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Senior High School Department

Cornell Notes Rubric

Filipino Christian Living 2

Criteria 2 – Unsatisfactory 3 – Satisfactory 4 – Good 5 – Excellent Weight Score

Set-up  Notes are not in Cornell format  Title or date is missing.  Title and date are present. All of 3, and includes:
and Neatness  Paper appears to have been  Columns are not neatly drawn.  Two columns are neatly drawn.  Exceptional organization or
scrunched, put through a  Sections are not properly set-up.  Notes and questions are in the right column. neatness.
blender, or used as a napkin  Handwriting is hard to read.  Key concepts are in the left column.  Clear that extra time was spent X3
 Summary is at the bottom. on the notes.
Notes  Notes only cover a part of the  Notes cover most of the selection, but  Notes cover the entire selection. All of 3, and includes:
(right column) selection. are missing a part.  Essential information and concepts are clearly  Notes are notably thorough.
 Notes are a word for word  Some essential information or concepts captured.  Everything is written in student’s
reporting of materials. are missing.  Important and/or unknown words are clearly own words based on his/her
 Important and/or unknown words are defined. complete understanding.
not defined.  Notes are NOT a word for word reporting of X3
 Notes are NOT a word for word materials.
reporting of materials.
Questions  Notes contain at least 2-4  Notes contain at least 5 relevant  Notes contain at least 5 relevant questions All of 3, and includes:
(left column) relevant questions. questions, none of which require higher addressing the selection.  Notes contain noticeably more
level thinking skills.  3 of the questions require higher level thinking relevant questions.
skills.  Questions are unique.
 All questions require higher level X1
Key Concepts (left  Key concepts are missing  Key concepts capture some ideas from  Key concepts accurately capture the main idea of All of 3, and includes:
column)  Key concepts do not relate to the notes. the notes.  Key concepts that are noticeably
the main ideas of the notes.  Key concepts are copied out of the book  Key concepts are less than 5 words and are more thoughtful. X1
 Only section headings or bold (section headings or bold words) written students own words.
words are used.
Summary  Summary re-states the notes.  Summary demonstrates some learning  Summary shows learning by connecting main All of 3, and includes:
(bottom)  Summary is not connected to by identifying some main ideas. ideas.  Additional research or
learning.  Summary connects selection to broader learning understanding is incorporated.
from class.  Additional thoughtful questions X2
are included.

Total Score 50