 16th century, many
was almost excommunicated. Others, in- have suffered terribly and died to pierce
spired by Erasmus’s example, pushed the through to the truth of this matter; we
question further; some were burned at the should honor their sacrifices not by the easy
stake for their efforts. In the late 17th cen- and comfortable acceptance of dogma but by
tury, Sir Isaac Newton wrote a 25,000-word our own efforts, however puny they may be,
letter to the English philosopher John Locke to pierce through ourselves to the truth
in which he proved conclusively, citing well about God and His relation to man.
over 100 ancient authorities and texts, that John Chambers,
two key passages in the New Testament, long Boca Raton, Florida
used by the Roman Catholic Church to sup-
port the doctrine of the Trinity, were in fact Black and Blue Moons
corruptions. In a second letter to Locke Your article “Once in a Blue Moon?”
written a short time later, he proved exhaus- (A.R. #47) overlooked an equally rare occur-
tively that 25 more passages in the N.T., rence within a calendar month. What is it
used repeatedly by the Roman Catholic called when there are two New Moons
Church to buttress the statement that Christ within the same time frame? It isn’t noticed
was divine, were also corruptions. Newton as much, except among Wiccans mostly, be-
kept these letters secret in his lifetime cause of its seeming invisibility by crossing
(though the first one played a key role when so close to the sun. It does have a name,
the two passages came to be corrected a cen- Black Moon, and is just as uncommon. The
tury later). In Newton’s time, even a man as New Moon should get more attention be-
publicly recognized for his greatness as Sir cause of its conjunction with the sun. The
Isaac ran the risk of ruining his career astrological sign the New Moon is in at the
through the public admission that he was an time in the almanac conjoins the true Sun
“anti-trinitarian” (Arian) heretic. Sign, not the ones we’ve been conned into
Today, we don’t have to go just to the accepting with our current ‘one sign off’ Zo-
works of alternative writers like Baigent and diac. But it will be rarer than ‘Once in a
Leigh to learn about pro-Christ-is-divine Blue Moon’ the next time you hear someone
corruptions in the New Testament. The say ‘Once In A Black Moon’.
great mainstream Roman Catholic theolo- Kelly Don Ford
gian Hans Kung (for one), in his “Chris- Duncanville, TX
tianity,” provides an incisive account of how
the notion of Christ’s divinity crept into 2nd, Hooked on Atlantis Rising
3rd and 4th century editions of the New Tes-
I truly enjoy your magazine. It seems
tament (Kung also provides perhaps the best
your are first to know about the latest tech
brief account possible of the hugely com-
available in energy (free), archaeology, new
plex, complicated and elusive deliberations
books out on healing, and discoveries on
of the Council of Nicea, and how these delib-
subtle energies.
erations did indeed—though not in the way
Dan Brown’s persona describes—eventuate Keep up the good work. You’ve got me
in a point-of-no-return for the fixing of the hooked!
doctrine that Christ and God are one, how- Jan Martinez
ever true or untrue, within Church dogma). Spring Creek, NV
Today also, there are a good number of
scholars of biblical textual criticism—who If the Internet is not for you, you can
have no theological ax to grind at all but are still write to us in the traditional way at: At-
interested only in establishing in a respon- lantis Rising, P.O. Box 441, Livingston, MT
sible manner the correct text—who have 59047.
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As the last eclipse
of 2012 approaches
the human SOUL
becomes the ultimate
Holy Grail.
A novel by Olga Morales

The late Dr. Eugene

Mallove in the
Atlantis Rising
Video “Clash of the

Some never notice things; and some just

look away. And sometimes when the light
is veiled, things can be seen more clearly.
Mia, an Australian astrologer, looked and QUESTIONS SURROUNDING
and saw: and it changed her. And the part
of her others recognised as different they MALLOVE MURDER REMAIN
ignored or called mad. So she kept her
counsel, and looked further.... A t press time, the brutal slaying of Cold
Fusion advocate and Atlantis Rising col-
umnist Dr. Eugene Mallove remains un-
it is hard to imagine how any of them could
have benefitted from his death. On the con-
trary, making him into a martyr would cer-
solved. Killed on May 14 in an apparent rob- tainly do little to advance their cause but
In the shadow of the eclipse she saw the bery attempt, Mallove was visiting his family might serve to advance his.
Soul of Humanity - and a very great home in Norwich, CT. Still, many have recalled other seemingly
Late in the summer local detectives were inexplicable crimes against heroic pioneers
Danger threatening it. This is the story of pursuing evidence that the murder might of alternative science—from Wilhelm Reich
a journey Mia had to take through many have been connected to other crimes in the to Raymond Rife—who dared to challenge a
area. A similar death occurred in nearby corrupt scientific establishment. Mallove's
cycles to affirm the Light of that Soul. Pawtucket at about the same time. In an- own reputation for relishing combat, albeit,
other episode, a shooting in Groton may the verbal kind, and his willingness to speak
have ended in the death of Mallove's killer. out with considerable rhetorical force does
For a copy of According to a report in The Norwich Bul- little to dampen the conspiracy talk. For
letin Jarion Childs, 27, while not named as a now, though, the case remains a mystery.
Eclipse of the Soul suspect by police, has nevertheless been
called a person of interest. Progress in the
In the meantime, the Mallove family and
their supporters have established a trust
visit investigation has awaited definitive analysis fund to deal with the many difficult chal-
of forensic evidence taken from the crime lenges confronting them in the wake of the
www.booksurge.com scene. In late August detectives, though tragedy. Donations can be made directly to:
www.amazon.com aware of rampant speculation throughout Eugene F. Mallove Memorial Family Fund,
the cold fusion community, were inclined to Sovereign Bank, 73 West Street, Concord,
or order through your bookstore discount conspiracy theories. All the evi- NH 03301. More information is available at
dence seems to point to a simple robbery/ www.eugenemallove.org/donate.html. An
homicide. online petition to offer condolences to family
copyright 2004 Olga Morales
Lending support to the random violence and friends can be found at
ISBN: 1-59457-353-0 theory is the difficulty in conceiving of a www.petitiononline.com/mallove/
logical motive for a conspiracy killing. petition.html.
While Mallove doubtless had many enemies,

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Dr. Zahi

TO PYRAMID Gantenbrink Door

FOR 2005
third robotic exploration of the shafts
A from the Queen’s chamber in the Great
pyramid of Giza has been set for next year.
This time Singapore University is building
the robot which will try to find out, once
and for all, what, indeed, is behind the mys-
terious doors of both the chamber's The Great Pyramid of Giza
northern and southern shafts.
Zahi Hawass, secretary general of native Egyptologists. Many including John ternet news service quoted Hawass, “Work is
Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities, Anthony West, Graham Hancock and Robert underway in the radar project that will be
made the surprise announcement in Au- Bauval have long disputed that the purpose used in revealing what is inside the ground
gust. The shafts from the Queen’s chamber of the Great pyramid had anything to do between the second Pyramid and the
have intrigued Egyptologists ever since with the burial of a pharaoh. Engineer Chris Sphinx.” Greg Taylor, editor of TDG, won-
German engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink, Dunn writing In Atlantis Rising #37, argued dered publicly what Hawass might be
without permission, sent his robot camera that the shafts and the doors were most looking for between the Sphinx and Khafre’s
up the southern shaft in 1994 and produced likely an arrangement of fluid switches. pyramid. Perhaps we can be of assistance. In
photos of a mysterious door with what ap- Liquid rising up the two shafts would even- issue 23 in the Spring of 2000 Atlantis
peared to be copper handles. In 2002 an- tually close a connection between the Rising reported that such a survey was
other robot built by Chicago University as- copper handles/electrodes and set in motion planned as part of a then upcoming live TV
cended both the southern and northern a yet-to-be-discovered process. Dunn argues special by Fox TV. We had been told that the
shafts, this time with the blessing of his startling theory in detail in his book The state-of-the-art ground-penetrating radar
Hawass. After drilling though the door in Giza Power Plant. Copper, by the way, ap- survey was “capable of revealing deeply
the southern shaft, the robot revealed what pears no place else in the structure, at least, hidden underground anomalies as well as se-
appeared to be yet another door. Two days as far as we know. cret chambers behind thick granite walls.”
later, in the northern shaft a door with fit- Next year’s effort is intended to explore However, when the Fox show aired, the
tings like those on the opposite side and at deeply within the bowels of the Great Pyr- radar survey and any discussion of the mys-
the same altitude was discovered. amid. The new robot will be designed, man- terious chambers was missing. Between the
“It is impossible,” says Hawass, “that ufactured and paid for by Singapore Univer- time we went to press and the airing of the
these doors are only symbolic or were built sity. Whether or not the event will be special, the Egyptian antiquities authorities
for King Khufu” (the supposed builder of broadcast live to a worldwide audience has had apparently abandoned the plan and sub-
the Great pyramid). Egypt has 118 pyra- not yet been revealed. sequently refused to confirm that any such
mids, he points out, but no others have fea- In his announcement, Hawass also radar survey was in the works. It seems
tures resembling the doors in the Great pyr- hinted that plans for a ground-penetrating though, that in the secret deliberations of
amid. On those points, at least, Hawass radar survey of the Giza plateau are still the Council of Antiquities in Cairo, the oper-
would find himself in agreement with alter- being pursued. The Daily Grail (TDG) in- ation remains on the table.


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A Vital New Video Could Hold the Answer...
tlantis Rising Video presents English Sacred Sites: The At-
A lantis Connection.
The new 40-minute VHS program pulls together powerful evi-
John Michell at Avebury dence linking Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and many
other English locations with an advanced ancient order now lost
to history. Written and narrated by Atlantis Rising editor Doug
Kenyon, the video is based primarily upon the discoveries of
Cambridge-trained scholar and author John Michell. The pro-
gram demonstrates how a mysterious network of perfectly
straight tracks, laid out for hundreds of miles across the English
landscape, proves the great advancement of pre-historic science.
Michell’s deep insight into the origins of English culture illumi-
nates a startling new vision of the roots of civilization.
Beautiful on-location footage interspersed with spectacular 3-
D animation and a great original music score make English Sa-
cred Sites, not only moving and persuasive, but entertaining as
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Ley Lines

Saint Michael’s Tor Kenyon and Busty Taylor Ancient Observatory Holy Grail

12 ATLANTIS RISING • Number 48 Subscribe or Order Books, Videos and Much More!
EARLY RAYS yielded similar evidence. In fact spear points argued that the evidence is ambiguous. The
and bone from one site near Pittsburgh Maryland deposits are of particular interest,
R eaders of Atlantis Rising have seen
enough to know that the orthodox date
for the appearance of humans in the Amer-
tested up to 19,000 years old. Other locales
in the Americas—Chile for instance—have
though, because the river silt, built up over
time, has created simple stable horizontal
icas is way off. It may surprise many of them shown comparable artifacts with anomalous layers with the oldest buried the deepest,
to learn that news has not yet made it to the ages. All such discoveries have remained thus providing the clearest and most irrefut-
conventional science community. The so- controversial, however, as detractors have able of evidence.
called Clovis horizon theory which says
mankind first crossed the Bering land
bridge from Asia to Alaska about 13,500
years ago is still treated in many quarters as
something akin to Holy Writ. Even the most
hardened enclaves of anthropological doc-
trine and group-think, however, may be in
for a reawakening soon.
New evidence from the banks of the Po-
tomac River in Maryland could prove to be
the smoking gun of ancient human habita-
tion as early as 16,000 years ago. Towson
University anthropologists under the leader-
ship of Dr. Robert D. Wall have come up
with radio carbon dates for buried organic
matter of around 14,000 B.C. While some
material at the site shows a younger age, ex-
perts think they are unearthing here the
best case yet for challenging the conven-
tional time line.
Other sites in the eastern U.S. have

A Russian photographer now claims he has taken pictures of the
past, and, apparently, there is some evidence to support his as-
sertion. According to reporter Savely Kashnitsky writing for the
Russian news agency Pravda, Henry Silanov’s collection now in-
cludes photos of dinosaurs and WWII soldiers, as well as ghosts,
which he says were taken over
the years. One photo of the
throne of the Tsars in St. Peters-
Reuters Photo burg reportedly shows the faint
image of what appears to be

JOHN THE BAPTIST Peter the Great holding court.

Silanov’s pictures usually
show a contemporary image with
CAVE SAID FOUND an accompanying transparent
one, apparently representing a
nother artifact of early Christian times in Israel has emerged. A
A cave said to be linked to john the Baptist, now joins the so-
called James Ossuary as a lightning rod for controversy.
prior state. The trick he says is
removal of a thin layer of magne-
sium fluoride which coats most
The locale near Jerusalem is the discovery of British archaeolo- lenses and is also found on pho-
gist Shimon Gibson. Carved into a rocky hillside, it is 24 yards deep tographic film. He also uses
and houses a bathing pool believed to be the site of first-century lenses made from the tiniest
anointing rituals. Gibson says the cave resembles Byzantine draw- grains of natural quartz. This
ings made a few centuries later. The archaeologist believes the site technique, he says, permits ultra-
may have been frequented by Jesus as well as John. Originally dis- Henry Silanov (Pravda photo) violet light to enter the camera
covered in 1999, it has been the focus of Gibson’s investigation ever and, somehow, to produce the anomalous images. Silanov theorizes
since and is now the subject of his forthcoming new book. that the universe is a huge hologram filled with information about
As all such discoveries, this one is certain to create a tempest. everything that has ever been placed or moved in it. Certain condi-
The New Testament tells of John baptizing in the River Jordan but tions, he believes, make it possible to ‘turn the memory of space on.’
makes no mention of a cave, nevertheless, Gibson thinks the spot Silanov’s story is reminiscent of Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a
was related to John’s early period when he looked for solitude in the Benedictine priest in Italy. “Father Ernetti's Chronovisor,” a book
wilderness. Located near the village of Ein Kerem, the cave is be- by Peter Krassa, chronicles the priest’s mid 20th-century experi-
lieved to be near John’s birthplace. Several churches nearby are ded- ments with time travel which included, it is said, actual photo-
icated to him. Gibson thinks it was lost when the crusaders invaded graphs of Christ on the cross. Atlantis Rising #26 included John
in the 11th century. Chambers’ report on Ernetti’s strange tale.
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• SkySigns Forecasts
• Full Moon Tarot Oracles
• Dream work
• Sacred travel: Egypt, Greece, Peru
• Archeoastronomy
• Sacred Symbol Jewelry

Dianne Robbins 585-442-4437

Box 10945, Rochester, NY 14610 USA

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ollywood once again has people wondering if its celluloid fanta-
H sies are mimicking real life. This past summer’s release of the
remade Manchurian Candidate has planted the idea, if not the chip,
that mind control may be the next thing in science. In the movie
Denzel Washington fights back against a sinister plan to remotely
program a U.S. vice presidential candidate through a microchip
According to USA Today reporter Dan Vergano the science to do
such things is well within reach. In Atlantis Rising #38 John Kettler
explored such technologies, including radio frequency identifica-
tion devices which could register our product choices and ulti-
mately much more. The same technologies which now enables yup-
pies to track their pets could make it possible to track people. It is a New Mexico Governor,
short step to devices which could stimulate pleasure centers to con- Bill Richardson
trol behavior as in the movie.
The mind control dangers here have been recognized by some,
and the future of neuroscience is under study this year by the Presi-
dent’s Council on Bioethics. According to USA Today critics of “neu-
romarketing,” the study of consumer choice by using brain scans
has raised alarms about the possibility of the advertising industry
using science to sell people unneeded or harmful products.
CASSINI DETECTS T he professional debunking class is more than a little exercised
these days. No matter how much they ridicule the opposition,
people keep disagreeing with them. Now, their official version of the
Roswell UFO crash episode has been challenged again, and, this
SATURN time, by a very influential public figure. New Mexico Governor Bill
Richardson, who served Bill Clinton as both Energy Secretary and
SUPER U.N. Representative and who chaired the recent Democratic conven-
tion, has publicly endorsed the idea of reopening the official investi-
gation of the celebrated crash.
BOLTS In the foreword to a new book “The Roswell Dig Diaries” pub-
lished by the Sci Fi channel Richardson says “the mystery sur-
rounding this crash has never been adequately explained—not by
independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government.... There
are as many theories as there are official explanations.
NASA Artist’s Conception “Clearly, it would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed
everything it knows,” says Richardson. “The American people can
uperbolts of lightning.” That is the way scientists are de- handle the truth—no matter how bizarre or mundane.... With full
“S scribing bursts of erratic energy newly reported on the
planet Saturn by the US-European spacecraft Cassini.
disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to
find out what happened on that fateful day in July 1947.”
For the first time in 20 years scientists are getting a closeup of Writing on Richardson’s remarks in the San Francisco Chronicle
the ringed planet and they are seeing a picture quite unlike that science reporter Kay Davidson, pooh poohs the Roswell episode
sent back by Voyager, the last earthcraft to visit the region—huge pointing out that the Air Force has “closed the books on the
irregular bursts of lightning from perennial storms. Scientists spec- matter.” Davidson quotes several professional skeptics to the effect
ulate that the storms are caused by differences in the temperature that anyone who takes the Roswell case seriously is a fool. Andrew
between shaded and unshaded areas beneath Saturn's rings. Fraknoi, a college professor, astronomy popularizer and critic of al-
Some scientists like Australian Walk Thornhill have long argued ternative science, called Richardson’s foreword unbelievable. “This
that NASA is failing to understand the essential electromagnetic na- continues to confirm that election or appointment to high office
ture of the universe and that gigantic lightning bolts—virtual thun- does not guarantee wisdom in all areas of human thought.” said
derbolts of the Gods—between nearby celestial objects account for Fraknoi. (Of course, much the same thing can be said of college
many mysterious phenomena in the solar system such as the great professors.)
canyons on Mars and the rope-like patterns on the surface of Ju- On the other hand, the executive director of New Mexico’s re-
piter's moon Europa. publican party Roswell native Greg Graves agrees with Richardson
In at least one respect Saturn’s weather may indeed be like that and rejects the official weather balloon explanation. Since the late
on Earth. As Mark Twain is said to have observed, everybody talks congressman Stephen Schiff, most New Mexico politicians have al-
about it but no one does anything about it. ways had a special place in their hearts for the Roswell story.
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Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution

High Stakes on the Bleeding Edge

BY JEANE ator, and even lost weight
while operating. But the NASA
MANNING representative told Valone in
ear the leading edge of well-known en- effect that such quantum leaps
N ergy technology, the landscape is in-
creasingly dotted with inventions—from
are not wanted by the pro-
solar-electric breakthroughs to new hy- However, at least two brave
drogen-generating alternatives. I’m pleased individuals from within the
that Doug Kenyon asked me to write this U.S. Department of Energy at-
column regularly, to bring you some of the tended Valone’s energy 1999
exciting news from that landscape. And be- Conference on Future Energy.
yond. Back at the DoE they had
The “beyond” is even more interesting. started a program similar to
Out on the bleeding edge where new- NASA’s, but aiming for
paradigm scientists struggle, the stakes are ground-based new energy tech-
higher and issues larger. Those issues or nology. Their proposed Break-
questions affect the future of humankind. through Energy Physics Re-
Will powerful breakthroughs be monopo- search (BEPR) program
lized by weapons-makers, or will we-the- withered away after the federal
people have empowering tools for creating a change in administration in
more enlightened civilization? Will coun- 2000. Recently even their In-
tries continue to fight over supposedly ternet talk-group was kicked
scarce energy resources, or will planetary off the DoE radar screen.
citizens enjoy energy-abundance from har- So don’t look to the federal
monic technologies that could clean up government for quantum leaps
some of our environmental messes? Will we to a carbon-free energy
get it that humankind can work in harmony economy. When pressured, the
with nature? feds will give grants to certain
On the bleeding edge of energy research, physicists to study zero-point
frontier scientists and other self-funders are energy (free energy from the
making progress, sometimes in quantum vacuum of space), but those
leaps. But it seems that the establishment is studies will be safely remote
committed to allowing only incremental im- from actual working hardware
provements on existing technologies, de- that could be easily replicated.
spite the fact that some people within the In other words, they don’t
corridors of power know about break- seem too serious about freeing Bulgarian-American scientist Dr. Kiril Chukanov plumbs the
secrets of ball lightning.
through energy possibilities. us from fossil fuel dynasties.
Dr. Tom Valone, in a conversation at a The Utah conference was small in atten- together in determination to accomplish
conference in Salt Lake City this summer, dance but big on freedom-of-thinking. It their goals—and in the process to honor
gave additional insights. He noted that the was co-sponsored by Steven Elswick’s Tesla- Gene Mallove’s memory. At the Utah
mandate for NASA’s Breakthrough Propul- Tech business and the small Utah-based In- meeting several speakers stressed the need
sion Physics (BPP) research program spells stitute for New Energy, represented by to cooperate more closely even where there
out its commitment to “incremental” im- journal editor Hal Fox. have been differences of opinion. I photo-
provements. Doesn’t that mean just small It was an opportunity to speak with re- graphed one such pair of researchers—Al
steps along a familiar path, instead of a spected authors such as Valone, Moray King Francoeur of Canada and Sonne Ward of
quantum leap to a different path? Mean- and others. The international community of Idaho—shaking hands on that sentiment.
while, the familiar fossil-fueled or nuke path New Energy proponents is still grieving the At the conference Francoeur presented
is harming ecosystems. BPP’s grants to cau- brutal loss of our friend and inspiration Dr. his several areas of works-in-progress—a
tious theoreticians to study little facets of Eugene Mallove, and will be for some time. magnetic generator of his own design, a re-
“zero-point energy” theories have been too As readers of Atlantis Rising know, he pub- build of a vintage free-energy motor from
little and too spineless—lacking in the cou- lished Infinite Energy magazine, brilliantly the late Ed Gray, which you’ll hear more
rage to fund heretics who actually build pro- argued New Energy concepts on national about in a future column, and Francoeur’s
totypes of new energy generators that could radio and other venues, wrote a column for fuel vaporizer—an interim technology to re-
do useful work. this magazine, had the courage to seriously duce the use of fossil fuels until New Energy
Valone had tried to introduce, into the investigate bleeding-edge developments in generators are on the market.
NASA “breakthrough” program, two Rus- new-paradigm science, and was also a witty Ward actually had revolutionary hard-
sian scientists who had built a generator colleague with a superluminal sense of ware for sale at the meeting. His novel bat-
patterned after the legendary flying Space humor. I can’t write about him without tery-chargers quickly sold out. He said his
Energy Generator of John Searl of England. tears. discovery was built on a foundation in-
The Russians’ prototype worked dramati- However, the shock of loss is bringing
cally as a more-output-than-input gener- the beleagured community of researchers Continued on Page 58
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we’re following on the internet
• Amateur Archaeologists
Track Lost Chamber in
Great Pyramid
Two French amateur archaeol-
ogists claim to have located a Notes from
secret burial chamber of the
Pyramid of Cheops near Cairo, Michael A. Cremo
Egypt. www.mcremo.com
newsitems/200408/ Moving in the Right Circles at Glastonbury

n Friday morning, July 23, I arrived at Gatwick airport, south of metropolitan
London, on my way to speak on my new book Human Devolution at the Glaston-
• Mysterious Signals from bury Symposium, which is mainly about crop circles. The very term crop circles
1000 Light Years Away gives new meaning to the expression “it’s not my field,” because it really is a
Detected field in which I have not made very much of a mark.
A radio signal, now seen on I made my way rapidly through immigration and customs, and then found my way to
three separate occasions, the streets at the arrival level. My driver was there to meet me and take me to Glaston-
presents an enigma. It could bury, which is located in the southwest part of England. We headed out of the airport to
be generated by a previously the M25, the dreaded circle route around London, The traffic was not so bad, and the
unknown astronomical phe- weather was good as we headed west on the M1. After a while, we came onto the Salisbury
Plain, and up ahead on the right, stark against the bright blue summer sky, rose the mys-
nomenon. But it also happens tical megalithic forms of Stonehenge. Some of the huge stones were rolled on logs or
to be the best candidate yet for dragged on planks, from as far away as Wales. Or perhaps they were floated to their
a contact by intelligent aliens present positions by
by SETI. Stone Age wizards.
http://www.newscientist.com/ Some time
news/news.jsp?id=ns99996341 later, the Glaston-
bury Tor, a lone
stone tower on the
top of a steep con-
ical hill, appeared
on the skyline. Glas-
tonbury is a potent
place, deeply
soaked in the lore
of the Grail and Ar-
thurian Avalon. We
Filtered satellite image from Mt.
Ararat believed to show ark beams entered the town
jutting through snow. (photo © and found Magda-
2004 Shamrock—The Trinity Corp.) lene Street, with its
associations with
Mary Magdalene.
Arches of the ruined cathedral at Glastonbury
• Turkey Denies Honolulu According to Essene
Man’s Bid to Find Noah's and other esoteric doctrines, she was the wife of Jesus, who, say many here, himself spent
his lost years in Glastonbury studying Druidic mysteries. My lodgings were at No. 3 Mag-
Ark dalene, at the unimaginatively named No. 3 Hotel, which was not a hotel but a luxury bed
A businessman's plan to take and breakfast mansion. The lady of the house showed me up to my lodgings on the second
an expedition to Mount Ararat floor Walnut Room. My cheerfully gracious hostess told me there were ghosts in the
in search of Noah's Ark ended house, but I said I was a bit tired and would have to meet them later on.
in September when the After that, I crashed into dreamless sleep. In the early evening, I got up and wandered
Turkish government refused up Magdalene Street toward the town center. I strolled by the Abbey ruins, reputed to be
to permit it because of security the site of the most ancient Christian church in England. The Abbey was destroyed by
concerns about the area, King Henry VIII in the sixteenth century. In 1908, a trust appointed architect Frederick
which borders Iran and is 150 Bligh Bond to conduct excavations. He located many lost structures using psychic
methods and by automatic writing established communication with long dead monks.
miles from Iraq. When his methods became known, the trust fired him. A little further up Magdalene, I
http://starbulletin.com/2004/09/ found the quaint Town Hall, the venue for the conference. I went in and introduced my-
Continued on Page 20 Continued on Page 20
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Episode 2 VIDEO & DVD are two different stories

told about this same land,
two different histories,
almost as if there were
In this episode we look at the many clues that point to an
advanced ancestor civilization. We study architectural This ancient land has
anomalies and hear the latest developments in the Age of the always partaken of a dual
Sphinx debate. nature. The public face of
Egypt is known the world
Episode 3 over, and told in every
DESCENT history book. But there is
A revelation at the ancient stone calendar at Nabta Playa. another side of Egypt that
The system of the yugas provides one explanation of the
is not so widely known.
ancestor civilization and we probe into the catastrophe
theory. Egypt is also a land of
Another history, a
Episode 4 secret history, tells of
THE TEMPLE IN MAN Egypt as the inheritor of
This episode is about the mysterious Temple of Man at deep wisdom and magical
Luxor, an ancient site and a great arcane, where a key was ability from an even
discovered that unlocks a timeless teaching encoded in earlier ancestor culture.
stone. This alternate history is
echoed by parallel
Episode 1 accounts from the myth
Episode 5
THE INVISIBLE SCIENCE and history of other
Episode 1 of an eight-part Explores Egyptian technology and its possible extensions into ancient cultures, as well
documentary series about afterlife. In the valley of the kings, wall texts offer a as myriad secret societies
ancient Egypt, never seen on bewildering list of secrets for navigation of the afterlife. and occult sources. It is
TV. Based on the research of Once reserved for the use of a god-king, could these sacred the account of the
John Anthony West exploring texts, in fact, be a magical ladder to heaven? Egyptians themselves. The
the magic and mysticism of remarkable number of
Ancient Egypt. parallels in these stories
This episode looks at a side of Episode 6 provides a unique
Egypt that is less well known - A LEGACY OF INITIATION window into this other
Egypt as the birthplace of The cradle of civilization can also be seen as the ancestral Egypt.
magic and the home of home of a high science of magic. We explore the many Magical Egypt takes a
“mystery schools.” modern incarnations of the ancient science of perfection and look at the shadowy
transformation. We explore the hidden thread that connects
modern and ancient magic. history and magical
practices of another
Egypt, the other Egypt;
Episode 7 Egypt as the keeper of
Complete Original ILLUMINATION
A haunting exploration of the Temple of Abu Simbel with a
secrets, the land of
riddles, the birthplace of
Eight-Episode Set rare onsite segment by mega-bestselling author/researcher
Robert Bauval.
magic and the home of
the mystery schools.
(approx. one hour each) Join symbolist author
$ Episode 8 and Egyptologist John
2495 ea. (VHS) $2995 (DVD) COSMOLOGY Anthony West for a
+$4.95 S&H first tape & $2 each additional Seen through the decoding lens of our most advanced symbolist tour of Magical
scientific understanding, ancient myths reveal themselves to Egypt. Explore not only
be a repository of an elegant and technically profound
Buy all Eight, knowledge so accomplished that only our most recent
scientific advances have brought us to a vantage point from
the sacred sites, but also
the ancient teachings that
get one FREE! which we can understand their true revelations.
lie concealed there. See
the ancient mysteries
Complete Set Just through a decoding lens,
ORDER FROM ATLANTIS RISING a cipher that brings the
$175 (VHS) +$10.95 S&H P.O. BOX 441 • LIVINGSTON, MT 59047
lost magic to life, and
returns to humanity the
teachings and magic of
$210 (DVD) +$8.95 S&H 800-228-8381 our ancestors.

