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INTERNAL MEDICINE ** What condition results in actue testicular pain with overlying redness,

warmth and tenderness of the scrotal sac?

** Tumor marker CA 19-9 is associated with which cancer? = Epididymitis
= Pancreatic cancer
** Which malignancy is treated with FOLFOX therapy
**What level is increased on bloodwork (CBC) in a patient with folate = Colon cancer
= MCV ** Which hepatitis is associated with porphyria cutanea tarda:
= Hep C
** What are 5 major medications that can cause folate deficiency:
= Phenytoin, Trimethoprim, Metformin, Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine ** What is the most common skin finding in patients with infective
** Which vitamin is most likely to be deficient in patient with celiac disease: = Petechiae
= VIt. D (not absorbed: Folic acid, Iron, Vit. B12)
** What group of organisms cause culture negative infective endocarditis?
** What type of urinary incontinence occurs because of increased detrusor = HACEK group: Hemophilus, Actinobacilus, Cardiobacteriu,. Eiknella,
bladder activity? Kingella
= Urge incontinence/ overactive bladder
= Tx: Anti-cholinergic agents (oxybutynin, Imipramine) ** What is the most common infective organism in a patient with fever, new
cardiac murmur and a history of IV drug abuse:
** Rectal bleeding is a common symptom in: Diverticulitis OR Diverticulosis? = Staph aureus
= Diverticulosis
** What is the next best step in a patient with endocarditis caused by
**What is the most common location of colonic diverticula? Streptococcus bovis:
= Sigmoid colon = Colonoscopy to rule out colorectal infection

** The hepatits A vaccine is an inactivated virus that is given in 2 doses ** Zoster vaccination is contraindicated in HIV patients: TRUE or FALSE
usually separated by how many months? = True
** What is the most common nosocomial infection
** Which anesthetic gas is associated with idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity and = UTI
high mortality rates?
= Halothane ** Of the most common nosocomial infections, which one has the highest
mortality rate:
** What are the 2 main side effects associated with amlodipine? = Pneumonia
= peripheral edema and headaches
** HIV infection is often cited as a complication of hemodialysis: TRUE or
** What is the class of anti-hypertensive medications used to treat FALSE
Raynaud’s phenomenon: = False; Hep B and C are most common
= Calcium channel blockers
** What does Metoprolol (a beta blocker) do to the potassium levels?
** Which small vessel vasculitis has (+) c-ANCA and both lung and renal (ELEVATE or LOWER)
involvement: = Elevates
= Wegener granulomatosis
** Muddy brown casts in aurinalysis is a clue towards what renal process/
** What kind of vasculitis is most likely associated with hepatitis B infection: renal disorder?
= Polyarteritis nodosa = Acute tubular necrosis

** Foamy macrophages on PAS stain is often seen in what condition: ** What is the most common type of kidney stone
= Whipple’s disease = Calcium oxalate stones

** Captopril is commonly used for patients with scleroderma renal crisis: ** What nephrotic syndrome is most often associated with Hep C and
YES or NO? Cryoglobulinemia:
= YES = Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

** Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can result as a cause of Rheumatoid arthritis? ** What nephrotic syndrome is most often associated with Hep B, Syphilis,
YES or No NSAID use?
= YES = Membranous nephropathy

** Antibody that is involved in cold agglutinin hemolytic anemia: ** Phenytoin use causes anemia due to deficiency of what substance:
= IgM = Folic acid

** What is the most common joint affected in pseudogout? ** Chronic Isoniazid use causes deificiency of what vitamin:
= Knee = Vit B6

** If patient has a normal renal function, what is the drug of choice for acute ** What is the best initial test to diagnose sickle cell disease
gouty attack in the first 24h? = Peripheral blood smear
= colchicine
** What electrolyte is low with syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic
** What is the most common cause of pseudogout? hormone:
= Hyperparathyroidism = Sodium

** It is a bacterial infection that typically starts in the lungs and can affect ** What electrolyte is low with primary hypoparathyroidism
the brain and skin as well = Calcium
= Nocardiosis
** What electrolyte is low with renal tubular acidosis type 1 and 2: ** Hour-glass stomach is usually produced by:
= Potassium = Gastric ulcer (choices: Lymphoma, developmental anomaly, syphilis)

