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Renault KOLEOS
Accessories Range
Take care
of yourself!
Make everyday life easier, take full
advantage of every moment and live
with complete peace of mind.
Renault accessories, specifically designed
for your Renault, make every journey
simply unique. More innovative, safer and
more intuitive, they are there to help you.
Prepare yourself for some memorable
01 Powerful, refined design
Wheel rims
p. 6
p. 7
Exterior p. 8

02 Everyday protection
Bodywork protection
p. 12
p. 12
On-board experience p. 13
Boot fittings p. 14
Mats p. 16

Carry more, more effectively

03 Towing
Roof storage
p. 20
p. 21

04 Multimedia experience
p. 24
p. 24
Audio p. 25

Peace of mind
05 Driving assistance
Anti-theft and surveillance
p. 28
p. 28
Child safety p. 29
Chains p. 29

Complete list of accessories p. 32

01 Powerful,
refined design
Customize your vehicle's appearance to suit
you, for added originality.
Your vehicle will reveal your true personality.
Make your Koleos unique to suit your own style.

Powerful, refined design

01 Door sills - Koleos 02 Illuminated door sills -
Stylishly customise and protect your vehicle’s Renault
doors. The special Koleos brushed aluminium
finish adds a touch of originality. Elegance and modernity every time you open a
Set of four sills (front and rear). door. White time-delayed lighting on your sills
82 01 665 638 draws attention during the day and at night.
01 Their stainless steel finish with the Renault logo
also protects your vehicle’s doors.
Set of four sills (front and rear).
82 01 665 635

03 Boot sill - Stainless steel

Cover and protect the rear bumper with
an attractive, made-to-measure accessory.
Made of polished stainless steel and
embossed, it adds a designer touch to

WIP the rear of your vehicle.

82 01 665 650

03 02

Wheel rims
Assert your personality
with the exclusive range
of Renault wheel rims.
For a sophisticated look and
safety without compromise.

01 17" Esqis alloy wheel rims

Colour: Silver grey.
Tyre: 225/65R17 102H.
40 30 040 69R (wheel rim)
40 31 507 09R (centre cap)

02 18" Argonaute alloy wheel rims

Colour: Silver grey and Erbé grey two-tone.
Tyre: 225/60R18 100H.
40 30 073 71R (wheel rim)
40 31 507 09R (centre cap)

03 19" Jaipur alloy wheel rims

Colour: Dark silver diamond cut.
Tyre: 225/55R19 99V.
82 01 539 754 (wheel rim with centre cap)

04 19" Proteus alloy wheel rim

Colour: Silver grey and Erbé grey two-tone.
Tyre: 225/55R19 99V.
40 30 003 82R (wheel rim)
40 31 507 09R (centre cap) 01 02 03 04

Powerful, refined design


01 Hands-free card case - Renault

A touch of originality in your pocket giving a unique look to your
hands-free card.
Live the Renault experience through and through!
Several case colours available: glossy white, glossy black, light grey.
77 11 780 549 (Glossy black)
77 11 780 545 (Light grey)
28 5C 759 40R (Glossy white)


02 Side steps
Dare to be different and treat yourself to
an adventurer style. They are practical,
making access to your vehicle and its roof
easier. They also protect the bodywork
from small daily impacts.
The pack contains two side steps for
the left and right-hand sides.
82 01 665 628

03 Door mirror shells -

Add a touch of style and personality
to your vehicle. Gain elegance with
the chrome-plated finish.
82 01 668 740

04 Shark aerial
Add a touch of sporty elegance with
this aerial perfectly integrated into the line
of your vehicle.
02 03 04
82 01 684 054

02 Everyday
Get away from it all while treating yourself
to unequalled durability.
Renault accessories are attractive,
functional and perfectly adapted to the
passenger compartment of your Renault.
Driving has never been such a pleasure...
thanks Koleos!