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self to one of the three organizers, Sheila Martin, and
iNEWS peeked into the lecture hall, which was packed full. Then I
went out to get something to eat. There was a fine Italian
• Asteroid Shaves Past restaurant across the street from the Town Hall, but my in-
Earth’s Atmosphere ternational reputation had not yet reached the maitre d, and
he turned down my request for a table for one, saying that the es-
The closest observed asteroid tablishment gave tables for one only after ten o’clock. Thus humbled, I
yet to skim past the Earth found my way to a fish and chips joint, and had an order of chips (fish is off
without hitting the atmos- limits to me) with an apple juice to drink.
phere, has been reported by On Saturday morning, I had an ample English breakfast in the dining room of No.
astronomers. 3. Of course, being a vegetarian I had to confine myself to the fresh fruits and juices,
http://www.newscientist.com/ whole wheat toast with jam and butter, fresh fruits with yogurt, some local cheeses, and
news/news.jsp?id=ns99996307 decaf coffee. Later in the day, I ran into Suzanne Taylor, who is producing a documentary
film on crop circles. She and her crew interviewed me in front of the Town Hall. My con-
• ‘Mystery Cloud’ Appears tribution was to comment on the process of knowledge filtration that operates in the
Over Eastern U.S. And world of science, some-
thing I had documented in
Canada my book Forbidden Arche-
Anyone who lives in the ology. The knowledge
eastern part of the United filter ensures that phe-
States or Canada and gazing nomena that radically
skyward on a recent evening contradict the current sci-
may have noticed something entific consensus do not
enter the mainstream dis-
strange in their west- course—except as exam-
northwest sky. ples of pseudoscientific
http://www.space.com/spacewa foolishness. I enjoyed the
tch/mystery_cloud_040901.html shoot, and we parted
agreeing to meet some-
time in LA, where both of
us are based.
Sunday morning, I
got up and performed my
usual ablutions and medi-
tations before heading
down to breakfast.
Sunday was the last day of
the symposium, and I was
to be the last speaker. I
• Silent Running: ‘Black spent most of the morning
Triangle’ Sightings on the and early afternoon put-
ting the finishing touches
Rise on the presentation. In
They have become legendary the late afternoon, I went
in UFO circles. Huge, silent- over to the Town Hall to
running “Flying Triangles” hear the talk of Robert Robert Bauval
have been seen by ground ob- Bauval, whose work I very
servers creeping through the much like. I ran into him and his wife Michele at the Town Hall café. We reminisced
about the last time we had met and then went into the lecture hall.
sky low and slow near cities
and quietly cruising over I very much liked Robert’s talk, taken from his latest book, Talisman: Sacred Cities
highways. and Secret Faith, coauthored with Graham Hancock. The talk focused on the similarities
http://www.space.com/business between the city design of Paris in France and Luxor in Egypt. Certain monuments and
technology/flying_triangle_ boulevards in Paris, namely the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees, and the old Place de l’Etoile,
040902.html have celestial alignments related to the goddess Isis, mirroring a similar arrangement of
temples and boulevards in Luxor. Bauval explored the historical transmission of the Isis
concepts from ancient Egypt to the Masonic secret societies of France.
• Directed Energy Weapons
Proved Effective Afterwards, I met with Karen Doug, another one of the three symposium organizers,
to take care of the technical preparations for my presentation. Then it was showtime.
Lasers have been getting pretty After a nice introduction by Andy Thomas, the third of the trio of symposium organizers,
good at knocking down I began by relating the topic of my book Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to
rockets, as we’ve seen in tests Darwin’s Theory to the crop circle phenomenon. In Human Devolution, I present a view
over the last few years. Now, of the cosmos in which crop circles make sense. The message of Human Devolution is
the ray guns are starting to zap that we do not evolve up from matter, as most scientists now believe, but that we devolve
even more. or come down from pure consciousness or spirit. We exist in a multilevel cosmos with be-
ings adapted to the conditions at each level. Originally, we are spirit beings, who exist in
archives/001086.html the realm of pure consciousness. If we depart from that level, having become attracted to
the lower energies of mind and matter, we descend to those levels. We now find ourselves
Continued on Facing Page

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• Arctic’s Sub-Tropical Past
The Arctic was once a sub-
tropical region full of marine
plants and animals, according to
a new study.

• Bookmakers Slash Odds on

Scientific Breakthroughs
The chances of scientists
making one of five remarkable
discoveries by 2010 have been
hugely underestimated, ac-
cording to bookmakers.
The gigantic Milk Hill crop circle from 2001 (photo by Busty Taylor) tech/3613510.stm
on the level of gross matter. But beings from higher levels may be attempting to commu-
nicate with us, through, for example, crop circles.
Even mainstream science accepts that there are very probably intelligent beings in
other parts of our universe trying to communicate with us, hence the existence of gov-
ernment funded projects in SETI—the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. But
today’s mainstream scientists are not imaginative enough in their thoughts about the
means of communication such extraterrestrial intelligences might use to contact us and
what means of communication we might use to contact them. However, in the nine-
teenth and early twentieth centuries, imaginative scientists made provocative proposals,
such as using geometrical forms inscribed in crops to communicate with extraterres-
trials. In his book SETI Pioneers, David W. Swift says (1990, p. 6): “Mathematician Karl
Friedrich Gauss suggested planting broad bands of forests in Siberia in the shape of a Suspended animation,
right-angled triangle. Inside the triangle wheat would be planted to provide a uniform Hollywood style, “Coma” 1978
color. An elaboration of this basic scheme would have included squares on each side of
the triangle, to form the classic illustration of the Pythagorean theorem.” So if human
scientists have thought that geometrical forms inscribed in crops might be a good way to • Hibernation Being
communicate with extraterrestrial intelligences, perhaps some of the extraterrestrials Developed
have concluded that this would also be a good way to communicate with us. The European Space Agency is
After my talk, as I was making my way out of funding research into what has
the hall to go sign some books, Dr. John Mack come become the holy grail of space
up and introduced himself. Mack is the Harvard travel—a method that will allow
University psychiatrist who got into trouble with astronauts to spend months or
his faculty colleagues when he became involved in years in suspended animation.
researching reports of alien abductees, and con- http://www.para-normal.com/
cluded they were not mentally ill or hallucinating. nuke/html/modules.php?name=
His colleagues convened an academic court to re- News&file=article&sid=2245
move him from the faculty. Fortunately, they failed,
but provided a good example of the knowledge fil-
tration process in action. It had been a long time • Sci Fi Channel Lobbies
since we last spoke together at a conference—a few Congress for More UFO Info
John Mack years ago, at an event organized by Erik von Da- The cable network has hired a
niken in Bern, Switzerland. I told John I had cited lobbying firm to press Congress
his work in Human Devolution, in a chapter that documents evidence for beings existing about being more open with the
at higher levels of reality in our cosmos.
results of UFO investigations.
After we parted, I made my way to the book room where Marcus Allen of the UK edi- Sci Fi is also thinking about
tion of Nexus was selling copies of Human Devolution. I sat down and signed some going to court to have docu-
books, making some nice contacts with purchasers, some of whom invited me out for
dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant. I then spent my last night in Glastonbury at the No. ments from a 1965 incident in
3 Hotel, and at dawn my driver was there to take me back to Gatwick. Pennsylvania declassified.
Michael A. Cremo is author, with Richard Thompson, of the underground classic For- html
bidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. His latest book is Human Dev-
olution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory (see www.humandevolution.com).

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Lifting the Veil on America’s Mysterious Past
Ancient American is
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magazine describing
overseas voyages to our
country hundreds and
sometimes thousands
of years before
A popular science
periodical, each issue
features articles written
by the world’s leading
archaeologists and in-
vestigators in clear,
non-technical language
and illustrated by a
wealth of original color
photographs published
nowhere else. New dis-
coveries and the latest theories about prehistoric contacts
with the Americas appear in each issue.

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Was it an Astronomical Event?
Advanced Experiment Gone Awry?
or Did ETs Save the Earth?

Felled trees in the Tunguska area of Siberia photographed in 1928 by N. A. Strukov

online paper WorldNetDaily.com asks on belonging to extraterrestrials. A number of
• BY JOHN KETTLER August 12, 2004, “Did aliens save the planet science-fiction accounts have degraded the
in 1908? Russians say they have found event to fantasy. Some critics hold that the

unguska! A name so charged with
the power of sudden, utter devasta- spaceship debris.” SPACE.com took a some- entire history of nearly five decades of field
tion that nearly a century later, it what negative stance on the matter, saying work represents little more than a chain of
was given to a frontline Russian “Russian Alien Spaceship Claim Raises Eye- mistakes. Most scientists disagree and point
gun/missile antiaircraft system, the 2S6 brows, Skepticism.” The original story was to a comet or asteroid being the cosmic
Tunguska. The scale of devastation the June carried worldwide on the newswire of culprit.”
30, 1908 event caused, some 800 square France’s Agence France Presse (AFP). Be- Nor does the above even approach theory
miles laid waste, argues that such a moniker fore we discuss the new story, though, let’s exhaustion. In The Fire Came By: The
might better have been given to something take a look at the various existing Tunguska Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion
like an ICBM, particularly since estimates of explosion theories. (Doubleday, 1976), authors John Baxter and
the explosive yield range from around 500 Thomas Atkins consider not only the event
kilotons to a whopping 50 megatons, a load Thinking about Tunguska itself, but what happened in the area after-
so heavy no ICBM has ever borne it. Had the Professor Roy A. Gallant, Southworth wards, developing in the process eyewitness
Tunguska event not taken place in the vast- Planetarium, University of Southern Maine, testimony indicating that not only did an
ness of practically empty Siberia, but in and author of Meteorite Hunter: The Search alien craft explode in midair, but that an-
densely populated Europe, there “would for Siberian Meteorite Craters (McGraw other one was observed in the area of the ex-
have been 500,000 human victims,” ac- Hill, 2002) has made our task a great deal plosion later, apparently searching for its
cording to Russian Academician Nickolai easier by presenting his own Tunguska re- missing counterpart. So convincing and
Vasiliev, who coordinated research results search, including filed work, on the web powerful was their argument that the arch-
for no less than 29 Tunguska scientific expe- page “The Sky Has Split Apart! The Cosmic conservative Reader’s Digest published a
ditions. It is with this sobering knowledge Mystery of the Century” (www.galisteo.com/ synopsis of their book in the magazine.
that we must revisit the Tunguska question, tunguska/docs/splitsky.html) and provides a Another exotic explanation long bruited
pursued by what can only be called breaking distillation of many of the Tunguska explo- about is that one of Nikola Tesla’s high-
news from a Russian scientific expedition sion theories. powered energy experiments went badly
there. “Some have suggested it was a black awry. On the face of it this may sound crazy,
The headlines are stunning. “Russian Re- hole. Others have wondered if it was a piece but recall that this was the man who not
searchers Say Debris of Alien Spaceship of anti-matter. A Japanese UFO group (Sa- only invented radio, instead of Guglielmo
Found in Siberia” reports the online edition kura) headed by Kozo Kawai, are (sic) con- Marconi, in 1898 (per a 1945 U.S. Supreme
of The Moscow News of August 10, 2004. vinced that it was the explosion of the nu-
And here in the U.S. the highly conservative clear power plant of an errant vehicle Continued on Page 59
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Enigma of the

What Did the Ancient

Egyptians Mean by
These Mysterious
The Golden Coffin of Tutankhamen

edge, to glance over the shoulder of the we have to elevate our gaze to be able to see
• BY RALPH ELLIS High Priest of Heliopolis and see the in- it. In addition to threshing the corn, the
scriptions on his secret scrolls? flail was also used in ancient Egypt to gently

he symbols of the flail and the
shepherd’s crook were used as Perhaps there is a way in which we can goad the cattle through the fields whilst
prime symbols of Egyptian king- divine the past, and this technique centers ploughing. One imagines that the flail was
ship. In the favored funerary furni- on the way in which the flail and the crook used with a gentle swaying action against
ture of the last of the Amarna pharaohs, have been portrayed by the Egyptian arti- the bull’s flanks, as cattle are easily spooked,
Tutankhamen, they are portrayed as the sans over the millennia. Prior to the Middle and using the flail like a whip is more likely
central piece of iconography for the de- Kingdom (circa 2000 B.C.) the imagery dis- to propel the startled cow over the distant
parted king. Two blue and white striped played is almost without exception just the horizon. This is exactly what the imagery in
rods crossed boldly together over the pha- flail on its own, draped over the pharaoh’s the Book of the Dead shows, with the flail
raoh’s chest, as though warding off in- right shoulder. This is plainly evident in the being wafted over the cow’s back. The copy
truders or protecting the mummified body statuette of the pharaoh Khufu and also in from the tomb of Kerquny from the Ptolo-
concealed within. The real symbology of the reliefs of Senusret I. During the Middle maic era is a good example of this.
these two items of royal regalia is rather un- Kingdom, the imagery has definitely But the flail was not just a simple imple-
certain but it appears to be not one of pro- changed and it is quite evident that the flail ment for laborers in the fields. Even right
tection for the deceased, but rather as sym- and crook are now being shown together. back at the very beginning of dynastic
bols of divine power and also allied to vague Occasionally they are shown being held to- Egypt, in the Old Kingdom, the pharaoh
concepts of magic. In fact these were prob- gether in one hand, but more often than not Djoser was depicted as running with a flail
ably symbols of royal office that were used they are grasped one in each hand and in- in his hand during the Sed festival of royal
in daily ritual, rather than imagery reserved clined to cross over the pharaoh’s chest. Al- rejuvenation. If nothing else, Egypt was a
for the necropolis. most without exception, the flail is resting society of long-lasting traditions and so this
The crook and flail were not only carried on the pharaoh’s right shoulder, while the same rite survived the passage of the nu-
by the pharaohs, but also by the gods Min crook lies on the left. Finally, when we merous centuries to be shown once again,
and Osiris. They were used throughout dy- reach the middle of the New Kingdom (circa in exactly the same format, with the depic-
nastic Egypt but more notably during the 1250 B.C.), the finely carved granite statue tion in the Red Chapel at Karnak of the pha-
New Kingdom era. For these items to be dis- of Ramesses II discovered by Drovetti por- raoh Hatshepsut performing in her Sed fes-
played so prominently they must have been trays just the crook on its own resting on tival. Like Djoser before her, the Queen is
central to Egyptian theology and yet, pre- the pharaoh’s right shoulder. Is there one shown to be running between two sets of
sumably because the majority of the royal simple explanation to make any sense of this three markers, possibly boundary markers
and priestly rituals were arcane and hidden apparent change in these royal symbols of indicating and delineating the boundaries of
from the population, the meaning of these office? Is there anything that can show us Two Lands of Egypt. But perhaps the Hat-
primary symbols of office seems to have why a flail or crook should be viewed as shepsut scene sheds more light on the real
have been lost to us. Is there any way in being a symbol of divine power? meaning of this arcane ritual, because the
which we can bring back this hidden knowl- I think there is such an explanation, but Queen runs this time not only with a flail in
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her hand, but also while chasing a bull. each sign giving way to the next every two reign of Taurus was nearly over a transition
Whether it is a farmer in his fields or a di- millennia or so. This is a crucial observa- period had arrived, with the constellation of
vine pharaoh in a great temple, it is quite tion, for now we can possibly see why some Aries slowly becoming dominant in the
clear that the flail can be thought of as of the Old Kingdom pharaohs were depicted heavens and also in the theology of Egypt
being a symbol of control over the move- with only the flail as a symbol of their office with the rise to prominence of the Hyksos
ment of cattle. for in that era (circa 3150 to 1800 B.C.) the Shepherd pharaohs.
As is often the case, especially with the constellation of Taurus alone was dominant Thus we now have a novel and highly
biblical texts, the initial and obvious link to in the springtime morning sky and thus plausible explanation for these mysterious
an agricultural explanation is far too sim- also dominant in the astrology of Egypt symbols of office for the pharaohs of Egypt.
plistic. Egyptian theology, if anything, was with the veneration of the Apis Bull. From The flail and the crook were symbolic of the
more concerned with astrology and as- the Second Intermediate period through the constellations of Taurus and Aries respec-
tronomy than agriculture, and so for a Middle Kingdom and beyond (1800 B.C. on- tively. Thus, just as the constellations had
more convincing explanation we must look wards), however, there was a change in the eventually changed from Taurus to Aries,
to the stars and the cosmos. If we were to night sky. The precessional wobble of the the symbols of office had likewise changed
translate this same imagery into astronom- Earth meant that the constellation of from flail to crook—with an intermediary
ical terms, then the flail can equally be Taurus was slowly fading in the east—the period of flail and crook being shown to-
thought of as being a symbol gether. There are exceptions
of control, not over real cattle, to this rule, notably with the
but over the constellation of flail and crook being displayed
Taurus. In its turn, the crook together long after the inter-
can also be seen to be a mediary period had effectively
symbol of control over the ended, but nevertheless there
movement of the constellation is a noticeable trend in the ic-
of Aries. Like the crook and onography that fits the astro-
the flail, which are often car- nomical equivalent uncannily
ried together by the pharaoh, well.
it so happens that Taurus and So during this interme-
Aries are also adjacent to each diate phase the pharaoh, by
other in the night sky. crossing these two symbols
More importantly in this over his or her chest, was sym-
explanation, the movement bolizing the crossing point or
known as precession makes the crossover between the two
the astrological signs move constellations of Taurus and
slowly through the heavens
with the passing generations, Threshing-Floor. The oxen driven round the heap. Continued on Page 61


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traceable sequence of devel-
OPINION opments? That is exactly
the case we are confronted
by in ancient Egypt and Su-
• BY WILL HART meria. Logic dictates that

ver the course of there must be evidence
the last four dec- showing that the Egyptians
ades several para- developed the stonema-
digms attempting sonry skills, engineering
to explain the origin of civ- and construction knowl-
ilization have emerged. Of edge necessary to design
course I am referring to and build the Great Pyr-
theories that are outside of amid. Such evidence, like
the orthodox models. The the progression of simple to
new paradigms acknowl- complex bridges and dams,
edge several crucial princi- should exist in the form of
ples that mainstream histo- thousands of small stone
rians and archaeologists pyramids. This is what we
generally ignore: 1) the ar- should find scattered all
chaeological record con- over Egypt. Of course, the
tains many anomalies and problem is that such evi-
2) so far the mainstream dence does not exist.
has failed to address them There are literally reams
or to provide a satisfactory of serious historical and ar-
history of the emergence of chaeological questions that
civilization. the orthodoxy has not even
Many authors from J. A. addressed, let alone at-
West and Graham Hancock tempted to answer. Chris
to Zechariah Sitchin and Dunn has also carefully
many others including my- scrutinized the level of en-
self have addressed these is- gineering skills required to
sues extensively. The Great build the Great Pyramid
Pyramid is perhaps the best and he has equated them to
single example. Here we are the levels we possess today.
faced with a massive struc- When Flinders Petrie, the
ture rising to 48 stories and father of Egyptology, inves-
weighing in excess of 4 mil- tigated the GP in the 19th
lion tons. Egyptologists century he arrived at sim-
claim that it was built in 20 ilar conclusions. Obviously,
years using nothing more this presents us with a para-
than hammer-stones, doxical situation.
wooden sledges and manual There are no tools and
labor. Wait a minute. Be- no inventions in the Egyp-
fore we even give the obvi- tian record dating to 2500
ously mechanically im- B.C. that substantiate the
paired yarn-spinners the conclusions that the ortho-
courtesy of belief or disbe- doxy has reached. If you re-
lief we need to raise some move the Great Pyramid
fundamental questions. from the record and examine their tools and
hardly needs any elucidation. We know that
Before we even begin to seriously ex- their level of knowledge you see that the
generations of small wooden bridges pre-
amine the premise that the Egyptians of the Egyptians of that era did not have sophisti-
ceded the huge bridges of today. We know
4th Millennia B.C. had the engineering and cated tools or knowledge. They called their
that small earth dams and then wooden
construction know-how to build a precision- surveyors, “rope-stretchers.” How could
dams preceded the 6 million ton Hoover
engineered pyramid of such gargantuan pro- these rope stretchers survey a 13-acre plot
portions we need to see the following: on an uneven limestone bench and then
Our knowledge is rooted in practical ex-
Evidence that they built smaller pyra- have it cleared and leveled by men wielding
perience, logic and study. The history of civ-
mids over the course of many generations. hammer-stones as flat as a sheet of glass?
ilization is replete with examples of incre-
Corroborating evidence that shows that We know that this was the level of preci-
mental development. The horse-drawn plow
they were capable engineers, architects, sion achieved because the international en-
was around in the days of Sumeria and it
stonemasons, mathematicians, inventors gineering firm of Menendall, Johnson, et. al,
foreshadowed the automobile. But you
and so forth. studied the site and determined that the
could not have a Model T until the internal
We raise our first objection because base had been planed to an accuracy that
combustion engine was invented and that
5,000 years of civilization has proven that could only be achieved with equipment on
relied on various other inventions from
sophisticated skills, knowledge, technologies par with laser levels. This is another dis-
rubber to steel milling. That it all took
and artifacts leave a trail of developments, a turbing fact. The precision of the structure
about 4500 years to develop from Sumeria
history of trial and error experimentation on such a massive scale is unthinkable for
to America.
behind. We did not start out building sky- any technically unsophisticated culture. The
Now, how you would react if a historian
scrapers, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Great Pyramid is a mystery because in our
or archaeologist tried to sell you on the idea
Hoover Dam any more than we went right guts we know that it could not have been
that the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam
from biplanes to supersonic jets. This point
and the model-T just appeared without any
seems so obvious in the modern context it Continued on Page 62
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from the skies, perhaps from Orion itself.
Because the constellation rises due east,
one might think that the name Orion de-
rives from the word orient. In actuality, it is
What Were the Ancients formed by dropping the initial “m” in the
Indo-European stem morui, which surpris-
Trying to Tell Us about the ingly means ant as well. Perhaps the constel-
lation was so named because its narrow, an-
thropomorphic waist suggests this insect.
The Hopi term for Orion is Hotòmqam,
which literally means either “to string up”
(as beads on a string) or “trey.” This could
refer to the three stars of Orion’s belt but
also to the tripartite form of the ant: head,
thorax, and abdomen. These shiny, bead-like
sections of the ant’s body may have their ce-
lestial counterpart in what the Hopi con-
sider the most important constellation in
the heavens. The appearance of Orion
through the overhead hatchways of Hopi
kivas (semi-subterranean prayer chambers)
still synchronizes many annual sacred

As Above...
When Orion dominates winter skies, the
ants are deep in their “kivas” (hills). Al-
though this seems contradictory, the zenith
and the nadir are actually one shamanistic
axis comprising the Underworld. Two sep-
arate realms exist in the Hopi cosmology:
• BY GARY A. DAVID the surface of the earth as the site of human
activity and a combined sky/underground
region as the home of the spirits, in partic-
ular the kachinas. (A kachina is a masked
spirit that can assume the form of any phys-
ical object, phenomenon, or creature in the
Both the ant mound with its dark tun-
nels and the kiva with its sipapuni (a hole in
the floor symbolically linking it to
the Underworld) embody the
nether plane. This paradoxically
arches upward across the skies to
serve as home to the star spirits.

ll across the Amer-
ican Southwest we The Hopi god of death, the earth, and the
find petroglyphs Underworld is named Masau’u. Like the
(rock carvings) or ants, he possesses knowledge of both the
pictographs (rock earth’s surface and the chthonic regions. He
paintings) depicting eerie creatures with wears a mask with large open eyeholes and a
spindly bodies, large eyes and bulbous large mouth. His huge, bald head resem-
topher Knight and Robert
heads, sometimes with antennae. The fig- bles a summer squash, and his forehead
Lomas claim that the root
ures are frequently shown in a “prayer bulges out in a ridge. His feet are long
Aramaic word nephîliâ is one name
stance” with elbows and knees positioned at as a forearm, and his body is gray. This
for the constellation. The Nephilim, of
right angles, similar to the ant’s bent legs. color is essential, since his name comes
course, are familiar to readers of Zecharia
Do these rock drawings represent a race from the Hopi word maasi, meaning gray. In
Sitchin. In The 12th Planet he translates
of Ant People? Do they actually record an- fact, this description from Hopi mythology
the Sumerian root NFL (not the American
cient encounters between humans and an is uncomfortably close to contemporary im-
football league!) as “...those who were cast
alien species? Are the creatures truly “alien,” ages of extraterrestrial Greys.
down upon the Earth!” In Genesis 6:4 of the
like those of the 1947 UFO crash near Ros- Masau’u is also the terrestrial equivalent
King James version, they are called “giants
well, New Mexico? Or are they some crypto- of Orion, whose name means ant. The Hopi
in the earth.” These creatures were the off-
biological anomaly native to our planet? If believe that distances are insignificant to
spring of the so-called Watchers, or fallen
not, then are they creations of the collective Masau’u because he can traverse the entire
angels, and “the daughters of men.” It may
unconscious? Let’s examine the evidence. earth before morning comes. What better
be more than a coincidence that Nephilim
way to express Orion’s movement from the
sounds very much like the Hebrew word
Linguistic Evidence eastern to the western horizon during the
nemâlâh, which means ant.
The term Nephilim mentioned in the night?
If the Nephilim are indeed “of Orion,”
New English Bible apparently means “those this could mean that these descendants are
that are of Orion.” In Uriel’s Machine Chris- the Ant People who were also cast down Continued on Page 31
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Understanding and Using the Science of
Sympathetic Vibration
Dale Pond, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edgar
Cayce and others.
One hundred years ago, scientist/inventor/philosopher
John Keely built various devices that were able to
overcome gravity, tunnel through rock using a
hand-held device, use acoustics to power engines, and
create superconductivity by using wires made of gold,
silver and platinum. Almost lost, this book finally
compiles ten years of research by the editor/author
that explains the technology used. Understandable to
the laymen and useful to the most advanced teacher.
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152 pages, 9 X 11 Paperback, Illustrated

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Dale Pond and Walter Baumgartner
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the region of his New York laboratory in 1898, was the
result of a machine he had been experimenting with.
This book presents this technology based on sonic
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Continued from Page 28
In his celestial manifestation the ant-like
Masau’u is associated with the Hopi sky god
Sotuknang. The Assyro-Babylonian sky god
was named Anu. The Hopi word for ant is
anu. Related to Sitchin’s Anunnaki, the
as seen on the NBC Special
Hopi root word naki means friend, prayer
feathers, food offerings, or sand—a nexus of “ANCIENT
concepts all pertaining to this flying insect. PROPHECIES II”
Anu was also another name for the Egyp-
tian city of Heliopolis, where the benben
stone of meteoric iron was kept. In addition,
the Egyptian word anu meant not only
products, revenues, or something brought
in but also gifts, tributes, and offerings. This
refers to both the ants’ ability to store provi-
sions and the reverence given to the Ant
People. In any case, their influence is global.

