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Determine the poisson’s ratio of a material whose modulus of elasticity is 200Gpa and whose
modulus of rigidity is 80Gpa.

2. What load in N must be applied to a 25mm round steel bar 2.5m long to stretch the bar
1.3mm? E=250Gpa

3. Calculate the cutting speed in m/s if the spindle speed of a 20mm drill is 400rpm.

A 5-DP spur gear pinion with 15T rotates at 1500rpm driving gear at 833 rpm

4. Determine the no. of teeth in the gear

5. Determine the pitch diameter of the gear

6. Determine the center distance between the two shafts

7. A helical spring is compressed bt 30mm. the spring scale is 18kN/m while its allowable shear
stress is 345MPa, and the spring index is 8. What is the diameter of spring wire?

8. A three extension coil spring are hooked in series that support a single weight of 100kg. the
first spring is rated at 0.4kg/mm and the other 2 springs are rated at 0.64kg/mm. compute the
total deflection

A mass weighing 11.5kg falls a distance of 1.5m upon the top of a helical compression spring having a
spring constant of 3.6kg/cm.

9. Determine the velocity of the mass after it has compressed the spring

10. Determine the maximum compression of the spring

11. A 2-ton weight is lowered at a constant acceleration of 2ft/s². if the weight is raised at the
same rate of acceleration. What is the tension in the cable

12. The operation of cooling a heated piece of work rapidly by dipping it in water, brine or oil.

13. An alloy of copper, tin and small amount of phosphorous.

14. A machine tool used to machine flat surfaces

15. A manganese steel containing approximately 0.20% carbon

16. What is frictional hp acting on a collar loaded with 100kg? the collar has an outside diameter of
100mm and an internal diameter of 40mm. the collar rotates at 1000rpm and the coef of
friction between collar and the pivot surface is 0.15.

17. Ratio of pitch diameter to the no. of teeth

18. A tie bar of rectangular section 150mm wide by 25mm thick is subjected to a pull of 300kN
applied at 5mm off the center of the thickness of the section. Calculate the maximum stress
induced at the outer skin.

19. Compute the polar section modulus of a solid shaft with a diameter of 101.6mm in cm³.

20. A hollow shaft has an inner diameter 0.035m and outer diameter of 0.06m. Compute the
torque if the shear stress is not to exceed 120MPa.

21. A 3ӯ short shaft carrying two pulleys close to the bearings rotates at 280rpm. How much
power is transmitted?
22. Compute the pitch cycle of a bevel gear given the pinions no. of teeth of 14 and 42 teeth in the

23. As a rule the center to center distance between sprocket should not be less than ______ times,
the diameter of the bigger sprocket.

24. Compute the polar section modulus of SAE 1060 shafting having a diameter of 3”. Use factor of
safety of 2 and design stress of 8000psi (in in³)

25. Compute for the torsional deflection in degrees of a 110mm diameter, 1.4m long shaft
subjected to a twisting moment of 3x10 6N.mm. The torsional modulus of elasticity is

26. What is the stress to stress ratio with in the elastic limit

27. A cone clutch has an angle of 10° and coef of friction of 0.42. Compute the axial force required
if the capacity of the clutch is 7kw at 500rpm. Note: the mean Ø of the active conical section is

28. A plate clutch has a single pair of mating surface 30cm outside Ø and 22.5cm inside Ø. The
maximum pressure was formed to be 825kPa considering f=0.25. Find the power that can be
handled based in the drive that rotates 200rpm, considering that this clutch is newly installed

29. A multiple disk clutch composed of 3 plates with a small diameter of 150mm and large
diameter of 200mm is designed to transmit 100kw at 3000rpm at f=0.5. Compute the spring
force needed to engage the clutch.

30. A machinist made two 8DP spur gear to be mounted on a center distance of 16in which speed
ratio of 7 to 9. The no. of teeth of each gear are.