Everyday protection

protection Glazing
01 Stylish mudguards 02 Air deflectors - Tinted

WIP Effectively protect the underbody of your

vehicle from water splashes, mud splatters
and flying gravel. Made-to-measure,
they perfectly complement the design
Drive in total comfort, with the windows
part way down, avoiding air turbulence
and draughts. Decorative and made-to-
measure, they are resistant to car-wash
of your vehicle. rollers and bad weather.
Set of two mudguards (right and left). Set of six deflectors (front and rear).
Available for the front and rear. Also available with chrome finish.
82 01 665 625 (Front) 82 01 665 630
82 01 665 626 (Rear)

01 02
03 Tinted films - Rear
Give yourself more comfort, safety
and aesthetics!
These top-of-the-range films protect you
from prying eyes and the sun. They help
you keep the passenger compartment
cooler and protect the original colours of
your interior. They reinforce the windows,
prevent them from shattering and stall
Set of five films to fit the rear side
windows and the rear screen.
Reference tbc


04 Sun visor 05 Hanger on headrest - Chrome
Concealing, they improve your daily Very useful for hanging garments on the back
comfort inside the vehicle and they of the front seat.
guarantee your optimum protection Removable and easy to install, it soon becomes
against the sun’s rays. an everyday essential. Its chrome finish makes it
Easy to install and remove. both elegant and aesthetic.
The pack contains two or five blinds for 77 11 578 137
the rear side windows or all of the
rear windows including the rear screen.
Reference tbc (Complete pack)
Reference tbc (Rear windows pack)


Everyday protection

Boot fittings
01 Boot liner
Ideal for transporting a range of products,

WIP particularly soiling items.

Effectively protects the original carpet, perfectly
adapted to the shape of the boot in your vehicle.
Practical, the semi-rigid material and high edges
makes it easy to install and clean.
82 01 665 647

02 Storage nets
Ideal for arranging the interior of your boot.
Adapted to your vehicle's dimensions, they ensure
that items are safely held in place as you travel.
01 Available in horizontal and vertical versions.
77 11 422 533 (Horizontal)
82 01 568 849 (Vertical)

02 02

03 Boot organiser
Divide the boot of your vehicle
into sections to make it easier
to organise and secure objects
in place during your journeys.
Removable and easy to install,
it adapts to objects of different
sizes thanks to its divider and the
strap that slides on the rails. 03
Reference tbc


04 Modular boot
protection - EasyFlex
Non-slip and waterproof, it is
essential for protecting the boot of
your vehicle and transporting bulky
and dirty items! It folds and unfolds
very easily, adapting to the position
of the rear seats. Once completely
unfolded, it covers the entire loading
space. Versatile and practical, for daily
use and for leisure activities.
82 01 668 621


Everyday protection

Floor mats
Add a touch of additional protection to your vehicle.
Custom-fit and personalised, they guarantee the highest
level of quality, safety and durability.
The floor mats are quick to fit thanks to the security clips.
Each pack contains four mats, providing full protection
for the floor of the passenger compartment.
And to protect your boot over time, opt for the reversible
boot mat.
01 Boot mat - Reversible 02 Premium textile mats
Superior quality, easy to maintain and Quality floor mats, easy to clean and maintain.
practical, it becomes an everyday essential. 74 90 015 58R
Reversible, textile and rubber, it is suitable
for any type of use.
82 01 665 646
03 Rubber floor mat
with raised edges
Waterproof and easy to maintain, they ensure
full protection for the floor of the passenger
82 01 665 641 (Front and rear)


02 03

03 Carry more,
more effectively
Live your passions to the full!
Ever quicker to install and easier to use, Koleos
accessories meet advanced safety requirements.
They are both simple and ingenious.
With Renault, you can take everything you want,
wherever you want and travel in total freedom.

