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(From a ...
perspective, In
terms of ...)
- boost / facilitate economic - enhance one’s work efficiency
prosperity (= development) / ensure better career
(+) prospects => help maintain a
successful and independent
financial situation
- a shortage of (skilled) ECONOMIC/ - reduce one’s work efficiency
workforce / unemployment FINANCIAL => have an adverse (=
rates => hinder / slow down detrimental, undesirable)
(-) economic prosperity (= effect on career path
development) - place a large financial burden
- place a large financial burden on on personal budget
the national budget
- ensure the well-being of all - protect from chances of
citizens / the safety of people. serious injuries or death
- prevent outbreaks of deadly - achieve and maintain good
(+) diseases physical fitness and mental
- promote healthy lifestyles health
- adopt a healthy lifestyle
- place a large financial burden on - stand a high chance of serious
national healthcare industry injuries or death
- raise the possibility of - take a heavy toll on physical
outbreaks of deadly diseases fitness and mental health
(-) - promote sedentary lifestyles - suffer from (respiratory,
mental, stress-related)
diseases / disorders
- lead a sedentary lifestyle
- ensure the sustainable - improve sanitary conditions
(+) development of the
- take a heavy toll on the - live in poor sanitary
environment / exacerbate conditions
(-) environmental degradation
- inflict tremendous damage on
animals’ natural habitats
- ensure sense of privacy and - enrich spiritual life
security - foster a sense of career
(+) / MENTAL
fulfilment / job satisfaction /
self-fulfilment / confidence

- boost / facilitate social
interaction => strengthen
- create inequality between - struggle with balancing A
citizens of a nation => trigger with B => be under great
resentment / incite violence pressure / suffer from stress-
- invade privacy => erode the related diseases
(-) sense of security - shape resentment or negative
attitudes toward
- hinder social interaction
- weaken family relationship/
people’s moral fibre
- eliminate language barriers. - acquire new knowledge and
- maintain cultural diversity and information/ cultivate a wide
historical values range of skills
(+) - foster the sense of CULTURE/ - have deeper understanding
connectedness with ... => foster EDUCATION about their family roots and
the sense of patriotism heritage
- lead to the disappearance of - instil the perception that
(-) long-standing cultures