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Hello my name Yolana Malya Tami my number student is eighteen thousand two hundred

twenty six (1800023226) from fourth grade C and my program study is pharmacy

In this video I will choose the difficult and the easies matery from this semester

And my choice is for the difficult is endocrine system and for the easies is nails

Now lets talk about the difficult first

The endocrine system is basically have the same as nervous system which kind of it, but there is
different between this two. So we have to understand both of endocrine and nervous system, and
we talk about glands we cant see and feel it and plus spread in all of our body. And each
endocrine and nervous have different prosses different components even different place. So its
hard to remember all of this

For example hormone of endocrine system spread more slowly but their effect last longer. And
the nervous system nerve impuls are scented very fast and the effect don’t last very long often
than a second

The endocrine system have so many glands in our body and each of the glands have different
place and function in our body.

For example pituitary gland which is master gland it produces multiple different hormones, some
of it which directy tell the body what to do, some of it tell the other glands to release their own
hormones and many more. And the function will different if we talk about thyroif glands, adrenal
glands, and many more.

We have to know and understand many of glands its really make me confuse and even angry
cause some of it have the opposite function like if we have many glycogen the insulin will
decrease and the opposite of it.

Now lets talk about the easies , it make me really embarrassed cause some of people will find it

The easiest matery for me is nails. Because I really love to clean, take care my nails, and even
when I cut my nails I really enjoy shape my nails beautyfully. And fun fact why im choose nails
disamping anatomy phsyology we can easy see and not complicated.
I really enjoy and love to watch video about ingrown toenails. When other people disgust and
might be disturb or the worse is vomiting I find it really fascinating. And I think its because I
ever experienced when I was child. One day my ingrown toenails getting worse and when I
touch it its really hurts even im touch it very slowly and smoothly its really hurts and when I
accidentally pump it into something hard don’t ask me about the painful.

I watching the video since im in vocation high school and back then I ever have a dreamed and
have the clinic and keep removing ingrown toenails in my clinic. It’s the most ridiculous dream I
ever had.

And it’s the last reason , when I have part time job in some drugs store there is the old lady come
to our drugs store and showing us about his nails condition. And you know it what the nails all
covered by the fungi and the color of her changes into yellow color. When my friend and my
pharmacist disgust about it. I find it really fascinating its really weird I don’t understand to why
im not disgust of it even I always disgust when I have to come in dirty closet and some of it.

That’s my choice for the difficult and the easies topic in this semester. Sorry if I use wrong
grammar and my some of my pronouncation is wrong. I will keep learning.