Carry more, more effectively

01 02

01 Tool-free removable towbar pack

Essential for safe towing or transportation of your
equipment – e.g. bicycle rack, trailer, boat, caravan,
or professional gear. Official Renault equipment –
for perfect compatibility with your vehicle. Thanks to
its ball joint that can be easily removed without tools,
the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle is maintained.
Recommended for frequent use.
The pack contains a complete towbar kit (cross member,
attachment kit with removable ball joint) and a harness.
77 11 782 182 (13 pin)
77 11 782 181 (7 pin)

02 Bicycle rack on towbar

Whether alone or with several people in the car, take
your bikes with you everywhere, quickly, simply and
safely! Attaches quickly to a towbar, without any
adjustment; this is the safest and most practical way
of transporting up to three bikes. Foldable and tiltable,
it always leaves the boot accessible, even when the
bikes are installed on the bicycle rack.
Several models available depending on your needs.
77 11 780 885 (Coach - 3 bikes)

Roof storage

01 QuickFix roof bars

Aluminium - On longitudinal bars
The innovative QuickFix system makes it quick and easy to
install without tools. Ideal for transporting a bicycle rack,
ski rack or roof locker and increasing the vehicle's loading
capacity. This official Renault equipment meets advanced
safety and resistance requirements.
Set of two bars with anti-theft protection.
82 01 622 100
01 02

02 Rigid roof locker - Renault

Increase the loading volume of your vehicle and travel
without compromise!
Practical, robust and attractive – all the qualities you
need. Secured with a lock in order to protect your
possessions inside.
Colour: Glossy black.
Different sizes available depending on your needs.
77 11 575 526 (630 l)
77 11 575 525 (480 l)
77 11 575 524 (380 l)

03 Ski rack
No matter how you get there or what equipment you are
taking, you can carry your boards
and skis in complete safety on the roof of your vehicle.
Easy to assemble, load and unload, whatever the
Several models available depending on your needs.
77 11 420 779 (6 pairs/4 snowboards)

04 Multimedia
Enjoy more sensations on board with
high-performance multimedia solutions.
To make every journey memorable.

Multimedia experience

Telephony Video
01 Portable smartphone holder - 02 Tablet holder (7-10”)
Vent-mounted - Magnetic Enjoyment and entertainment during long
journeys! Easily attached to the headrest,
Make full use of your smartphone in full safety it allows rear passengers to view video content
while driving. comfortably on a touchscreen tablet.
Small and discreet, the holder matches the design
of your vehicle. Its magnetic system allows you to 77 11 574 991
easily attach your smartphone to your vehicle’s vents.
Removable, for easy transportation between vehicles.
77 11 782 048


01 Focal Music Premium 8.1
speaker pack
On-board high fidelity and premium hi-fi sound!
This eight-speaker pack with subwoofer and
a total power of 400 W is the standard for
on-board audio systems. Detail, clarity and
power... add rhythm to your journeys and
experience maximum listening pleasure!
The pack contains two front speakers, four rear
speakers, two tweeter speakers, one subwoofer
and one remote control.
77 11 579 699

05 Peace
of mind
Care-free travel anywhere.
Hard-wearing and easy to use,
the accessories specifically designed
by Renault for your Koleos guarantee
peace-of-mind in any conditions.

Peace of mind

and surveillance
01 Alarm
Essential for your security and peace of mind, it
effectively reduces the risk of theft of the vehicle and
items in the passenger compartment. With perimeter
and volume protection, it detects any attempts to
open or break into the vehicle, and any movement
in the loading area. In addition, the anti-lift module
sends an alert if your vehicle is moved.
82 01 646 306

02 Road Eyes video black box

Essential for your safety and peace of mind on the
road. This automatic and autonomous on-board
Driving assistance
recording system remembers where you were at
what time. It acts as an objective eye-witness to
road incidents, to ensure a favourable outcome
during a dispute. 03 Parking sensors
The pack includes a 2.5" screen, a Full HD camera
and a GPS tracker chip. Essential for peace of mind when travelling.
01 Using its four fully integrated sensors, the system
77 11 577 533 detects any obstacles in front of and/or behind
the vehicle. You are alerted by an audible warning
that can also be deactivated.
Available for the front and rear.
82 01 537 464 (Front)
82 01 537 455 (Rear)