Mythological Evidence
Ants played a crucial role in the survival
of the ancient Hopi. The Ant People’s great
kiva provided sanctuary during both the de- Masau’u
struction of the First World (or Era) by fire I AM AMERICA Full Color 24" x 28"
literally means flesh ant, the large dark red
and the Second World by ice. (For a possible
location of this, see Jack Andrews’ web site
“Lost City of the Dead in the Grand
Canyon,” http://www.gci-net.com/users/v/
ant with a painful sting. The Zuni, a tribe
that lives near the Hopi, associate the Red
Ant Society with healing powers.
2100 S & H Included

vrartist/story.html) Only the virtuous mem- Far to the south the Maya, who share
many cultural traits with the Hopi, tell leg- You heard Lori Toye tell
bers of the tribe following a certain cloud by
day and a certain star by night were able to ends of ant-like men building stone cities how she–under the
find the sky god Sotuknang. He elected to and roads during the First Creation (World).
save these migrating “chosen people” by These peculiar creatures possessed magical guidance of the
powers and could summon stones into
leading them to the Ant People for protec-
proper architectural positions by just
ascended master Saint
Ants are portrayed as generous and in- whistling. Germain–created
dustrious, offering the Hopi sustenance In Maya History and Religion, J. Eric S.
when supplies ran short and teaching them Thompson writes: “Zayamuincob can be prophetic maps of
the merits of food storage. In fact, ants have translated as ‘the twisted men’ or ‘the dis- America and the world.
such thin waists today, the legend goes, be- jointed men,’ suggesting a connection with
cause they once deprived themselves of pro- ‘hunchback.’ The word may also be con- NOW YOU CAN TAKE
visions. In another account of the earliest nected with zay, ‘ant,’ for there is also a Yu-
eras, the Hopi themselves are described as catec tradition of an ancient race called chac A CLOSER LOOK.
ants when they were “way underneath.” The zay uincob, ‘red ant men.’ They were indus-
word underneath refers to both the Ant Kiva
and the subterranean First and Second
Worlds. The previous Third World is also
trious like the ants which take out the red
earth and make straight roads through the
The reference to hunchback is reminis-
S & H Included
FREEDOM STAR Full Color 36" x 52"
conceptualized as being below ground,
whereas our present Fourth World is on the cent of Koko Pilau (Kokopelli), the hump-
Earth’s surface. back flute player. This is the ubiquitous, in-
According to a rather brutal Hopi myth sect-like fertility figure of Southwest
entitled “Why the Ants Are So Thin,” many petroglyphs.
ants were living east of Toko’navi, or Na-
vaho Mountain near the Arizona/Utah Celestial Ant Hills
border. These insects are described not in Each February the Hopi perform the
the allegorical manner of an Aesop fable but Bean Dance inside their kivas. During this
in an almost humanoid way. During a Ka- time the fires are continuously kept ablaze,
china Society initiation, two of the ants had turning these underground structures into
dressed up as fierce, giant Hu kachinas and superb hot houses. This ritual may com-
memorate a time when the Ant People
flogged the ant children so hard that they
were almost cut through in the middle of
their bodies, hence their slenderness.
Ants are also associated with either war-
taught the Hopi how to sprout beans inside
caverns in order to survive. The previously
mentioned Hu kachinas are an integral part
Order NOW!
fare or the hunt. The Hopi believe that both of this ceremony to initiate children into
traits are related to Orion in particular and the Katsina Society.
to stars in general. This tribe also connects Ants resonate deep in our psyches as ar-
black ants with witchcraft. The Hopi word
Toko’anu (similar to the mountain’s name)
chetypal denizens of dual worlds: the earth

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Tracking the Lost Continent’s Surprising Descendants in Europe
• BY FRANK JOSEPH cans were serious music-lovers,
“On this island of Atlantis had assembling large groups of harp-
arisen a powerful and remarkable ists, lutenists, flautists, drum-
dynasty of kings, who ruled Eu- mers, trumpeters, pipers, singers
rope as far as western Italy.” and other performers in what
Plato, the Timaeus may have been the first musical
orchestras or bands in history.

t the center of Atlantis, ac- Surviving Etruscan tomb art is
cording to Plato, sprawled sophisticated, vivid and dynamic.
the monumental Temple The ruins of many Etruscan
of Poseidon. The ornate cities are still visited and studied;
building of stone and precious thousands of related artifacts are
metals contained a colossus of scattered around the world in
the sea-god standing in his im- museums and private collections.
mense chariot drawn by six Yet, the Etruscans are European
winged horses. A smaller version archaeology’s greatest enigma.
of this Atlantean work of art still Although numerous specimens
exists in Rome’s Giulia Museum. of their written language exist,
The likeness from Praeneste was they continue to resist transla-
made by Etruscan craftsmen tion, save for yielding an impor-
some time during the early 6th tant name now and then, after
Century B.C. Yet another contem- more than 100 years of scholarly
porary copy is on display in the effort.
Tarquinian Museum. Poseidon’s To add to the confusion, the
figure is missing from these ter- Etruscans referred to themselves
racottas. However, both are as the Rasna. Investigators were
known to have originally adorned divided over whether the term is
temples to the sea-god. in fact a proper name or merely
But who were the Etruscans? descriptive. In other words,
And what were they doing with calling the Etruscans Rasna may
copies of the most important be like referring to the whole
statue in Atlantis? German people of 1900 as “the
The Etruscans were a pre- Kaisers,” even though only the
Roman people who dominated king was Kaiser. A mountain
western Italy from about 800 B.C. chain still known as the Ras-
A previous period, once referred The Lady of Elche senna stands near the ancient
to as “Villanovoan” by archaeolo- city of Arretium, whose Etruscan
gists who assumed it represented a different Volsinii, in 280 B.C., they confiscated no residents contributed so heavily to the
culture, is now regarded as an earlier less than 2,000 bronze statues. In 205 B.C., Roman war effort against Carthage.
Etruscan phase beginning five centuries be- to supply the invasion fleet of Scipio Afri- Etruscan origins are no less enigmatic.
fore. By 750 B.C., the early Classical histo- canus, Etruscan Arretium provided 30,000 Some researchers speculate they were native
rian and mythologist, Hesiod, referred in shields, 50,000 javelins, and 40 fully- Italians, but their sudden appearance at the
The Agony to “the far-famed Tyrsenoi,” equipped warships in 15 days. The Etrus- beginning of the 12th century B.C. suggests
Greek for the Etruscans. He declared them cans were master irrigationists, as exampled otherwise. Herodotus’ claim that the Etrus-
to have been the first civilizers in Italy, pro- by the Graviscae Drain, a labyrinth of sub- cans came from Lydia, in southwestern Asia
digious sea-farers, who established a pow- terranean water courses, pools and lakes Minor, is still being debated after 2,500
erful thallasocracy that dominated the created by the mammoth excavation of inge- years. The Egyptians knew them much ear-
western Mediterranean until the rise of Car- nious drainage canals. lier, when Pharaoh Merenptah included
thage. Others remembered how they con- They were high-minded statesmen, who them among his worst enemies, the vaunted
tested Phoenician sailors for the distant set up the Populi Etruriae, or omnis Sea Peoples.
Azore Islands in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, 900 Etruria, a league of independent city-states They were mentioned again by his suc-
miles from Europe. whose rulers wielded broad powers, but cessor, Ramses III, when he had to battle the
Archaeologists know they built magnifi- were subject to a centralized authority. same alliance of invaders. They are listed in
cent cities with architectural feats like the Etruscan cavalry were unmatched for versa- the roll-call of captured prisoners on the
350-foot-high tower of Lars Prosena, hung tility and splendor. One of the New York walls of his Victory Temple as the Trs.w, or
with half-a-dozen enormous, bronze bells. Museum of Art’s most precious possessions Twrws.w, the Egyptian language version of
The Etruscans mass-produced high-quality is a full-size, perfectly preserved Etruscan the Greek Tyrsenoi. Trs.w’s philological
bronze on an unprecedented scale. When chariot of bronze decorated with sculpted identification with the Etruscans is sup-
Roman forces captured the Etruscan city of gold and silver appointments. The Etrus- ported by Ramses himself. He singled them
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out because they came from Etruria, their accomplish-

the northwest, the direction of ments in city planning, public
Italy, unlike the rest of the Sea works projects, irrigation,
Peoples who attacked from the bronze manufacture and the
north and northeast. The Tro- arts were all drawn on a truly
jans were part of the Atlantean Atlantean scale. Ruins of
confederation which invaded Etruscan cities at Fiesole, Vol-
the Nile Delta, and rasnes or terra, Tarquinii and Sutri still
rasne—the Etruscans’ name for exhibit the same kind of con-
themselves—refers to “public centric walls with watch-
affairs” in the Trojan tongue. towers and interconnecting
Of the ten origins for the bridges arching over canals
foundation of Rome recorded Plato described for Atlantis.
by Plutarch in the “Romulus” The Etruscans prospered
chapter of his lives, two are almost a thousand years after
identifiably Atlantean. He re- the cataclysm that over-
ported that the Pelasgian Sea whelmed their kinsmen be-
An Etruscan Funeral Monument yond the Pillars of Heracles.
Peoples, “wandering over the
greater part of the habitable world, and sub- caria was a sea-goddess, one of the sirens, an Succumbing to the same moral decadence
duing numerous nations, fixed themselves inflection of Leukippe, the first woman of that preceded the destruction of Atlantis,
here, and from their own great strength in Atlantis. Plato, after all, outlined the limits they thoroughly inter-married with the
war, called the city ‘Rome’.” Virgil agreed, of Atlantean influence in Europe by ex- Roman conquerors, so much so that their
recalling how “the ancient Pelasgians long tending them to western Italy, and thereby language, as well as their cultural identity,
ago were the earliest occupants of the Latin included the Etruscans as part of an oceanic vanished long before the onset of another
land.” He believed Roman ancestors were alliance that menaced the Aegean and catastrophe—the collapse of Classical civili-
refugees from Troy, led by prince Aeneas, Egypt. His characterization of these events zation. The Dark Ages which followed like-
whose own forefather was “the same Atlas as the Atlantean War falls like a perfectly wise obscured Atlantean legacies at the
who uplifts the starry heavens.” These ori- matched template over Homer’s Trojan War other end of the Mediterranean. Part of that
gins parallel Ramses III’s report of the Trs.w and Ramses’ invasion of Sea People. Indeed, legacy still survives in the Spanish city of
invaders he dispersed and older Greek refer- all three sources portray different aspects of Cadiz, known even in late Roman times as
ences to the civilizing Pelasgians. the same confrontation. The Trs.w were Sea Gades. Earlier still, the Greeks called it Ga-
Plutarch continues, “some say again that People allies, who sailed from the defeat and dira, after the second king listed in Plato’s
Roma, from whom the city was so-called, final destruction of Atlantis back to Italy, account of Atlantis, Gadeiros, “presumably
was daughter of Italus and Leucaria.” Italus where they rose to power as the Etruscans.
was the Latin version of Atlas, while Leu- The sea-power they commanded from
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A New

Cellular Book from


Secrets Looks for

the Hidden

eepak Chopra loves to fly,
which is a good thing, since
he spends a lot of time on
of Life
airplanes. He’s mused over
the design of an aircraft that would be Millions
‘uncrashable’ (“perhaps some kind of of people
glider with an airfoil that never stalls, no have been
matter what angle of dive the plane goes drawn to
into”). He finds flying to be a very relaxing Deepak Chopra
experience, and uses it for writing, medita- through The
tion and rest. This week, he’s flown into Sa- Seven Spiritual Laws
vannah, Georgia and now sits overlooking of Success and Creating
the river from his hotel room. He’s been up Affluence. “Money is the
since four a.m.—his daily habit in any time energy we give to the things
zone. He meditated until six, then spent two we value. It doesn’t exist on its
hours in the gym (a little yoga, a run on the leaders, own it’s a symbolic expression of en-
treadmill and some weights) before enjoying educational in- ergy and its exchange.” He suggests
a variety of salads, fruit and fish at the stitutions and large public au- taking inventory of your unique abilities and
breakfast buffet. diences have generated international recog- asking yourself how you can put them to the
As an Ayurvedic “pitta” constitutional nition. Whether speaking or writing, he service of the ecosystem—“you will have
type dominated by the element of fire, it’s a champions the human potential for out- money and abundance,” he promises.
wonder he could wait. But he’s a patient standing physical, emotional, spiritual, “Abundance is the nature of the universe,
man, and says he lives in many dimensions mental and social health. In 1992, he served which is extravagant and even wasteful.”
at once, so food is something he appreciates on the National Institutes of Health’s Panel Chopra says he taught his children (a son
but doesn’t crave. He’s here to give a sem- on Alternative Medicine and established The and a daughter) to visualize the kinds of ex-
inar at the center he’s established in con- Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, periences they would like on a daily basis.
junction with the Memorial Health Hospital, California three years later. A non-profit or- “They found, to their surprise, that was how
a large institution that trains physicians in ganization, the Center has relocated to the day turned out. I think you just extend
integrative medicine. Carlsbad, California, where Chopra serves as that into your lifestyle.” He also thinks life
Formerly chief of staff at the Boston Re- educational director. Individual and group should flow from passion and be easy, spon-
gional Medical Center, Dr. Chopra had a programs include mind/body medicine and taneous, effortless and joyful. Though he
successful endocrinology practice there and personal development. Some find the costs works hard, he doesn’t find the driving work
also taught at Tufts and Boston Universities’ of such programs prohibitive, but Chopra ethic particularly spiritual and (great news
Schools for Medicine. Training other physi- says the Center has lost money in the past for messy desk types) thinks that order
cians is one of the reasons he left a highly and that he’s had to subsidize it. “It’s the should come from embracing chaos and
regarded position as chief of staff at The New only way we can pay our bills with the staff creativity, arising on its own as a ‘sponta-
England Memorial Hospital in Stoneham, we have and the rent we pay,” he states. “We neous emergent property.’ He likes to quote
Massachusetts in 1985. Desiring to expand try to give 10% of our applicants scholar- Oscar Wilde, who used to say “driving ambi-
the impact and effectiveness of conventional ships another 10% come as volunteers.” tion is the hallmark of failure.”
medicine, Chopra (who still holds medical Techniques emphasize Primordial Sound Chopra’s latest written work, The Book
licenses in both Massachusetts and Cali- Meditation (based on an individual’s Vedic of Secrets, was a response to the unexpected
fornia) rarely sees individual patients any- astrological chart), a balanced lifestyle, death of his father. A cardiologist, Kirshan
more, but feels he has enlarged his practice, health-promoting foods and herbs, rejuve- Chopra was also, according to his son, a
made it more “all-encompassing.” nating body therapies, and personal empow- great healer and humanitarian. “He would
Hardly arguable: Anyone with even a erment. Chopra sees the application of treat the needy once a week, paying their
passing interest in alternative medicine mind/body techniques as the cornerstone bus fare to reach him, and my mother would
knows his name and is familiar with at least for a future of greater self-reliance and self- cook for them.” Chopra remembers the call
one of his best selling books, CDs or cassette awareness. In his view, this enlightened he got from her reporting that his father
programs, some of which have been pub- self-knowledge will be embraced as a most had come to tell her good-bye, kissed her,
lished on every continent and in dozens of valuable asset in our rapidly evolving, ever
languages. Chopra’s presentations to world more challenging world. Continued on Page 36
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Address labels go directly on the cover, with no away. As the elder of two sons
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class to the U.S. postal system only. Education at Harvard Medical
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Australia (airmail only) standing and unity. A second step also sup- ting in some remote developing country
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The Further
of Rosslyn
Beyond Dan Brown’s Conjectures in
The DaVinci Code What Was the
Secret of Its Ceiling and Was It
Revealed to Queen Mary of Guise? Mary of

The Vaulted Ceiling of Roslyn Chapel

• BY JEFF NISBET Among the many speculations are the

rance’s Mary of Guise liked a good Cup of the Last Supper, the mummified busy themselves digging for a still-
joke. head of Christ, the Stone of Destiny, a piece mysterious “something” over the next sev-
When England’s King Henry of the True Cross, the Ark of the Covenant, eral years. Baldwin also granted the order
VIII proposed marriage, Mary and the genealogical records of a holy its first insignia—the equal-and-double-
quipped that her neck was too slender—a bloodline established by a marriage between barred Cross of Lorraine. Christopher Co-
cutting reference to the beheading of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. And in a recent lumbus acknowledges in his journals that
Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. issue of Templar History magazine the René I granted him his first ship’s com-
Mary married Scotland’s James V, in- Grand Herald of the Scottish Knights Tem- mand, and it’s thought that Columbus voy-
stead, and in 1542 gave birth to that na- plar claims he “once met a chap who was aged westward with a cross on his sails. But
tion’s best-known monarch, Mary Queen of convinced the chapel had been built over an did that cross have one bar or two? It is per-
Scots, just a week before James died. And in ET-type spacecraft, and presented an excel- haps highly significant that René II com-
1546, during her daughter’s minority reign, lent case …” The mind boggles. missioned the first map that shows the
Mary made a curious “bond” with Sir Wil- But while Mary may have been shown name “America,” dated 1507. That map, re-
liam St. Clair of Rosslyn. any of these things, I believe she was shown cently purchased for $5 million by the U.S.
One passage of that bond has been much something else—something in the architec- Library of Congress, may ultimately prove
debated: “We bind and oblige us to the said tural fabric of Rosslyn Chapel that was sin- to be little more than a spectacularly expen-
Sir William, and shall be a loyal and true gularly unique to a lineage she shared with sive piece of cartographical propaganda.
mistress to him. His counsel and secret William. William was the grandson of Rosslyn
shown to us we shall keep secret, and in all Let’s first consider who they were. Chapel’s builder, who was himself de-
matters give to him the best and truest Mary was the granddaughter of René II scended from several other notable St.
counsel we can, as we shall be required of Anjou and Lorraine, the grandson of Clairs: one who married Hugh de Payen,
thereto.” René I—a mover and shaker in the heroic one of the original nine Templars men-
In 1999’s Rosslyn: Guardians of the Se- career of Joan of Arc. Both Renés inherited tioned above one who was a mover and
crets of the Holy Grail the authors say that the title “King of Jerusalem,” a designation shaker in the career of great Scots hero
the “general tone of the letter is bizarre. It descended from Godfrey of Bouillon’s Robert the Bruce and one who may have led
is more like that of a subservient person to a brother, Baldwin, who first accepted the a voyage of discovery to the New World in
superior lord than that of a sovereign to her title. Godfrey had led the First Crusade to 1398, 94 years before Columbus made the
vassal.” liberate the Holy Land from the “infidels.” historically approved voyage.
What secret was Mary shown at Rosslyn It was Baldwin who granted the first nine Mary and her vassal clearly had a lot in
that brought about this strange relation- Templar Knights quarters on Solomon’s
ship? Temple Mount, beneath which they were to Continued on Page 40
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Conventional biblical
scholars tentatively posi-
tion Moses during the Continued from Page 39
Ancient Egyptian New
Kingdom reign of
Ramses II. Not much evi- common before she was shown
dence supports this view. the “secret” mentioned in her
However, the Egyptian bond. Each of their respective
Twelfth Dynasty stories families connects to the creation
provide so many details
which match Exodus de- of a great national hero, each
tails, that these coinci- connects to one or more of the
dences strongly suggest original nine Templars and each
that both sources are de- in some way connects to the dis-
scribing the same events. Also, a theory from
the controversial Immanuel Velikovsky – that the covery of America.
Passover angel was a comet – fits into this re- In my “Secrets of Rosslyn
construction. In addition, a reading by psychic Chapel” (Atlantis Rising #38), I
Edgar Cayce identifies the “abused Hebrew” as talk about recent changes that
Moses’ previously unknown sister, Sidiptu. The
reading hints that Moses killed the pharaoh who have been made to the “star
despoiled her. This reconstruction not only iden- course” of Rosslyn’s ceiling, and
tifies Moses in the Egyptian literature, but also suggest that the original archi-
this sister and nine other characters, seven pha- tectural fabric of the chapel has
raohs among them. Includes: -a chart identifying
the 12th Dynasty pharoahs as characters of the been tampered with since it was
Exodus -a merged chronology of the 12th Dy- written—not a popular view
nasty stories with Moses´ life events -a seven among Rosslyn’s many “book in
page parallel chronology matching events of the stone” fans.
bible with Egyptian 12th Dynasty events -twelve
family trees that position Moses and his role in Now I'll talk about all five
some of these Egyptian stories -14 selected sto- courses of the ceiling, and the se-
ries summarized and superimposed on Exodus cret I feel William revealed to Layout of Rosslyn’s five-course vaulted ceiling with the
events -a 67 page glossary of relevant items -a Mary when she visited the chapel
twelve page bibliography. crowding elements pulled out from the central vault,
in 1546, the 100th anniversary of forming the reversed arms of the Lorraine Cross.
Trade Paperback $18.69 Rosslyn’s foundation.
Hardback $28.79
eBook $8.00 Let’s follow them inside.
Order on line at
I believe that William would
xlibris.com & Amazon.com have asked Mary to look up and
ponder the chapel’s ceiling,
drawing her attention to the fact
that while two of the five courses
are laid out in true checkerboard Left to right: The Hermetic Equal-Armed Cross of
fashion with the same number of Lorraine; The Christian Cross of the Crucifixion; The
equally spaced architectural ele- Christianized (INRI) Cross Lorraine; The Reverse-
ments, the three remaining Armed Rosslyn Cross, Symbol of the SMOTJ.
courses appear more crowded!
Bearing in mind that the ar-
chitectural elements of each of
those three courses would not only require have been as great.
more carving but would be significantly I believe that William directed Mary’s
more difficult to lay out, he would then gaze up to Rosslyn’s ceiling, drawing her at-
have asked her why she thought that this tention to the overcrowding of certain
were so. courses, and then told her that his grandfa-
At this point, had Mary’s 16th-century ther, 100 years previously, had hidden a
Subscribe to dynastic mind not been moved into sudden huge Cross of Lorraine in it—with its arms
revelation, William would have told her tucked in!
ATLANTIS what I now tell you. As the accompanying graphic shows,
RISING Rosslyn’s ceiling vault consists of five when we move the “crowding” elements
courses, each made up of its own unique ar- away from the ceiling vault, redistributing
Bi-Monthly chitectural element of floral design, except them according to the harmony of the
Magazine the star course—what we will call the first checkerboard pattern found in the first and
course—which consists mainly of stars, laid third courses, the Lorraine Cross is then re-
6-Issues out like the alternating squares of a check- vealed with its arms extended. It is not the
erboard. The second course is chockablock original equal-armed cross mentioned
$2495 with architectural elements, containing ex- above, however, but a later incarnation that
12-Issues actly twice the number of elements as the exhibits a further eccentricity I will cover
star course. The third has the same number later.
$4095 of elements as the first. The fourth splits the The symbolism of the Lorraine Cross has
difference between the first and the second been explained in different ways.
and, though there is not as much carving as Writing in Dagobert’s Revenge maga-
in the second course, would have been more zine, Boyd Rice reports that French poet
Use Your
Your Credit
Credit Card.
Card. Call
Call Now!
Now! difficult to lay out, since the easy-to- and essayist Charles Peguy claimed that the
replicate checkerboard template was not double- and equal-armed cross represent
800-228-8381 used. The fifth course has less carving than
the fourth, but the layout difficulties would
Continued on Page 66
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Dr. Lana Cantrell

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Creative Relaxations
To Soothe Your Soul

A Guided CD by Cynthia Logan, CMT

$12.00 ($2.00 from each sale donated
to Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund)

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Artist’s conception of a Wormhole entrance.
Tosin Adetoro under supervision of Pat Tyler (NASA)
THE WORMHOLE Did the Dervish Sages Know
POSSIBILITIES the Secret of Time Travel?
he question of whether or not it is possible to travel
T in time is getting a fresh look these days. As new
NASA spacecraft are dispatched to measure gravity in
interstellar space, and laboratories in the U.S. and Aus-
tria learn how to teleport photons, many exotic possibil-
ities, including superfast quantum computing, are be-
ing tested in new ways.
At the heart of the new research is the notion origi-
nally conceived of by Einstein that spacetime is a four-
dimensional construct that can be influenced by the
presence of heavy objects. Gravity has been shown to • BY WILLIAM HENRY
bend light and the net result, physicists say, is curved
or, in effect, folded spacetime. Though many of the dis-
tortions which have been observed are at the sub- “We come spinning out of nothing- jerks in a circular motion. Who knew
atomic level in what has been called quantum foam, the ness, scattering stars...the stars form the human body could move like that.
possiblity that such phenomena might exist at much a circle, and in the center we dance.” As you watch the dancer, a
greater levels has not been ruled out. Black holes, for Rumi, 13th century whirling dervish, you’re mesmerized.
instance, it has been theorized, represent such great His spinning is dizzying, and it con-

concentrations of gravity that time itself could well icture this: It’s nighttime on tinues for five, ten, fifteen minutes,
cease to exist at their center—termed a “singularity.” a Nile cruise ship docked more.
Such possibilities have left some to wonder if it might under a blanket of stars in Right before your eyes he produces
be possible to travel directly from one compartment of Luxor, the lazy palm-lined re- a brightly colored bell-like skirt that
spacetime to another—or, perhaps, to take a kind of sort town in Upper Egypt. Three mu- he expertly spins around his hips. An
shortcut across its curve—through random openings sicians are ‘hitting the shed.’ With the ecstatic pulse of excitement washes
which might provide portals to alternate universes or call of the drum and the colorful keys through your blood as you realize
perhaps to different times in the same universe. These of glory from an electronic keyboard, that, to western eyes, it’s a saucer-
openings have been called “wormholes” and are usually suddenly ‘Benny and the Pyramids’ shaped UFO or Mer-Ka-Ba (‘space-
visualized as hourglass-shaped vortices connecting one (not their real name) have your feet time-light vehicle’) spinning around
world or time with another. tapping. They’re not Led Zeppelin. In his body!
While today’s science may be on the threshold of un- fact they’re kind of cheesy, but hey, Don’t stop watching. The dance is
derstanding such wormholes, the possibility has arisen they’re all right. far from finished. The revolution of
that, in this area—as in many others—our ancient an- Benny and the Pyramids change your thinking has only just begun.
cestors may have gotten here first. In the accompa- their tune, and then, a dancer materi- Unbeknownst, this is the magic
nying story, author and investigative mythologist Wil- alizes from the shadows. Tall. Rail moment every Grail knight seeks: It’s
liam Henry suggests that, indeed, such knowledge may thin. Stoic. He begins to gently spin the moment when the rock spurts
have been passed down to us in the form of a powerful in place. His feet move in an intricate water, the angel spins out of the whirl-
ancient dance. counterclockwise rhythm. His head wind, the sea-sky opens and the

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stairway to heaven appears, and suddenly Group. The dance is known as Al Darweesh, Perhaps the reason why I am the first to
you are in a magical new world, another or dervish dancing. A special ability of these connect the (eastern) dance of the mystic
level. dancers is the ability to spin in a counter dervish with the (western) wormhole sci-
It’s not an accident that you are here. clockwise circle in place for hours, his feet ence is because the Al Tanura group repre-
It’s synchronicity time. The Eye of Egypt is forming a never-changing intricate pattern. sents a break away from the traditional der-
upon you. Twenty to thirty times a minute the dervish vish dance. For centuries, the dervishes start
In the next phase of this whirling or twirls for Allah. Adherents believe this tight by wearing black cloaks symbolizing tombs.
“sema” or samâ ceremony of the divine love circular movement represents the universe, Upon removal, they remove themselves from
and mystical ecstasy the dancer produces a which stems from a single, spinning point. the world.
second skirt and spins it into a ‘saucer’. He Their twirling is a form of prayer, a method The multicolored spin-fest I witnessed is
lifts the second ‘saucer’ above his head, of tapping into hyperconsciousness and an actually a runaway advance comparable to
spinning it in perfect synchrony with the act of love. the breakthrough in technology sweeping
first. The Persian word darwish is accepted in away the old world and introducing the su-
“Holy Singularity!” you think. His skirts Arabic and Turkish (dervish) to describe the perhuman future.
and body form the shape of a wormhole! He Sufi who is the one who is at the door to en- Speaking of the birth of a new human, as
is the phoenix, rising to perform the al- lightenment. Derived from the Persian word ‘the wormhole dance’ progresses the dervish
chemical transformational process of ascen- ‘dar’ (door), a dervish is one who is poor in closes the wormhole and a ‘baby soul’ de-
sion, the secret closely guarded by the an- the sight of God and in need of His mercy. scends from the “wormhole” into “creation”.
cient mystery schools. As the doorway, we might say that the This is only natural as the circle represents
The human wormhole. The merger of dervish is a mystical dancer–the Poor or the feminine.
the Hour Glass shape of the two ‘saucers’ Pure One–who stands between or unites the The ‘child’ brought through the ‘worm-
becomes the Star of David, another symbol material and cosmic worlds. Through his hole’ symbolizes a very interesting connec-
of the Mer-Ka-Ba. The meeting of the upper spinning he arrives at a place where ego dis- tion between the whirling dervish (doorway,
world (Heaven ) and the lower world (Earth) solves and a resonance with universal soul wormhole) dance and the traditions of the
is exactly what is performed by the dancer. comes in. It is believed that the dervish is in Great Mother. According to mythologist
prayer and that his body becomes open to Barbara Walker, Sufism is an Arabic mys-
The Human Wormhole receive the energy of God. tical system preserving within Islam a Tan-
Wormholes are essentially tunnels in The purpose of the ritual whirling is to tric form of Goddess-and-woman worship.
space/time. In the figures shown below the empty himself of all distracting Christian and the Buddhist
top and bottom sheets are connected via a thoughts. Placing himself in a art also portray this concept of
wormhole. The two sheets may represent trance, his body conquers diz- the birth of a divine child
two different universes or two sections of ziness. He accepts that he is through a gate. In the painting
the same universe, which, if not for the the true instrument (tuner) of shown on page 68 Mary brings
wormhole’s presence, would be separated by God (Allah, Light) and there- the baby Jesus through the
a very large distance. fore he does not question the mouth or gate of the universe,
After this whirlwind blew through my power that comes and leaves the almond-shaped vesica
mind and my dendrites stopped sizzling at him during the spinning piscis. A wormhole is an exten-
19.5 degrees I floated as if on angel’s wings trance. sion of Schwarzchild geometry,
back to my stateroom thinking I was in Oz. Max Pulver’s article “Jesus’s Schwarzchild which shows the throat of a
I guess this is what happens when the old Round Dance and Crucifixion geometry wormhole as the vesica symbol.
and new worlds collide. In fact, when I According to the Acts of St John” in Joseph The Sufis believe feminine forces hold
talked with the dancer after his performance Campbell’s The Mysteries in Papers From the universe together. They disguised their
he told me the ‘story’ told by his dance con- the Eranos Yearbook, informs us this may
cerned connecting heaven and earth. even have been the secret initiatory round Continued on Page 68
The dancer is part of the Al Tanura dance secretly performed by Jesus.

