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Reviving Freedom

Change We Can All Unite Around

With Liberty And Justice For All

Quoted From Page 3

If the pledge of allegiance were changed to reflect what is being

taught to our children in public schools, it would go something
like this:

I pledge allegiance,
To my ignorance,
About the United States of America.
And to the Democracy,
For which I think it stands.
One nation,
Under Socialism,
With Mob Robbery and lack of Liberty for all.

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Miscellaneous Information Page
This booklet was written by Erik J. Brauer. E-Mail - libertyagain@gmail.com
Please make and give away as many copies of this booklet as you like.

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The Core Idea

Taxes taken in order to pay for fire, police and military, are taxes taken for the purpose
of protecting your Rights and Freedom, and are therefore; constitutional and proper.
Taxes for these constitutional purposes are how each citizen pulls their own weight so as
not to be freeloaders, and should be paid by both rich and poor.

Taxes which are taken for the purpose of Government Handout Programs (Socialism),
are taxes which FORCE Taxpayers into the Involuntary Servitude of those receiving the
Government Handouts. This is an unconstitutional activity, which violates the
Taxpayer’s God given Right to Liberty, and violates the 13 th Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution. I call it ‘Taxpayer Slavery’, because it FORCES Taxpayers to work for the
people who receive Government Handouts, whether they like it or not. Taxes taken for
Government Handouts Programs, are taxes which FORCE Taxpayers to pull somebody
else’s weight. Being FORCED to serve those on Government Handouts is not Liberty.

All Government FORCED Socialism is unconstitutional in these united Sates because it

violates the God given Right to Liberty, and specifically, the 13th Amendment. Since the
God given Right to Liberty comes from a higher source than any earthly power, any law
or Government Program which violates those Rights, has been null and void from the
day they were created. To put it another way: There is no such thing as a
Government Handout Program (“Entitlement”) which cannot be eliminated,
because all Government Handout Programs violate the God given Right to Liberty.
According to the Declaration of Independence, the document that this country was
founded on, if any Government continues to violate the Rights of We The People, it
looses it’s authority over the people. As per the Declaration of Independence, Citizens
have the Right, and Duty, to claim their Liberty in order to preserve it for themselves
and the next generation by correcting the Government, or throwing it off if need be.
The FACT that our country was founded upon the idea that we are to throw off
Governments which become Tyrannical, should go a long way toward keeping the
Government in check, but if we all forget this FACT, then the Government will go bad, as
you can see today.

Before a politician can take the power of their office, they must take an Oath of Office
where they promise to uphold, and not violate, the U.S. Constitution, this is how We The
People are protected from Tyranny. When a politician Like Barack Obama bribes
people to vote for him by promising Government Handouts like Heath-Care, they have
disqualified themselves from holding public office, because they have promised to violate
the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, so their Oath of Office Promise becomes
meaningless. George Bush promised to violate the U.S. Constitution when he
campaigned on the promise to FORCE Taxpayers to pay for prescription drugs for people
on Medicare. Medicare was already unconstitutional to begin with. Then George Bush
fulfilled on his promise to violate the Constitution, when he signed the Medicare
Prescription Drug Program into law. If we do not hold our Representatives to their Oath
of Office, then we should expect our Rights to get violated. Socialism violates our Rights
each and every day it exists.

This Booklet explains the Taxpayer Slavery problem from a Declaration of Independence God given
unalienable Right point of view. To get a more in depth explanation of Taxpayer Slavery, go to the
following URL:

Myth: A man-made story based on what he sees around him,
which does not line up with scientific evidence.

The evolution myth is being taught at a public school near you.

Now that the scientific evidence is in, it takes more faith to believe
in evolution than creation. See http://www.illustramedia.com/.
Have you thought about your Creator lately?

The New Pledge of Allegiance

Due to our Atheistic Socialist run Public Schools, the country has
been turned into a country where people use the Government to
violate each other’s basic God given Human Rights. If the pledge
of allegiance were changed to reflect what is being taught to our
children in public schools, it would go something like this:

I pledge allegiance,
To my ignorance,
About the United States of America.
And to the Democracy,
For which I think it stands.
One nation,
Under Socialism,
With Mob Robbery and lack of Liberty for all.

