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Mrs. Smillie Room 403

E. MAIL: JSMILLIE@OBERLIN.K12.OHUS WEB PAGE: http://jsmillie.edublogs.org/
Course Outline:
This is the second course in Oberlin High Schools mathematic sequence. It is comprised
of four units
Unit 1 Point, Line and Plane (chapters 1-3)
Unit 2 Triangles (chapters 4-7)
Unit 3 Figures in the Coordinate Plane (chapters 8 & 9)
Unit 4 Circles and Measurement (chapters 10-12)
Course Rationale:
The course has been developed for students that plan to attend Lorain County Joint
Vocational School or do not plan on majoring in mathematics or mathematically based
sciences in college. The intent of this course is to develop the students’ logical
reasoning, algebraic manipulations, and abstract thought abilities by studying the topics
stated above. Algebra skills will be reviewed and built upon with geometric concepts in
order to prepare the students for the Ohio Graduation Test, which tests grades 8 through
10 benchmarks as set by the Ohio Department of Education. Finally the students
abilities to think abstractly and communicate these thoughts through mathematical
notation and vocabulary will be a large focus of the course.
You will be graded on the total points earned on:
Homework : Assigned everyday but only two assignments per week will be collected and
graded (see homework handout for more specifics).
Bell work: Assigned every day and will be quizzed every Friday.
Classwork: In class assignments where the students either work independently or more
often in small groups.
Quizzes: We will have quizzes approximately every 2/3 sections that you can correct in
class and retake after school on Wednesdays or Fridays within one/two weeks of the first
Vocabulary quizzes: One per chapter which students may retake like the other quizzes .
Unit Tests: We will have tests for each unit.
Projects: One per semester and will be 50% of their midterm and final exam grades.
Mrs. Smillie Room 403
E. MAIL: JSMILLIE@OBERLIN.K12.OHUS WEB PAGE: http://jsmillie.edublogs.org/

Course Texts: Materials please have by September 2, 2008:

Geometry Pencils
Larson, Boswell, Kanold, and Stiff Graph Paper
McDOugall Littell Scientific Calculator: one that has sin, cos, and tan

Please note: graphing calculators will be supplied in class and are allowed on all tests
and quizzes they are not to leave the classroom (if you are interested in purchasing one I
would recommend the TI-83 plus or TI - 84 plus, or possibly the TI – 89 if you are
considering a mathematics or physics degree)
Rules --- Zero Tolerance
1. No talking back when I address you in class. If there is a disagreement with my
judgment see me after class ( I will write you a pass to your next class) or school.
As young adults you need to learn how to react to situations that you find
aggravating in a mature manner.
2. No name - calling or making fun of another student. In my class we will work as a
team and rely upon others strengths and in fact you may get to know and like
someone you otherwise would not have.
3. Stay in your seat unless you have permission.
4. Come prepared.
5. Be respectful of others property- no stealing or vandalizing property.
Consequences vary depending on the severity of the act.
1. Warning
2. Asked to step out into hallway / Call Home or Work
3. Call home/Conference with guardian or parent/ invite them to sit in on class
4. Detention to be served with me on a Friday afternoon/ Office referral
Please have a Parent/Guardian fill out the form below and return it to me by
September 2, 2008.

Students Name:_____________________________ Lunch and Study Hall Period : ___________

Parent/Guardians Name(s):_______________________________

Home Telephone Number:______________________________ Best Time To Call:_______

Is it okay to call at work: Y/N Work Telephone Number:______________Best Time To Call:_______


I give permission to use my student’s picture for educational purposes on Mrs. Smillie’s website.
Mrs. Smillie Room 403
E. MAIL: JSMILLIE@OBERLIN.K12.OHUS WEB PAGE: http://jsmillie.edublogs.org/
Signature:____________________________ do not sign if you do not consent, please call with any
Any other information that you feel is important that I know?