1. The dance begins with a white sheet or veil 3. Saucer-man. Is he re-enacting Elijah’s 5. The merger of the Hour Glass shape of the
covering the dancer. journey into heaven through the whirlwind? two ‘saucers’ becomes the Star of David

2. Next, he forms a ‘saucer’ around his body. 4. Then, a second saucer spins around his 6. Toward the end he collapses the wormhole
This is symbolic of the Mer-Ka-Ba. body. He’s forming a wormhole and brings a ‘baby’ out of the wormhole
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Da Vinci,
& Hugo
da Vinci

• BY JOHN CHAMBERS Priory of Sion?

Or Brotherhood of
he authors of the best-selling
1982 non-fiction book Holy
Blood, Holy Grail, which pop-
ularized the notion of the
“Priory of Sion”—the 1,000-year-old
the Remnant?
secret society said to guard the Holy
Grail—must be sorry now that nov- waiting to be demolished and a
elist Dan Brown seized upon the idea number of authors of the Evangelical
and made it the centerpiece of his Christian anti-The Da Vinci Code
hugely popular 2003 novel The Da books have been incensed enough to
Vinci Code. Brown did so much vio- go ahead and do just that. In Cracking
lence to orthodox Christianity in his Da Vinci’s Code, authors James L.
book—claiming that the Church sup- Garlow and Peter Jones carefully ex-
pressed women, that it fabricated the plain that the authors of Holy Blood, Isaac
notion that Christ is divine, that it still Holy Grail relied on documents pro- Newton
wants to rule the world, and much vided to them by one Pierre Plantard,
more—that Evangelical and other or- an anti-Semitic Frenchman who spent
thodox Christians have risen up en time in jail for fraud in 1953. The
masse against him. In 2004 at least a Priory of Sion began as the name of a
dozen books have already been pub- small social club started by Plantard
lished denouncing The Da Vinci Code and three friends in 1954 to promote
and everything in it. Among the tar- the “cause” of low-cost housing in
gets: The Priory of Sion. France. When the club was dissolved
Some of the issues raised in in 1957, Plantard held on to the name
Brown’s book are complex ones and and used it in the 1960s and the 1970s
not so easily dismissed (e.g., whether when he put together a series of docu-
Constantine imposed the doctrine of ments “proving” the existence of a
the Trinity on the Council of Nicaea). bloodline descending from Mary Mag-
Unfortunately, the issue of whether dalene, through the kings of France,
the Priory of Sion exists doesn’t fall down to the present day, to in-
into this category. Holy Blood, Holy clude...none other than Pierre Plan-
Grail authors Michael Baigent, tard. At this point, he began using the
Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln name Plantard de Saint-Clair,
never offered a shred of evidence for claiming that the Saint-Clairs were di-
the existence of the Priory of Sion (in rect descendants of the line of Jesus
fact, in subsequent books like The and Mary.
Messianic Legacy they publicly backed Garlow and Jones write: “In 1993,
away from the notion altogether. Ed.)
it has always been an assertion just Continued on Page 70
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the Enduring Mystery of
the Camino de Santiago

From top clockwise. View of the Camino from O’Cebreiro Lugo. Village near Ponferrada.
Labyrinths at Mogor Pontevedra (3,000 to 1,500 B.C.). Baphomet at the Templar church at
Torres del Rio. Ruins of a Celtic “castro”, La Corona.

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he Camino de Santiago is an an-
cient pilgrimage route that tra-
verses Spain from its beginning in
the Pyrenees to the tomb of St.
James the Apostle, located at the Cathedral
of Santiago de Compostela in Spain’s north-
western province of Galicia. The Camino
saw as many as 2,000,000 pilgrims annually
in the Middle Ages, and is regaining similar
popularity today. Because of the Camino's
importance in medieval times, it holds,
within its declared boundaries of 25 kilome-
ters on either side, the greatest concentra-
tion of Romanesque and Gothic architec-
ture in the world.
Known generally as a Catholic pil-
grimage, little is said or known of the pre-
Christian Camino, sometimes called the
“Route of the Stars.” Evidence indicates
that the origins of the Camino can be traced
back into prehistory, long before the re-
mains of St. James were said to have drifted
ashore at Padron, in Galicia. Following the
42nd parallel to the “end of the earth” at Dolmen of Akeitas (3,500 - 1,800 B.C.)
Cape Finisterra, the path of the Camino un- with “ley lines,” the “energy channels” of lection can be considered evidence as well of
folds along a corridor formed by megalithic the earth. Sometimes, as is the case of the an ancient science known also as the Pri-
sites dating to the second millenuim B.C. It Camino itself, the location of these mega- mordial Tradition, or the Ancient Mysteries.
is said in Spain that “To walk the Camino is lithic structures has been thought to obey Such a science has been said to lie at the
to walk on the stars,” and so we find that both models at once, thereby connecting heart of the “art of building” throughout
these megalithic sites, and the older, orig- and harmonizing the energies of heaven and human history, and to encode knowledge of
inal Camino, have many links to the sky. earth. “As above, so below,” states the Her- the nature and laws of the universe, and of
Megalithic monuments are often asso- metic axiom, and so the “Route of the Stars” man. This “art of building” has always im-
ciated with astronomical events and orien- follows mirrors the path of the Milky Way. plied the alignment of the forces of heaven
tation. They have been associated as well The use of ley lines and astronomical or-
with ancient roadways, and these in turn ientation in prehistoric building and site se- Continued on Page 72

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The King
of the Gods
Jupiter Weighs in on the
Scales of Justice

in Libra
September 2004 - October 2005

“The quality of deci-

sion is like the well-timed
swoop of a falcon which
enables it to strike and
destroy its victim.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War


(NASA photo)

Aphrodite, the earlier Greek first appeared as Libra in clas-

ibra, The Scales, is the only inani-
mate member of the zodiac and as goddess, derives from “aphros,” sical times in the Julian cal-
such might be seen to represent meaning foam. Aphrodite was endar created by Caesar as Pon-
pure principle. The Scales are those born of the foam which bubbled up tifus Maximus. He was aided in this
of Justice, weighing and measuring the fates from the ocean after Cronus (Saturn) cas- effort by Flavius and Sosigenes, an Alexan-
of humanity. As the seventh zodiac sign trated his father Uranus, causing his phallus drian astronomer. In millennia past the
Libra marks a turning point in the evolu- to fall into the sea. The blood gave Aphro- alpha and beta stars of Libra, which now
tionary process. Here the idea of coopera- dite’s hair its coppery color. This hints at form the pans of the balance, were the claws
tion is born, and we are challenged to move the profound and symbiotic relationship be- of the Scorpion and were perceived as a sep-
toward increasing group consciousness tween earth and sky, sea and clouds. Aphro- arate constellation. The stars still bear the
through the experience of the remaining dite herself emerged from a much older earlier names of Northern and Southern
signs. goddess with more profound mythic signifi- Claws.
Libra is a Cardinal Air sign ruled by the cance. The earlier goddess contained the Although the Romans claim to have in-
planet Venus, mythical goddess of love and triple aspect of Mother-Maiden-Crone and troduced Libra as the twelfth sign, these
beauty. The name Venus comes from the held sway over issues of life and death. stars have an enduring symbolic representa-
Latin “venustus, which means graceful. This In myth Aphrodite was married to the tion as the Goddess Justice, dispensing
ancient Italian goddess was seen as the lame god Hephaestus, the Blacksmith judgment and regulating the affairs of dim-
growth and beauty inherent in nature’s (Vulcan), but had a long-standing affair with sighted humanity. In India this constella-
bounty and spring’s rejuvenation. She was Ares (Mars). Mars is the ruler of the first tion was a kneeling man, holding a pair of
worshiped in Rome where Julius Caesar sign Aries, opposite to Venus-ruled Libra on scales. In the early zodiac of China this
claimed to be her direct descendant. He ded- the zodiacal wheel. Through their mythic group of stars was a dragon, the national
icated a temple to her, expressing his grate- exploits, these two famous lovers are trying emblem, with ancient mythic origins to the
fulness for granting him victory in war. Al- to balance the scales of the extremes of Great Goddess. Later, following the Ro-
though Venus was equated with the Greek gender. That Venus was married to the mans, the constellation became Tien Ching,
Aphrodite, she is more appropriately related Olympian Blacksmith suggests the fires of the Celestial Balance. Libra’s theme of
to the goddess Charis (charity) who was the transmutation, tempering us through the weight and measure also extends back to
Greek goddess of grace and embodied the experiences of relationships. Egypt where the constellation was depicted
concept of human love. According to R. H. Allen (Star Names, as a scale beam, representing the Nilometer,
their Lore and Meaning), the constellation which tracked the level of the Nile. Well be-
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fore the time of the Romans that we can get a sense how the
this part of the sky was asso- planet affects our life. Every
ciated with the idea of light, or twelve years the king of the
a lamp, representing the As- gods returns to the place he oc-
syrian god Bir. Similar to Ju- cupied at our birth, providing
piter, Bir was a father god of fire an infusion of growth and en-
and great light and was believed ergy we can optimize. Those
to inhabit these stars. This sug- born with Jupiter in Libra will
gests an ancient awareness of enjoy the benefits (or chal-
the importance of enlightened lenges) of this transit.
Jupiter in Libra
Jupiter Jupiter entered Libra on
As king of heaven Zeus/ September 26, 2004 just three
Jupiter ruled supreme over the days after the semi-annual bal-
Olympian gods, wielding his ance of the scales of light and
thunderbolts. In one of his as- dark at the Autumn Equinox.
pects he was seen to bring rain Jupiter will transit through the
and to oversee sowing of the Venus-ruled sign until the end
crops. Jupiter’s positive quali- of October 2005, about thirteen
ties include a jovial expansive- months. This transit will focus
ness, a sporting approach to life Jupiter (Vigee Le Brun) on relationships as that is
and an unquenchable optimism. Libra’s domain. In traditional
His influence is generally fortunate, benevo- Light, and therefore wisdom. Jupiter is said astrology Jupiter and Venus are considered
lent and generous. Exaggerated or used un- to deal with the realm of superconscious- beneficial planetary archetypes. Expansive
wisely these same characteristics can be- ness and therefore is a widener of horizons. Jupiter, residing in the harmony-loving do-
come extremist in viewpoint, wasteful and In myth, the infant Jupiter was raised on main of Libra, augers a pleasant year. But a
disregarding of resources, and trusting too the milk of a goat whose horns continually note of caution should be sounded re-
much to luck which brings misfortune. This overflowed with food and drink. This is the garding Jupiter’s optimism. Relaxing with
side of Jupiter can be too fond of a good joke origin of the cornucopia, the horn of plenty, sensuous Libra can alter our vision with
and fail to see when matters are serious. Be- and mythically encodes the symbolism that proverbial rose-colored glasses.
cause Jupiter always wants to take the larger Jupiter embodies abundance. Jupiter in Libra adds a quality of refine-
view, there is a risk of dismissing details as Astrologically, Jupiter acts to expand the ment and idealism, engendering a love of
insignificant, also leading to misfortune. area he visits. Jupiter orbits the Sun in
Jupiter was considered to be a god of twelve years, so looking far back in time Continued on Page 73

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For Those Who Love the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries This Is a Good Time
standing the many visual and geometric
• BY MARSHA OAKS clues, they are magical and capable of

wo new episodes have been exploding into a whirlwind of ideas, as-
added to the hugely popular sociations, understandings, and lessons.
“Magical Egypt” set (based on As the narrator explains, “Like com-
the original research of John puters’ use of hierarchy, hieroglyphics
Anthony West, Egyptologist and Sym- are icons, they are folders containing as
bolist author) and like the first six these much as we have loaded into them
also present more of the beautiful through the process of successive initia-
footage and fascinating insight into an- tions. They are magical icons that com-
cient Egypt for which we devotees of mand and cause a desired brain state.
that magnificent culture always seem They are programs which perform to
hungry. the extent that we have installed the up-
grades.” Bauval says that the ancient
MAGICAL EGYPT: ILLUMINATION Egyptians understood that the mind re-
Episode 7 sponds to talismans and that they clev-
This is the first full-length program erly combined it with architecture.
that John Anthony West has done since Along these lines the video examines
the groundbreaking NBC special, “Mys- hieroglyphs as logos, in much the same
tery of the Sphinx.” Here, he fully way that corporate logos communicate
presents the architectural and cultural a vast amount of information in an
evidence of a sophisticated ancient an- easy-to-remember image. A talisman is
cestor culture. actually endowed with a magical force
Abu Simbel, a marvel of engineering of a specific nature; it’s a neat little
and a masterpiece of symbolic architec- package of spiritual force.
ture, marks the furthest, southern ex- There’s so much more covered in
tent of the Egyptian empire during the this episode. The question: Why the
time of Ramses II (most of the 12th cen- four statues of the temple? leads to a
tury B.C.). Even though the monument lengthy presentation on the fourfold
featuring, as it does, massive statues of structure of the universe and the re-
Ramses may seem to make a very boastful trates the temple to its very heart. lated symbolism of Abu Simbel. Why the
statement, West doesn’t believe, in fact, that Robert Bauval (whose latest book Tal- king as the reconcilable principle unites the
is what it is. Instead, he thinks Ramses II isman, co-authored with Graham Hancock, otherwise irreconcilable polarities of Horus
was saying, “Here the forces of Light begin.” explores ancient magical technology) com- and Set, who are otherwise eternally op-
We enter Abu Simbel listening to the ments on the temple as a talisman that posed—positive and negative, yin and yang,
ambient recording of chirping birds and we needs to be activated by one’s presence. He spirit and matter. The pharaoh representing
see the four statues highlighted by the sun’s says a temple is only stone if one doesn’t un- mankind brings about a union of the two
rays. West tells us, “The overriding theme derstand its symbolism and if one doesn’t through balance and shows us how to re-
that fueled Egypt for 3000 years of almost integrate with it. He adds, “Today we’re solve the struggle between left brain/right
uninterrupted peace and prosperity was the standing here alone...we’re being affected, brain, logic and intuition, between waking
doctrine of immortality—the idea that we partially, by the symbolism we see, by the and the dream state, between the secular
human beings are of divine origin and harmony of the architecture, but in no way and the sacred.
through our own internal efforts we can re- to the degree a full initiate would be. In As West says, “It’s a peculiar thing that
establish that connection within ourselves short, we’re inside the hardware, but we’re over the course of the last century and now
and become divine.” not charged with the software whereas, had the beginning of the 21st, a number of ex-
The embodiment of that principle was you been initiated in the full sense of traordinary scholars, scientists, teachers,
the pharaoh himself. Ramses II, one of the temple initiation, then you would have and esotericists have succeeded in putting
greatest of the Egyptian pharaohs and cer- (contained) software programmed to in- together that ancient doctrine in a way that
tainly one of its most prodigious builders, teract with the temple. You wouldn’t be makes it not only comprehensible, but to a
proclaimed himself in that role. On October here talking to me; you’d be exploding with considerable extent, comprehensive. We
22 and February 22, supposedly the birthday the statuary and the symbols—you would now have at our fingertips the potential ma-
and coronation day of the king, we see a explode in here—directly and spiritually!” terial to reformulate that ancient doctrine
phenomenon that is what you might call the Hieroglyphs are explained as misunder- in a manner commensurate to our 21st cen-
physical manifestation of illumination. stood technology that works with the brain tury minds which are largely rationalistic.
Again, we are directed toward the four sunlit of the initiate to evoke a matrix of meanings It’s what Schwaller De Lubitz called
statues. The temple is aligned in such a way and associations. They are charged, con- ‘thinking with the heart.’ It is an essential
as to capture the first rays of the sun on densed ideas where even entire schools can of understanding what went on in the past,
these two days and seems to have been engi- be collapsed into a single image. To the ini-
neered so. On these days the sunlight pene- tiate, who has been given the keys to under- Continued on Page 52
See Our Great 8-page Catalog Section Beginning on Page 74 Number 48 •ATLANTIS RISING 51
and equally essential in attempting to to represent an invoice number. You
reestablish another civilization based on don’t call that ‘XYZ123’ you call it
the same principles, but undoubtedly ‘INVNO.’ ” He could see that these sym-
very different in outward form and bols were made by someone who knew
aspect.” enough to have used these techniques.
This is another excellent production Thus convinced that he was on the right
by Chance Gardner with effective sound track, Scranton was inspired to spend
and camera angles. ten years researching it.
DVD 51 min. $29.95 The Dogon were brought to best-
VHS 51. min. $24.95 seller prominence by Robert Temple
1-800-228-8381 (The Sirius Mystery), who was struck by
the fact that Sirius was the prime focus
MAGICAL EGYPT: COSMOLOGY of Dogon religious worship and that
Episode 8 they knew that Sirius was orbited by an
In this episode, John Anthony West invisible dwarf star called Sirius B.
interviews Laird Scranton, author of These facts were only discovered by our
Hidden Meanings: A Study of the modern-day telescopes in recent times.
Founding Symbols of Civilization. The Dogon, so far as we know, had no
Scranton is a specialist in computer lan- way of knowing this.
guages. He realized that the Dogon Scranton makes reference to NASA’s
tribe of Mali in remote West Africa had brainstorming, “If we had to create
a cosmology that closely matched the some kind of structure here to let an-
ancient Egyptian story of creation and other culture know that we had been
that when both stories were compared here, what would we do? What kind of
to contemporary physics and cos- symbols would we come up with that
mology, the meaning was the same. would survive for a long enough period
From his programming background of time for an uncivilized culture to
Scranton could see that the Dogon sym- grow to a level of sophistication where
bols were created using techniques a they would then understand that we
programmer would use when designing had been here?” He says, “That’s ex-
a symbol. He says that a good pro- actly what this set of symbols does, and
grammer learns over time to incorporate itself. “When you create a field name in a I’m very impressed with whomever devel-
hints and clues into the form of the symbol program,” Scranton says, “that’s supposed oped them. They’re a very stable set of un-


ccording to the view of mainstream historians, primitive civilization in
Mesopotamia, Egypt, and in India emerged from the stone age just over
five thousand years ago.
Just a few centuries after what the experts say was the first great
labor saving invention of the ancient world, the wheel, society crossed a major di-
vide and headed inexorably toward the modern world. The wheel, we are told,
revolutionized primitive society and set the stage for the great achievements
which were to follow.
Such is the conventional scenario for the dawn of civilization on Earth. The as-
sumption is, that the rise of highly organized society was unprecedented. If there
had been an earlier advanced civilization, we would have discovered unmistak-
able evidence—highways, and bridges and electrical wiring; plastic bottles, city
dumps, and CD Roms. Those, after all, are the things which we will leave to
puzzle future archeologists.
But could an ancient civilization have risen to heights similar to our own and,
perhaps, have traveled a different road? Would we understand a world which
might have employed fundamentally different—though no less effective—
techniques to harness the forces of nature? Would we understand, for example,
the transmission of energy by means other than a power grid, rapid transit
without internal combustion engines, or highly complex calculations involving
earth science and astronomy without electronic computers? Have we been surrounded by evidence of such an-
cient advancements, but not yet, advanced enough ourselves to grasp the astounding implications.
Now a breakthrough video from the creators of Atlantis Rising magazine takes a look at real evidence—
largely ignored by the academic establishment—which shatters the orthodox scenario for the dawn of civiliza-
tion on Earth. Now assembled in a devastating one-hour documentary, hosted by Atlantis Rising Editor and
Publisher J. Douglas Kenyon, are the comments and evidence of breakthrough researchers such as John An-
thony West, Robert Bauval, Richard Noone, Colin Wilson, John Michell, Patrick Flanagan, Christo-
pher Dunn, Zecharia Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress, Edgar Evans Cayce and others.

Technologies of the Gods —1 hr VHS $ 19 95

+ $4.95 S&H NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD! $24.95
see streaming video excerpts and
order on line at AtlantisRising.com
Visa or MC 800-228-8381
Atlantis Rising • P.O. Box 441 • Livingston, MT 59047

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derstandable symbols that can be applied to the individual must undergo preparatory to The Alien presence needs to
three different, important creational story entering one of these gateways. Whether be seen for what it truly is—
lines and create one set of myths that en- called stargates, wormholes, or the Mayan
compassed all three story lines. The three serpent rope, his discussion on all of this is humankind's oldest nemesis.
story lines are: The Structure of Matter, quite intriguing and informative.
The Structure of Reproduction and Ge-
netics, and The Surface Story Line, which
Mayan scholar, John Major Jenkins
(Mayan Cosmogenesis: 2012) says that if we
explains how these symbols were taught to exchange “wormhole” for the archaic “ser-
the Dogon. pent rope” mentioned in the Mayan prophe-
The ensuing description of the Dogon’s cies, we have a revelation of what the Mayan
creation story starts with the unformed uni- prophecies say is going to happen in 2012—
verse and the emerging building blocks of a stargate or wormhole is going to open
matter. It makes a fascinating
“The significance of
Scranton’s work,” says West, “is
that he shows, in a way that is
practically incontrovertible, that
the ancients had our science.”
“Whoever that might have
been—whether from Atlantis or
someone with divine inspiration,
or alien visitors—it was
someone who knew a lot about
science,” says Scranton.
Episode 8 was another ex-
citing presentation. I have just
one minor complaint—printed
words shown on the screen were
too small (though still readable).
DVD 55 min. $29.95
VHS 55 min. $24.95
The most important news to
EGYPT: THE GREATEST come from the field of
SHOW ON EARTH Ufology is NOT that our own
William Henry (well-known
author of at least ten books cov- government sold us in ex-
ering his research over the past change for advanced technol-
ten years) discusses in this DVD ogies. Each human being
a dance which he saw while in contains a priceless energetic
Luxor, Egypt and what he be- essence, or conscious life-
lieves are its astounding impli-
cations. The dance is that of the force that the Ancients call
whirling dervishes and is an an- the SOUL. Just like the stories
cient, traditional, mystic part of of old, where demonic forces
Islamic culture (see his article capture and keep innocent
on page 42). unsuspecting humans, the
Henry's presentation begins
with his analysis based on my- aliens who are behind the
thology and how it connects global abduction phenom-
with the dance. Showing a
from the celestial center, from the central enon are doing just that!
NASA image of our galaxy he explains his
spiritual sun, and out of that will appear a
belief that the Milky Way is the real Sound like a Science-Fiction
god of enlightenment.
meaning of the actual Biblical reference to
Says Henry, “What I’ve attempted to do nightmare? Do the research,
the good land, flowing with milk and
is reinforce John’s argument by looking to starting with MINDSWEEP! It
honey—the Promised Land. The idea that
other traditions, including the Egyptian, for
our souls come from the central portion of
evidence that the ancient gods actually used is time you know what the
the Milky Way is part of many mystical tra- Ancients knew!
serpent ropes or wormholes as a mode of
ditions. Henry sees this connection in art-
transportation. And I found some striking
work from other cultures. It is our soul’s
pictorial evidence that suggests that this is
mission, say many teachings, that while on
exactly so.” He continues with fascinating
earth we are to locate the stairway to
information relating to: the Ark of the Cove-
heaven, the gateway that will return us to purchased on-line at:
nant and white powder gold connections to
the heavenly realms. Henry's mythological
the Christian tradition, even the possibility www.amazon.com
specialty has been to look for stories that
that the crucifixion was some kind of worm- &
describe such gateways to heaven, and tell
us where they are located, how we’re able to www.barnesandnoble.com
access them, and the transformation that Continued on Page 54
See Our Great 8-page Catalog Section Beginning on Page 74 Number 48 • ATLANTIS RISING 53
most powerful kingdom on earth. Ruled by
Continued from Page 53 despots, theirs was the ultimate war ma-
chine. Recent discoveries in the desert have
hole event. (Bizarre as that may sound,
shown not only their extraordinary wealth,
there is much Christian imagery that sup-
but also their determination to take it with
ports this contention.) Also named is the
them to the grave.
Ring of Power, important in numerous
In April 1989, a team of Iraqi archeolo-
mystic traditions, and the Jewish merkaba
gists discovered the last resting place of
mysticism. He points out that the idea of
Queen Yobia where she had lain undis-
the ring or merkaba as a space/time light ve-
turbed for nearly 3000 years, covered in
hicle was adapted amazingly well in the
gold and jewels. A curse etched into stone
movie, “Stargate,” where the ring is recov-
warned those who might dare disturb her.
ered and the characters in the movie enter
“If anyone lays his hand on my tomb, or
the stargate and are able to travel
our cosmos. However, it had al-
ready been foreshadowed in ancient
art as the vehicle of the gods.
The ring, the wheel, the circle—
all ideas that speak to the concept of
rotation or spinning. Remarkably it
all seems to come back to this tradi-
tional mystic Islamic dance where
the whirling dervish is spinning, ro-
tating in place. When you compare
the body posture and the look of the
whirling dervish with the way
modern science portrays the mouth
and throat of a modern wormhole,
Henry believes it is absolutely clear
that this is a wormhole dance.
Henry talked with the dancer after-
ward who told him he was at-
tempting to tell a story about the
unity of heaven and earth. To Henry
it was the culmination of a process
he had been researching for the past

Unique ten years whereby the human body

can be used to open a gateway into
other dimensions. It is all part, he

Reiki believes, of our spiritual quest on

earth to reclaim the secrets of that
gateway, to open the wormhole and

Service to return to the Pure Place. He sug-

gests that, perhaps, this is the round
dance that Jesus performed for his
At Reiki Wake-up Call, we com- disciples.
bine your wake-up call service And then you see the dance—
with a reiki treatment right over much more than the few scenes one
the phone, 5 days a week. Reverse might have seen in films of a person
the ill-effects that today's fast- spinning. What he does with his
paced, technological world has on
our minds and bodies with “skirts” (and for more than just a
monthly chakra balancing/ couple of minutes) is truly awesome!
cleansing and daily reiki mainte- 1 hr. DVD + 100-page book combination opens my grave, or steals my jewelry, I pray
nance, with or without wake-up $27.95 to the gods of the Netherworld that his soul
call. 1-800-228-8381 shall roam in a scorching sun after death.
Plus learn self-healing with a Let the ghost of insomnia take hold of him
For more info log on to This 3-tape set tells stories “forged in The threat didn’t scare off the archaeolo-
reikiwakeupcall.com legend, veiled in mystery, and soiled by gists. Part of their find is filmed here.
human greed.” Diamonds, gold, palaces, Many feel it was on a par with Howard
crowns, scepters, good fortune, tragedy— Carter’s discovery of King Tut, but it was al-
the world over—it’s all here. From the story most immediately eclipsed by operation
of the Lost Dutchman’s gold to that of the Desert Storm.
grave robbers of the ancient world, the al- One wonders what else might yet be dis-
lure of cursed treasure endures. covered in those deserts.
One tale offered from northern Iraq Mysterious Treasure will certainly stimu-
which seems timely today is of the Queen of late your imagination of the possibilities.
Assyria, an empire the Bible says was bathed VHS 3 hrs. $20.00
in blood. In 700 B.C., the Assyrians had the 1-800-228-8381

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Atlantis Stars Rising

They May Not Be Where We Thought They Were, but Wherever, They’re Hot!

he Sci-Fi Channel’s new hit televi-
sion spin-off based on the ex-
tremely popular Stargate SG-1 se-
ries has hit the ground running. If
you haven’t seen it, the story takes a team of
Earth’s ‘best & brightest’ through the ‘star-
gate’ (a device created by an ancient race for
instantaneous interstellar travel ) to a far-off
galaxy where they discover the lost city of
Atlantis is actually a huge, self-
contained, undersea city which appears to
be abandoned except for plenty of high-tech
gear including a collection of spacecraft
small enough to fit through the stargate. In
episode one, Atlantis responds to the visi-
tors' presence by releasing its undersea
moorings and rising to the surface to be-
come a floating city. Unable to return to
earth, the team must explore local worlds
through the stargate to find food and alli-
ances in their battle
against the (you guessed
it) evil ‘Wraith’, resident
energy-sucking bad guys
from this part of the uni-
Finding the right
chemistry of personalities that they couldn't be and son of a respected Cold War Colonel.
to attract our weekly in- used on mainstream tel- Sheppard tarnished his career by disobeying
terest and eventual evision. Even so, the a direct order in an attempt to save the lives
‘caring’ is usually the version they eventually of three service men. Think “Jack O'Neill of
most difficult part of any settled on is not pretty. SG-1” at age 20 something.
successful series. Al- The Wraiths have Lt. Aiden Ford—Military 2nd-in-
though not quite as lik- mass feedings on humans and then hiber- command who oversees the Stargate At-
able as the Stargate SG-1 cast of Richard nate for several generations (or ’til the indi- lantis security team.
Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael gestion clears up). They can make you see Dr. Rodney McKay—A familiar face from
Shanks & Christopher Judge... Executive things that aren't really there and then a few SG-1 episodes, Rodney Mckay is the
Producer, Brad Wright has once again as- drain your life-force leaving you as a hollow fast-talking, brilliant astrophysicist with an
sembled a decent group of likable folks for shell. It’s my conjecture that their earliest acerbic wit that has no match.
Stargate Atlantis. We'll have to see how predecessors were the result of inter- Teyla Emmagen—Leader of the now
they hold up over time. Meanwhile, no cor- breeding between television network execu- primitive but once technologically advanced
ners have been cut in providing fantastic tives and politicians. civilization on the planet, Athos in the Peg-
sets, special effects, solid stories and great Unlike Stargate SG-1, the Atlantis team asus galaxy. She has allied her people with
musical scores. was designed to be more of a civilian opera- Earth’s Stargate team and is unmistakably
The idea for Stargate Atlantis actually tion. Although if you're going to be battling the ‘Atlantis hottie.’
began several years ago as a movie script for bad guys every week you had better have a So far, so good. Sci-Fi's new series seems
SG-1. But Stargate SG-1 continued to be so few military guys in the mix. So, let's take a to be well on its way to following in the suc-
successful on television (now in its 8th look at who's living on Atlantis these days: cessful footsteps of Stargate SG-1. Because
season) that the movie script seemed better the ratings, like Atlantis...are Rising!
suited for a whole new spin-off series. Dr. Elizabeth Weir—Team Leader and
Art Director James Robbins was then set former head of Stargate Command. She has Rob Resetar lives in Tucson, Arizona
to work to provide preliminary sketches for a political-science background and experi- with his television and a small cactus plant.
the new nemesis...the essence-sucking ence with international diplomacy. He can be contacted at: resetar
Wraiths. His drawings were so terrifying Major John Sheppard—Military Chief @peoplepc.com