One of the main reasons we suffer from such bad Government in

the United States today, is that most people think the United
States is a Democracy. I expect the Democratic Party to push this
idea for their own selfish power, but George W. Bush even calls it
a Democracy, and he is supposed to be a Republican.

'And to the Republic for which it stands'

Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a

Republican Form of Government…

Why would the founders of this country put a
guarantee of a Republican Form of Government in
the Constitution? Answer: Because they
considered Democracies to be evil.

In a Democracy, the majority can vote for whatever law they

want, regardless of whether the law violates some individual's
Rights or not – Mob Rule. Isn't that what the Democratic Party
stands for today? The Democratic Party seems to think they can
vote in a Government Program, even if it violates God given
Rights, so their Party is aptly named.

In our Republican form of Government, we Democratically elect

our Representatives, and they take an oath to uphold the
Constitution. The Constitution was written so as to deal with the
problems of Human Nature. Human Nature hasn't changed in the
last 6,000 years, therefore; the Constitution is as relevant today
as it was 200 years ago. The Constitution was written so as to
keep Human Nature in check, and protect the God given Human
Rights of each individual. This prevents the evil that a Mob
Majority could do in a Democracy, by protecting the unalienable
God given Rights of the minority. When the Rights of each
individual are respected, the Rights of society, as a whole, are
automatically taken care of – Justice for all. A key to the
success of this system, is holding Representatives accountable on
their oath to uphold the Constitution.

The Root of the Problems in the United States Today

You might be asking yourself “Has the Government violated the

people's God given Rights?” Answer: Yes, by forcing one Citizen
to do something FOR another Citizen via Government Handout
Programs, and business mandates like minimum wage. All
Government Handout Programs violate the God given Right of
Liberty. Who would define Liberty as being FORCED to mow your
neighbor’s lawn, or pay their bills? Whenever the Government
FORCES you to do something FOR somebody else, they are
violating your God given Right to Liberty. This also includes being
FORCED to do something for yourself, such as wearing seats belts,
or being FORCED to buy yourself health care under Hilary's Health
Care Plan. When you look at the laws on the books in America
today, you can see the Right of Liberty being violated time and
Example: The purpose of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, was to
put the future Liberty of you and your children at risk by making
Taxpayers liable for the mortgage payments of other people.

Socialism – Government FORCING person(s) to help others.
Charity – Person(s) helping others voluntarily.

It is an economic reality that under Socialism, one way or

another, productive people are FORCED into the Servitude of
others. Altering the tax system or being more efficient with
Handouts will not do any good, the very act of Government
FORCING Taxpayers into the Involuntarily Servitude of others,
violates the God Given
Human Right to Liberty. It is
also an economic reality that
Socialism worsens the
economy, hurting most, the
very people it is supposed to
be helping. Many politicians
don’t care, as long as they
can use Socialism to bribe
people to vote for them by
promising handouts.
“Women and Minorities Hardest Hit !”
Some people may think that eliminating all Government Handout
Programs would be Right Wing Extremism, but zero Government
Handouts is actually in the middle. Here is the proof…
Liberals think that there are winners and losers in “life's lottery”,
and the “winners” must be forced to help the “losers” through
taxation and Government Handouts. Unfortunately, this view
leaves out personal responsibility and plays into the Human
Nature Tendencies of Laziness and Irresponsibility.
Conservatives think that everybody can make it, and that
necessity is the mother of invention. Many on the Right would say
that giving somebody a handout steals the incentive needed in
order to find the solutions they need for their own life. This view
counteracts the Human Nature Tendencies of Laziness and
Conclusion: Left Wing Extremism would be to FORCE one person
into the servitude of another, via taxation and Government
Handouts. Right Wing Extremism would be to make some, or all
charity illegal. When it comes to helping others, the unalienable
God Given Right to Liberty is the middle, where people are free to
give, or not, as their conscience leads them. Currently, the United
States Government is engaged in Left Wing Extremism, using
taxes and Government Handouts to FORCE Taxpayers into the
Involuntary Servitude of those who receive the handouts.

