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Level: First Year (scientific streams) Kasar Abd allah Secondary School-el ksour -

Theme: Intercultural Exchanges Teacher: Mis

Sequence Two: Reading and Writing Time allocated: 2 hours

Rubric: Dicover the language

Lesson focus: Reporting questions( wh/ yes, no)/ direct& indirect speech
Course book: At the Crossroads

Communicative learning objective: By the end of this lesson my SWBAT write a report about sportsmanship.

Target competencies: interacting – interpreting-producing

Domains: Oral -written Cross-curricular Competencies:

1. Intellectual competencies :
Materials: Coursebook, handouts.
*interpreting picture
2. Methodological competencies :
*Reading for purpose
*Writing for purpose
3. Personal and social competencies:
*sharing ideas

time Framework Procedure Focus Objectives Materials VAKT competen
SWAT /Aids M.I s
5 min Warm-up T starts the lesson by asking questions L/L To motivate Coursebo Visual *Interact
What have you studied during the previous lessons? pps and ok *Interpre
What was the report about? involve them g (orally)
- Ppls interact with the teacher and gives different answers: we studied how to in the topic
carry out a survey.
T: So, what was the conclusion?
*How did s/he find such result?
Pps respond orally.

10 min Presenta Task01 : pairworkImagine you are one of the 1000 teenagers asked about cell T/C To practice Handout Tactile *Interact
phone use, take turns to interview each other. wh/ yes, no *Interpre
qu g (orally
A sample interview: Key:
A) Good morning, how are you?
B) Fine thanks.
A) Do you have a computer?
B) Yes, I have.
A) What do you use it for?
B) I use it to read some e-books, stories, …etc. T/C
Pps do the task and teacher checks

Task02: pairwork. Act out a dialogue reporting the questions that the interviewer
has asked. You can use these cues:
A) What did s/he ask you at the interview?
B) s/he asked (me) how/what /where+s+verb in the simple past……… or if+s+v …….
reading To make pps
T direct ppls attention to the email on p.21, what is it?
40 min read and find

Ppls skim through the text to identify the general ideas of the paragraphs: the general Interacti
idea of each Interpret
*1 –b *4-a paragraph (written)
10 min (read for a
*2 –c *5-f
*3 –d *6-e
Task 01: Read the text again and answer the following questions
1. Who is the sender and the recipient of this email?
2. What nationality is kirsi?
3. Why does she want to correspond with Amel?
4. What are they?
5. Does she live in town or in the equivalent in your language?
6. How often does she go out at the weekend?
Ppls expected answers:
1. The sender is kirsi/ the recipient is Amel. To read for
2. Kirsi is Finnish.
15 min 3. She wants to correspond with Amel because she wants to know more about her
and her country (Algeria).
4. They are key pals. T/C
5. She lives in the countryside because she said we live in a tiny village.
She rarely goes out on weekends.
Task 04 p 21: T explains the task and initiates it
Country (§5) = Finland
It (§6) = Finland.

Write it Right P.23

Imagine that kirsi sent her email to you, in order to know more about you and your
country. What are you going to do?
Write a reply to kirsi and give her information about yourself, your regular activities,
family and your county “Algeria”

15 min T sets a time limit./ T checks and correct To identify
Ppls use the letter of kirsi as a modal to write their own replies in pairs. reference
Ppls read their e-mails
A Suggested Reply:
Dear Kirsi

Thank you for your e-mail. I was glad to hear that you want to be my keypal. Now
it’s my turn to introduce myself.

My name is Ilhem. It means in English inspiration. I am sixteen too. I am a first

year student at Saad Merrabet secondary school. I like children too much and enjoy
working with them so I want to become a pediatrician later. So I must work hard.
30 min On weekdays, I am always busy. I have classes from 8 to 12 in the morning and
from 13:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon. I often get up early in the morning to revise To write a
my lessons and do the homework given by my teachers. I never go out on weekends. I reply
prefer to stay at home reading books and listening to music.

My family is not very large. My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse. I have
two sisters: Sara and Lina. They go to a middle school. Our house isn’t big but there
is a beautiful garden behind it. We all love gardening.

20 min

The teacher’s comments:

What worked What hindered Action Points
* * *

* * *
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