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The Daily Tuesday,

October 12, 2010

U of M Held Scoreless
Tigers shut
out for the

Vol. 78 No. 032
first time in
11 years

see page 7
Independent Student Newspaper of The University of Memphis www.dailyhelmsman.com

Sweet, creamy revenge

Teachers to receive face-fulls of pie for fundraiser
BY MIKE MUELLER ously, but that’s not the case. tor-in-chief of The Pinch, has
“For the most part, every- volunteered to be the recipient
News Reporter one has been happy to do it,” of several airborne desserts
“Once the first pie is thrown, she said. “The professors are lobbed by students from a few
it will be bedlam.” feet away.

“The only
That’s what graduate stu- “I’m willing to be ‘pied’
dent Devon Taylor said she because it’s for a great cause,”
expects this afternoon, when Iversen said. “We’re raising
trash-bag-clad professors and repercussions money for The Pinch.”
teacher’s assistants from the The U of M’s literary mag-
English department become for students azine is well known across
the targets of whipped, frothy or faculty ... is the country and has received
student vengeance. national awards, according to
The University of our heartfelt Iversen.
Memphis’ literary journal, gratitude for their “We’re very proud of the
The Pinch, and the creative journal, but we’re always
writing club are hosting Pie- support in helping running on a very tight shoe-
A-Professor today from noon string budget,” she said.
to 2 p.m. outside Patterson
to keep The Pinch Despite its national reputa-
Hall. For $5, students receive in print.” tion, fundraisers like today’s
a whipped cream pie and a pie-throw are what “keep the

courtesy of Shawn Decker

chance to take aim at their — Kristen Iversen wheels turning” at The Pinch,
favorite instructors. Editor, The Pinch Iversen said.
Taylor, who serves as mar- All of the proceeds from the
keting coordinator for The day’s “pie-ings” will go toward
Pinch and the Creative Writing actually more interested in the Oct. 23 release party of the
Club, said there’s a perception throwing pies at each other.” Fall 2010 edition of The Pinch
that professors and teacher’s Kristen Iversen, associate
assistants take everything seri- professor of English and edi- see Pie, page 2 HIV-positive Shawn Decker met his wife, Gwenn Barringer,
nearly 10 years ago while she was preparing for an HIV/AIDS
awareness program. Tonight the two will bring their message
to U of M students with “A Boy, A Girl, A Virus.”

Life and love

contaminated blood products
used to treat his hemophilia. He
News Reporter
photo illustration by Scott Carroll

and Barringer apply humor and

Two lovers who study HIV openness to their story with the
and AIDS will share their own hope that students will develop a
personal story about the disease stronger connection to the issue.
tonight at 6 p.m. in the University “Students have been very
Center Theatre. receptive to the message, and I
Gwenn Barringer and her think that our use of humor is
HIV-positive husband Shawn one of the reasons why,” Decker
Decker will speak about the said. “I don’t pretend my life is
disease at “A Boy, A Girl, A any harder than anyone else’s.
The U of M chapter of the NAACP will host “Why We Use the N-Word” tonight in the
Virus,” a program to educate We all have challenges, and I can
University Center River Room.
students at college campuses step outside of my own.”

Term of endearment or derogatory slur?

across the country about the In addition to educating stu-
ethics of sexual responsibility, dents through “A Boy, A Girl, A
communication between sexual Virus,” Decker authored a book
its context, a panel of community members believe the word is very partners and the medical reali- in 2006 detailing his experience
and student leaders and an open- controversial and deserves to be ties of HIV infection. with HIV, “My Pet Virus: The
News Reporter floor discussion. talked about. Barringer met Decker while True Story of a Rebel Without a
Everyone’s heard it or had the Harry Cash, talk radio host “It’s one of those things people searching for someone with Cure.”
opportunity to use it. for local station K-97.1, will join don’t want to talk about on the HIV to help her develop the “I’m a much more empathetic
Nigger. several U of M students, includ- surface, but they do have an opin- program. person as a result of having HIV,”
Tonight from 6 to 7 p.m. in the ing College Republicans President ion behind closed doors,” he said. “I had no idea at the time he said.  “I have no tolerance for
University Center River Room, Tyler Dewitt and Empowered Johnson said he wants students that it would lead to such a racism or homophobia and keep
The University of Memphis chap- Men of Color President Cortney to have the opportunity to be in a healthy, loving relationship,” she a pretty open mind. I’m certain
ter of the National Association Richardson, to lead the discussion. room with different perspectives said. “That came first, and then that the discrimination I’ve faced
for the Advancement of Colored James Johnson, member of the regarding the use of the word. we developed the program, so I due to a medical condition is the
People will host “Why We Use juvenile and justice committee for “It’s a discussion everyone can guess I got more than I was look- reason for this. Those times were
the N-Word.” The U of M chapter of NAACP, said take part in,” he said. ing for and couldn’t be happier hard, but I’m happy for who I
The free event will feature a “Why We Use the N-Word” is the Larry Moore, associate profes- about it.” am today and that I took some
brief introduction of the word first event of its kind on campus. Decker was diagnosed with
“nigger,” a short video clip about He said several committee see N-word, page 4 HIV as a child in 1987 through see HIV, page 4

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