The Democratic Party is the party of Government Handouts, and
the Republicans are following after them. Charity is a beautiful
thing, and I highly recommend it, but charity is only charity when
it is given voluntarily. Nothing is being done TO the person who is
starving to death, but something is being done TO the person who
is FORCED to help others via taxes and Government Handouts.

God Given Rights and Human Rights are the same thing. Since
Food Stamps violate the Taxpayer’s God given Right to Liberty,
the Food Stamp Program is actually a Human Rights violation.

Socialism is by definition a Human Rights violation because it is

founded on the idea that the Majority can FORCE one person to do
something FOR another. When a Socialist starts using the term
'Social Justice', they are referring to Socialism, which is actually
social injustice, because Socialism necessarily violates Human
Rights. When Government violates one Citizen's Rights in order to
benefit another Citizen, we
are on a path where
lobbyists become a tool by
which U.S. Citizens claw at
each others Rights in an
attempt be the one
benefiting the most, a dog
eat dog path to national
Divided we fall.

What would Thomas Jefferson, or any of the country’s founders,

have to say about Government violating the People's God Given
unalienable Human Rights such as Liberty? We can find out by
reading the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence - Second Paragraph:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments
are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of
Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of
the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new
Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most
likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. . . ."

When Thomas Jefferson declared that these truths are Self-
Evident, it meant that they are obviously true. When Thomas
Jefferson declared that all men are created equal, that meant
equal in the eyes of the law - equal Rights. When Thomas
Jefferson declared that we have certain unalienable Rights given
to us by our Creator, it meant that these were Rights which NO
earthly Government, King, Legislature or Majority Vote had
authority to violate. Thomas Jefferson had defined 'Human
Rights'. Then Thomas Jefferson declared that Governments are
instituted among Men in order to protect these Rights, not
violate them. It was upon this premise that the founders
Declared their Independence. If Thomas Jefferson was wrong,
then he and the other founding fathers were guilty of treason and
we should be under the British crown, because they had no
authority to declare independence. If we do not have God given
Human Rights, then Rights must come from Government, so how
can you say that Slavery or the Holocaust was wrong? If Thomas
Jefferson was correct, then these truths still apply today.

Keep in mind that all Government Handout Programs are created

by passing laws.
Today, too many of our Representatives do not understand the
charter our country was founded on, and so they create and pass
laws, which violate our unalienable God Given Human Rights.
Government cannot hand something out without first
taking it from the Taxpayer. The money you earn is your
Labor in a Stored Format. Handout Programs require taxes.
Government Handout Programs raise your taxes and the prices of
everything you buy, effectively capturing your labor and
transferring it to those who receive Government Handouts. Every
Government Handout Program FORCES you to work for
somebody else via taxes, and this occurs with every dollar
you earn and spend. Government Handout Programs like Food
Stamps or MedicAid, put the Taxpayer into the Involuntary
Servitude of those who are receiving the Handouts. This is a
violation of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
How to Know the Difference Between Good Laws and Bad Laws
This is a dividing line between good law and bad law:
Government is supposed to protect your Rights
FROM being violated BY somebody else.
Government is not supposed to FORCE you to
DO something FOR, i.e. serve, somebody else.
Involuntary Servitude is the opposite of Liberty. The 13th
Amendment to the United States Constitution protects
Liberty by prohibiting Involuntary Servitude.

Here is another dividing line between good law and bad law:
Your Rights end where another person's Rights begin.

1- Let's say I go down to the Town Hall and try to get the Mayor
to pass a law which FORCES you to mow my lawn. The Mayor
should inform me that my Right to pursue happiness ends at the
point where your Right to Liberty begins. He should tell me that if
I cannot get you to mow my lawn voluntarily - too bad.
2- Lets' say that I am dying in the street from starvation and a
Socialist comes along trying to make a law which creates a Food
Stamp Program, FORCING you to feed me via taxation. You
should tell the Socialist that my Right to Life ends where your
Right to Liberty begins, that such a law is un-American, and an
unconstitutional encroachment on your unalienable God Given
Right to Liberty, it is Tyranny. Then, it would then be nice if you
helped me voluntarily, but that is your God given choice.