See Our Great 8-page Catalog Section Beginning on Page 74 Number 48 • ATLANTIS RISING 57
Continued from Page 17
cluding what he’d learned from innovators
such as John Bedini (interviewed for a past
issue of Atlantis Rising) and the late Nikola
Tesla. Similar to Bedini’s, the effects of
Ward’s battery chargers seem different from
conventional battery-charging in quality
(rejuvenation of batteries) and not just
quantity (speed of charging). Ward’s
chargers are not self-running; they must be
plugged in to a source of electricity. How-
ever, they are apparently super-efficient. I
spoke with him a month after the confer-
ence, and he doubted whether he could con-
tinue to fill orders for the $150 chargers. He
did, however, plan to sell a larger model for
Sonne Ward makes it easy for academics
to dismiss his claims. At the end of his pres-
entation, an engineer stepped up to the mi-
crophone to present the standard viewpoint
of what is possible or not in electrical engi-
neering. Ward, a self-taught inventor who
describes himself as obnoxious and arro-
Robert Patterson’s RAM Implosion Wing
gant, just laughed and said “Why should I
care?” involved in business
He may have developed attitude in re- dealings that ruined the
sponse to decades of incidents such as fed- inventor financially.
eral bureaucrats hitting him with dismissive An Internet news
comments such as, “We make the energy service reporting on the
policy, kid. Who do you think you are?” Utah conference criti-
Other presenters such as Valone and cized inventors who
King, however, did take pains to place their complain about needing
research in relation to accepted science, money to continue their
citing many references, in peer-reviewed work. Yet how many of
scientific literature, to zero-point energy. us have single-mindedly
Dale Pond’s presentation was somewhere worked for decades and
in the middle, neither disregarding standard spent all our savings on
science nor trying to stay on the same page. something we believe
His research is into the “sympathetic vibra- can save humankind
tory physics” of 19th-century inventor John from smothering in pol-
W. Keely. Dale brought an example of that luted air? Only the rare
science—a Keely Musical Dynasphere. An individual can maintain
energy science-of-the-future that works that level of effort for
with resonating vibrations? Sounds like the many years without
ultimate in harmony-with-the-universe. falling out of step with
Pond says the biggest gap between the polite society in some
orthodox viewpoint and sympathetic vibra- way. It’s easy to
tory physics is their views about cause and criticize.
effect. Orthodoxy sees vibration as a One of those lone re- Dale Pond’s Version of Keely’s MusicalDynasphere
moving-back-and-forth caused by outside searchers is Robert Pat-
physical forces, while SVP views vibration as terson. He and his friends drove to the con- committed to encouraging his work.
caused by primary laws of the universe that ference in a vehicle equipped with an Chukanov creates ball lightning in a
create and govern rhythmic exchanges, invention that he says triples his gas quartz sphere within an industrial micro-
acting from within. That view of “vibration” mileage. He calls it RAM—Ram Implosion wave oven in his laboratory. He found the
sees rotation—spin—instead of the stan- Wing. He claims the shape causes vortices phenomenon has unusual electrical fea-
dard view of oscillations. For more informa- of air in front of the vehicle pulling it for- tures and enormous possibilities for gener-
tion, see www.svpvril.com. ward, and vortices behind adding a push. ating usable energy. In his book General
You can easily spot the pioneers—by the The fortunate inventors are those with a Quantum Mechanics: The Great Reform of
arrows in their backs. That saying is doubly support group, even if that group has also Science, Chukanov says he has sacrificed
apt for New Energy pioneers. Most of them emptied their wallets for the cause. In the the best years of his life to “exhausting and
struggle without funding and are often case of a Bulgarian-American scientist living ungrateful scientific research,” but hasn’t
pierced by the criticisms and barbed wit of near Salt Lake City who plumbs the secrets tried to get the attention of either science
armchair skeptics. A few inventors of new of ball lightning, a three-generation ex- writers or the public, nor does he want
energy devices have been physically pum- tended family offers morale support. Dr. fame. “God gave me this knowledge, not to
melled by paid thugs, or hauled into court Kiril Chukanov’s daughter, Laura Chu- use it for my own needs, but to share…for
on false charges. Some were targets of un- kanov, translates his science writings into all of people on earth.”
scrupulous promoters and found themselves English and his wife Angelina seems fully
58 ATLANTIS RISING • Number 48 Subscribe or Order Books, Videos and Much More!
former government and civilian air defense gas accumulation. If Epifanov is right, the
TUNGUSKA command and control specialist, and is a gas got out, was taken up into the atmos-
leading light in the emerging New Energy phere, and was eventually detonated by a
Continued from Page 23 field. His web site is at www.cheniere.org spark (lots of electricity in clouds) while
Court ruling) and used it for remote con- and has a wealth of information online, plus aloft, resulting in a stupendous fuel-air ex-
trol, but also gave us the alternating current his numerous books, lectures, etc. That plosion. Readers who follow military affairs
electrical system used to this day, and came Tesla’s experiments could and did go awry is may recall that fuel-air munitions, particu-
up with and demonstrated a way to dis- amply attested by his experience with the larly if the gas cloud is electrically charged,
tribute electrical power without wires, to Mechanical Resonator, wherein a relatively can produce explosive forces rivaling those
name but a few of his myriad discoveries simple device attached to a building’s struc- of nuclear detonations. The scale of what
and contributions. What most don’t realize, tural girder soon set up such a powerful res- he’s describing makes the biggest such
though, is that before World War II he of- onance within the building that Tesla had weapon detonation a nonevent by compar-
fered the British government a “Death Ray” to dash down and shut it off, and then was ison. He attributes the highly anomalous
system for air defense of the United so frightened by how close he came to dis- survival of trees at the epicenter to intense
Kingdom, but was turned down. He also de- aster that he destroyed both the Mechanical localized cooling resulting from gas expan-
veloped and patented a means of detecting Resonator and its plans. sion when the jet reaches the surface. Why
underwater submarines from enormous dis- In a September 2, 2002 article titled anomalous? Reindeer herder Vasily Dzhen-
tances—in 1917! For a thorough discussion “New Hypothesis of the Tunguska Explo- koul wasn’t even at the epicenter, yet had
of the staggeringly advanced military work sion,” SpaceDaily.com describes a novel his cedar bark-covered teepee set ablaze, at
of Nikola Tesla, please see Fer de Lance and theory by Vladimir Epifanov, a geologist for the same time losing all his dogs, stores,
other books by Lt. Col., Ret. Thomas E. the Siberian Research Institute of Geology, tents and some 700 reindeer to incineration
Bearden. Bearden is a nuclear engineer, a Geophysics, and Minerals. He argues, in a from the Tunguska explosion.
paper presented to the then recent Moscow This, then, is the paradox, the “drives
conference, Degasification of the Earth, that one mad” factor of Tunguska. The site was
the explanation for the Tunguska explosion not radioactively hot, but people died within
may well lie in a “powerful fluid jet sud- days after the explosion from what sounds
denly shot up from the depths of the very much like acute radiation sickness,
planet.” In brief, his explanation is that the leading the chief of the Evenk people to de-
Tunguska explosion arose from the sudden clare the entire area “enchanted” (more like
bursting forth of gases from oil and coal de- accursed!) and put the region off limits. It
posits long capped by volcanic basalt flows, took 19 years before Leonid Kulik, who
but perhaps cracked sufficiently by seismic founded meteorite science in Russia, could
activity to fail under the enormous pent-up assemble the funding from the then
gas pressures. The epicenter of the Tun- Academy of Sciences and mount an expedi-
guska explosion lay precisely above a known tion through terrain and mosquitoes of the >

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cosmic debris in the resin of trees that suc-
TUNGUSKA cumbed to or survived the blast found
cosmic matter, in the form of “calcium,
most daunting sort. If it was a stupendous iron-nickel, silicates, cobalt-wolfram and
fuel-air blast aloft, as Vladimir Epifanov lead,” as noted by Professor Gallant,
argues, why, then, were disturbances to the breathing “new life into the asteroid
earth’s magnetic field reported by the Ir- theory.” On the other hand, geochemist
kutsk Observatory, located 558 miles south- Yevgeny Kolesnikov has found upper atmos-
east, disturbances like the electromagnetic phere volatile compounds, believed to be
pulse (EMP) produced by nuclear and ther- comet dust, in the 1908 layer of peat taken
monuclear detonations? Interestingly, he from the Tunguska epicenter at several dif-
opines that high helium concentrations in ferent sites.
carbohydrates (hydrocarbons?) in the area
may account for this, but fails to provide any The New Evidence
real mechanism. With the theories described above firmly
Even if we buy this argument, though, in mind, it is now time to consider the new
Epifanov isn’t off the hook, since he must reports and attempt to fit them into the
also explain four smaller epicenters within larger picture of “necessary but not suffi-
the primary strike zone. Nor does his theory cient” which so obstinately characterizes
truly explain the observed and ongoing eco- the Tunguska explosion.
logical impact upon flora and fauna, in- The bare facts are that for a decade now,
cluding humans. According to Professor researcher Yuri Labvin has headed a Kras-
Gallant, “There have been a series of inter- noyarsk, Russia group called “Tunguska
esting biological consequences of the explo- Site of the Tunguska event Space Phenomenenon Foundation,” under
sion. Following the blast there was acceler- http://www-th.bo.infn.it/tunguska/ the aegis of the Siberian Public State Foun-
ated growth of biomass in the region of the dation. The group consists of “some 15 en-
epicenter, and the accelerated growth had normalities in the seeds and needle clusters thusiasts, among them geologists, chemists,
continued. There was also an increase in the of at least one species of pine have been physicists and mineralogists...,” according
rate of biological mutations, not only within discovered.” to the AFP story of August 22, 2004 titled
the epicenter, but along the trajectory of the Leonid Kulik hunted and hunted in vain “Great 1908 Siberian explosion: UFO meets
object over Tunguska (emphasis added, Ed.). for meteorite fragments, but Italian re- comet?” It is how Labvin’s group ap-
For example, abnormalities in the Rh blood searchers under M. Galli from the Depart- proached the problem and what it found
factor of local Evenk groups have been ment of Physics, University of Bologna re- that shook things up. For one, Labvin
found. Genetic variation in certain local ant port (see http://www-th.bo.infn.it/tunguska) wasn’t seeking a single explanation to the
species is now being studied. And genetic ab- that the novel technique of looking for observables concerning Tunguska. Rather,



P receding every great advance and many of the setbacks in our history, the
geniuses of both light and darkness, have battled for the hearts and minds
of the rest of us. But, despite the stubborn resistance of those committed to
the primitive notions of earlier ages, the outrageous impossibilities of one
Wireless Power Transmission
generation continue to become the revolutionary breakthroughs of the next
and the basic necessities of the future.
Still... in the 20th century, while the Marconi's...the Henry Ford's...the
Thomas Edison's have succeeded in capturing most of the attention, others
with technological prowess bordering on the miraculous, strangely, have gone
unnoticed. Men with names like Tesla, Moray, Rife, Russell and Schauberger,
Paramahamsa Tewari
laboring in almost complete obscurity, and achieving almost incomprehensible
miracles--free energy, anti-gravity, transmutation of the elements, physical
rejuvenation and more--were yet largely rejected, ridiculed and despised by the
scientific establishment of their day. But now, a few decades later, a new
breed of inventors, scientists and researchers is making rapid, if yet
unpublicised, strides toward unraveling the astonishing secrets of those unsung
giants who preceded them. Today, many of these new technological magicians Rejuvenation Technology

find themselves on the threshold of breakthroughs, still believed, by many, to

be the stuff of hallucination.
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he believed that what tists’ Association
happened was the colli- (www.acsa.net) and
sion of an enormous Head of JVSO (Joint-
space object and an ex- Venture Systems Opera- Continued from Page 25
traterrestrial craft, a col- tion, www.javasysop. Aries. When rising in the east at the Vernal
lision which took place com), a defense consul- equinox, the Sun in this era was sitting in
six miles up and saved tancy. He turned out to between the two constellations of Taurus
the earth from a strike be well informed about and Aries. The pharaoh himself was a mani-
by an object massing the new Tunguska story, festation of the Sun god Ra. Thus by holding
“nearly a billion tons,” in part because he has these symbols of the heavenly constellations
according to Labvin. He “very high up people” in of Taurus and Aries across his chest, the
is quoted in several of Russia who e-mail him pharaoh was creating a graphic, if covert,
the stories saying, “I am and consider the story representation of the heavens above. The
fully confident and can to be legitimate. He told Sun in this New Kingdom era lay at the
make an official state- AR that while he didn’t crossing point between the two constella-
ment that we were saved know what originally tions and in the royal imagery the heart of
by some forces of a su- happened at Tunguska, the pharaoh also lay at the crossing point of
perior civilization...They he deemed the standard the crook and flail.
exploded this enormous Jack Shulman explanation a “com-
meteorite that headed posite of reality and Orion
toward us with enormous speed...Now this wishful thinking” and said “It’s probably The iconography that has come down to
great object that caused the meteorite to ex- more complex than the evidence would us from ancient Egypt also indicates that
plode is found at last. We will continue our suggest.” there were special positions for these sym-
research.” His two best candidates were a “plasma bols; the crook is predominantly on the left
His claim would be stunning enough by explosion of a very large craft (maybe a shoulder of the pharaoh and the flail on the
itself, but apparently novel thinking yielded 1000 ft. in diameter), about a mile high” right. Although there are exceptions once
tangible results, in the form of “two strange and “electron pulse particle weaponry.” more, more than 90% of the images seem to
black stones in the form of regular cubes place the crook on the left and the flail on
with their sides measuring a metre and a So, where does this leave us? The skep- the right.
half (five feet),” which were found by as- tics are both upset and snide that Yuri But surely the right-hand side of the
suming the spacecraft’s track ran west to Labvin’s team didn’t go on expedition with pharaoh is likely to be the more important,
east, rather than the commonly held east to minds wide open, but was actually looking so shouldn’t the new constellation of Aries
west. The stones, which Labvin says are for evidence of an alien craft’s involvement (the crook) be on the right-hand side of the
“manifestly not of natural origin,” appear to (and claim it found it!), conveniently forget- king? Greg Taylor, the founder and editor of
have been fired, and “their material recalls ting that scientists generally conduct exper- the influential Daily Grail web site, may
an alloy used to make space rockets, while iments with a desired outcome in mind and have a possible answer for us here. Greg
at the beginning of the 20th century only that the previously described Italian, U.S. argued that the pharaoh was not only a rep-
planes made of plywood existed.” AR won- (Professor Gallant), and other Russian expe- resentation of the Sun, but in the milita-
ders whether Yuri Labvin is thinking of ditions went in looking for specific evidence ristic imagery of the royal warrior, the pha-
something like the high temperature alloy of asteroid impact or cometary disintegra- raoh was also being portrayed with
Inconel X, used on the X-15 and other ad- tion and found it, too. outstretched arms in the guise of the con-
vanced aerospace projects. Samples have If Labvin is right and the material sam- stellation of Orion. In the book “Jesus, Last
been taken from the stones and are being ples from the black stones are in fact of ad- of the Pharaohs” this author made a good
analyzed. Something called the “deer stone” vanced ET manufacture and the deer stone case that indicated that the Gilgamesh epic
and much mentioned in eyewitness ac- is a space object, then the UFO community also showed this change from the constella-
counts was also found, in a crag. A sample has the smoking gun it has sought for dec- tion of Taurus to the era of Aries. In the Su-
was taken from it and is being analyzed in ades and we of earth owe someone an enor- merian epic it was Gilgamesh who was de-
Krasnoyarsk. mous vote of thanks. His scenario also fits scribed in the guise of Orion who killed the
Attempting to get to the bottom of this into the possibilities presented in The Fire Bull of Heaven (Taurus) and so ushered in
story, AR phoned the Russian Embassy in Came By, by the Sakura UFO group, and by the new era of the Sumerian Shepherd
Washington, D.C. and spoke with Embassy Jack Shulman. This model would account Kings (Aries). If the same kind of imagery
Press Officer Yevgeniy Khorishko, learning for most of the knowns, especially the ob- was being used in Egypt, then one might
that the Russian government had made no served ecological and EMP like effects. The presume that it was the Egyptian pharaoh,
official statement on the matter and that the smaller epicenters within the strike zone being shown in the guise of the constella-
Press Officer handled no press matters other might be disintegrating remnants of the tion of Orion, who helped to guide in the
than political ones. He suggested AR contact once huge space object. new era of Aries.
the originating news agency. AR therefore Contrariwise, if we go with the Tesla ex- Astrological convention dictates that the
whipped out an e-mail to The Moscow News, periment gone awry scenario or Jack constellation of Orion faces towards us in
requesting help in reaching Yuri Labvin. No Shulman’s related electron pulse particle the night sky. If Orion stood between the
reply was received. weaponry, then we need to somehow ex- two competing constellations of Taurus and
In parallel with this effort, AR reached plain the recovered space object debris. Aries, like a modern referee standing be-
out to scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Vladimir Epifanov’s gigantic fuel-air explo- tween two pugilists at the end of a boxing
Jack Shulman, whose then computer firm’s sion model has huge holes in it, yet per- match, then Taurus would be on the right-
unprecedented six figure investigation into versely may explain how trees survived at hand side of Orion and Aries would be on
the Roswell crash, the technology “take” ground zero. the left. The stellar imagery is now com-
and backblast therefrom formed the basis of Clearly, no single explanation covers all plete—the pharaoh stands with the flail
two stories here (Nos. 16 and 28, with the the bases, but suppose a titanic space object (Taurus) over his right shoulder and the
Roswell Story formerly at www.accpc.com hit or was hit by an alien spacecraft, right crook (Aries) on his left. In this manifesta-
now at www.alientel.com, Ed.). These days, over the site of Epifanov’s great gas jet, ig- tion the pharaoh can now be seen to be the
Jack Shulman wears two primary hats: niting it in the process? “When you have referee of the cosmos, supreme arbitrator of
Chairman of the American Computer Scien- eliminated the impossible...” the heavens. >
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Shepherd Kings? Continued from Page 26
It may be surprising to some, but we can
also find some strikingly similar representa- built the way we are told it was.
tions to the crook and flail in the biblical ac- The orthodox scenario is equivalent to
counts. In the book “Jesus, Last of the Pha- claiming that we built the Hoover dam
raohs”, I also tried to show that the biblical without centuries of experiments building
patriarchs from Abraham to Moses were ac- much smaller dams. We know that state-
tually pharaohs of Egypt. They were not ment is so patently false that it is laughable.
simple shepherds, but Shepherd Kings, the But people, even educated people, do not
Hyksos pharaohs of Egypt. As I went laugh at the equally silly proposals made by
through the biblical texts, passage after pas- Egyptologists, historians and archaeolo-
sage seemed to reinforce that hypothesis the gists. To build the Great Pyramid would re-
patriarchs did indeed appear to be more quire extensive geological knowledge and
royal than rural. In addition, the biblical pa- the skills of master stonemasons. Now we
triarchs emphatically identified themselves come to the next stumbling block. The an-
with the same symbology of cattle and cient Egyptians did not build with stone
sheep, Taurus and Aries, as the pharaohs prior to the dynastic era.
were doing with their emphasis on the sym- Wood and mud-bricks were the main
bology of the crook and flail. The biblical Jo- building materials used by the pre-dynastic
seph calls for his brothers to join him in Egyptians. Master stonemasons are not
Egypt, but he has to caution them on one born, they are the product of skills handed
specific subject—cattle and sheep: down over many generations. Clearly, the
Pharaoh will say to you ‘what is your oc- same statement holds true for architects,
cupation?’ You shall say that your trade engineers, mathematicians, artists and
has been cattle from our youth until now, craftsmen. But they arrive at a very ad-
both we and also our fathers that you may vanced state at Djoser’s complex, supposedly
live in the land of Egypt: for every shepherd the first pyramid. We must keep in mind
is an abomination to the Egyptians. (Gen. that we are not just talking about whether
46:34) the Egyptians could quarry, transport and
Such a statement seems to be rather In the afterlife Osiris wields the Crook & Flail lift the stones. We are asking, where is the
confusing in terms of the traditional sim- history that led up to these historical
plistic explanation of agriculture. Just why accounts, description of some very strange, achievements? We want the antecedents,
were shepherds an ‘abomination’ to the important and yet unidentified implements the missing links, clearly delineated.
Egyptians? But the statement makes a great that gave Moses great prestige and power These are some of the questions that a
deal more sense in terms of politics and the- over his people. Both Moses and his brother real scientist would be trying to answer. Our
ology. The pharaoh was not asking of the Aaron appear to have been high priests, and pretenders—the spawn of academia—do
brothers’ ‘occupation’ but rather their ‘re- when looking at the rather detailed descrip- their best to avoid them. As a result we end
ligion’ and thus their political allegiances. tion of the highly ornate and stupendously up with a truncated, illogical and broken
The Egyptians had just fought a civil war extravagant priestly vestments of Aaron, sev- history. It makes no sense. But that is only
with the Hyksos Shepherd people and eral peculiar items are described. Two of the true because we have been handed a faulty
ejected them from the country in a great ex- accoutrements accompanying these ornate model, a batch of misconceptions and a
odus, so it is no wonder that ‘shepherds’ priestly robes are described as follows: made-up chronology. You cannot build a
were an abomination to the Egyptians? And thou shalt put in the breastplate of Hoover Dam until you have a history long
But in addition to linking the term ‘shep- judgment the Urim and the Thummim: and enough to allow for a complex civilization to
herd’ to the Hyksos Shepherd Kings, I also they shall be upon Aaron’s heart. (Gen. produce it. The same is true for the large
proposed a further link, that of ‘shepherd’ 28:30) pyramids in Egypt, not just the Great Pyr-
being another symbol for the constellation Was Aaron holding the flail and the amid the (earlier) Red, Bent and Step-
of Aries. The bottom line here is that per- crook? The description above of two sacred pyramid complexes as well.
haps some of the biblical patriarchs were emblems being placed on the heart of the I would have come to a different conclu-
closely allied to the Hyksos royal household, high priest accords very well with the im- sion if there were thousands of small stone
or perhaps even Hyksos pharaohs them- agery that has come down to us from an- pyramids scattered all over the countryside.
selves. Such a suggestion is not quite so fan- cient Egypt. Aaron was not only a priest but If we found the record, which logic dictates
ciful as it may at first seem. Remember that he was also, like Moses, allied to the royal we should find, there would be no mysteries
the patriarch Joseph was vizier to the pha- household of the New Kingdom. Was this and no controversies. Such is not the case
raoh and thus the second most important the part of the royal household that was per- and there is the rub. The greatest of his-
and powerful individual in all Egypt. It is secuted and eventually thrown into exile, as tory’s mysteries is that there is any mystery
quite apparent that the biblical patriarchs both the Bible and the history of the New at all. We have been conditioned to accept
were not just simple shepherds. Kingdom era describe? this state of affairs and take it for granted.
If the biblical patriarchs were at the very The case in not proven, as yet, and the But that too is a trap.
minimum a part of the royal household, as reader will have to make up his or her mind The very fact that we find anomalies, ar-
were Joseph and Moses, should we not find on the final conclusion. However, taken to- tifacts that are not consistent with orthodox
further evidence for this in the biblical ac- gether with the evidence in “Jesus, Last of theories or timelines, suggests we are facing
counts? What of those very symbols of office the Pharaohs,” there is a clear and consis- a very profound enigma. Someone left these
that we have been discussing? If they were tent line of evidence that seems to be pre- sophisticated artifacts behind and they had a
the prime symbols of office for the royal senting itself. civilization capable of producing them. It is
household, should we not be able to find de- not just a matter of explaining the Great
scriptions of them in the Bible? Surprisingly © 2001 Ralph Ellis, author of “Jesus Pyramid; we also have to explain the geo-
enough, there are some very good candi- Last of the Pharaohs”. http://freespace. detic position of the structure, the align-
dates for the crook and flail in the biblical virgin.net/kena.edfu
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and two main causeways in-
tersect in the center of the
sacred precinct.
Returning to the original Continued from Page 31
premise, I think there are
two main alternative theo-
ries about how all this came
into existence. One theory
proposes that there must
have been a ‘zero’ civiliza-
tion (Atlantis) that had a
long history which incu-
bated the technologies that
we find in our alleged ear-
liest civilizations. That civili-
zation was destroyed by cata-
Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun clysms and the survivors
ments of many pyramids around the globe, were the culture-bearers
the fact that our most ancient civilizations that fanned out all over the world. This is
appeared on or very near the 30th meridian why we find pyramids and other artifacts
N. latitude. Why do we find Giza along the that appear to have similar characteristics.
Nile River on the 30th meridian E. longi- The second theory proposes that civiliza-
tude and to the west we find the principal tion did not originate on this planet. It was
sites of the Maya lying along the 90th me- brought here and given to us by ‘gods’, an
ridian W. longitude? advanced ‘human’ race that evolved on an-
It appears that whoever built the pyr- other planet. They not only intervened to
amid civilizations was aware of the earth’s uplift us to a civilized status (some would
shape and they also possessed advanced sur- question whether we are); they also seeded
veying and map-making skills. They laid out the planet with microbes to bring life to
their sites so the principal monuments were earth to begin with. I do not find the two
oriented to the main celestial events, the theories incompatible or mutually exclusive. Kokopelli
solstices, equinoxes and the helical rise of In fact, the cultural evidence supports the
Atlantis theory and I accept it. plane and the Underworld. Both linguistic
Venus. I discovered the Maya alignment in
The Egyptians and Sumerians both said and mythological evidence indicates, how-
1978 after spending a year touring the ar-
they were taught by ‘gods’ that lived on ever, that formic anthropoids are more than
chaeological sites in Central America.
earth for a prolonged period of time. The mere psychological reactions to the tiny
I was astonished to find that many of the
Egyptians claimed this occurred in a land Formicidae of the natural world. Why else
key sites were positioned right on or very
(Amenti) to the west of Egypt and Osiris would mass media images of ETs be consis-
near the 90th meridian W. longitude. That
came to Egypt from the West and was tently ant-like?
parallel is exactly 120 degrees from Giza.
known as the ‘Foremost of the Westerners’. If these anthropoid ants are an extinct or
When I followed the Maya alignment north I
My own years of research have led me to isolated terrestrial species like Big Foot or
was startled to find the mouth of the Missis-
conclude that life is not unique to our the Loch Ness Monster, then we have yet to
sippi River. Is it a coincidence that the Mis-
planet and we are not the only sentient be- uncover any fossil or skeletal evidence of
sissippi River flows in a southerly direction
ings in the universe. The human race has their past existence.
and empties into a gulf along this meridian?
existed for far longer than we dare imagine. Were the Ant People (nemâlâh) actually
Consider that the Nile flows in a northerly
I have found that virtually all of the early the progeny of women who mated with
direction and empties into a gulf exactly 120
civilizations agree upon several things; hu- fallen angels (Nephilim)? Did an emissary
degrees to the east.
mans did not invent agriculture or civiliza- from Orion, whose name means ant, come
Now, the Maya built their main sites
tion. to Arizona in order to become Masau’u, the
along this N-S spine and so did the Mound
The ancient oral traditions and texts sug- ant-like god of the Hopi? Were the Ant
Builders construct many of their sites on or
gest that our ancestors lived on an island (it People willing to save the virtuous humans
close to it. Both cultures offset their plat-
may have resembled Eden) where they were from two different natural cataclysms be-
forms so they were 15 degrees E of true
taught the arts of civilization. We have been cause the former saw in the latter the ge-
north, which means they were aware of
rebuilding a variant of it for thousands of netic reflection of themselves? Were the
magnetic north. I think what we are looking
years. In the introduction to my book The kiva-like caves in which the Hopi found
at is the remnants of a global system, a ‘zero
Genesis Race I described the situation, “Our refuge really the anthills of ancient star be-
point’ civilization. The Maya-Mound
scientists have unlocked the genetic code, ings? These questions may in the end be un-
Builder-Mississippi River sector was the
but we have yet to find the key to solving answerable. Nevertheless, the compelling ev-
mirror image of the Giza-Nile River sector.
the riddles in the great and beautiful cities idence keeps us intrigued.
In fact, at Cahokia, a Mound Builder site
near St. Louis, we find that the base of whose ruins haunt us today. We have yet to
understand the legends these ancient cul- Gary A. David is an independent re-
Monk’s Mound is just about 13 acres, the
tures share, or why they are shared by peo- searcher and writer living in rural Arizona.
size of the Great Pyramid base. When we
ples so distant from each other geographi- He is currently finishing a book entitled The
travel to the south and analyze the Pyramid
cally—the stories of a great deluge, of the Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the Amer-
of the Sun at Teotihaucan we learn that it
origins of agriculture, of giants that once ican Southwest, which describes an Orion
too is about 13 acres. Are we looking at evi-
roamed the earth, and of a race with super- correlation of Hopi villages and Anasazi
dence that suggests these sites were built
human powers that created and taught ruins in the Four Corners region of the U.S.
using an ancient, forgotten template? I
people how to be human.” For more articles on “The Orion Zone,” go
think we are and the alignments and pat-
to the web site of the same name: http://
terns provide additional confirmation. Like
Will Hart is the author of The Genesis azorion.tripod.com> (no triple “w”). E-mail:
Giza, the complex of pyramids and temples
Race published by Inner Traditions. islandhills@cybertrails.com
at Teotihuacan were built on a massive scale
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Continued from Page 33
the origin of the present name.”
But Gadeiros was not the only Atlantean
city in Iberia. Tartessos once stood in what
would now be Huelva, on the River Tinto,
or, perhaps on the site of Asta Regia, north
of Cadiz, at the source of the Guadalquivir
River. Tartessos may have arisen as a direct
consequence of survivors arriving in large
numbers from the ocean. Strabo, the impor-
tant Roman historian, reported that a sea
people built the city in 1150 B.C., less than
fifty years after the final destruction of At-
lantis. With its sudden disappearance, a
power vacuum developed in Spain, then part
of the Atlantean empire. Deprived of its im-
perial headquarters, the political center
shifted away from Gadeiros, resulting in the
building of a new Iberian capital. Atlanteans arriving in Spain
There is an etymological resemblance be- Age found on the island of Lemnos, some 30 Bats. There she found a dozen human male
tween “Tartessos” and “Tyrsenoi,” Greek for miles off the coast of Troy. Sometimes the and female skeletons arranged in an orderly
“Etruscans,” and Tartessian bronzes are not ancient Iberians were referred to collectively circle around one more, that of a woman, at
unlike Etruscan examples from Caere. Ear- as the Turdentani. These comparisons dem- the very center. Judging from the costly na-
lier still, the Turduli (what the inhabitants onstrate the heritage they, the Turduli, ture of their accompanying grave goods, the
of Tartessos called themselves) compares Etruscans and Trojans shared in their “Sea remains belonged to a wealthy family whose
with the Tursha, Egyptian for “Trojans,” People” origins, together with their members had committed mass-suicide by
listed by Ramses III among the Sea Peoples common experience in the Atlantean War. overdosing on opium. Were they royalty
who attacked his kingdom after the turn of During the 1920s, American archaeolo- from the house of Gadeiros, dying of despair
the 13th century B.C. Supporting a Turduli- gist, Ellen M. Whishaw, excavated the pre- over the tragedy of their Atlantic homeland?
Tursha relationship is the double of a sumed ruins of Tartessos, at a foreboding Or maybe they were participants in ritual
Tartessos tablet dated to the Late Bronze place shunned locally as the Cave of the sacrifice, as suggested by their number.

