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2AB – Work 3rd April - à faire pour vendredi 10


correction : Plurals of words ending in -Y

- quand un nom termine avec CONSONNE + Y (ex factoRY) – on supprime le Y et on ajoute -IES ex : factory
factories ; country countries ; difficulty difficulties.
- quand un nom termine avec VOYELLE + Y (ex bOY) – on ajoute tout simplement un S ex : boy boys ;
chimney chimneys ; valley valleys

Some Grammar ! (des erreurs prises vos expression écrites) – A copier dans vos cahiers.
 Les articles indéfinis et définis.
a factories - soit a factory (UNE usine) soit Ø factories ( aucun article) soit some factories
(quelques usines)

A= article indéfini pour un nom dénombrable et singulier (un ou une en français) – quand on parle de
quelque chose pour la première fois avant qu’il soit « défini »
THE = l’article défini (le la ou les en français) - quand on sait de quoi on parle).
In the picture, I can see a factory (non spécifique). The factory (spécifique – celle que je vois) is dirty.

NB : - des fois il y a des articles en anglais alors qu’en français il n’y en a pas --> Elle est medecin = She’s A
- des fois il y des articles en français alors qu’en anglais il n’y en ait pas --> Le Pays de Galles fait partie
de la Grande Bretagne --> Ø (aucun article) Wales is part of Ø Great Britain.
Try this online quiz for practice : http://www.focus.olsztyn.pl/en-grammar-articles-test-5.html

 Les noms indénombrables

SMOKE est indénombrable en anglais. On ne peut pas le compter. (comme water - l’eau, coal – le charbon,
dirt – la saleté).
Avec un nom indénombrable
 il est impossible de dire A smoke – on pourrait dire tout simplement Ø smoke ou bien some smoke.
 le verbe qui suit est singulier – The smoke IS poisonous.
 on peut dire a lot of, lots of, ou bien much + nom indénombrable – There IS a lot of / lots of / much
poisonous black smoke.


 Il y a / il y avait / il y aura – invariable en français mais bien sûr en anglais ce n’est pas le cas !

present : There IS a crowd. (singulier) There ARE some factories (pluriel)

preterit : There WAS a crowd There WERE some factories
futur : There WILL BE a crowd There WILL BE some factories
Word practice :
Match the following words with their definitions.
1 - a factory disgustingly dirty

a large building where raw materials or manufactured

2 - a mill
goods are kept before being distributed or sold

a factory building fitted with machinery for a

3 - slums
particular manufacturing process

a building or a group of buildings where goods are

4 - a warehouse
manufactured or assembled chiefly by machines

a district inhabited by very poor people where the

5 - filthy
buildings are in bad condition.

The Path to Democracy – On 16th August 1819 a large peaceful crowd gathered at Saint
Peter’s Field in the centre of Manchester to demand political rights and liberties for the people. The
meeting had scarcely begun before the town authorities – fearful of an uprising – sent in militia to
clear the crowd. At least 18 people were killed and over 600 were wounded. This massacre caused a
national outcry and was dubbed “Peterloo”, in ironic counterpoint to the Battle of Waterloo which had
taken place four years earlier. The event ultimately changed public opinion and influenced the
extension of the right to vote and the progress of democracy in the country.

1 – Look at these words and write the French equivalent

peaceful = non-violent …………………………..
gather = come together / bring together …………………………….
fearful = anxious, worrying ……………………………………..
an uprising (up ⬆︎; rise = se lever) le contexte – (a political meeting, a crowd) ………………..
militia – a military force of non-professional soldiers ……………….
wounded – (selon le contexte) …………………………
an outcry – out / cry (selon le contexte) …………..

2 – Read the text :

a) what do these numbers refer to? 16th August 1819___________________________________________
four (4) __________________________________________________

b) What do these words refer to ? Saint Peter’s Field _________________________________________

Manchester _______________________________________________
c) True or false ? Justify.
1) The crowd in Saint Peter’s Field wanted to fight.
2) The authorities were peaceful.
3) More people were hurt than were killed.
4) The Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815
5) The nickname of the rebellion is Waterloo.
6) Thanks to this revolt more people could vote.

d) Reread the text and summarise (résumer) what you have understood. Post your summary on PADLET

https://padlet.com/victoria_froment/qgph0cg9yvvt - PENSEZ à INDIQUER VOS NOMS