Tyranny is not good for the “Community”. If we could just get our
lawmakers to follow these 2 rules, we would live in a much more
free and prosperous country, with Liberty and Justice for all.
Note: The punishment of crime is where a person forfeits their
own God given Rights by violating the God Given Rights of others.

Every mandate, which FORCES one Citizen to do something FOR

another Citizen, is a violation of the Human Right to Liberty.
This includes:
1- The 1986 law which requires Hospitals to give treatment to
anybody who comes into an Emergency Room, whether they can
pay for it or not. How did the country survive for 210 years with
out this law? Quite nicely thank you. This law is responsible for
much of the health care cost increases. Private charities like
United Way are the compassionate non-Human Rights violating
way to help the poor get health care.
2- Mandates, which force insurance companies to cover certain
things which they would not otherwise cover, violate the free
market Liberty of the insurance company and any stockholders.
In a country based on freedom, the free market should control
what insurance companies offer. Anybody who does not think the
insurance companies offer enough choices, have the freedom to
start their own insurance company, or charity, to solve the
supposed problem.
3- Minimum wage laws steal the Liberty of the employer to offer
what he will, and the Liberty of the employee to accept it. In
many cases, minimum wage laws cause the job to disappear

because passing a law does not change the market value of most
4- Seat belt laws. You have the Right to risk your own life. The
Government arbitrarily removes the thrill you might get by taking
your chances without a seat belt, but they do not make mountain
climbing, kayaking, sky diving etc., illegal. They do not have the
authority to FORCE you to do something FOR yourself. This
includes being part of the Social Security Ponzi Scheme.

Note to Christians

Many Christians have been deceived by the claims/intentions of

Socialism. Socialism invariably makes worse the very problems it
is supposed to solve. The consistent failure of Socialism is
the kind of fruit that proves it is not of God. The Bible claims
that Jesus Christ is God. John Chapter 1 tells us that Jesus Christ
is the Word made flesh, which was with God from the beginning,
and Genesis says that God used his word, i.e. spoke the creation
into existence. To put it another way, the Bible says that Jesus
Christ is the Creator; the one that the Declaration of
Independence says our unalienable God given Rights come from.
For Christians, God given Rights are the same as Christ Given
Rights. It is axiomatic that violating someone's Christ given
Rights is un-Christian. Jesus Christ said to give to the poor; He
did not say ‘make sure others give to the poor.’ It is Biblical that
Government is supposed to protect our Rights from being violated
BY someone else. Biblically, doing something good FOR someone
else, good works, is a matter of free will. The freedom to do, or
not to do something FOR somebody else, is what makes it such a
beautiful gesture when you choose to do it.
Christians need to understand that in a country where the
Government is By, Of and For the People, We The People are
Caesar. We the People are responsible for the laws of the land.
This means that Christians have a duty to fight for the Christ
given Right to Liberty, by opposing Government Handouts, just as
Christians have a duty to fight for the Christ given Right to Life by
opposing abortion.

How to Solve the Problem

We used to respect each other's God Given Human Rights in

America, and things were much better when we did. When we
respected each other’s God Given Rights, less people had the
notion that they deserved things which they could not afford.
Example: I don't DESERVE a brain operation no matter how badly
I might need one, because I cannot afford it. I have not earned
it. It would be nice if people wanted to voluntarily help, but
FORCING them to help is WRONG - a Human Rights violation of
the person being forced.

What course of action did the founders say should be taken when
any King or Government violates your God Given Rights? We can
find the approach that this country was founded on by reading
the Declaration of Independence.

"when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably

the same Object evinces a design to reduce them (the people)
under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to
throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their
future security".
It is our Right and our DUTY to throw off a Government, which
continues down the road of Despotism.

1. the rule of a despot; the exercise of absolute authority.
2. absolute power or control; tyranny.
3. an absolute or autocratic government.
4. a country ruled by a despot.