04 Rear view camera

Make your manoeuvres more comfortable!
In reverse gear, view the area behind your vehicle
on the navigation screen. The guide lines,
superimposed on the image, help you to assess
the distances from obstacles and anticipate
the trajectory.
03 02 04
82 01 653 722

Child safety
01 Isofix Duoplus child seat
Essential for guaranteeing optimum protection and safety
of children from nine months to four years old during your
journeys. Very comfortable, it can be adjusted to three
positions including a sleeping position. Isofix attachment
system for quick and easy installation and maximum safety
for your children.
77 11 423 381

02 Premium Grip snow chains
In the winter, be well-equipped with chains so you can drive
easily on snow! They ensure maximum safety and optimise
road-holding in the most difficult winter conditions (snow and
ice). Quick and easy to install with intuitive, auto-adjusting
assembly and a compact size. All you need for a considerable
improvement in driving comfort!
Set of two chains.
77 11 780 261
(Sizes R17, R18 and R19)

02 01

Complete list of accessories
DESIGN On-board experience
7711578137 Hanger on headrest - Chrome page 13
Interior 8201375535 Smoker's kit (ashtray + cigar lighter) -
8201665650 Boot sill - Stainless steel page 6
8201665635 Illuminated door sills - Renault - Front and rear - Stainless steel page 6 Boot layout
8201665638 Door sills - Koleos - Front and rear - Brushed aluminium page 6 8201665647 Boot liner page 14
8201688974 Door sills - Koleos - Front - Black - 7711422533 Storage net - Horizontal page 14
8201568849 Storage net - Vertical page 14
Wheel rims Coming soon Boot organiser page 15
403004069R 17” Esquis alloy wheel rims - Silver grey page 7 Coming soon Partition grille -
403007371R 18” Argonaute alloy wheel rims - Silver grey and Erbé grey two-tone page 7 8201668621 Modular boot protection - EasyFlex page 15
403006399R 18” Taranis alloy wheel rims - Silver grey - 8201665646 Reversible boot mat page 16
8201452099 19” Cusco alloy wheel rims - Matt black diamond cut -
8201539754 19” Jaipur alloy wheel rims - Dark silver diamond cut page 7 Mats
403000382R 19” Proteus alloy wheel rims - Silver grey and Erbé grey two-tone page 7 8201665641 Rubber floor mats with raised edges - Front and rear (set of 4) page 16
8201130909 Anti-theft system - Alloy wheel rims - 4 bolts - 749001558R Textile floor mats - Premium - Front and rear (set of 4) page 16
403150709R Renault centre cap - Dark grey with chrome surround page 7
403155931R Renault centre cap - Erbé grey -
403152085R Renault centre cap - Black with chrome surround -
403154214R Renault centre cap - Glossy black - TRANSPORT
Exterior Towing
8201668740 Chrome door mirror shells page 9 7711782182 Tool-free removable towbar pack - 13 pin page 20
8201665628 Side steps (left and right) page 9 7711782181 Tool-free removable towbar pack - 7 pin page 20
7711780549 Renault hands-free card case - Glossy black page 8 8201604321 Tool-free removable towbar - Cross member and attachment kit -
7711780545 Renault hands-free card case - Light grey page 8 8201667175 Tool-free removable towbar harness - 7 pin -
285C75940R Renault hands-free card case - Glossy white page 8 8201666347 Tool-free removable towbar harness - 13 pin -
8201684054 Shark fin aerial - Metallic black* page 9 7711780884 Coach bicycle rack on towbar - 2 bikes -
Coming soon Exterior welcome lighting - 7711780885 Coach bicycle rack on towbar - 3 bikes page 20
7711780886 Coach bicycle rack - Extension for 3+1 bikes -
7711577333 Europower 915 electric bicycle rack on towbar - 2 bikes -