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nouncing that, in her opinion, “Tartessos
derived more or less directly from that of CHOPRA
the lost continent of Atlantis.” Her col-
leagues condemned any serious talk of the Continued from Page 36
sunken city as the worst form of academic
heresy, and her research was ignored. But longer be able to intimidate and control
the names of these nay-sayers have since other people.”
been forgotten, while the book describing How does he feel about ‘Third World’
her work is still in publication. She was led poverty? “Everything goes in cycles. Group
to her controversial conclusion by compari- karma is collective imagination, experience
sons with Plato’s description of the Atlan- and memory. There are times of abundance
teans. Like them, the Turduli were extraor- and cycles of impoverishment and domina-
dinary sailors, plying the Atlantic to tion. No empire is permanently dominant.
Cornwall in Britain and Lixus or even Mog- As Americans we should recognize that the
ador down the North African coasts of Mo- empire might crumble if we continue to be
rocco. arrogant about our behavior in the rest of
Their ocean-going ships were usually the world. My vision is that as we move into
heavy laden with cargoes of ingots. As At- a more global society, things will be more
lantis was the affluent metal broker of the equitable: 50% of the world won’t have to
Bronze Age, so the miners of Tartessos were live on less than $2 a day and 15% of the
responsible for their city’s wealth. One of population won’t be using 85% of the re-
their kings, Arganthnios (literally, “Silvery sources.” For his part, Chopra is part of the
Locks”) allegedly sold so much precious global network Alliance for the New Hu-
metal to Phoenician merchantmen, they manity, which works with Nobel Laureates
had their ship’s anchor cast in solid silver. in economics and peace. He was a keynote
Terrcotta Etruscan horses from the temple of
The king’s name derives from the Etruscan speaker at the State of the World Forum and
word for “silver”, arcnti, another link be- the Peace and Human Progress Founda-
In Pythagorean numerology, Twelve was tween Tartessos and Etruria. Tartessos was a tion’s inauguration (founded by the former
associated with cosmic order, such as the major tin producer of copper and bronze, President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace
Houses of the Zodiac, the number of Olym- jut as the Atlanteans achieved their pros- Prize Winner, Oscar Arias and the Orient
pian deities, the solar Labors of Hercules, perity through the manufacture of ori- Foundation), and recently established the
months of the year, half the hours of one chalcum, or high-grade copper. Ezekiel said Global Youth Summit, a project reaching
day, etc. Thirteen was the Numeral of Mis- of Tartessos in the Old Testament, “Tarshish out to youth through MTV. He was awarded
fortune, because its presence upset the was thy merchant by reason of the multi- the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian
cosmic order, resulting in chaos. Could the tude of all kinds of riches, with silver, iron, Republic by the Pio Manzu Centre, chaired
Cave of the Bats’ discovery have been a cere- tin and gold they traded in thy fairs.” by Mikhail Gorbachev, for his efforts to fur-
monial attempt to reestablish the harmony During their campaigns to wrest the ther peace and international collaboration.
of a world shattered by the Atlantean catas- Iberian peninsula from its inhabitants, the As a U.S. citizen born in India, Chopra
trophe? Romans learned Celtic traditions of over- says he’s always loved the free spirit, diver-
Perhaps an answer lies in the poly- seas’ origins. The Gauls believed that their sity, creativity and pioneering impulse of
chrome statue of an ornately dressed ancestral ruling class came from the “Isle of America, and the ancient wisdom traditions
woman unearthed in 1897 not far from the Glass Towers” formerly located on a and strength of the Indian culture. “But
Mediterranean Sea, in southeastern Spain, splendid island before it disappeared in a where I am in my life right now, I think na-
near the town of Elche. A masterpiece of natural disaster. A 1st century Greek writer, tionalism is the biggest problem in the
terracotta art, it is unlike anything compar- Timogenes, described a widely held belief world. Personally, I don’t want to be a na-
able in Roman, Phoenician or Greek por- among the “barbarians” that Gallic fore- tionalist of any kind.” Chopra’s had an ec-
traiture. The Lady of Elche was a product of bears came to Western Europe from a lost lectic spiritual background: he attended an
the Turduli, descendants of the Atlantean island in the Atlantic Ocean. Survivors Irish Christian Missionary school, his
colonists who occupied Spain during the landed at the mouth of the Douro River, mother was a Hindu, his father a Sikh, his
Late Bronze Age. where they built their first town, the friends Muslim, Jewish and Zoroastrian. “I
Proof of her identity was found in the harbor-city of Porto. From there they mi- saw all kinds of faiths, beliefs and conflicts,
form of an otherwise unique bronze cande- grated throughout Iberia and France, where yet an environment where everyone was
labrum retrieved from the same excavation. they were the first chiefs of the Gauls. friendly with each other despite their differ-
Its only other known counterpart came The tale is not without historical founda- ences. I had a very thorough grounding in
from the suspected location of Tartessos, tion. A Celtic settlement on the Douro na- the tenets of Christianity, more so than
near the Huelva River. Also convincing was tives called Porto Galli, “Port of the Gauls”, many Christians,” he says, noting that he
a singular golden necklace from Tartessos became the Roman Portus Cale, from which had a scholarly look at it through many per-
identical to the ornament depicted on the the whole Lusitanian province eventually spectives, including the Gnostic gospels,
statue. These costly items and her elaborate derived its modern name, Portugal. Its cap- Coptic traditions in India and Egypt and the
headgear portray a person of obvious impor- ital, Lisbon, was earliest known as Ela- Gospel of St. Thomas.” He can say the same
tance. But her noble expression suggests sippos, the same name Plato assigns to the thing about his understanding of Buddhism,
someone more than aristocratic. She may seventh king of Atlantis. In Greek myth, the Islam or Hinduism. “I’m not wedded to any
have belonged to the royal house of Ga- titan, Iberus, after whom the entire Spanish particular belief, ideology, dogma or re-
deiros during neo-Atlantean times in peninsula was known, is the brother of ligion,” he states. “I look for the kernel of
Tartessos. Or perhaps the Lady of Elche was Atlas. None of this would have surprised the truth found in all religions.”
one of those who died in the city’s ring of Romans, who referred to all Iberians as “the Chopra loves words and writing and is a
suicide. Was she the woman at its center? In children of Atlantis.” walking encyclopedia of their derivations. In
any case, to look at her statue is to see the high school in India he studied Hindi and
face of an Atlantean in Spain. The preceding is excerpted from Frank Sanskrit, “a language of vibration—the word
As Director of the Anglo-Spanish- Joseph’s latest book, Survivors of Atlantis, echoes the sound. Sanskrit is full of ono-
American School of Archaeology, Dr. Whi- ISBN 1-59143-040-2, published by Bear and matopoeia.” He also loves the sacred texts of >
shaw displayed particular courage by an- Company, $16.00.
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CHOPRA tance of passion numerous times and is en- Gandhi was assassinated by a religious fa-
thralled with poetry, his voice is even and he natic. “There were many evils in the caste
all traditions and, speaking about the bal- seems to have harnessed his emotions. “I’m system,” he writes, “but in my mind the
ance between acting spontaneously and embarrassed to admit it, but I can’t re- double thread symbolized a deep truth—
from patterns learned over time, he points member the last time a situation arose that that enlightenment was possible. Today, en-
to the phrase from ancient Vedanta: ‘I use got me so upset I had to walk away.” He lightenment is no longer the goal of life, not
memories and I do not allow memories to does, however, admit that he and his wife even in India.” As a teacher, he feels the
use me.’ “That’s the difference between a were so devastated by the death of their Sa- most he can do is to open the door again,
victim and a creator—a victim is controlled moyed dog they haven’t gotten another pet, and answer three questions in the age-old
by memories and a creator is selective about years later. way: Who am I? “You are the totality of the
the use of memories.” He dictates his books, Chopra is saddened that the sacred universe acting through a human nervous
often writing on the road. Office assistants “double thread” worn by the Indian system.” Where did I come from? “You came
transcribe and e-mail them back to him, so Brahmin caste, “a legacy going back before from a source that was never born and will
he can still finish a project while he’s memory began,” is no longer a common never die.” Why am I here? “To create the
touring. He repeats that he loves what he’s sight. The symbol of the promise of a world in every moment.”
doing and, though he mentions the impor- second birth, it disappeared after Mahatma

ROSSLYN shortened. This crossbar is occasionally re- Why so?

ferred to as the “INRI” bar, a reference to In my Rosslyn Chapel article I write that
Continued from Page 40 the inscribed board Pontius Pilate ordered one of the Templars arrested on Oct. 13,
placed above Christ’s head at the 1307, and subsequently interrogated,
“the arms of Christ, the arms of Satan, and, crucifixion. claimed that during his initiation into the
strangely, the blood of both.” But if we accept that the symbology em- order he was shown the single-barred Chris-
Among other points Rice raises in his ar- bedded in the Rosslyn cross indicates that tian cross, and was told “put not thy faith in
ticle are these: that the cross represents “the the star course should logically be the this, for it is not old enough.”
union of opposites, the intersection of crea- “above” part of the cross, and that the ex- In spite of the global controversy now
tive force and destructive force, or the union tended lower course would be the “below,” surrounding the not-new theory promoted
of male and female principles,” that the bar then we can see that the crossbars of in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, which
“above” mirrors the bar “below” and, as Rosslyn's cross have been reversed, with the speculates that Jesus Christ and Mary Mag-
such, is symbolic of the Hermetic maxim, shorter set below the longer. dalene were married and established a
“as above, so below” that the House bloodline which has survived down
of Anjou, to which our Mary be- to the present day, might not this
longed, advocated “the Royal Art of short statement by an interrogated
hermeticism—a tradition which ac- Templar indicate that this marriage
cording to legend was passed down to was just another union along the
man by a race of fallen angels” that course of a much older bloodline,
when the ancient hermetic text and that the original nine Templars
Corpus Hermeticum was first pub- had found indisputable proof of it
lished in French, it was dedicated to hidden within the Temple Mount?
Mary of Guise and that Mary “adopted It would of course have been
the Lorraine Cross as a personal foolish to hot-foot this heretical
symbol.” proof to the Vatican—especially
Joan of Arc historians get irritated when there were yet only nine poor
when it is suggested that Joan went Templars in the entire world. Better
to the stake clutching the Lorraine that the keepers of this new-found
Cross to her breast. They point to the knowledge bide their time, consider
“official” documents which record their options, and develop a viable
she was given one cross by an English business plan for the future—which
soldier who hastily fashioned it from is probably what they did. Over the
two pieces of wood, and was given a next two centuries the Knights grew
second by an attending clergyman. into the richest chivalric order in
But isn’t it possible that the truth of a the world. History tells us that the
thing can be secretly hidden in the lie order was barbarously suppressed in
of it? Might not the Lorraine Cross be the early 14th century, but many be-
symbolized by the two crosses the of- lieve its inner circle went under-
ficial records say she was given? And ground in Scotland, taking its
since the French Burgundians sold “truth” with it. I personally believe
Joan to the English, and the French that the inner circle may have engi-
King she had led to the throne ig- neered the order’s demise as part of
nored her plight, might we not have an overall “rightsizing” operation—
here a hidden reference to the expres- not a popular theory among the
sion “doublecross?” Templars’ sizable fan base.
But back to Rosslyn. When William St. Clair and Mary
It is not the equal-armed cross of Guise met at Rosslyn in the
that William may have shown Mary of chapel’s centenary year, the Church
Guise, but a later style wherein one of Rome was in a bit of a tizzy. Ca-
crossbar is half the length of the tholicism was under siege by a new
other. At some point, perhaps as a and troublesome adversary—the
way of bringing an ancient hermetic Reformation. In one fell swoop, the
symbol into the fold of Christian or- Christian world was cleft in twain.
thodoxy, the upper crossbar was James VI No longer would Rome be able to
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Mary Queen of Scots and son James VI
raise great armies from its subject nations have been perfectly planned.
to crush heresies wherever the Papal finger I visited the Grand Lodge of Scotland’s
pointed. There was no longer just one big museum during my last trip to Edinburgh,
boy on the block. Another had moved in. and was struck by an exhibit dated to the
The mightiest church the world had early 19th century. It shows the Masonic
ever known had been “divided” and compass, square, and level, surrounded by a
“conquered.” five-pointed star. The five points are de-
But the Reformed Church would not be scribed as “the five points of fellowship.”
allowed to remain squeaky clean. The life of What is truly striking, however, is that the
Mary’s grandson, the first officially freema- star is upside down.
sonic king of both Scotland and England, In Manly P. Hall’s 1928 classic, The Se-
would be threatened by a plot hatched by cret Teachings of All Ages, Hall has much to
“witches” on Halloween, 1590. The cele- say about the five-pointed star, or penta-
brated but trumped-up case of the “North gram. He claims that the figure is “the
Berwick Witches” kick-started over a cen- time-honored symbol of the magical arts,”
tury of Scottish witch hunts, and proved and that “by means of the pentagram within
that your average Presbyterian could be just his own soul, man not only may master and
as vindictive as your average Catholic when govern all creatures inferior to himself, but
it came to fighting Satan’s minions. While may demand consideration at the hands of
an equilibrium had been established be- those superior to himself.” He further
tween the two great Christian powers, nei- claims that the star with two points upward
ther can yet lay claim to being the saint- is called the “Goat of Mendes” because “the
liest, and each still has that heavy cross of inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s
guilt to bear. Another perfect doublecross, head.” The goat, as I mention in my “Joan
perhaps? of Arc Revealed” article (AR #42), is a recur-
Interestingly, the U.S. branch of today’s ring Masonic symbol.
Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Hall’s most apocryphal description of
Jerusalem (SMOTJ) uses the same reverse- the inverted pentagram is the last sentence
barred configuration as Rosslyn in its offi- of his chapter about it: “When the upright
cial insignia. Its blazer badge, “hand- star turns and the upper point falls to the
stitched in gold bullion,” can be purchased bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning
through its web site, and part of the pur- Star.”
chase price will be donated to a worthy This is a troublesome concept, indeed.
charitable cause in the order's name. While we watch the movements of the
In certain Heraldic tomes it is said that heavenly bodies, we do not expect to see
the double-barred cross with the shorter them fall. By observing when and where
bar above the longer is known as the “Cross they appear to us, we fix our place among
Patriarchal.” What if Rosslyn’s builder, as them—and have done so far longer than
his own little joke, reversed the bars in documented history credits us. But Hall’s
order to hang a “Cross Matriarchal” in the “fall of the Morning Star” eerily echoes the
chapel's ceiling? many far-flung world myths that talk of a
Mary of Guise would have enjoyed that cataclysmic day the sky fell. If it again be-
joke, but would we? comes an observable phenomenon it will be
Rosslyn’s founder certainly used some we, not it, who are in motion.
elegant math when he plotted the chapel’s I doubt we'll find it funny.
ceiling, but it was not an exact fit. There are
four architectural elements remaindered in More of Jeff Nisbet's articles can be read
the fourth course, and one in the fifth—a on his website at www.mythomorph.com.
total of five. However, this “mistake” may
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Continued from Page 43

doctrine in allegorical symbols, and estab-

lished a mystical system in which nearly
every tenet was imparted as a graphic image
or metaphorical tale. Sir Richard Burton,
says Barbara Walker, called Sufism “the
Eastern parent of Freemasonry.”
The word Sufi is translated from the Ar-
abic work Suf meaning wool or others be-
lieve from the Greek word ‘sophos’ or ‘So-
phia’ meaning wisdom. There are two fables
for how the whirling dervish dance began
involving tradesman spinning wool (the
symbol of the wisdom of the Golden Fleece)
from a bale onto a spindle.
A third story traces the origin of the
whirling dervishes to the 13th century Ot-
toman Empire mystic Mevlâna Jalâluddîn
Rumi (d. 1273), a native of Afghanistan who
is considered one of the greatest mystics and
spiritual poets of all time. It is said Rumi
was walking through the goldsmith area
(the alchemists were gold smiths) of Konya
in Turkey. He heard beautiful music in the
craftsmen’s hammering and began to turn Zoroaster rides his ‘ring’ or Mer-Ka-Ba.
in harmony. The whirling
dervish dance was born.
Rumi’s father, a religious
scholar, reared him to be-
come a highly trained spiri-
tual teacher. In his thirties
he was widely known as an
eminent professor of re-
ligion. All his education was
preparing him for his en-
counter with a spiritual guru
known as the Shams of Ta-
briz. This was the central
event of Rumi’s life.
At the age of thirty-seven
Mevlâna met the spiritual
vagabond Shams. This
meeting can be compared to
Abraham’s initiation re-
corded in the Book of Gen-
esis in the mysteries of the
ladder to heaven by Mel-
chizedek, the founder of Wormholes are essentially tunnels in space/time. In the above
Jesus’s Holy Grail priest- figure the top and bottom sheets are connected via a
hood, the Order of Melchiz- wormhole. The two sheets may represent two different
edek. In fact, Melchizedek universes or two sections of the same universe, which, if not for
and the Shams are consid- the wormhole’s presence, would be separated by a very large
ered to be messengers from distance.
the Source. They carry en-
lightenment to someone who can receive, above, and we hear the tunes of the Gates of
Mary brings the baby Jesus through the mouth
someone who is either too full or too empty. Paradise. The meeting places of the der- or gate
Fascinatingly, as researchers including vishes, consequently, became academies of
Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner art, music and dance. within a spiritual family, a Sufi circle.
have observed, the letters SHM of Sham de- A dervish is an apprentice, one who is One of the most well known of these
notes that which is high or heaven ward! It learning the profession that will provide Sufi circles, the Mevlevi, or Mevleviye, was
is the root of shaman and Shambhala, the eternal livelihood, which I would suggest is founded in 1273 by Rumi’s followers after
mystical center where esoteric Buddhism the Great Work, alchemy. This profession is his death, particularly his son, Sultan Veled
says the immortals dwell. still taught in certain “schools of higher Celebi. The Mevlevi, or “The Whirling Der-
After his ‘shamanic attunement’ by the learning.” While there are many skills that vishes,” believe that union with God can be
Shams Rumi became an inspired poet can be self-taught or learned alone, the attained in the sema (which is very close to
greatly loved. In his verses, Rumi empha- skills of the dervish are learned by being in shema) dance. Sema represents a mystical
sized that music uplifts our spirit to realms relationship to a shaikh, or guide, and journey of man’s spiritual ascent through

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Perhaps the most dramatic reference to
the Mer-Ka-Ba in the Bible comes from II
Kings and the story of Elijah, the prophet
who never died, but who may have returned
as John the Baptist, the forerunner and ini-
tiator of Jesus. We read that the Lord sent
Elijah, and his disciple and successor Elisha,
to a place called Beth-el (II Kings 2:2). This
was same place where Jacob had seen the
ladder to heaven. Beth-El (meaning ‘House
of God’) is also known as Luz (‘light’), and is
considered by Jewish mystics to be one of
the ‘Seats of the Immortals’. Shambhala, we
recall, is also called the dwelling of the
At Beth-el, the sons or the brotherhood
of prophets came out to greet Elijah. Fifty of
the brotherhood follow Elijah and Elisha to
the Jordan river. Upon arrival Elijah and
Elisha cross the Jordan, which takes its
name from Eridanus, the river of life, or the
Milky Way.
Elijah rolled up his mantle or cloak and
struck the water of the river. The water was
parted and the two prophets cross the river.
Suddenly, a Merkaba of fire appears, and
Elijah disappears in a whirlwind. On the
third dimension of reality, the one we are
tuned to, Elijah has vanished! Has he
crossed the Milky Way?
Most biblical interpreters explain these
verses in the following way: Elisha had a “vi-
sion” of a war chariot of fire. He halluci-
nated or “imagined” something chaotic (the
However, something very profound hap-
pens if we interpret this word “whirlwind” as
a rotating or counter-rotating field of energy
that is the open ‘mouth’ or entrance to the
(energy) of the House or Throne of God . In
this model the concentric rings symbolize
not only the pulsing energy of the ‘whirl-
wind’, and the whirling dervish, but also the
top-down view of a description of the mouth
of a wormhole.
Who were the brotherhood of 50
Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi prophets? The mystical number of the
group, 50 draws a comparison to the 50
mind and love to “Perfect.” Turning towards teaching of Kaballah, the collection of Anunnaki who came to earth from heaven in
the truth, his growth comes through love, Jewish mystic writings. shems in the Sumerian tradition as well as
deserting his ego, finding the truth and ar- The Mer-Ka-Ba is described as a counter- the 50 Argonauts who sailed with Jason in
riving to the “Perfect.” When he returns rotating field of light that affects spirit and search of the Golden Fleece (wool, soph,
from this spiritual journey he is a man who body simultaneously. Of utmost import to sufi). Perhaps all these brotherhoods were
has reached maturity and a greater perfec- this discussion is that the Star of David or ancient mystery schools, akin to the
tion, now prepared to love and to be of ser- hexagon that we find surrounding the body whirling dervish mystery schools of Egypt
vice to the whole of creation, to all creatures of the dervish in the whirling dance denotes and Persia, where interdimensional travel
without discrimination as to belief, race, the Mer-Ka-Ba. It is alternately portrayed may have been taught. If so, one wonders if
class or national origin. similar to the disk-shaped structure of our Elijah performed the ‘wormhole dance’.
galaxy or the saucer-shaped ship the an- As our world tumbles toward a great con-
The Merkaba cient gods tooled around the world upon. It flagration between Judeo-Christianity and
Sufism may not be the only way to this is a vehicle that can take spirit and body radical Islam, what is needed is a way to
shamanic state of being. Scan the spiritual from one world or dimension into another. unite people. Perhaps the whirling dervishes
horizon and you’ll find evidence of knowl- Some speculate this is the interdimensional are the gift from above that will show us a
edge of this round dance outside of Islam is vehicle used not just by gods and angels, way to shamanically spin our world to a
plentiful. In Jewish mysticism the soul must but also by prophets. higher level of understanding.
ascend to the throne or the Merkaba. An The Mer-Ka-Ba mystics believed they
Egyptian word usually translated as could reach the Throne of God (possibly the William Henry’s book Egypt: The
“chariot,” the Mer-Ka-Ba is the vehicle of center of the Milky Way) in a shamanistic Greatest Show On Earth features a DVD of
Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel, ascent, through a series of heavenly halls. In the wormhole dance. It is available through
which is equated with the shem of the An- several of my books I have interpreted these www.williamhenry.net.
nunaki. It is the most ancient and secret halls as wormholes or ‘halls’ in space.
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DA VINCI, HEWTON, HUGO Sandro Botticelli and Claude Debussy, and liam Whiston, “spread it about that Newton
three of them towering geniuses: Leonardo refused to eat rabbits because they were
da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo. strangled and black pudding because they
Continued from Page 44 Why these three? Did were made of blood. Catherine Conduitt
Plantard know something [Newton’s step-niece who lived with him in
Plantard’s name came up we don’t know? Did these later years] told her husband that this was a
in light of a political three men possess matter of ethics rather than taste. Newton
scandal involving a close common characteristics thought that strangling was a cruel way to
friend of then-French that make them plausible kill an animal and that eating blood excited
President François Mitte- leaders of a secret society men to brutality. Apparently he did regard
rand. Plantard had, in founded by the Knights abstention from cruelty to animals as a
one of his documented Templar in 1099 and dedi- moral command almost on a par with love
lists of the Priory of Sion, cated to the protection of of neighbor.”
listed Roger-Patrice Pelat the Holy Grail? Victor Hugo (1802-1885) was the wildest
[the friend] as a Grand Surprisingly, for men of vegetarian of them all. He believed the an-
Master. When called be- such different gifts and as- imal, vegetable and mineral worlds, as well
fore the court to testify, pirations: Yes. as the human world, were all part of the
Plantard, under oath, ad- They possessed, first of cycle of reincarnation (humans could be re-
mitted he had made up all, an enormous respect incarnated as animals, stones or plants). All
the whole Priory scheme. for life. nature pulsed with living, suffering souls
The court ordered a Pierre Plantard in 1979 This is graphically illus- worthy of love and respect. Hugo talked reg-
search of Plantard’s trated in the vegetarianism ularly with cows, didn’t allow his cook to
house, which revealed further documents of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Serge slaughter animals, made his children return
that proclaimed Plantard to be the true king Bramly writes in Discovering the Life of Le- crabs to the sea when they found them
of France. The judge gave Plantard a stern onardo da Vinci: “Leonardo loved animals stranded on the beach, and forbade the snip-
warning and dismissed him as a harmless so much, it seems, that he had turned vege- ping of stems off flowers: “Flowers suffer be-
crank.” tarian. He asked with horror how nature neath the scissors/,” he wrote in What the
In Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the authors could permit her creatures to live by the Shadow’s Mouth Says, “The rouge on a
list twenty-one men and four women who, death of their fellows. He would not let his woman’s cheek is the blood of roses. The de-
over the course of a thousand years, were body become a ‘tomb for other animals, an butante at the dance, corsaged and whirling
“Grand Masters” of the Priory of Sion. They inn of the dead...a container of corruption.’” to the melody/ Breathes in, with unwitting
are an uneven crew, these ostensible leaders Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was not smile, a bouquet made of agony.”
of this secret society, some of them fairly ob- far different. Richard Westfall writes in All three felt this respect for nature be-
scure, e.g., Edouard de Bar and Blanche Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton cause, for all three, all aspects of nature
d’Evreux, some certainly famous, e.g., that Newton’s successor at Cambridge, Wil- were interconnected. To respect the tiniest

