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Solutions Manual to accompany Millman MICROELECTRONKS Digital and Analog Circuitry and System cHap: 1-1 (a) xem £6.(1-6) for an accelerating potential Det da? vee Vedmet=bov gv. For veo we bave vernPag» talieto”ea,8an07}2 1006 read 2 Lis : (1.608107) (0) Ea. (1-6) gives for & portive charge end» negtive potential Vi Pine Ei vg “From Appendix A, m's 2,01x1.66510°27 = s.asteto-2ag, i : we feta ty 20. tO an sro santa 1-2 (a) Since lev 21,60x10°193, the initial energy of the ‘electron in eV ts 10-17/1,60x10-!%= 62,5ev, Since the retarding potntat le 08, the lectron will aot etch the second plate, (my $2, $V 13 ta) Lat vg in Ba, (1-6) to obtain Leek sayy or ve -fRO (0) Ae soos aa the electron enters the vertical field of the parallel plates P,P; it Je necelerated wpward with « constant accelaration Ay whlch te found an fallowar y, ”, mayretr ae or ay = ar Therefore, Ite veloetty upon 1 PP, Wing the plates where {le the time for crossing the plates be. tye tale From the above equations, v,¢ (2) dyryp ty, mnere y, and y, are the distances tn the yrdirection traveled at the end of 4, and tjletime it takes an slectron te bit the sereen After exltlog from the platen P,P;), respectively. sobopbe ct SCS) Bes (C24) a S¥ef a 1 wg THe tyr Z we tate jon found in Sabetlating for vy the expr Prt (a) we get a? ates, ate peta Pot = (ay ve fPesostO 000 515 x10!e peT4sto" m/s * 9. .imto™ Ste, eg" aaon 2rae ee” 9.1ys10 Fed, sao", 27x10” © 2.36n106m/s (e) Total exergy of electron at the emitter = Wy where gt bevdeavs bammie ads 0 ‘The potential energy a9 x function of x is given ty 1 a iar fends Fades Ba? And 1 18 shown tn Fig. 2, Mi we tet W be the total anergy we have dots Liat an atows in Fig ts Lan. weloteyed The maximum dieplacement ae Apy 26CUrE ben vO or x The particle will move between a, and ox, and ite speed will be a maximum at x= 0, Ue my ‘The maximum height y,, occere at the point where v= 0. From Bq. (t-5), W= constant 2, PEE ay oF age wig (©) Thie ts clear tn Fig. 3; at the polnt of reversal © where v=0,.we have x Meolltsten" with the poteotiat barrier. By Gafinition, the walght of an atom of & certain lement (e equal to ite atomic weight times the ‘WeHEht of “unit atomic weight", i.e, wetght of an atom © AM, and Ca Xo sae) (67h) «Be atctena rn? aM Aeain, by definition, the molecular weight ts equa! {9 the walght 9 aoe mole of & aubatance’(tn graia ‘Thus, Mf there are a, atome/motecuta, we have Molecular weight = a0 and COCCI Mae tm tt) (25) (ask) y or ne TAGE etcone/in? a my 19 10 1 tance of the wive te 2 Riv t/ha RAMOS os sacred, aa(inio Finally, VeRI = $.46310"%x30x107%-1,64x10"4y The ers section area A of the wire ta Armee. i¢ait.o310"9/2)%= 5, s3n10-7m? (1 1a 3A c2at0 ee santo". 1.6564 (8) e3/aq = 2a aatatotaye 8.40210" a enue (0) € a the voltage per salt tenath, Le € = Voltage drop ta tm seRoalatance of tm *1.660,0214 20.0987 ¥/m, ana B swe =3.488330°4/0,0357 24, 1710 Ys? / ven (2) Fieally, o=ngu=6-40x10°8s1, 60x10 %x4,17010"%e + S.6lx07 02m)" (a) The energy of an electron of mace m which te moving with an average drift velocity vie + pets bine? We pms due Hom ie tn kg, win m?/Von and € tn Vim then Emlees ate! waaay” yaag is Y needa Pyey 3.2536 ning, from Table tot vs 1 e-[ Bane! eatin pire eer + suttyien 0) Since Oa oery to are 6 conn edi feos te We te) aoe ages votage 845m, e Practical to generate soiree pss soning « vaeee 2.23nt0?? ctectrons/em?s (6.02a10"? stoma smote) x (1 mote/8s g)x(t8.8 g/cm? )e(s slectrons/atom) or 29 atoms , tmote. 9.96 | 10cm? (ae boonat? Sits fat RO. tthe 436110"9s1,gont0-M, 34.8xt0-4s 4,6972107(2 mj"! 0) vate “ME 8104. 8530°4(500) 1.74 ead : 2mtome , Lmole , Selectrone, 2708 aE eae ae dstaao?? sleeteone