8201622100 QuickFix roof bars - Aluminium - For longitudinal bars page 21
Bodywork protection 7711578086 Modular roof locker - Urban Loader - Adjustable 300-500 l - Grey -
Coming soon Front or rear mudguards - 7711575524 Rigid roof locker - Renault - 380 l - Glossy black page 21
8201665626 Stylish mudguards - Rear page 12 7711575525 Rigid roof locker - Renault - 480 l - Glossy black page 21
8201665625 Stylish mudguards - Front page 12 7711575526 Rigid roof locker - Renault - 630 l - Glossy black page 21
7711574925 Clean box (3 cleaning products, 1 polishing product and 2 microfibre cloths) - 7711577325 Proride 80 bicycle rack - For roof bars - 1 bike -
7711420778 Ski rack - 4 pairs / 2 snowboards -
Glazing 7711420779 Ski rack - 6 pairs / 4 snowboards page 21
8201666921 Wind deflectors - Front - Light acrylic - 7711420780 Sliding ski rack - THULE Xtender - 6 pairs -
8201665631 Wind deflectors - Front and rear - Chrome -
8201665630 Wind deflectors - Front and rear - Tinted page 12
Coming soon Safety films - Rear -
Coming soon Safety films - Front -
Coming soon Tinted films - Rear page 12
Coming soon Sun visor - Full pack page 13
Coming soon Sun visor - Rear windows pack -

* Also ready to paint in the colour of your choice.

Telephony Miniatures
7711780872 Portable smartphone holder - With suction cup - Coming soon New Renault Koleos miniature - 1/43 - Premium quality -
7711780873 Portable smartphone holder - Vent-mounted - 7711780366 New Renault Koleos miniature - 1/43 - Standard quality -
7711782048 Portable smartphone holder - Vent-mounted - Magnetic page 24

7711574991 Tablet holder (7-10”) page 24

7711579699 Focal Music Premium 8.1 speaker pack (2 tweeters, 2 front, 4 rear, 1 subwoofer) page 25
7711579537 Focal Music Premium 6.1 speaker pack (2 tweeters, 2 front, 2 rear, 1 subwoofer) -
7711575880 Focal Music Drive speaker pack -
7711578132 Focal Music Live speaker pack -

Driving assistance
8201537464 Parking sensors - Front page 28
8201537455 Parking sensors - Rear page 28
8201653722 Rear view camera page 28

Anti-theft and surveillance

8201646306 Alarm - Perimeter and volumetric with anti-lift system page 28
7711577533 Road Eyes video black box page 28

Child safety
7711427434 Babysafe Plus baby carrier - Group 0+ -
7711423381 Isofix Duoplus child seat - Group 1 page 29
7711427427 Child seat Isofix base for Babysafe Plus baby carrier -
7711422951 Isofix Kidfix child seat - Group 2-3 -
7711423382 Kidplus child seat - Group 2-3 -

7711780261 Premium Grip snow chains - Sizes R17, R18 and R19 page 29
Coming soon Standard snow chains - 12 mm -

Emergency and signalling

7711419386 1 kg fire extinguisher -
8201665649 Fire extinguisher binding -
7711780759 Safety kit (vest, warning triangle, first aid kit) -

Extend the Renault Koleos experience
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Every precaution was taken to ensure accurate, up-to-date content at the time of publication. This document was created using pre-production and prototype models. As part of its continuous product improvement policy, Renault reserves
the right to modify at any time, the specifications, vehicles and accessories described and shown. Renault dealers are notified of such modifications as quickly as possible. Depending on the country of sale, certain versions may differ and
certain equipment may be unavailable (as standard, on option or as an accessory). Please contact your local dealer for the most up-to-date information. For technical printing reasons, the colours featured in this document may differ
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