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  Wk    Luke  4:31-­‐37  
1. Satan  and  demons  are    _    _____________________.  
       CREATED  BEINGS   (2  Cor  11:14-­‐15)  

2. Satan  knows    _  _______________  

       WHO  GOD  IS   .  (Job  1:)  


3. Satan’s  goal  is  to  __________________________________________.    
(  Genesis  3)  

NOTES:    ____________________________________________________  
1. If  you  asked  your  friends  that  don’t  go  to  church  who  Satan  is,  what  
would  they  say?  What  would  they  base  their  answers  on?    
Possible  “lead-­‐into-­‐question”-­‐  Do  you  think  that  most  people  believe  that  
Satan  is  real?  

2. When  you  were  younger,  what  did  you  think  Satan  was  like?  Has  your  
opinion  changed  as  you  got  older?  

3. Read  Genesis  3:1-­‐6.  This  is  our  first  glimpse  at  Satan  and  the  role  he  
plays  in  our  lives,  starting  with  Adam  and  Eve.  We  see  that  he  was  the  
encourager  of  going  against  God’s  orders.  Based  on  the  following  
verses  what  can  you  determine  about  the  devil  and  who  he  is?    
• Job  1:6-­‐7  The devil is actively in the world and knows what is going on. Think about it-
the devil is a part of our culture, media, education, government… not that these things
are evil in themselves, but the Bible is clear in saying that the devil is aware of what
influences life in the world.
• Mark  1:12-­‐13  (2)This verse shows us that the devil loves to take part of tempting
not only us, but Jesus as well. This also shows us that the devil is a very prideful and
manipulative being who severely under estimates God’s power.  
• Revelation  12:9  The devil is deceiving the whole earth. No one is exempt from the
devil’s lies, temptations and trials.  
4. Why,  as  a  Christian,  should  you  not  fear  Satan?  (Colossians  1:13)  
Even  though  life  is  sometimes  hard,  and  may  seem  way  bigger  than  us,  God  comes  
out  on  top.  In  others  words,  the  devil  might  have  won  some  battles  but  God  wins  the  
war.  We  have  nothing  to  fear  when  we  are  trusting  God  and  walking  in  the  paths  
that  he  is  directing  us.  
Some  verses  that  might  also  help  are  ROMANS  8:37-­‐39  and  HEBREWS  2:14.  We  
have  the  hope  in  knowing  the  God  is  bigger.  Because  of  Jesus’  sacrifice  on  the  cross,  
Satan  has  been  defeated.  
5. What  are  the  top  three  things  that  tend  to  tempt  or  distract  you  
personally?  What  things  most  tempt  people  your  age  and  gender  in  
general?  This  has  the  potential  to  make  for  a  really  deep  and  significant  
converstation.  For  girls  we  can  anticipate  temptation  to  get  boys  attention  in  the  
wrong  ways,  to  gossip,  etc.  For  boys  we  can  anticipate  porn,  pride,  and  taking  
advantage  of  girls.  
6.    Read  James  1:  13-­‐15.  How  much  of  the  temptation  that  is  in  our  live  is  
placed  there  by  Satan,  and  how  much  of  it  is  brought  on  by  our  poor  
decisions?  For  example  “The  devil  made  me  do  it….”    
7.    God  gives  us  the  freedom  and  power  to  overcome  Satan  and  his  
temptation  because  of  our  relationship  with  Jesus.  What  do  the  
following  verses  tell  us  about  the  tools  and  advice  that  God  has  
given?  Leaders-­‐  This  is  the  call  to  action.  The  purpose  of  this  question  is  to  help  

your  kids  realize  their  responsibility  as  a  Christian  and  for  them  to  take  a  moment  to  
see  where  they  can  step  up  in  their  faith.      
2  Corinthians  2:11  Be  alert  to  things  that  could  allow  Satan  a  foothold  into  
your  life.  Follow-­‐up  questions:  What  are  some  schemes  that  Satan  uses  in  order    
to  hinder  our  potential  as  a  Christian?    Examples:  unhealthy  relationships,  
priority  consuming  relationships  or  activities.  Usually  they  are  very  personal  and  
you  often  don’t  realize  that  they  are  holding  you  back  from  Christ.    
James  1:  13-­‐15.  We  are  aware  and  we  are  not  a  victim  In  other  words  we  
don’t  have  any  excuses.  
2  Timothy  3:1-­‐5  This  is  an  example  of  what  happens  when  we  allow  
ourselves  to  give  into  sin.  This  is  a  description  of  the  areas  that  Satan  can  easily  
(without  our  attention)  creep  into  our  lives.    
Ephesians  6:10-­‐18  The  Armor  of  God.  This  is  how  God  equips  us  to  not  give  
into  what  is  list  in  2  Timothy  3:1-­‐5.  
8.      The  Main  Point-­‐  It’s  all  about  teaming  with  God.  
Read  1  Corinthians  10:13.  What  is  the  significance  in  the  truth  that  
God  is  always  there  to  give  us  a  way  out,  and  the  He  is  ultimately  in  
God  is  the  governor  (as  in  a  car,  ultimate  controller)  and  he  will  only  allow  so  
much  into  your  life.  The  main  concept  of  this  verse  (and  the  ones  you  just  read)  is  
that  the  Devil’s  main  desire  is  to  tempt  us  away  from  a  relationship  with  Jesus.  
BUT  God  is  here  to  give  us  the  tools  that  we  need  in  order  to  be  stronger  and  
overcome  Satan.  If  we  are  on  our  own  then  we  will  fail,  but  if  he  act  under  God’s  
authority  then  we  will  succeed.    
Something  To  Think  About-­‐  
-­‐Where  does  God  sit  priority  wise  in  the  areas  that  you  struggle  most  in,    
have  a  tendency  to  be  over  confident  in,  or  need  to  grow  in?    
-­‐What  does  God  desire  most  for  you  in  these  areas?