** What electrolyte is low with primary hyperparathyroidism ** Common site of carcinoma of the stomach is:
= Phosphorus = Prepyloric (choices: lesser curvature, greater curvature, body of the
** What type of microcytic anemia is associated with increased iron levels:
= Sideroblastic anemia ** Most common cause of colonic obstruction is:
= Neoplasm
** Microcytic anemia associated with abnormal or slightly increased
erythrocyte count: ** Most common site of carcinoid tumor is:
= Beta thalassemia = Appendix

** Which is the most common infection preceeding aplastic anemia: ** Most common cause of upper GI bleeding in an alcoholic is:
= Hepatitis = Acute gastritis

** What cause is suggested by aplastic anemia associated with cafe au lait ** Carcinoma of the large intestine is mostly found in:
spots and short stature: = Transverse colon
= Fanconi’s anemia
** A child having diarrhea later complicated by appearance of rash and
** It is a cancerous tumor of the connective tissue associated with HIV petechiae. What is your diagnosis:
associated with pink or purple tumors of the skin especially in the lower = Shigella
= Kaposi sarcoma ** Pruritus associated with cholestasis is mostly seen in:
= The palms and soles
** What condition is associated with Reed-Sternberg cell and (+) CD15 and
CD30 cell markers: ** Most common microorganism responsible for cholangitis is:
= Hodgkin lymphoma = E. coli

** What type of biopsy is performed to see if axillary lymph node dissection ** Most common cause of fulminant hepatic failure is:
is required in patients with breast cancer: = Acute viral hepatitis
= Sentinel lymph node biopsy
** Most common cause of jaundice in pregnancy is:
** Gynecomastia is most likely to be seen in what type of lung cancer = Acute viral hepatitis
= Large cell cancer
** Most common cause of hepatoma is:
** What syndrome is associated with hamartomas of the small intestine and = Cirrhosis of liver
pigmented lesions on the skin, lip, and mouth:
= Peutz-Jeghers syndrome ** Which vitamin deficiency occurs in obstructive jaundice:
= Vit. A
** After a patient has been treated for colon cancer, what laboratory/ tumor
marker test is ordered to detect recurrence of disease: ** What type of Viral Hepatitis is calcivirus found:
= CEA = Hep E

** Which thyroid cancer is associated with psammoma bodies: ** (Cardio) Giant a-wave in neck vein is seen in:
= Papillary thyroid cancer = Pulmonary hypertension (choices: Left atrial myxoma, constrictive
pericarditis, atrial fibrillation)
** Raspberry tongue is found in what type of fever:
= Scarlet fever (choices: yellow fever, glandular fever, rheumatic ** The sound best audible by bell of stethoscope is:
fever) = Venous hum (S2, ejection click, opening snap)

** Most common GI disorder in a community is: ** U-wave in ECG is characteristically found in:
= Irritable bowel syndrome (Choices: Diverticulitis, reflux esophagitis, = Hypokalemia (hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, hyponatremia)
duodenal ulcer)
** Roth spot is found in:
** Water is minimally absorbed from which part of the colon: = Aplastic anemia, acute leukemia, subacute bacterial endocarditis
= Descending colon (choices: cecum, ascending colon, transverse
colon) ** Mental retardation, squint, idiopathic hypercalcemia may be associated
with “stenosis of”:
** The most common small bowel malignancy is: = Aortic valve
= Periampullary carcinoma
** Seagull murmur is a feature of what heart disease:
** The most common cause of metastasis to the wall of the stomach is from = Acute myocardial infarction, Acute rheumatic fever, Subacute
what kind of primary cancer: bacterial endocarditis
= Ca of the breast
** Most common organism producing acute bacterial endocarditis:
** What immunoglobulin may be depressed in Giardia lamblia infestation: = Staph aureus
= IgM
** Cardiac percussion is important in:
** Give 2 major components of intestinal gas: = Emphysema (choices: AMI, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy)
= CO2, methane, N2
** Fallots pentalogy is Fallot’s tetralogy plus:
** The maximum absorption of fluid in the GI tract occurs in: = ASD
= Jejunum
** The “3-sign” in chest xray diagnoses what:
= Coarctation of the aorta ** Silo-filter's disease is inhalation of:
A. Nitrogen dioxide B. Hydrogen fluoride
** Cannon wave in the neck vein is seen in: C. Sulphur dioxide D. Chlorine
= Complete heart block
** Bronchopleural fistula is commonly due to:
** What enzyme rises earliest in AMI A. Pulmonary tuberculosis B. Bronchogenic carcinoma
= CPK (SGPT, SGOT, LDH) C. Lung cyst D. Honeycomb lung