31. A rigid body is subjected to 3 concurrent co-planer forces. What is the minimum no. of
independent equations that are necessary to establish the equilibrium conditions

32. A hinge can support

33. The shear strength of a plate is 300. Calculate the force required to punch a hole 40mm Ø in a
plate 7mm thick.

34. What spindle speed is required to produce a cutting a speed of 150fpm in a 2 in Ø bar?

35. A gear of 80T and a pinion of 20T has a gear and pinion ration of 4. Find the center distance in
inches if the circular pitch is 0.885.

36. What is the free and deflection of a caliver beams 6m long with E=200GPa and I=1000x10 6mm

37. A left handed spiral bevel gear transmits power to a mating gear with a velocity ratio of 3. Find
the pitch angle of the gear.

38. Pressurized at 1.37MPa is stored in a cylindrical tank 1.4mØ. If allowable tangential stress is
85MPa. Compute the required wall thickness of the tank.

39. The root Ø of a double square thread is 0.55in. The screw has a pitch of 0.2in. Compute the

40. The root Ø of a double square thread is 0.55. The screw has a pitch of 0.2. Compute the no. of threads

A single square thread power screw is to raise a load of 70kN. The screw has a major Ø of 36mm and a
pitch of 6mm. The coef of thread friction are 0.13 and 0.1 respectively. If the collar mean Ø is 90mm
and the screw turns at 60rpm.
41. Find the axial linear speed of the screw.

42. Find the combined eff of screw and collar

43. A spherical tank with 10” inside Ø contains oxygen gas at 2500psi. Calculate the required wall
thickness in mm under stress of 28000psi.

44. What is the maximum load in “kips” that can be supported on a column of A=144ft² and a
compressive stress of 200psf?

45. A rod is 6m long hanging vertically, supports a load of 2000N. Neglecting the weight of the
wire, determine the required diameter if the stress is not to exceed 140MPa and the total
elongation is not to exceed 4.0mm take E=200GPa.

46. What modulus of elasticity in tension is required to obtain a unit deformation of 0.00105 .
from a load producing a unit tensile stress of 44ksi?

47. A 10ӯ pulley is belt driven with a net torque of 250ft-lbs. The ratio of tensions in the tight to
slacks sides of the belt is 4 to 1. What is the maximum tension in the belt?

48. A flanged bolt coupling has 10-steel 25.4mmØ bolts evenly tighten around a 415mmØ bolt
circle. Determine the torque capacity of the connection if allowable shear stress in the bolts is

49. A keyed gear deliver a torque of 912.4N.m then its shaft of 64.5mm outside diameter. If the
key has a thickness of 15.875mm and width of 11.1125mm, find the length of the key. Assume
stress value of 61.2MPa in shear and 99.8MPa in m compression.

50. A hollow shaft has an inner Ø of 0.035m and an outer Ø of 0.06m. Compute for the torque if
the shear stress is not to exceed 120Mpa. (Ans in N.m)

51. A solid shaft 48.2cm long is used for transmission of power 37kW at 1760rpm. Shearing stress
is 8.13Mpa. Calculate the diameter in mm.

52. Two shafts are connected by a flange coupling. The coupling is secured by 6bolts, 20mm on a
bolt circle diameter of 150mm. if the torque is 120N.m is applied, find the shear stress in the

53. A belt pulley is fastened to a 2 5/16 in shaft running at 200rpm by means of a key 3/4 “ wide by
5in long. The permissible stresses in the key are 8000psi in shear and 14000psi in
compression. Determine the hp that can be transimitted.

54. A hollow shaft must carry a torque of 30000in-lb at a shearing stress of 8000psi. The inside
diameter is to be 0.65 of the outside Ø. Find the value of the outside diameter in inches.