Do think the U.S. Government exercises absolute authority over

you with no limitations? Are you in the Social Security Ponzi
Scheme as a result of Government Threat, Intimidation, or
Coercion? Do you fear, even expect, our Government to take
more and more of your Liberty? If so, you recognize the despotic
path we are on.

Fortunately, in this country we can get rid of our Government, one

person at a time, by demanding our 13th Amendment right
against Involuntary Servitude. Then remove from office all that
break their oath of office: the oath to defend the Constitution.
Once a few politicians are kicked out of office for violating their
oath, the rest will take their oaths more seriously. If we don't
hold them to their oath, then we can expect to have a despotic

United We Stand. We need to start respecting each other’s God
Given Rights once again; this is something we can all unite
around. By standing up for your Rights, you stand up for
everyone's Rights. The Socialists have convinced many people
that opposing Socialism is mean and cruel, but standing up for the
God given Human Rights of your fellow Citizens is noble.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life
for his friends." - Jesus Christ.

Do you have the courage to fight for your Rights, - for this and
future generations? Laying down your life for just 15 minutes to
write a letter to your Congressman could make a big difference for
your family and friends.

Founding father Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me

death.” We won't have a ‘land of the free,’ without first being a
home of the brave, like our founding fathers.

It is the nature of Government to grab more and more power. We

the People are the source of Government’s power, we must keep
our Government in check. Write your Congressman. Inform them
that your 13th Amendment Right is being violated by every
Government Social/Welfare/Handout Program in existence.
Inform them that they are hereby notified, and it is now
incumbent upon them, by their oath of office, to dismantle the
Welfare State in an orderly fashion starting with a moratorium on
any new recipients. Inform them that if they do not act, you will
start legal action to remove them from office for violating their
oath. Or, run for office and make Liberty your main issue.

I am not willing to let the Freedom that so many died for, slip
quietly away into the night. We should not be so lazy that we
trade our Birthright of Freedom, for a Bowl of Government
Handout Soup and the unavoidable tyranny.

Stand with me for Liberty, before it

is too late. Even if you are not
willing to stand up for your own
unalienable God given Human
Rights, I respectfully request that
you help me stand up for mine, my
children’s, and your fellow Citizen’s.

See the Truth Project


This booklet explains what has gone wrong with the United States
Government, and some easy steps you can take to fix it.

Evolution and Your God Given Human Rights

Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in 1859. In 1869 Charles Eliot, a
Darwinist, Became President of Harvard, and Harvard starting down a
path of turning out lawyers, who would later became judges, that didn’t
believe in God, and therefore; didn’t believe you had God Given Rights.
These atheist lawyers concluded that your Rights come from the
Government, and they have been acting accordingly. Those in power
decided that they did not need to look to, or fear, any higher power. The
true axiom that ‘Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’,
has broken down Freedom in the United States.

By 1969, DNA was discovered, and

Darwin’s “simple cell” primordial soup
theory was on its way out. DNA contains a
staggering amount of information.
Scientific observation tells us that
information must come from an intelligent
source - God. Also, in all of the
experiments ever performed, not one
time has it been observed that a mutation
produced viable new DNA code. Mutations
always cause a loss or corruption of
already existing DNA code, so where did
the original code come from? Also, the big problem in the fossil record
isn’t a missing link; it is a missing chain. The fossil record does not
contain the thousands of intermediary steps Darwin relied upon.
Biologists have determined that small intermediate steps cannot explain
the irreducible complexity in life systems. The problem is so bad for the
Evolution Theory that die-hard evolutionists have invented a new theory
called punctuated equilibrium where animals pop into existence in one
step. This last gasp faith based new theory, is actually an admission of
what the fossil record and scientific observation actually point to, the
existence of God.

The biological problems with a godless theory like evolution, and the
observed 2nd law of thermal dynamics indicating a finite time line for the
existence of the universe, point to a God, which exists independent of and
superior to the universe for a logical explanation of the observed facts.
Once again, those who Believed the Bible were right all along. Did you
know that the Bible has never been proven to be wrong?

Recognition of the scientific facts by academia will take time. The

behemoth legal and education systems in the United States move slowly
and resist change, see the movie Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed.
You can claim your God Given Right to Freedom now,
you always could have.