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Carbo veqetabilis.

From the pressure in diaphragmatic hernia the abdominal organs can go into the chest and put pressure
on the lungs. It's always the same connection.
the rubric on page 769:
RESPIRATION, difficult, fanned, wants to be:
... Carb-v. ...

A key-note of Carbo vegetabilis is the desire for cold air. Look on page 768 in the Repertory:

RESPIRATION, difficult, air, in cold, amel.:...carbo-v...

Usually you think of Apis and all the other remedies which want cold air. Other key-notes of Carbo
vegetabilis: RESPIRATION, difficult, open, wants doors andwindows:...carb-v..
(on page 770) RESPIRATION, difficult, warm room, in a:... carb-b.... (on page 772) Vassilis Ghegas says
that Carbo vegetabilis is a remedy in which problems start during the day and increase towards the
evening. He explains it by the oxygen in the blood. In the morning the oxygen level is very good, during the
day the oxygenation becomes less and that's the central point of Carbo vegetabilis. If you look in Boericke
the first sentence is: "...imperfect oxidation...". It's easy to remember that the imperfect oxygenation is
increasing during the day, during exercise, and while working. In the Repertory you find the rubric on
page 767: RESPIRATION, difficult, evening, bed, in: ... carb-v... Another rubric concerns the sighing on
page 775: RESPIRATION, sighing: ... Carb-v...There is another rubric on page 773: RESPIRATION,
impeded, flatulency, from: Carb-v.... "Aggravation from fat" is very well-known for Carbo vegetabilis on
page 1363: GENERALITIES, food, fat, agg.:... Carb-v.... Like Pulsatilla it has an aggravation from fat
and rich food.I gave Carbo vegetabilis 30. After fourteen days I repeated Carbo vegetabilis 30. two months
after the remedy. I had to repeat Carbo vegetabilis 30 again. But he diminished the cortisone on his own.
He felt very well and he tried to diminish the diuretic and then he had cardiac problems. It is a very, very
difficult case. I didn't dare to touch the allopathic medicines, but it helped him very much. Even a remedy
in 30 potency together with taking cortisone helped him fourteen days to a month. Slowly, I gave him a
higher potency of Carbo vegetabilis. I watched what happened. The lungs are better, the expectoration is
better, the rhinitis and the infection of the larynx is better. After six months he had very serious herpes
zoster on his head. I was really surprised. His lungs were much better, at this moment the allopathic
doctor said that he had to stop the cortisone. I did not have him stop the cortisone, but the allopathic
doctor stopped the cortisone for months and months. Because of an infection in the throat, in the nose, the
sinuses, shortness of breath, and some cardiac decompensation they started the cortisone again, but not as
much as in earlier times. From time to time he himself diminishes and stops the cortisone. I treat him
homeopathically and I let him continue treatment with his allopathic doctor. If there are problems he
telephones me. He has a lot of placebos at home and takes one. This is a very good example of what you
can do even with a very, very serious case. I'm not able to treat this patient completely. It's too difficult. I
would have to go to his home, he would go to the hospital, it's too serious. But he is doing really very well
since he is in homeopathic treatment. Now he has a lot of energy. He is not so depressed anymore. He can
also walk much more. In the beginning he couldn't walk in his apartment from one side to the other side. I
don't know whether I can cure him, because he is 70 years old and his problem exists already for 20 or 30
years. It's a very serious case. When he came to me the only problem he mentioned in the beginning was a
very strong photophobia and very intense pain in the eyes. When I took the case I heard about this
problem. Notwithstanding the eyes I gave him Carbo vegetabilis 30. With this potency the problem of the
eyes disappeared. It never came back. In the first consultation he said that he had to wear sunglasses even
in a dark room. He couldn't watch television nor read. It was a very big problem. He was in despair with
his eyes. Then he told me the problem with his lungs. I think that the eye problem was caused by the
allopathic medicines