55. The maximum bending moment of a beam simply supported at both ends and subjected to a
uniformly varying load of W over its length L is

5 ¿
56. An elevator weigh 1000lbs and is supported by a rope, 1500ft long. When the elevator
carries a 1500-lb load, the rope elongates 6in more. What is the modulus of elasticity of the

57. Two shaft 3.6m between centers carry pulleys 1.2mØ and 0.91mØ respectively. Connected by
a crossed belt. It is desired to put the belt on as an open belt. How long a piece must be cut off

58. The deflection of a beam is

59. The tool used to cut threads in a hole is called
A. top B. tap C. bit D. reamer

60. A flywheel rotates at 7200rpm when the power is suddenly cut off. The flywheel deceleration
at a constant rate of 2.1 rad/s² and comes to rest 6min later. How many revolutions does the
flywheel make before it stops?

61. A shaft is 1 and has an allowable stress of 8500psi. Find the hp delivered by the shaft at a
speed of 125.7 rad/sec

62. Compute the circular pitch in inches of a pair of gear and pinion with ratio of 5. The center
distance indicated is at 18in. the gear has 90T and the pinion has 18T

63. On the average how long would it take to cut manually using an oxy-acetylene gas cutter to
cut crosswise a 4’ x 20’ x 1’ steel plate into 4 sleets of 4’ x 1 in steel plates. The manual
cutting rate of oxy-acetylene gas cutter is 12min in 8 to 12ft length of steel plate.

64. How long would it take to cut by oxy-acetylene gas cutter crosswise a 4ft x 20’ x 1” thick steel
plate if oxy-acetylene machine can finish cutting a 10’ long steel in 12min?

65. What modulus of elasticity in tension is required to obtain a unit deformation of 0.00105 m/m
from a load producing a unit tensile stress of 44000psi?

66. A steel bar is to be elongated by a 15000lbs. if the critical load for the valve push for an
overhead valve engine T3 380lbs. Calculate the steel valve engine Ø if its length is 1’. Take
E=30 x106psi

67. A 1ӯ circular shaft is subjected to a shearing stress that is not to exceed 55.143Mpa.
Calculate the maximum torque in in-lbs.

68. A keyed sprocket deliver a torque of 778.8N.m thru the shaft of 54mm OD. The key thickness
is 1.5875cm and the width is 1.11cm. compute the length of the same key permissible value of
60Mpa for shear and 90Mpa for tension.

69. A hollow pipe is to be used as a compression member has an outside diameter of 240mm and
is subjected to a force of 80kN. Find the pipe thickness if compressive stress is limited o

70. A uniform beam 12m long is fixed at one end it has a uniform weight of 50kg/m along its
length. A load of 20kg is applied on the beam 4m from its free end. The moment at the fixed
end is

71. A kind of gear used to transmit motion from one shaft to another shaft at an angle to the first

72. A simply supported beam 8m long carries a uniformly distributed load of 2kN/m on its span.
Find the bending moment at x=3m measured from the left support

73. A flywheel weighing 457kg has a radius of 375mm. how much energy in N.m drives the
flywheel loss from 3rps to 2.8rps?

74. A 20kw motor running at 1200rpm drives a 15.75ӯ pulley at a belt tension ratio of 2.4. if the
belt’s tight side tension is only 1200N, determine the transmission efficiency

75. A single square thread power screw is to raise a load of 70kN. The screw has a major diameter
of 36mm and a pitch of 6mm. the coef of thread friction and collar friction are 013 and 0.1
respectively if the collar mean diameter is 90mm and the screw turns at 60rpm find the axial
linear speed of the screw in mm/s

76. A soft surface cone clutch must handle 215N.m of torque at 1200rpm. The clutch large
diameter is 35cm, its face width is 7.5cm and the coef of friction is 0.2. if the included angle is
20°, Calculate the normal unit pressure required when the clutch is operating its capacity with
the assumption of uniform pressure.

