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List of exercises from: The Nature of Personal Reality – A Seth Book by Jane Roberts

Basic Concepts: 1. You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.
2. You make your own reality.
3. The present is the point of power.
4. The self is not limited. There are no boundaries or separations of the self.

Page Numbers Exercise Topics

Bantam Amber-Allen
edition edition .

12,13,21,22 11,12,20,21 sensing our feeling-tones within

22 21 experiencing our feeling-tones radiating out from us

25 24 listing our beliefs as we become aware of them

47,48 45,46 further work with beliefs

64,65 62,63 emotions/imagination/belief: altering beliefs

75,76 72,73 changing beliefs and the separation of self from beliefs

92-94 89-91 beliefs, physical (health) problems, inner sounds and OMing

132 127 using dreams to solve problems and provide direction

159,161,162 152,154,155 natural guilt and realizing natural grace

166,167 158,159 consciousness growth and conscious direction of energy to heal and

195,196 187,188 dreams as connectors between interior and exterior universes; problem-
solving with dreams; natural healing methods

200,201 191,192 creation of the body and dream therapy

207,208 199,200 knowing beliefs and understanding emotions; the intent to know yourself

216,218 207-209 experiencing emotions leading to beliefs; love/aggression/creativity

220-225 211-216 examining beliefs and flowing with feelings; resolution of fears; problems
contain their own solutions; getting at conscious beliefs

227-229 218-220 conflicting beliefs, core beliefs, invisible beliefs, bridge beliefs; emotional
reality and revelation; self-suggestion

269-277 259-267 connecting sleeping and waking states of consciousness through

abbreviated sleeping program will help understand your reality of being
and help break down beliefs that cause personal and social division

292,293 282,283 developing latent abililities; changing the past through the present

298,299 287,288 enlarging conscious beliefs to actualize probable selves

302,303,307 291,292,296 bringing about other probabilities; the present is the point of power
308-311 296-300 negativity and altering beliefs; repatterning the past from the present, act-
ing upon new beliefs; using “the present is the point of power” to focus on
what you want

315-317 304-306 hypnosis and changing beliefs

321,323 309,311 using natural hypnosis to accept desired new beliefs

327,328 315,316 realizing you are the hypnotist; altering old beliefs

335 322 emphasizing positive aspects

356,357 343,344 using the point of power and natural hypnosis consciously and under-
standing how they are to be used; attention to your own stream of
consciousness; working from your own reality

387 374 reincarnational selves and the point of power

396-399 383-386 imagination and working-out problems; answers lie within your own aspira-
tions and abilities; using the belief in effective change; drawing multi-
dimensional knowledge to you; creatively altering probabilities

409 395 suggesting solutions to problems be given in dreams and using dream
knowledge more and opening doors to more creativity

413,414 399,400 beliefs about the dream condition; making reconciliations in dreams;
requesting answers to problems; belief in the value of dreams

443,444 427,428 using your conscious mind and its logic; feelings about yourself; listing
your abilities and accomplishments; dealing with inferiority moods;
your life is important; allowing yourself to be more and more aware of
your beliefs

448,449 432,433 affirm the basic grace of your being; love yourself; incidents associated
with guilt; trust yourself

452,453 436,437 my life is mine and I form it; speak your names; honor yourselves