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for Moira THE SOURCES OF ISLAMIG LAW Islamic theories of abrogation JOHN BURTON [EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS 6 Jon Baron sn r nr nen Pe | Bite | i 3 SE sey } mover 2 : ; Chapter Chapter 5 CONTENTS “The wourees of Iie Law and the origins tthe concept of ath The sures of Iamie Law The Kura The Sana il ei ‘The theorienof mah The general theory The general theory andthe special theory Oppostion tothe fare source ‘The application ofthe general theory The special theories of mal ‘The general apd special theories The scence of nade Nast in the Sent header of ath “The frat mode of math sesth ate we ica Reported lw of Kur'in materi Dating ofthe ou of revealed matte Karan and male The second mie of sh Nash afk die" The orignal” ida Sebay'a bt ab Haish Leaving the matrioeil home Furay's “The widow's legal enitlements ‘The dah between the widow's rights sd the interes of her fellow-hers 2 a Chapter 1 Chapter 9 Kizise Tabars comment on thes ma lai ‘Tabacts discumion of K2:108" 1.2:100 in the pout-Tabar exegesis Te hid mode of ma: neth alin fina “tn na The penaky fr fornication in the view Shafi dicunion on the stoning penalty The hed mode of akin the por ae The Korn’ doctrine on noth The ecqstes dacunies o the ange of the change Aoveralnat affecing the Ku texts The Night Prayer The offering payable in advance of «private aiciene ' The thre ‘mde’ of math The deiions mad = Poscrpe Notes and References Biblogeanty Glory Inde of Sabi dex of Proper names Index of Kun vers FOREWORD {ye Prophex Mubarnmad ied inthe year as 1]4n 632, With the I esrepon of dhe aly Bu, the oes surviving monuments of Teraume date, however, only ftom the second ba of the ral century about one hundred and By years ater. This Tie ap beewen the Karn and the Bet expression known tous of Atha te might call “same comciousese: Among. the cabest things ofthe Matis, we find ether exes afte ur othe Muon of the exiaeKurni Tradion, the Hath and sme ofthe {ior compilaioes of what i losey termed Talamic Taw’, foe ithe Muna digs othe legal opinions othe chor of aaina she Prope’ town, a reviewed and commented on by Mitty’ Anas (a1 79[99795), MaRS book contains references Fern Ruri fet but more quently bi dscusons et out the tras cmamevous reports conveying te opinion of a large number Gt inicuals rang ben, Bi twn_contemporaris backwards Two the generis to tha of the Propet and is ascites. sry with Malik was Sibuwayhi of agra wow remark ight be though todo for Arabic language tales oF 1 des for Islamic egal studies, also makes frequent Teterene to relevant Kur tex Citing Mis teachers and ether Stiles Stawayhi quois Kuan verses along the verses of the Ar seat Arabic usage he gaged in deeb egets and opinions actnbuted %0 Tsiatethe amie wage be aml cunduc of the Musi! useing scholars engtged (dra eee at Kil Prom rd ter di we me that the