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portion of nature was also to respect all else memory of the Forms had been clearer and benefit of mankind. Even as jealous col-
and oneself. humankind had embodied more of their leagues on the mainland called him Jocrisse
Da Vinci, Newton, and Hugo were sim- wisdom in life. Da Vinci and Newton sought à Pathmos! (“Fool of Patmos!”), Hugo
ilar in their dissenting religious beliefs. All the prisca sapientia (the primal, pristine named the hero of Les Misérables Jean Val-
three, while nominally Christian, were wisdom). Newton believed his laws of gravi- jean (“John of John”) in tribute to the au-
fiercely independent and unorthodox in the tation, motion and optics were known to an- thor of Revelation. He wrote poems about
way they worshiped God. Maxim Gorki in cient sages like Plato and Pythagoras. the Flood and Og, the titan who’d hitch-
Reminiscences of Tolstoy said that Tolstoy’s Bramly writes of Leonardo: “Along with hiked on the roof of the Ark, disappearing
relationship with God reminded him of “two his contemporaries, he believed that art had thereafter. Did Hugo identify with Og? Og
bears in one cave.” The same might be said been brought to its highest pinnacle during was One of the Remnant!
of Newton’s, da Vinci’s, and Hugo’s relation- that vague and idealized period known as In seeking to resurrect the prisca sa-
ship with God. Antiquity and it has been in constant de- pientia, Newton and Hugo (and likely Leo-
Serge Bramly writes of Leonardo: “His cline since the days of the Romans.” nardo) were straining back to the world
flagrant anticlericalism certainly did not Leonardo subtly hints in his Notebooks when all was one. Newton’s many interests
lead him toward an atheistic position. He that the pinnacle of art went back much far- were one interest: The life-giving sun of the
believed in God—though not perhaps a very ther than that. Solar System was also the alchemist’s fire
Christian God....He discovered this God in which sought to transform matter; both
the miraculous beauty of light, in the har- were the eternal flame in the temple of the
monious movement of the planets, in the primal religion—and this flame stood for
intricate arrangement of muscles and God. In a manuscript in the Babson College
nerves inside the body, and in that inex- Library, Newton links twelve gods of ancient
pressible masterpiece the human soul. He peoples to twelve elements of alchemy, and
was almost jealous of the Creator, whom he these to the five known planets and the
called the primo motore: the inventor of seven elements of the earth. In manuscripts
everything was a better architect than he like these, all truths are a single truth, lost
himself could ever be.” in the mists of time but remembered by the
Sir Isaac Newton was considered a members of the Remnant.
heretic in his day because he did not believe Remarkably, a similar document peeks
that Jesus was God. For Newton, the wor- out from the 1853-1855 “table-tapping” ex-
ship of Christ as God was a kind of idol- periences of Victor Hugo on Jersey. On July
atry—a self-weakening hero-worshiping. It 24, 1854, the participants found themselves
was the one, true, unknowable God that apparently communicating with the inhabi-
should be worshiped—for Newton, a God tants of the planet Mercury. The Mercurians
more of power and dominion than of love communicated with a pencil attached to a
and compassion, whom we worshiped by ob- “tapping table” leg, and so were able not
serving His actions and then by seeking to only to write down what they said but also
emulate them. Newton wrote in the Iren- to draw pictures of themselves. They wrote
icum (Section 35): “We are to conceive him in Latin, in sentences that were also al-
void of external shape, or bounds, a being chemical formulae, the same that were used
intangible and invisible whom no eye hath through the ages by alchemists when
seen or can see, and therefore also incorpo- working with mercury. Moreover, these sen-
real.... [He is] a being whose wisdom and tences (and pictures) were descriptions of
power is manifested in the contrivance and the planet Mercury and its inhabitants—and
frame of the world and the things therein St. John the Revelator also of Mercury, the God of communication.
and particularly in that of the bodies of Did such a séance really take place? Was
animals.” Newton saw himself as a gifted alien, a Hugo using this format to write something
Victor Hugo’s god is even less orthodox titan from a vanished era—a member of the he didn’t want to sign? We don’t know, but
than that of da Vinci or Newton. It is dark pre-Flood “remnant.” The meaning of St. we know that this confluence of planet, al-
and brooding, withdrawn from its creation John’s Revelation, he wrote, was open only chemical substance and God was the same
in the manner of the Zoroastrian god. Man to “a remnant, a few scattered persons that Newton strove for, it being the oneness
in our universe, says Hugo, is “God’s con- which God hath chosen, such as without of identity that characterized the world of
vict”—we on the prison-planet earth are being led by interest, education, or humane the prisca sapientia.
serving time for hideous acts we committed authorities, can set themselves sincerely So Leonardo, Newton and Hugo all
elsewhere in the cosmos. Our salvation lies and earnestly to search after truth.” Westfall shared a total respect for life and a religion
in splendid, stand-alone acts of courage, like writes that “There is no doubt that Newton that drove them to stand-alone achievement
those of Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, or placed himself among the select few. Some and a hearkening back to the pre-Flood time
Gilliatt in Toilers of the Sea who single- of his descriptions of the remnant have the of the prisca sapientia. This may make them
handedly salvages a steamboat engine. poignancy of personal experience....Isolated members of a Brotherhood of the Remnant,
The religions of Leonardo, Newton and in his chambers, Newton may have won- but it doesn’t necessarily make them Grand
Hugo make them astonishingly independent dered if he was another Elijah, like the first Masters of the Priory of Sion.
men. Their beliefs empower them to stand almost the only true believer left.” Or does it? I forgot to mention one
alone against all odds and to succeed. In exile on Jersey island, Hugo thought thing: At the séance where Hugo and com-
There is a final, elusive, and powerful he had been Elijah in a previous incarna- pany talked to the Mercurians, a particular
way in which these three men are linked. All tion. He also thought he had been Isaiah, “spirit control” presided over the proceed-
were prodigiously creative—but none Aeschylus and John of Revelation. Listening ings. That spirit control claimed to be Nich-
thought they were creating anything new. to flattering “spirit guides” during nu- olas Flamel, the great fifteenth century
Plato said that when we learn we are merely merous “table-tapping” séances, writing Les French alchemist.
recalling that which we knew before birth Misérables, Hugo thought he was forging a According to Holy Blood, Holy Grail,
when we dwelt in the realms of Eternal message essential to the future of mankind, Nicholas Flamel was a...Grand Master of the
Forms. Leonardo, Newton and Hugo be- just as St. John had forged the Book of Rev- Priory of Sion.
lieved this, and that far back in history the elation on his own island of Patmos for the
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and earth. It also employs a science of num-
bers and proportions, as a system of discrete
and powerful forces, and their relations, that
underlie every act of creation.
This “spiritual science” is considered by
some to lie, like the Route of the Stars, at
the heart of all religions, including Chris-
tianity itself. It was preserved by the med-
ieval masons, the builders, architects and
sculptors of the churches along the way. Or-
ganized in lodges or guilds, the medieval
masons were the precursors of contempo-
rary Freemasonry, “high priests” in a lin-
eage of keepers of occult, or “hidden,”
knowledge, capable of uniting the material
and the spiritual, the human and the divine.
A Journey on the Camino is, in this
sense, a Journey into the Ancient Mysteries,
a Primordial Traditional that once “was,”
but has been “lost,” and can be regained.
The name “Santiago” itself comes from
“Jaime,” or “James,” and like the Italian
“Giacome” and the Basque “Jakin” means
“sovereign,” or “wise man” while “Compos- Cloister at the
tela” would signify “field or clearing” from Monastery of Santo
Column Capitol from
the Spanish “campo” “of the star,” “estrella.” Domingo de Silos,
the 12th century Burgus
Nevertheless, it has been pointed out that
the site at which the Cathedral stands is
“Compo,” not “Campostela,” indicating a
possible connection with the “compos,” or
“seed of wisdom,” of Alchemy. “Santiago de
Compostela” would mean, then, “Wise Man
of the Star.” In a similar manner, the Great
Work, the path of spiritual development of
the Alchemists, is sometimes called the “Ca-
mino de Santiago.”
A Journey on the Camino is an opportu-
nity to explore and interpret, witness and ex-
perience the preservation of such a “spiri-
tual science” it is also an opportunity to
consider its very source.
Like the labyrinth that is its symbol, the
ancient Camino is a Journey to a place of
union, to the center of All That Is, whereby
the pilgrim can attain self-salvation. It is an
opportunity to weave, at every step, myth
and history, life and symbol, time and the
timeless, until they merge.
As Tomé Martinez observes in his book,
“The Secret of Compostela,” the traditional
elements of the Camino can be seen in the
sky looking West from Finisterra: the con-
The Camino de Santiago
stellations of the “ship,” or Argo, and of Can at Leboreiro
Major, with the Dog Star, Sirius, towards
which the Cathedral at Santiago is oriented.
And we remember that St. James himself
was always accompanied by a dog. lore, of the Virgin of the Camino and the land. It was about the horizon line when
From the cliffs high above the Atlantic at Christ of Agony at Muros, which both, ac- one looked out to sea and about its depth
the Finisterra, we think not only of the mes- cording to legend, floated ashore on the and unfathomable secrets, the transmis-
sage, but also of the messengers of the Ca- waves. sions of which were picked up on the beach
mino that arrived on shore from the sea of It was not, as Juan Garcia Atienza ob- from time to time, or they arrived on shore.
the body of St. James the Apostle, and of serves in his book, “Legends of the Camino From the high cliffs at “the end of the
Noah and his ark which, as legend would de Santiago,” that the protagonist is Christ, earth,” the Milky Way lies reflected in the
have it, landed atop Mount Aro, near Noya, a or this or that hero of legend or myth it was Atlantic Ocean, and the origins and destiny
name etymologically derived from “Noah.” about the Ocean itself, from which came can, once more, begin to be conceived.
We think of the mermaids and fishmen of everything that was transcendent to that

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formed decisions. liaisons. This emphasizes lessons of relation-
ASTROLOGY These archetypes together create a love ship and the importance of discernment.
of order and a desire to see justice done. Looking at the archetypes in the most posi-
Continued from Page 49 Since Libra is ruled by feminine Venus, it is tive light, the potential exists in this ener-
likely that the concerns of women in rela- getic combination for enlightened love. Ju-
beauty and harmony, art, good taste, desire tionships will receive more attention during piter’s wisdom can see the most sublime
for happy conditions and pleasant relation- this transit. This could see improvement in joining of god and goddess in an eternal
ships. This transit could bring a round of child care, equal pay issues addressed in the dance of creation, spinning worlds into exis-
unusual creativity in music and the arts tence, similar to Krishna and Radha in
and make people feel more generous Hindu myth. Also on the idealistic side
where endowments to the arts are con- of this combination Jupiter’s potentially
cerned. Concert halls and museums lofty perspective can yield a profound
may get a boost during this time. Ju- social consciousness which grows out of
piter in Libra should be also good for an enhanced ability to interact with
business, especially those that deal with others.
art, beauty, women and partnerships.
The flip side could signal potential Still point
trouble or lawsuits in partnerships if After Jupiter’s journey through in-
things haven’t been going well or issues trospective Virgo, which ended in Sep-
haven’t been addressed fairly. tember, the goal of Jupiter in Libra is to
The stereotype of Libra is someone apply the same faculty of discernment
constantly weighing matters in the bal- to gain a wiser perspective in relation-
ance, taking forever to choose, and per- ships. Contrasted with the deep and in-
haps never making a decision at all. dividual psychological work offered by
This is due to a deep and abiding desire Jupiter in Virgo just ending, this com-
to be fair to all concerned and a keen bined influence seeks to establish bal-
sense of justice. One lesson of Libra is ance in relationships. While the scales
the importance of timing. At the right sway and tip, searching for the balance
moment, evaluation must end and ac- point, relationships that are out of equi-
tion ensue. This lesson can be explored librium will be tested.
as we move through the next thirteen Jupiter in Libra offers wisdom in re-
months. We’ll be encouraged to take a lationships and an enhanced ability to
larger view, express fairness to all, but see the big picture where loved ones are
act when and where it’s appropriate. concerned, seeing our relationships in a
The experience of Libra is more like new light. We are encouraged to seek
shifting scales than the actual experi- more balance in our personal relation-
ence of equilibrium. There is a risk of ships, asking if we are spending enough
too much compromise on the part of time with friends and family. To with-
Libra which builds up resentment. Ju- draw and isolate ourselves from other
piter in Libra can be very like the high- people causes a withering of our psyche
flying falcon described in the quote at Aphrodite "Venus d'Arles", Louvre, Paris as we grow and learn through our rela-
the beginning of the article. Isabel tionships no matter how difficult. It’s
Hickey remarked that there is a fist of iron court room and a legislative focus on
also vital to our wellbeing to take time for
beneath Libra’s velvet glove, so it’s a mis- women’s “rights” in general. New legislation
our own creativity and express our artistic
take to dismiss the mild-mannered exterior, may be introduced which changes the way
missing the falcon’s swift strike. certain decisions are made relative to mar-
At heart Jupiter in Libra asks that we
When the energies of this planet and riage and divorce. Women may be less likely
honor the principles of truth, love and
sign come together we can hope for bal- to change their name when they marry,
beauty in our lives, individually and collec-
anced abundance and the potential for preferring instead the independent status of
tively. For inspiration visit a museum, go to
wisdom in decision making. Happening be- Venus’s reputation during this transit.
the symphony, or take a long walk in the
fore the November election Jupiter in Libra These two energies are similar in myth
woods with a loved one.
may help voters to look at all sides of issues, in that both Jupiter and Venus (which rules
establishing equilibrium, and arriving at in- Libra), were known for numerous romantic

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author explores the excavation of a mysterious and ritu- NEW! along with the secrets of masterpiece of High
ally desecrated tomb in the Valley of the Kings, which he healing, compassion, faith, Gothic architecture and
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Paul Dunbavin—The ongoing quest to elevate our experience, bestselling au- in Europe: Our Lady of the Pillar. Coincidence? Hardly,
author sets out his con- thor, Deepak Chopra, has isolated fifteen secrets that says Markale, whose exhaustive examination of the site
troversial theory that drive the narrative of this inspiring book--and of our lives. traces Chartres’ roots back to prehistoric times and the
Plato’s Atlantis myth re- “The Book of Secrets” is rich with insights, a priceless appeal of the Black Madonna back to the ancient wide-
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shores of the British While many vessels were claimed to have been the true
Isles. Bringing together CANOPUS Grail, there was only one thought to have been the
modern scientific evi- REVELATION: Stargate chalice used by Mary to collect Christ’s blood when he ap-
dence and a pattern in
many mythologies, the
of the Gods and the Ark peared to her after rising from the tomb. Well into the
of Osiris Middle Ages, legend persisted that it had been taken to
author presents a com- safety in Britain. This journey to England, and what hap-
Philip Coppens—The identifica-
pelling multi- HOT! tion of the constellation Orion pened to the Chalice there, is the focus of this book. In
disciplinary case for At- tracing the relic, Phillips offers the inside story behind an
lantis as one among many views of the submerged civiliza- with the Egyptian god, Osiris, has
become engrained in human con- astonishing adventure that results in the identification of
tion of the Megalithic Builders. the historical King Arthur and locating one of the most
5x8 P/B, 389 pp., B&W photos and drawings $14.00 sciousness, yet this is one of the
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OF THE tian mythology. Rather than the constellation Orion, it is CLOAK OF THE ILLUMINATI William Henry—
HOLY GRAIL the star Canopus that is linked with Osiris. Canopus was The author explores the secrets of the Illuminati and re-
Laurence specifically identified with Osiris’ Chest, the Ark in which veals the true power of the illuminated, even in the
Gardner, “Special he was transformed from mere mortal to resurrected su- modern world. There’s no other book in the world where
Author’s Edition,” 4 pergod—an image that has inspired mankind ever since. you will learn as much about the secret sources of world
NEW CHAPTERS— Canopus was therefore literally a “stargate,” where man power, and why certain people have access to it, and how
From royal and could communicate with and aspire to become gods—and they get it.
suppressed archives enter into other dimensions. This book unveils how an- 5x8, 237 pp., P/B, illustrated $24.95
comes proof of the cient accounts and modern physics use the same sym-
bolism to describe the structure of the universe, the play- CHURCH OF MARY MAGDALENE Jean Mar-
descending heri- kale—In 1885 the village of Rennes-le-Chateau welcomed
tage of Jesus in the ground of the Egyptian god and the souls of the deceased.
6x9 P/B, 204 pp., illustrated $17.95 a new priest, Abbe Sauniere, for its church dedicated to
West. Penetrating Mary Magdalene. Sauniere ordered very strange restora-
new light is cast THE CATHARS & REINCARNATION tion work, and it is thought that he discovered something
upon the Grail Arthur Guirdham—This is the story of the oppression of that brought him to the attention of the power brokers of
Code of Service and the Cathar Christians in medieval France. Dr. Guirdham that time and made him a very rich man. Possibilities in-
the venerated femi- uses not only the facts of accepted history but the records cluded the Templar treasure or the Cathar treasure. Yet
nine element, aban- of a number of people who have far memories of those vi- even more compelling is this church’s ambiguous por-
doned by the olent times. It involves the recollections of a young Eng- trayal of Magdalene hinting at an archaic role that could
Church in order to forge a male dominated society. lish schoolgirl whilst under hypnosis. Recollections are of shake the foundations of the Church.
P/B 454 pp, 24 col. pl., 10 B&W fig., & 15 B&W charts a past life in the Languedoc region of France in the 13th 6x9 P/B, 312 pp., 8-pg. b&w insert $18.95
$18.95 century. There she encountered a dualistic sect of sup-
BLUE APPLES William Henry—A search for the lost posed heretics, the Cathars, who were eventually wiped COSMIC CODE Zecharia Sitchin
stargate artifacts of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Explores out by the inquisition. At the time the young girl recalled Paperback, 298 pgs., black & white illustrations $7.99
the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau, the hilltop village in her past lives, the Cathars were little heard of and even Hardcover $24.00
Southern France that is central to the Holy Grail less had been written about them. Discusses the Cathars' DIVINE ENCOUNTERS Zecharia Sitchin
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74 ATLANTIS RISING • Number 48

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came from and what it really means. This extremely well Hardcover $24.00 Magdalene, and the
researched book unveils many mysteries of the past, in- GLIMPSES OF OTHER REALITIES— Gnosis of Sacred
cluding who the elves, fairies and vampires really were,
why blood itself was so important to this bloodline.
VOL. I Linda Moulton Howe—Discover the truth be- Union
hind the US Government’s cover-up of paranormal ac- Jean-Yves Leloup with a
6x9 P/B, 429 pp. $29.95
tivity. Emmy award winning journalist Linda Moulton Foreword by Jacob Nee-
EARTH CHRONICLES EXPEDITIONS Howe presents evidence that a non-human intelligence is dleman—The Gospel of
Zecharia Sitchin—Sitchin, reveals for the first time the interacting with earth, including information about recov- Philip is best known for its
foundational research and adventurous expeditions that ered crash debris and the transfer of human souls from portrayal of the physical rela-
resulted in his conclusions that ancient myths were recol- body to body—evidence of a mystery involving the entire tionship of Jesus and his be-
lections of factual events, that the gods of ancient peoples human race. NEW! loved disciple, Mary Magdala.
were visitors to Earth from another planet, and that we 365 pp., 8.5 x 11, PB many b&w & color photos & images The mainstream position of
are not alone in our own solar system. $45.00 the Christian church on sex-
6x9 H/B, 304 pp. $24.00 uality was perhaps best summed up by Pope Innocent III
EGYPT: CHILD OF ATLANTIS John Gordon— (1160–1216) “the sexual act is so shameful that it is in-
II: High Strangeness trinsically evil.” What Philip records that Christ said the
Based on an understanding of the Precession of the Equi- PB, 477 pgs., b&w photos illus., 11" x 8.5" $27.95
noxes and its inextricable connection to human evolution opposite: The nuptial chamber is in fact the Holy of Ho-
and divine purpose, the author contends that the sacred GNOSTIC SECRETS OF THE lies. Neither man nor woman alone is created in the
science of the ancient Egyptians was the legacy left to NAASSENES Mark H. Gaffney—In the third Cen- image of God. It is only in their relationship with one an-
them by “fallen star gods,” conscious divine beings who tury C.E., the Catholic Bishop Hippolytus composed a Ref- other—the sacred embrace in which they share the divine
founded Atlantis. utation of All Heresies in which his chief target was the breath—that they resemble God. Philip’s gospel was sup-
8x10 P/B, 288 pp., 88 b&w illustrations $18.95 Gnostic sect, the Naassenes, whose writings included a re- pressed and lost until rediscovered at Nag Hammadi in
counting of Jesus’ actual teachings at the Last Supper. 1947. It is presented here for the first time in English.
END OF THE CONCEPT OF TIME Russell Contrary to Church attacks, the Naassenes were not a he- 6x9 P/B, 176 pp., 70 B&W illustrations $14.95
Moon—After 26 years of research, using science to search retical derivative of Christianity, but the authentic founda-
for the secrets of religion, and religion to search for the GUARDIANS OF
tion and purveyor of Christ’s message. In fact, much of
secrets of science, what the author discovered (and what passes as Christianity has nothing to do with the
proved) will shock the world. This revolutionary dis- original teachings of its founder. GRAIL:
covery destroys the foundation of 20th Century Science. 6x9 P/B, 304 pp., 12 b&w illus. $18.95 The Knights
The great theories of the last century, including Relativity Templar, John
and Quantum Mechanics, are found to be totally and com- GOD CODE Gregg Braden—
A coded message has been found within the molecules
the Baptist, and
pletely wrong, making every science book in the world ob- the Water of
solete. The five pieces of the universe—matter, space, of life, deep within the DNA in each cell of our bodies.
Through a remarkable discovery linking biblical alphabets Life
time, energy, and the forces of nature—are created in a Mark Amaru
way unlike anything conventionally imagined. to our genetic code, the “language of life” may now be
read as the ancient letters of a timeless message. Regard- Pinkham—The author
6 x 9, 137 pp. P/B $12.95 presents a history of
less of race, religion, heritage, or lifestyle, the message is NEW!
FUTURE PROSPECTS the same in each cell of every man, woman, and child, the Knights Templar
OF THE WORLD past and present. With nearly one-third of the world’s na- and the Holy Grail like
ACCORDING TO THE tions currently embroiled in armed conflict, such proof of none ever before! For
BIBLE CODE a universal bond offers compelling evidence that we are nearly 1000 years the
Joseph Noah—“On the morning greater than any beliefs that have separated us in the past. Knights Templar have been rightly regarded to be the
of September 11, 2001, the 6x9 H/B, 289 pp. $24.95 eternal guardians of the Holy Grail, but what the Holy
world changed with the destruc- Grail actually is has never been accurately revealed—until
GOSPEL OF now. Here, he proves that the Grail existed many thou-
tion of the World Trade Center
in New York. President Bush de-
JOHN IN sands of years before Christ, and that it is as old as the
THE LIGHT Garden of Eden itself, which he believes originated on Sri
HOT! scribed it as the beginning of a
OF INDIAN Lanka, the island paradise recognized within the Arab
long struggle between good and
evil. He was right. According to MYSTICISM world as the true location of the fabled Garden of Eden.
the Bible Code, it was the start of a ten-and-a-half-year (Revised Edition of 6x9 P/B, 341 pp., B&W photos $16.95
countdown, the time and half-time as prophesied in “Christ the Yogi”) JESUS IN THE HOUSE OF THE
Daniel 12 of The Old Testament and also described in the Ravi Ravindra, Ph. PHARAOHS Ahmed Osman—Contends that Jesus,
last book of The New Testament, The Revelation to John. D.—The Gospel of Joshua, and Tutankhamun were the same person; pro-
6x9 P/B, 208 pp. $16.95 John is different vides evidence from church documentation, the Koran,
from the other ca- the Talmud, and archaeology that the Messiah came more
GENESIS OF THE GRAIL KINGS Laurence nonical gospels in
Gardner—Drawing on pre-biblical documents, this up- than a millennium before the first century C.E.; shows
its overall point of that Christianity evolved from Essene teachings.
dated special USA edition of this international bestseller view concerning
incorporates new color images and improved genealogical 6 x 9 P/B, 296 pp., 8-pg. b&w insert $18.00
Jesus Christ and
charts. Here are the documented records of the hermetic his mission on HEBREW PHARAOHS OF EGYPT Ahmed
Phoenix, the Philosophers’ Stone and the Tables of Testi- earth. It is much Osman (“Moses and Akhenaten”) When Joseph revealed
mony—records which give stunning insight into the more cosmological
NEW! his identity to his kinsmen who had sold him into slavery,
Missing Link, active longevity, the transmutation of gold, in scale and mys- he told them that God had made him “a father to Pha-
and the anti-gravitational science of the pharaohs. tical in nature and has long been considered more eso- raoh.” Throughout the long history of ancient Egypt, only
6 x 9 P/B, 408 pp. $18.95 teric. This book presents an unusual and rewarding ex- one man is known to have been given the title “a father to
GENESIS RACE Will Hart—Shows that Earth was ploration of this Christian text from a Hindu perspective Pharaoh”—Yuya, a vizier of the eighteenth dynasty king,
visited by an extraterrestrial race who bioengineered as the author takes us into the heart of St. John’s words, Tuthmosis IV. This sheds a whole new light on the sudden
modern man in its image and taught man how to con- eloquently and convincingly revealing the interconnected- rise of monotheism in Egypt, spearheaded by Queen Tiye
struct the pyramids; examines the flaws in Darwin’s ness of all faiths and the growing need in today’s world for and her son Akhenaten, clearly explaining the deliberate
theory of evolution and presents startling new evidence of interfaith dialogue. For those concerned with the emer- obliteration of references to the “heretic” king and his
intelligent intervention; reveals the messages coded in gence of a universal spirituality, he provides a source of successors by the last eighteenth dynasty pharaoh, Ho-
the pyramids left by the ancients concerning impending light, a translucent pool of wisdom that offers from its remheb, whom the author believes was the oppressor king
Earth changes at the end of the Mayan calendar. depths an immense and lasting spiritual vision. in the Book of Exodus.
6x9 P/B, 288 pp., 30 B&W photos $18.00 6x9 P/B, 272 pp. $16.95 6x9 P/B, 208 pp., 4 8-page B&W plates $18.00