77. The included cycle for v-belt is usually of what value

78. Compute the cutting speed in fpm of a work pire with 2inches Ø and running at 100rpm

79. A single square thread power screw is to raise a load of 70kN. The screw has a major diameter
of 36mm and a pitch of 6mm. The coef of threads friction and collar friction are 0.13 and 0.1
respectively. If the collar mean Ø is 90mm and the screw turn at 60rpm. Find the combined
efficiency of the screw and collar.

80. A helical coil spring has mean coil Ø of 1”Ø and wire Ø of 1/8”. Determine wahl’s factor

81. A vise is equipped with a 1ӯ single square thread with 4 threads/in. the frictional radius of the
collar is 0.5in. Coef of friction for collar and threads is 0.2. How much external torque must be
applied to produce a force of 200lb against the jaws of the rise?

82. A 36-T pinion turning at 300rpm drives a 120T gear of 14.5 in volute full depth pressure ample.
Determine the rpm of the driven gear.

83. When at rest or no load, spring has a natural length of 12”. A 1” elongation was observed
when 10lb of force was applied in the spring. Calculate the work required in (ft-lb) to stretch
the spring from a total length of 13”to 15”

84. In a power screw square threads, the torque required to raise the given load is found to be
8800N.m. Compute the shear stress caused by this torque considering the core diameter of
the screw is 40mm.

85. A 75mm Ø shaft is transmitting 350kw at 650rpm. A flange coupling is used and has 6 bolts,
each 18mmØ. Find the required diameter of the bolt circle based on an average shearing
stress of 27.5MPa.

86. For stable equipment foundation the total combined engine driven equipment and foundation
center of gravity must be kept below the foundation for that usually about ________ times the
usual total combined weight of the machinery it is supposed to support.

87. Determine the length of belt needed for a two flat belt pulleys having a diameter of 70cm and
30cm. the center distance is 400cm and pulleys rotate in same direction. Assume power
transmitted is 10hp at 200rpm.

88. A triple worm has a pitch Ø at 3in. the wheel has a 25T and a pitch diameter of 5in. Material for
both worm and wheel is of phosphor bronze. Compute the helix angle (tan x)

89. Find the angle of contact on the small pulley a for belt drive with 72 in center distance if the
pulley diameter are 6” and 12” respectively.

90. A cast iron flywheel with a mean diameter of 36in changes speed form 300rpm and 280rpm.
While it gives up 800ft-lb of energy. What is the coef of fluctuation?

91. A flywheel has a diameter of 1.5m and a mass of 800kg. what torque in N.m is needed to
produce an angular acceleration of 100rev per min per sec?

92. A large coil spring (K=

10lb ) is elongated with in its elastic range by one front. Calculate the
stretch energy in ft-lb

93. A wire rope lift a load of 10kpis at maximum speed of 1000fpm, attained in 5sec, starting from
rest. The rope has a cross sectional area of 0.4m². Compute the maximum tensile stress on the
rope in ksi?
94. The weight at the machine plan the weight of the foundation should be distributed over a
sufficient coil are which is large enough to cause a bearing stress with safe bearing capacity of
the coil factor of safety equivalent to

95. Determine the most economical acetylene gas consumption in ft² to manually cut crosswise a
4’x20’x1” thick steel plate into 5 sheets of 4’x4’x1” steel plate. The manual cutting rate is
12min in 11’ to 16’ length of steel plat. Oxygen consumption is 60ft³ and acetylene gas rate is

96. How long will it take to drill a hole through a 10cm thick plate if the drill feed is 0.1mm per rev
and a 1/4ӯ drill is turning at 750rpm

97. A gear set having a ear ratio of 3 is to be used at a center distance of 16 inches. If the gear has
80T, what must be the circular pitch?

98. A punching machine flywheel accelerates from rest with 7rad/s² in 10sec. How many radians
are achieved?

99. A water reservoir of 24m high & 12m in Ø is to be completely filled with H 2O. Find the
minimum thickness of the reservoir plating if the stress is limited to 50mm

100. The ratio of linear stress to linear strain is called