** Hypocalcemia arrests the heart in: ** The most reliable symptom of acute pulmonary thromboembolism
= Diastole (Midsystole, Mid diastole, Systole) is:
A. Substemal chest pain B. Haemoptysis
** Pulsus bisferiens is best perceived in which artery C. Breathlessness D. Syncope
= Brachial
** Brassy cough is seen in:
** Treatment by heparin is best monitored by: A. Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy
= Prothrombin time (clotting time, APTT, Fibrin dgradation product) B. Acute laryngitis
C. Heavy smokers
** Major cardiovascular manifestation in cri-du-chat syndrome D. Carcinoma of the larynx
= VSD (bicuspid aortic valve, PDA, Dextrocardia)
** Commonest cause of respiratory failure is:
** Heart valve commonly affected in IV drug abusers is: A. Emphysema B. Fibrosing alveolitis
= Tricuspid valve C. Bronchial asthma D. Chronic bronchitis

** Ventricular fibrillation is best treated by: **Cranial nerve most a>mmonly affected in sarcoidosis is:
= Electrical cardioversion (Amiodarone, Carotid massage, IV A. Vllth B. Ilnd
lignocaine) C. Vth D. Xth

** In coarctation of aorta, rib notching is seen in: ** Commonest sign of aspiration pneumonia is:
= 6-9th rib (3-6th rib, 10-12th rib, 11-12th rib A. Stridor B. Tachypnoea
C. Central cyanosis D. Crepitations
** Boot-shaped heart with oilgaemic lung fields is found in:
= Tetralogy of Fallot ** Which is the commonest complication of hypei:baric oxygen
** What kind of endocarditis does Osler’s node classically seen: A. Pain in the ear B. Pneumothorax
= Acute staphylococcal endocarditis (Libman-Sacks, Marantic, Candida C. Air embolism D. Cataracts
** Egg shell calcification in chest X-ray is characteristic of:
** Pseudoclaudication is due to compression of: A. Tuberculosis B. Silicosis
= Cauda equina (IVC, Femoral artery, Popliteal artery) C. Asbestosis D. Histoplasmosis

** What type of shock does JVP seen to be increased: ** Scar carcinoma of lung is:
= Cardiogenic shock (Hypovolemic, Anaphylactic, Septic) A. Squamous cell carcinoma
B. Oat cell carcinoma
** (B) X-ray appearance of c:alc:ific:ati.on of patent ductus arteriosus is: C. Large cell carcinoma
A. Y-shaped B. Inverted Y-shaped D. Adenocarcinoma
C. V-shaped D. Inverted V-shaped
** Ferrugenous bodies are classically seen in:
** The action of digitalis is augmented by: A. Berylliosis B. Silicosis
A. Calcium B. Magnesium C. Baritosis D. Asbestosis
C. Potassium D. Sodium
** The most common organism causing pneumonia during mechanical
** Pink, frothy and profuse sputum is seen in: ventilation in the first 4 days of hospitalization is:
A. Pneumocaniosis B. Lobar pneumonia A. Staphylococcus aureus
C. Acute pulmonary oedema D. Aspergilloma C. Gram-negative bacilli
B. Streptococcus pneumoniae
** Melanoptysis {black sputum) is seen in: D. Haemophilus influenzae
A. Coal worker's pneumoconiosis
B. Ochronosis ** Exposure to rodents may be associated with pneumonia caused by:
C. Maple syrup urine disease A. Histoplasma B. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
D. Goodpasture's disease C. Hantavirus D. Coxiella burnetii

** Malt worker's lung is caused by: ** Farmer's lung is caused by:

A. Cryptostroma corticate A. Grain dust
B. Thermoactinomyces vulgmis B. Aspergillus
C. Streptomyces olivaceus C. Cryptostroma corticale
D. Aspergillus clavatus D. Thermophilic actinomycetes

** Commonest middle mediastinal mass is:

A. Lymphoma B. Aortic aneurysm
C. Bronchogenic cyst D. Thymoma

** Commonest posterior mediastinal tumour is:

A. Neurofibroma B. Lymphoma
C. Teratodermoid D. Metastatic carcinoma

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