Number 48 • ATLANTIS RISING 75
RACE Michael A. Cremo & Richard L. Thompson— orders of over $100
Graham Hancock, calls Hidden History Of The Human (See page 81)
Race “One of the landmark intellectual achievements of
the late twentieth century.” Condensed from Forbidden
THE LOST NIGHT SIEGE—2nd Ed. Expanded &
Archeology, this edition exposes a major scientific cover- COLONY OF THE Revised
up showing that people like ourselves were here millennia TEMPLARS: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno, Bob Pratt—New
ago. Verrazano’s Year’s Eve 1982 marked the beginning of one of the most
Paperback, 228 pgs. black & white illus., 6 x 9 $15.95 Secret Mission puzzling UFO cases in recent times—the Hudson Valley
HUMAN DEVOLUTION Michael A. Cremo— to America “siege.” If you missed the first edition, this is your chance
Where DID we come from? Drawing upon a wealth of re- Steven Sora—In 1524 to delve into the Hudson Valley mystery. If you have read
search into archeology, genetics, reincarnation memories, the Italian explorer Gio- the first edition, you may be interested in the additional
out-of-body experiences, parapsychology, cross cultural vanni da Verrazano was data covering sightings from 1986 to 1995, the graphical
cosmology, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, sent by the French king analysis of the UFO's appearance, and the chronology of
Cremo provides a refreshing perspective on human ori- Francis I on an expedi- the sightings.
gins according to the ancient philosophy of India. tion ostensibly to find a HOT! 5x8 P/B, 262 pp., B& W photos $9.95
6x9 H/B, 584 pp. $35.00 shorter route to China. ORACLE OF THE ILLUMINATI William Henry
However, his true mis- (Blue Apples, et al.) The latest book from the author of
JESUS, THE LAST sion, Steven Sora sug- “Cloak of the Illluminati.” Chapters include: From Cloak
OF THE gests, was to contact a Templar colony that might have to Oracle; Return of Sophia; The Cosmic G-Spot Stimu-
PHARAOHS been established in Newport, Rhode Island, by Henry Sin- lator; The Reality of the Rulers; The Hymn of the Pearl;
Ralph Ellis—Traces the clair at the end of the 14th century. In his expedition log The Realm of the Illuminati; Francis Bacon, Oracle;
history of the Egyptian Verrazano recorded that his only stay on this journey was Abydos and the Head of God; Enki and the Flower of
royal family from the time at Newport Harbor, the site of a tower built to the exact Light; The God Head and the Dodecahedron; The Star
of Noah through to Jesus, measurements of a Templar baptistery, a sacred sanctuary Walker; The Big Secret; and References.
comparing Biblical and representing baptism and eternal life. (Available in 6 x 9, 256 pp., b&w Illus. $24.95
Historical records. Nearly December)
all of the biblical charac- 6x9 P/B, 288 pp. $16.95 ORIGINS
ters can be identified in the Michael Todd Sandborn—This
LOST REALMS Zecharia Sitchin— 4-volume series details various
historical record—all are Paperback, 390 pgs., black & white illustrations $7.99
pharaohs of Egypt or pha- elements and perspectives of
Hardcover $19.95 what the author calls, Natural
raohs in exile.
PB, 6 X 9, 330 pages, Color
LOST SECRETS OF THE SACRED ARK Resonance. He says that he has
Laurence Gardner—Alongside the time-honored quest discovered, actually re-
Illustrated $16.00
for the Holy Grail is the equally compelling and long- discovered, the harmonic sci-
KNIGHTS TEMPLAR IN THE NEW standing mystery of the Ark of the Covenant: what, why ence underneath color theory NEW!
WORLD William F. Mann—Uses the principles of sa- and where is it? All these questions are discussed in this and music theory, and then uni-
cred geometry, archaeological evidence, and Native Amer- work which explores the secret metaphysical and scien- fied these two discoveries with numbers and general wave
ican legend to discover the site of a secret Templar settle- tific importance of gold from the time of the pharaohs theory. The result is a simple and elegant language with
ment in Nova Scotia; offers evidence that Scottish prince, down to the present day—and the significant role of the cross-translation of meaning between all disciplines.
Henry Sinclair, not only sailed to the New World 100 Ark in this history and for the future. “Lost Secrets of the Volume 1: “The Origin of Understanding” Volume 2:
years before Columbus, but that he also established a Sacred Ark” is the latest in Laurence Gardner’s cycle of “The Origin of Color Theory” Volume 3: Not yet pub-
refuge there for the Templars fleeing persecution; shows books tracing the hidden messianic dynasty of Jesus. lished, Volume 4: “The Origin of Ancient Knowledge.”
that the Grail, the holy bloodline connecting the House of H/B, 395 pp. $27.95 8 1/2 x 11 P/B, Vol. 1 - 164 pp. Vol. 2 - 142 pp. Vol. 4 - 152
David to the Merovingian dynasty through Jesus and Mary MONTSEGUR AND THE MYSTERY OF pp., many beautiful, detailed color graphics
Magdalene, was hidden in the New World. With evidence $17.95 ea. or $50.00 set
from archaeological sites, indigenous legend, and sacred
THE CATHARS Jean Markale—On March 16, 1244,
over 200 Cathars were captured in their fortress strong- PLANET X, COMETS,
geometry handed down by the Templar order to the Free-
hold of Montsegur and were burned alive by troops of the AND EARTH
masons, the author has now rediscovered the site of the
Inquisition. History has recorded that four high-ranking CHANGES: A Scientific
settlement established by Sinclair and his Templar fol-
Cathar perfecti carried a great treasure out of Montsegur Treatise on the Effects of a
lowers in the New World.
the night before its fall, a fact that led rebel Huguenots of New, Large Planet or Comet
6 x 9 P/B, 336 pp., b&w Illus. $16.95
the 17th century and members of Hitler’s S.S. to believe Arriving in Our Solar System
LET’S TALK that an enormous treasure or weapon of awesome spiri- and Expected Earth Weather
FLYING SAUCERS tual power lay hidden somewhere nearby the ruins of the and Earth Changes
Peter Bros—The author former Cathar stronghold. Seeking to untangle the true
examines every one of the from the false, the author meticulously searches through
scientific establishments the obscure history of the Cathars. (Nov) X PASSAGE: A Supple-
unfounded myths, the PB, 312 pps $18.95 NEW! ment to “Planet X, Comets,
very myths that prevent and Earth Changes
flying saucers from ex-
isting, and then presents
thorpe—Next to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, no other Science of Atlantis and Tesla are Rediscovered, Giving a
the galaxy as it probably
place on Earth holds as much esoteric symbolism as Unique Untold View of Life on the Lost Continent, An-
is, with life teeming on
France’s Rennes le Chateau. Its location and design are cient Space Craft Design, Unlimited Electrical Power, and
thousands of planets ex- HOT! the subjects of countless rumors, myths, and legends. The Secret Societies
ploring every aspect of the
Formerly published as, “The Secrets of Rennes le Cha- James M. McCanney—The author studied the ruins of
universe our scientists,
teau,” this book delves into the reality behind the action ancient cities and archeological sites and learned that the
with their ancient laws, their conceptual blindness and
and adventure of, “The Da Vinci Code.” Rennes le Chateau ruins and devastation had to have come from celestial
their unwillingness to examine reality, make off-limits us
has plenty of secrets: buried treasure, unsolved murders, events. And here is where he developed the theoretical
to, because without concepts of the possible, we cannot
supernatural powers, codes on parchments and tomb- basis for his work. In 1979 he joined the faculty of Cor-
engineer the future.
stones, not to mention clues concealed in statues and nell University, a repository for NASA. He had access to
Paperback 6X9, 293pp., $18.00
paintings, enigmatic priests who controlled immense new data from the Voyager and other spacecraft.
LOST BOOK OF ENKI Zecharia Sitchin wealth, and secret societies that are still active today. 6x9 P/Bs, 242 total pp., B&W photos & drawings
HB, 352 pp., 6 x 9, b&w illustrations $24.00 6x9 P/B, 272 pp., illustrations $19.95 $39.95 sold as a set only

76 ATLANTIS RISING • Number 48

Codex The complete text of Hall’s celebrated classic has been THE COVENANT:
John Major Jenkins & reset and redesigned, and is available in a compact, afford- Discovery of the
Martin Matz—The first able “Reader’s Edition.” More than 100 line drawings and Treasure of
translation of a previously a 16-page color insert reproduce some of the finest illus-
trations of the original work. This new edition features
unknown Aztec codex and Graham Phillips—
its initiatory teachings for Hall’s original index and bibliography; and the chapters
According to legend the
2012. Revealed are the tech- and pages are renumbered according to contemporary nu-
Ark of the Covenant
niques by which man is merals (rather than the Roman numerals of the original).
was an ornate golden
transported to the stellar 6x9 P/B, 768 pp. Color insert & line drawings $24.95
chest that was both a
realm after death via the SECRET TEACHINGS
solar energy in what the an-
NEW! means of communi-
OF PLANTS: The cating with God and a
cients called the “serpent of
consciousness.” Commentary by Matz and John Major
Intelligence of the terrible weapon used
Jenkins provides insight into the perennial philosophy Heart in the Direct against the enemies of NEW!
Perception of Nature the ancient Israelites.
contained in the codex and its relevance to our times. In order to use it the high priest had to wear a breastplate
6x9 P/B,160 pp., 20 B&W illustrations $14.00 Stephen Harrod Buhner—All
ancient and indigenous peoples containing twelve sacred gemstones called the Stones of
SCIENCE AND THE insisted their knowledge of Fire. These objects were kept in the Great Temple of Jeru-
AKASHIC FIELD: plant medicines came from the salem until they vanished following the Babylonian inva-
An Integral Theory plants themselves and not sion in 597 B.C.E. At the ancient ruins of Petra in
of Everything through trial-and-error experi- NEW! southern Jordan, Phillips uncovered evidence that 13th-
Ervin Laszlo—Mystics and mentation. Less well known is century Templars found the Ark and the Stones of Fire,
sages have long main- that many Western peoples made this same assertion. and that they brought these treasures back to central
tained that there exists an There are, in fact, two modes of cognition available to all England when they fled the persecution of French king,
interconnecting cosmic human beings—the brain-based linear and the heart- Philip the Fair, a century later.
field at the roots of reality based holistic. Readers will gain the tools necessary to 6x9 P/B, 256 pp., 16-pg color insert $16.00
that conserves and conveys gather information directly from the heart of Nature. UFO-FBI CONNECTION Bruce Maccabee—This
information, a field known 6X9 PB, 320 pp. $18.00 book details the existence of the “real X-files”—
as the Akashic Record. Re- STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Zecharia Sitchin— knowledge held by the FBI and the U.S. Air Force on UFO
cent discoveries in the new 327 pgs., illustrated, Paperback, $7.99 sightings between the years 1947 to 1964 and withheld
NEW! field of vacuum physics HB, $24.00 from the American people. Often filed under the title,
now show that this Akashic “Flying Discs: Security Matter-X,” actual FBI and USAF
field is real and has its equivalent in the zero-point field SURVIVORS OF documents are revealed here for the first time ever in any
that underlies space itself. Scientist and philosopher ATLANTIS: Their book. Bruce Maccabee is a physicist employed by the U.S.
Ervin Laszlo conveys the essential element of his vision of Impact on World Navy. He was the first to obtain the previously secret files
the “informed universe” in language that is accessible and Culture Frank Joseph—This of the FBI, and has also collected documents from the
clear. sequel and companion volume CIA, the Air Force, the Army, and other government
6x9 P/B, 208 pp. $14.95 to, “The Destruction of Atlantis,” agencies. He has appeared on dozens of radio and TV
SECRET IN THE BIBLE Tony Bushby (“Bible explores scientific evidence from shows, and is the coauthor of, “UFOs are Real: Here’s the
Fraud”)—Ancient Egyptian priests recorded that “gods of four cataclysmic events that led Proof.”
to the development of civilization 6x9 P/B, 311 pp. $14.95
the first time” revealed to them the nature of the afterlife NEW! and the downfall of Atlantis. It
and the keys of mastering death. They guarded this with VORTEX THEORY Russell Moon—Complete paper
utmost secrecy revealing it only to selected members of also demonstrates that the Atlan- offering the author’s challenge to Einstein. Includes “End
the Mystery Schools. In later times, high initiates se- teans ran an imperial copper trade empire that stretched of the Concept of Time.” Moon’s work was presented and
creted the essence of the sacred secret into the Bible and from North America to Asia Minor. praised in October at a major Russian Scientific Confer-
developed a series of ciphers that enabled them to unlock 6x9 P/B, 280 pp., 8-pg. color insert & 35 B&W illus. ence. It is currently being taught in schools in China.
the hidden wisdom. Bushby’s second book reveals this ex- $16.00 8-3/4"x11", HB, 184 pp. Color Illus. $49.95
alted knowledge and explains why the Holy Bible was al- TALISMAN Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval— WATERMARK Joseph Christy-Vitale—Using au-
ways considered a divine book. This is a roller-coaster intellectual journey through the thoritative source material and an understanding of man-
6 x 9 P/B, 344 pp., b&w Illus., rare photos $24.95 back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces kind's aptitude for the transmission of factual knowledge
SECRETS OF THE CODE: Unauthorized in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that through myth and legend, the author dramatically un-
Guide to the Mysteries Behind The Da has shaped the world. Pivotal historical events and pro- veils a past unlike any proposed by either religion or sci-
cesses, not least the Renaissance, the birth of scientific ra-
Vinci Code tionalism, and the French and American and Revolutions,
ence. Twelve thousand years ago, the human race barely
Dan Burstein—Here is a escaped annihilation when a piece of exploded star passed
are radically re-evaluated in the light of new investigative through our solar system, unleashing an apocalypse.
sweeping tour, guided by
evidence presented for the first time in “Talisman.” Great fires raged, mountains rose and fell, a maelstrom of
renowned experts,
6x9 H/B, 416 pp.Photos/Illus.$49.95 cosmic debris bombarded Earth, continents broke apart,
through the many pro-
vocative ideas raised in TOMB OF GOD Richard Andrews & Paul Schellen- and oceans swept across the land. Millions of people, ani-
the bestselling novel. berger—The authors applied mathematical logic to the mals, and plants perished almost overnight. Entire socie-
With excerpts from many enduring mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the treasure ties, cultures, and belief systems were lost forever. The re-
original works, all-new alleged to buried there. Beginning with a healthy scepti- sulting aftershock shaped humanity for thousands of
material, and interviews cism, they assumed the enigma would wither under scru- years, and continues to haunt us to this day. This is not
with prominent scholars, tiny. They combined their knowledge of archaeology, the- fiction. This is history.
exploring the themes un- ology, geometry and surveying with plain common sense 5x8 P/B, 224 pp. $14.00
derlying “The Da Vinci to produce an account of what they believe happened be- WARS OF GODS & MEN Zecharia Sitchin
Code, Secrets of the hind this most controversial of burials. The text asks why Paperback, 377 pgs., black & white illustrations $7.99
Code,” will satisfy your NEW! people went to such lengths to keep the truth under- Hardcover $24.00
curiosity, engage your ground, and as the nature of the treasure becomes ap-
imagination, and provide parent, the question appears to answer itself—the knowl- WHEN TIME BEGAN Zecharia Sitchin
you with insights to better understand the historical and edge is dangerous, alarming, the greatest of heresies. Paperback, 410 pgs., black & white illustrations $7.99
religious issues of the novel. 5 x 8, P/B, 513 pp., illus. $16.95 Hardcover $24.00
6x9 H/B, 373 pp. $21.95


Number 48 • ATLANTIS RISING 77
10% Discount on
ATLANTIS RISING orders of over $100
(See page 81)


CLASH OF THE DVD with William Henry
INVENTING THE VIDEO, DVD, etc. Millennia ago the, Stargate
technology of the gods was lost.
IMPOSSIBLE ANCIENT POWER Mayan Prophecy says it will re-
Here, at last, is the turn by the year 2012, along with
story of a handful of in- PLANTS AND
our alignment with the center of
ventors battling to save ADVANCED our galaxy. Could this bring the
the world from industrial TECHNOLOGY birth of a new matrix and a new
giants, like Ford, Morgan, (from the 1999 Egypt In The human? According to ancient
Edison and their ilk. From New Millennium conference) texts, what is needed is the Cloak of the Illuminati, a
Nikola Tesla to T. Henry Christopher Dunn—Find out super skin with astounding supernatural power which
Moray, from John Keely to why researchers from around the makes safe passage through Stargates possible. In this
Pons and Fleischman, the world are praising Dunn’s theo- program, investigative mythologist and author William
struggle to break through ries. Explore how the pyramids Henry explores the secrets of the Illuminati and reveals
with world-saving technologies has gone on for gen- were really built, and how they the true power of the Cloak and the Illuminated, even in
erations, but now a new breed of inventors threatens were used. Dunn, author of The the modem world.
to succeed where others have failed. Here is the story Giza Power Plant, is a professional engineer who under- 240 Minutes, 4-VHS or 2-DVD Set. $59.95
and the commentary of the geniuses behind many of stands how advanced technology operates in the modern
today’s amazing discoveries in free energy, anti- world; and sees it clearly in the ancient monuments of CROP CIRCLES: Quest
gravity, rejuvenation, and much more. Egypt. Dunn’s research is stunning. for Truth
One-Hour VHS $19.95 DVD $24.95 VHS 240 min. $39.95 William Gazecki–This is a com-
pelling and provocative feature-
ENGLISH BIOLOGY OF length documentary full of
SACRED SITES: BELIEF never-before-seen footage and in-
THE ATLANTIS Dr. Bruce Lipton— terviews with leading Crop Cir-
CONNECTION Cellular biologists now cles researchers and scientists,
Powerful evidence recognize that the envi- some of whom agreed to be on
linking Stonehenge, ronment, the external camera for the first time. The
Avebury, Glastonbury universe and our in- film is an in-depth examination
and many other English ternal physiology, and of prevailing theories about the
locations with an ad- more importantly, our origin and nature of Crop Circles
vanced ancient order PERCEPTION of the en- and the possible implications for
now lost to history. vironment, directly con- us and for the future of Planet Earth.
Written and narrated by trols the activity of our DVD only 120 min. $24.95
Atlantis Rising editor genes. This video
HOT! broadly reviews the mo- EGYPT: GREATEST
Doug Kenyon, the video
is based primarily upon lecular mechanisms by SHOW ON EARTH
which environmental William Henry —This is a DVD/
the discoveries of Cam-
awareness interfaces ge- book set. The DVD is a one-hour
bridge-trained scholar
netic regulation and guides organismal evolution. The talk about “The Wormhole Dance”
and author John Michell. The program demonstrates
quantum physics behind these mechanisms provide in- and features a whirling dervish per-
how a mysterious network of perfectly straight
sight into the communication channels that link the forming this dance in Luxor, Egypt.
tracks, laid out for hundreds of miles across the Eng-
mind-body duality. This knowledge can be employed to Refer to the Video/DVD Review sec-
lish landscape, proves the great advancement of pre-
actively redefine our physical and emotional well-being. tion for more detail (Page 53).
historic science.
120 min. VHS or DVD $39.95 1 hr. (plus a 100-page book) $27.95 NEW!
Forty minutes VHS $19.95 DVD $24.95
Jesus and Mari Magdalene charia Sitchin, internationally acclaimed author of The
OF THE GODS Twelfth Planet, The Stairway To Heaven and Genesis Re-
Overwhelming evi- Presented by William Henry
In “Blue Apples” you’ll find the greatest secret of visited to name a few, presents evidence for mankind’s ex-
dence of the existence of traterrestrial origins and cosmic connections. Sitchin dis-
high technology in pre- Christianity; its origins with the stargate secrets of the
gods of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. According to ancient cusses some of the advanced knowledge possessed by the
historic times, this video Sumerians nearly 6,000 years ago. Not only did they have
shatters the orthodox sce- legend, Blue Apples refer to an astounding supernatural
power and the key to humanity’s spiritual liberation. the wheel and detailed writings on clay tablets but also
nario for the dawn of civ- wrote of the planets in our solar system and knew the ac-
ilization on Earth. Now Joshua, Moses, Nimrod, Mari, Nebuchadnezzar, Jesus and
all the alchemists of old knew the secret of the Blue Ap- curate distances between them.
assembled in a devas- 2-hours 2-videos $34.95
tating one-hour docu- ples. Why does this knowledge still remain a secret today?
mentary, hosted by At- Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry FROM STARDUST TO THE STARGATE
lantis Rising Editor and as he presents the untold story of the Blue Apples, and the Sir Laurence Gardner at the “Signs of Destiny II: Crop
Publisher J. Douglas spiritual teachings of a lost and ancient culture of enlight- Circles & Earth Mysteries Conference”—From the tombs
Kenyon, are the com- ened beings known as the Annunaki, or the “Shining of pharaonic Egypt to the laboratories of modern science,
ments and evidence of Ones.” comes the extraordinary account of gravity defiance and
breakthrough researchers 3 hours - 3-tape set VHS or 2 DVD Disks $49.95 teleportation in the ancient world. Sir Laurence explains
such as John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Richard BOOK OF SECRETS: Unlocking the how physicists are now researching previously unknown
Noone, Colin Wilson, John Michell, Patrick Flan- Hidden Dimensions of Your Life planes of existence through the rediscovery of a lost tech-
agan, Christopher Dunn, Zecharia Sitchin, David Deepak Chopra—(See description under books.) nology from distant times.
Hatcher Childress, Edgar Evans Cayce and others. Unabridged CD or cassette $18.00 DVD 148 min. $29.95
One-Hour VHS $19.95 DVD $24.95 NEW! VHS 78 min. $24.95

78 ATLANTIS RISING • Number 48

CATHEDRALS Journey from Middle Ages Jerusalem to modern day
Europe’s towering cathedrals are Europe to unravel the extraordinary story of the legen-
known throughout the world as dary Knights who some say survived their supposed exe-
splendid monuments to the glorifica- cution at the end of the Crusades and have preserved
tion of God, but newly discovered evi- their order to this day. Leading historians reveal their
dence suggests that mysterious de- fantastic origins, and period accounts bring their legen-
sign and sinister purpose may have dary battles to life. Ancient documents and artifacts hint
influenced their construction. The at the mysteries that surround them. Did they discover
great cathedrals of Notre Dame, ancient secrets buried beneath Solomon’s temple, and
Chartres, Reims, Strasbourg, and conspire to seize part of Europe for themselves? Explore
Duomo in Florence and Siena were designed and built by the incredible history of the Crusade’s mightiest and
the Templars, the mysterious and powerful order of most puzzling warriors.
knights who quested for the Holy Grail and later evolved 50 min. VHS $24.95
into the illusive and secret society known as the Freema-
sons. An important, but obscure fact concerning their ar-
chitectural design, is its dependence on principles of as-
trology. For all their enduring strength and beauty,
these houses of the Lord have remained a compelling
mystery throughout the ages.
55 min. VHS $19.95
For centuries, man has attempted
to discover how and why the pyra-
mids were constructed, and recent
evidence suggests that these ancient
and fascinating edifices may not have
been bult by the Egyptians at all. New
theories indicate they may have been
constructed by a superior race, per-
haps as much as 3,000 years before
the Egyptians emerged as a world power. A large boat sat
mysteriously before the tomb of the pharaoh, Kufu. For
thousands of years, the craft has been believed to be LOST SCIENCE OF THE SOUL Presented by
nothing more than a symbol of transition, waiting in si- William Henry—In this well documented video presenta-
lence for the return of the God-King. New scientific re- tion, compelling evidence is presented that there is only
search reveals that there was once water in the endless, one great secret: the secret of the stargate or wormhole, a
barren desert, and an analysis of Kufu’s boat proves con- universal transportation system known to the enlightened
clusively that it has spent time in the water. seers of the Sumerian, biblical, Egyptian and other pri-
55 min. VHS $19.95 mordial traditions. Although this sacred knowledge was
(Cathedrals & Pyramids 2-tape set) $29.95 lost long ago, according to the Mayans we are about to re-
experience it now and enter a new age. The author
HOT! presents the spiritual, historical and scientific back-
ground of this imminent “Stargate Revolution” and the
Narrated by James Earl Jones
fascinating journey of questioning, and discovery, that
awaits us all.
Great Year. LIFE ON MARS? New Scientific Evidence 9 hours, 6-tape Set VHS or 6 DVD Disks $119.95
This DVD in- The press conference with Tom Van Flandern, former
vestigates Chief Astronomer for the U. S. Naval Observatory and MAGICAL EGYPT: A Symbolist Tour
commonaliti Brian O’Leary, former Apollo Astronaut trained for —Episodes 1 through 8
es in ancient America’s first manned mission to Mars. In this historic See page 19
beliefs and press conference, scientists announce the discovery of MAHABHARATA A Film by Peter Brook based on
looks back startling artifacts found among the 65,000 recently re- the RST/CICT stage pro-
into time leased NASA/JPL photos by Mars Global Surveyor. They duction adapted by Jean-
seeking an- believe these artificial structures are proof that Mars was Claude Carriere—An inti-
swers to once inhabited by an intelligent civilization.” mate film journey to the
questions Approx. 1 hr. VHS $19.95 very heart of Indian my-
that still LOST SECRETS OF THE SACRED ARK thology, religion, history
loom over Sir Laurence Gardner at the “Signs of Destiny II: Crop and thought, directed by
science Circles & Earth Mysteries Conference” the outstanding theatrical
today. How What was the ancient Hebrew Ark of the Covenant? innovator of our day. In
far back do Where did it go and where is it today? What is the Sacred bringing to life the conflict
humankind’s Ark’s relationship to medieval alchemy’s “Philosopher’s between the “Pandavas”
roots really HOT! Stone” and to the discoveries of modern Quantum and the “Kauravas,” the
go? What did Physics? Were ancient Egyptian initiates and Israelite feuding families at the
the ancients kings possessors of the secrets of super-conductivity and center of the saga, Peter
know about the stars and their movements and what can high-spin metallurgy so as to be able to transcend ordi- Brook has created an alle-
we learn from them? How was the Precession of the nary Space-Time, using what’s known as the “white gory that speaks directly to the emotions and concerns of
Equinox used to mark the rise and fall of these great ages powder of gold?” By accessing Rosicrucian, Templar, contemporary audiences. The world of, “The Mahab-
by the ancients? The Great Year examines this theory and Royal Society and private archives, Sir Laurence has harata,” is of profound storytelling power and spiritual
finds that perhaps these ancients were really onto some- found astonishing answers to these questions and more. import within it a civilization rises, falls and is reborn.
thing! DVD 144 min. $29.95 318 min. 3-tape video set $99.00
46 min. DVD $24.95 VHS 78 min. $24.95

Number 48 • ATLANTIS RISING 79

Intimate Portrait HEALING SUN CODE William Henry’s presenta- CD ROM
Who was Mary Magdalene? Was she tion at the “Signs of Destiny II: Crop Circles and Earth
the love of Jesus’ life? Or simply the Mysteries Conference”—Henry’s mythological specialty is
strongest of his followers? How did she the Ladder to God (Scala Dei in Latin) which has been
become the bad girl of the Bible...the featured in myths and scriptures since the beginning of
forbidden woman...the saint who was time. In his books, he interprets these stories on six dif-
made into a prostitute? She stood by ferent levels: the historical, the cosmological, the sym-
the cross after the male disciples had bolic/metaphorical, the mythological/allegorical, the ana-
fled. She watched his body laid to rest, HOT! tomical, and the technological. The existence of the
fearless in her grief. On the third day it Healing Sun has been coded in the Mystery Teachings,
was to her that Jesus first appeared. This penetrating film which tradition has so long held to lie behind the Holy
explores the mysteries still surrounding Mary Magdalene, Scriptures of numerous religions.
one of the least understood women in history. Winner of 67 min. DVD $29.95
several awards. VHS $24.95
43 min. VHS $19.98 SOLVING THE
Ultimate Guide to the MYSTERY:
World’s Greatest Welcome to the
Treasures Evolution
On this three-video set are For 525 years, adven- LIFE ESSENCE SERIES—with Book,
stories forged in legend, veiled turers and archeologists “Return to Harmony” Created by Nicole Lavoie—
in mystery, and soiled by have studied the Mayan Utilizes Sound Wave Energy technology that instills
human greed about royal ob- civilization for clues in sound frequencies specific nutrients for en-
jects that cannot even protect about their calendar hancing health and well-being. These CDs act much
monarchs from a destiny filled system. Due to the trans- like a tuning fork, they remind our cells of their
with plunder and murder, and lation of Mayan writing, ideal vibratory rate, and the re-entrained cells will
HOT! simple objects which have em- discoveries of calendar in- begin to match energy of the nutrients.
bodied the power to transform scriptions at Mayan ruins, 4 CD Set with book $99.95
human lives. Tape 1 - Myster- and the availability of sci-
ious Treasure Tape 2 - Royal Treasure Tape 3 - Sacred ence about Earth history, NEW!
Treasure. we now have the answer
3 hrs. (approx.) $20.00 to the Mayan calendar mystery. Ian Xel Lungold presents
OCCULT HISTORY scientific evidence that demonstrates the Maya centered
OF THE THIRD REICH their civilization around the actual schedule of the evolu-
From the occult origins of tion of consciousness and the unfolding of creation.
the Nazi Party to the death of 150 min. 2 DVDs or 2 VHS $39.95
Hitler, the emergence of the THE SPHINX AND THE TOWER OF
doctrine of the National So- BABEL Grizzly Adams Productions—From the Pax
cialist Party took place in a TV’s “Encounters with the Unexplained,” this episode in-
dark and sinister world of oc- cludes interviews with Atlantis Rising editor Doug
cult rituals and beliefs. Using Kenyon, Boston University Geologist Robert Schoch,
newly discovered archive Christopher Dunn, Stephen Mehler and others. Can we
footage, this DVD set explores discover what, if anything, is under the Sphinx? Is it pos-
the remarkable phenomenon sible that even today, the Sphinx stands guard over some
that mesmerized Germany in still undiscovered chamber? Archaeologists and geologists
the 1930s and l940s. square off as the Egyptian government declares: hands
3 DVD set $29.95 off! Also, some argue that much of the hatred and ani-
REMEMBERING ATLANTIS with Doug Kenyon mosity in the world today can be traced to a single event... RADIANT BODY SERIES—SOUND
Atlantis Rising publisher Doug Kenyon talks about the confusion of language at the Tower of Babel. New dis- WAVE ENERGY Nicole LaVoie
planetary amnesia. From “Signs of Destiny II: Crop Circles coveries fire the debate. • Harmonic Structure CD—designed to help
and Earth Mysteries Conference” at Tempe, AZ in No- VHS approximately 46 min. $19.95 the cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones function
vember of 2003. SURVIVAL properly.
90 min. VHS and DVD $24.95 BASICS I & II: • Vibrant Expression CD—developed to assist
The Adventure in cleansing and energizing the blood so it can carry
ROLLING THUNDER: toxins out of the body and nutrients into the body,
Don’t get caught in the
Healer of Meta Tantay wilderness without the to promote cellular changes to the root cells of the
Visit with Cherokee medicine skin, hair and nails.
knowledge needed to
man and shaman, Rolling • Physical Senses CD—designed to
survive. In this double
Thunder, in this intimate portrait strengthen and increase the acuity of the senses of
feature DVD, Ron Hood
of a teacher and sage who has a hearing, vision, smell and taste.
shares his experiences
powerful effect on everyone he • Muscles CD—designed to tone muscles,
and teaches you the
meets. Rolling Thunder is well help the release of lactic acid after physical work and
critical survival tech-
known for his ability to draw spir- bring a sense of deep relaxation throughout the
niques every out-
itual power from animal nature, body.
doorsman needs to
his prophecies for the future, in- • Ultimate Lovemaking CD—designed to en-
know. Build a fire
NEW! cluding a warning about World
without a match, defeat hance sexual function, providing energy that will
War III, his knowledge of UFOs give a greater sensuality, enhance kinesthetic ability
the five deadly heat-loss
and aliens and his knowledge of the healing alternatives and heighten our sense of touch.
mechanisms, learn
for cancer and AIDS. 5 CD Set plus book, “Return to Harmony” $99.00
what to eat, and much more.
1-hour DVD or Video $24.95
134 min. DVD $12.99

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