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Since 1883
Volume 138 Issue 5 Friday, April 10, 2020 www.minnedosatribune.com 90 cents plus tax

Over 200 COVID-19 New Life on The Farm

Cases in Manitoba
By KAREN MITCHELL also indicate that there are 12 COVID-19
patients hospitalized and 21 people have

D aily announcements, statistics and

direction continue to flow in regard-
ing the COVID-19 pandemic. Just when
recovered from COVID-19.
In Canada, as of Tuesday, there were
over 17,800 cases and 380 deaths. World-
we may feel we have a small grasp on wide the total number of confirmed CO-
what is occurring around us, things take VID-19 cases came in at over 1.4 million
a sharp turn and we are inundated with with more than 83,000 deaths and more
even more procedures, rules and num- than 300,000 reported recoveries.
bers. However daunting and overwhelm- Manitobans Public Health Officials
ing this new “normal” is for everyone, the are continuing to remind us to stay home. 
reality is that this is real and important While many families get together for
and should be taken seriously. Easter or Passover celebrations, people
As of Tuesday April 7th, the total should not let their guard down by gath-
number of lab-confirmed positive and ering this year.  We must also maintain
probable positive cases in Manitoba to- social distancing which means keeping at
talled 217. Of these cases, the health re- least two meters or six feet space between
gions they are located in include 11 in you and others. Only attend businesses
Prairie Mountain, 11 in Interlake-Eastern, for essential business such as grocery
three in Northern, 23 in Southern and 169 shopping or picking up needed medica-
in Winnipeg. The total number of CO- tion/prescriptions, etc.
VID-19 related deaths in the province has
increased to three. Provincial statistics Continued on Page 3

Town Wish List Shows Investment

of $3.3 Million in Next Five Years
By KAREN MITCHELL “The emphasis is on infrastruc-
ture,” explained Chris Yuen, Assistant

T he proposed 2020 financial plan

for the Town of Minnedosa is once
again in play, and includes the Town’s
CAO for the Town of Minnedosa. “We
are constantly analyzing the needs on
an annual basis and we also look at
wish list for the next five years. Each how best to provide those services that
year, the Town constructs a list of proj- the citizens require and need. That has Photo by Nancy Miller
ects and purchases they hope to com- been a huge focus on what we do. We
Our farming community is still hard at work during calving time.
plete within the time frame but these try to do it in the most cost-efficient
are not guaranteed or set in stone. With manner, giving the tax payers the most It’s so nice to see the little ones playing and running, it almost makes
many factors in play such as weather value for their money.” a person forget about this pandemic. Join us by thanking a farmer
conditions, financial changes and un- for keeping strong and carrying on.
expected delays, the projects are only Continued on Page 2
completed if and when possible.
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