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Justice Denied for the African American Com

Mersed Dautovic reinstated As a Des Moines Police

One would think when you seen the injuries Octavius Bonds received by
the hands of then Des Moines Police Officers John Mainlander and Mersed
Dautovic. One would think this was a clear case of Police Brutality.
One would think a Jury of Their peers not a Jury of Octavius Bonds and
Erin Evans Peers. Found Octavius Bonds and his Girlfriend Erin Evans
not guilty of assault and interference with official Acts. Jurors
rejected the Police Claim Bonds swatted at officers hand to protect his
Girlfriend from pepper spray. The Jurors were troubled by the level of
violence that followed. The Jurors called the case a very tragic
incident, this is from the mouths of the Jurors!
One would think after the inconsistent statements officer John Malinder
and Mersed Davtovic made during the Police internal investigation, of
the events what happen that night. Officers conducting the internal
investigation found Malinder and Davtovic made inconsistent statement
to the investigators! Slick way of saying Malinder and Davtovic Lied
about their accounts of what happened that night. One would think
Mersed Davtovic would have no chance in hell of being reinstated. Wrong
the Civil Service Commission reinstated Mersed Dautovic! This is not
only insult to the Tax Payers of Des Moines. This is a Huge insult to
the African American Community, who are also hard working Tax Payers!
As you listen to the reason John Brooks, Jeffery Hall, and Joseph Quinn
reinstated officer Mersed Davtovic, took me back to 1960 Jackson,
Mississippi. I felt as if the hands of time was turned backwards. The
commission disregarded the testimony Bonds and Evans, disregarded the
information gathered from internal affairs. They did not even ask
Octavius Bonds and Erin Evans to the hearing! One would think if one
was to make a fair and balance judgement one would invite the other
party who was involved. Which led me to believe this decision was
already made before the Civil Service Commission met on December 7th
2010. Regardless of the fact Dautovic and Mailander made inconsistent
statements Mersed Dautovic was Reinstated 3-2!
I truly believe this vote has deep Racial overtones in nature, I
believe their desion was heavily influence by Des Moines Police Union.
I believe if this was a case were the officers were Black and the
victims were White! The Firings would be upheld, It so happens
Octavius Bonds and Erin Evans were African American. Because Octavius
Bonds and Erin Evans were African American. The Civil Service
Commission, Police Union, David Murillo and Stewart Barnes felt Bonds
and Evans are not deserving of Justice. Because Bonds and Evans were
African American, their behavior and statements are a reflection of
David Murillo President of Police Burial and Protective Association and
Steward Barnes Police Union President were supportive of the officers.
Which we cannot be surprise the history between the African American
Community and the Des Moines Police Dept is not a very good history. In
fact it is a history of terror and imitation! So when Officer Murillo
and Barnes came out in support of the two officers, who terrorized two
African American motorist. What can you expect from officers who do not
like African Americans! Again their behavior and actions is a
reflection of this behavior! Des Moines Police Dept has a history of
Racism within it ranks and in the community. Racism which start from
the top and trickles down to the bottom. I do give Police Chief Judy
Bradshaw credit she is standing behind her decision to uphold the
firing of, Mersed Dautovic, and is appealing the decision of the Civil
Service Commission! This is noble on Bradshaw's part however this
further shows the problems within the Des Moines Police Dept.!
As a African American Male who has lived in Des Moines for a good
potion of his life. I Seen the Abuse and Racism by the hands of the Des
Moines Police Dept first hand. I have seen my share of beatens,
Murders, intimidation, harassment, by the hands of the Des Moines
Police Dept. Many think Police Brutality is a big city problem which is
not true! Yes Police Brutality is on the rise and most of the victims
of Police Brutality are Black . The overturning the firing of Mersed
Dautovic is not only insult to the African American Community. Its
shows the corruption within the system a system which is suppose to
protect and serve, or Protect and Serve White People! Tax Payers
deserve better then this. It time for a overhaul of the system, people
need to be removed from office and positions of authority, who are not
right ! I believe November 6th the wrong people were removed and the
wrong people where put in place to keep this chaos going! Do not get me
DEPT! However their are a click of officers who are very influential
,and have the power to make things hard for officers who go against
African American Community was insulted and disrespect by the very same
individuals who swore to protect and serve the people! Their is a
officer who may be back in my community in the future. A Officer who
was found guilty by his peers of Police Brutality. Their are Officers
within the Des Moines Police Dept, who share the type of thinking
Mersed Dautovic shares! Yet I am suppose to sleep easy knowing this
man is out their patrolling the community! What make this so bad is
the fact Linda Carter Lewis sits on the very same Civil Service
Commission Board. Linda Carter Lewis President of the NACCP had the
opportunity to block the reinstatement of Mersed Dautovic. Instead she
choose to Abstain/not to vote. I do not understand the reason she
choose not to vote. I do know Linda Carter Lewis failed to do the right
thing! Not only did she let Evans and Bonds down. She let down the
African American Community! Failed Black Leadership is a huge problem
within the African American Community. We must have leadership we can
depend on in critical times and if we cannot depend on that leadership,
then that leadership need to be removed!
African Americans pay taxes no differently then White People green is
green. However you have individuals in authority who are White belive.
If you are not White it does not matter how much money you have, your
money is no good to them ,which is call White Privilege. One would
think Des Moines, Iowa is above this type of thinking. However you
have individuals in Des Moines who believe Slavery should be
reinstated. Des Moines has a very long way to go in regards to Race
Whatâ s the Difference between a Terrorist and Des Moines Police Dept?
One is legal and one Illegal!
Les Cason Jr
I will be talking about this topic on Des Moines Amplified on Saturday
December 18th from 11am to 12pm!
www.dmamplified.com show 360