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Lean Startup Management


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Prof:Aravind Raj S

Name Registration Number

Chetan Raj 17BIT0091
Shivani Sharma 17BIT0383
Gautam Batra 17BIT0291
Shivam Hota 17BEE0356
Anubhaa Singh 17BEC0721
Yuvraj Singh 17BCL0269
Harshit Tiwary 17BEC0525
Lock and Roll: U Lock Smart
License form:


This is a registration available for entrepreneurs who want to start and operate a small business –
micro, small and medium enterprises. The eligibility criteria for obtaining Udyog Aadhaar
registration is based on the investment in plant & machinery made by a manufacturing concern or
investment in equipment made by a service provider. Once, Udyog Aadhaar registration is
obtained for a business, it can enjoy various subsidies and schemes specially provided by the
Government for helping small businesses in India.
Following different permits owners need for their new

Sales Tax License

Any homebased business selling taxable goods and services must pay sales taxes on what it sells.
The definition of a taxable service varies from state to state. Depending on individual state rulings,
both the parts and labor portions of our bill may be taxable. Sales taxes vary by state and are
imposed at the retail level. It's important to know the rules in the states and localities where you
operate your business because if you're a retailer, you must collect state sales tax on each sale you

Health Department Permits

This ensures heath related sheets and other required affidavit to ensure health safety and food
requirements for labors and employees. Health department also inspect the facilities before issuing
the permit.

Federal Licenses
A few types of businesses do require federal licensing, including meat processors, vehicle, radio
and TV stations, and investment advisory services. The Federal Trade Commission can tell you if
your business requires a federal license.

State Licenses
In many states, people in certain occupations must have licenses or occupational permits. Often,
they have to pass state examinations before they can get these permits and conduct business. States
usually require licensing for auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building contractors,
collection agents, insurance agents, real estate brokers, repossesses, and anyone who provides
personal services (i.e., barbers, cosmetologists, doctors and nurses). Contact your state government
offices to get a complete list of occupations that require licensing.

County Permits
County governments often require essentially the same types of permits and licenses as cities. If
your business is outside any city or town's jurisdiction, these permits apply to you. The good news:
County regulations are usually not as strict as those of adjoining cities.

Sign Permit
Some cities and suburbs have sign ordinances that restrict the size, location and sometimes the
lighting and type of sign you can use outside your business. To avoid costly mistakes, check
regulations and secure the written approval of your landlord (if you rent a house or apartment)
before you go to the expense of having a sign designed and installed.
Air and Water Pollution Control Permit
Many cities now have departments that work to control air and water pollution. If you burn any
materials, discharge anything into the sewers or waterways, or use products that produce gas (such
as paint sprayers), you may have to get a special permit from this department in your city or
county. Environmental protection regulations may also require you to get approval before doing
any construction or beginning operation. Check with your state environmental protection agency
regarding federal or state regulations that may apply to your business.

Fire Department Permit

We may need to get a permit from our fire department if our business uses any flammable
materials or if our premises will be open to the public. In some cities, we have to get this permit
before we open for business. Other areas don't require permits but simply schedule periodic
inspections of our business to see if we meet fire safety regulations. If you don't, they'll issue a
citation. Businesses such as restaurants, retirement homes, day-care centers and anywhere else that
lots of people congregate are subject to especially close and frequent scrutiny by the fire

Professional licenses
All states license professionals and those who work in personal services, like nail technicians,
cosmetologists, and massage therapists.

Building and Zoning Permits

Whether you are buying an existing building or building your own, you should check on your city's
requirements for building and zoning. Zoning regulates the usage of land.For changes to a building
or a new building, you will need a permit that allows construction to begin and an occupancy
permit that allows you to take possession of the building. Your contractor should be able to help
with these permits.You may also need to deal with zoning restrictions if you want to change from
one type to another. For a home business or a business in an area previously not zoned for your
type of business, you may need to request a zoning change, called a zoning variance.

No Objection Certificate (NOC): FORMAT

Format for obtaining No Objection certificate from the land owner for making application
for CNG Dealership & setting up CNG Station on the Land in case of lease land.


Office of Managing Director

Godavari Gas (P) Ltd.,
C/o Andhra Pradesh Gas Distribution Corporation Ltd.
D. No: 13-1-51, 2nd floor,
Main Road, Above Oriental Bank of commerce,
Suryarao Peta, Kakinada – 533003 (A.P.)
Tel: 0884–2333401

I/We, ______(Landlord) S/O/W/O Sh. ________ is the owner of the land situated at
(address of land). The details of the said parcel of land are given below:
(i) Khata Number

(ii) Area of the plot (In Sq mtrs)

(iii) Zone

(iv) Details of the surroundings:

(Indicate approx. distance between the surroundings and plot boundary)

East: West:

South: North:

I/We do hereby declare and confirm that I have leased the said property to _________ (Name of
Applicant) for __________________________ from the period starting from ________ (Date).
Further, the lease period of the said property shall be _________years and which shall be extended
subject to the mutual consent of both the parties.
i. It is hereby solemnly affirmed that I/we have no objection and convey my/our consent to -
_________________ (name of the lease holder) for making application for dealership of
CNG Station and for offering the above mentioned land for setting up CNG station of
Godavari Gas (P) Ltd.
ii. I/We have no objection if the above mentioned land is being used for setting-up CNG
station by Godavari Gas (P) Ltd in case -------------------------- (name of the lease holder)
has been selected by Godavari Gas (P) Ltd for dealership of CNG Station.
iii. I/We have no objection and convey my/ our consent to ________________________
(name of lease holder) for making application for seeking such permissions/ approvals/
clearances from various Government Agencies/ Departments which may be required for
setting up and operating a CNG Station in the above mentioned land.
iv. I/We hereby declare that I have no personal/ business relationship what so ever with
Godavari Gas (P) Ltd or any of its employees.
v. I/We further acknowledge that by offering the said site on lease to the Applicant I shall not
be having any business relationships with Godavari Gas (P) Ltd and that we are not eligible
for any payments, remunerations, reimbursements, compensation, rentals etc from
Godavari Gas (P) Ltd for any purpose or reason whatsoever.
I hereby declare that I have given this No Objection Certificate with my free consent.

(Owner Name)
Address: __________,
Date: ___________
Place: __________

Organizational hierarchy: Functional Organization Structure

Here the organization is divided into a number of functions such as finance, production, sales,
personnel and research and development.

Head Office: Where CEO or owner sits and analyses the work of the subordinates. And all the
report gets listed there.

Production: Production team deals with the product and output work. Mainly contains of labors
that produce the materials.

Marketing: All the marketing and publicity work comes under this section. Also comprises of
editorial team.

Finance: This section deals with money. Profit – loss, expenses, etc.

Personnel: Public relation officer and HR works here that deals with internal and external issues.
Research and Development: Does continuous research work on developing new products.

Sales plan for products and services:

A sales plan lays out your objectives, high-level tactics, target audience, and potential obstacles.
It’s like a traditional business plan but focuses specifically on your sales strategy. A business plan
lays out your goals.
The following section is being included in a sales plan:

1. Mission and Background

2. Team
3. Target Market
4. Tools, Software, and Resources
5. Positioning
6. Marketing Strategy
7. Prospecting Strategy
8. Action Plan
9. Goals
10. Budget
Mission and background:
Begin your sales plan by stating our company mission and vision statements. And write up a brief
history of the business -- this will provide background information as the plan drills down into
more specific details.

Next, describe who is on your team and what their roles are. Perhaps you manage five salespeople
and work closely with a sales enablement professional and a sales ops specialist.
If you're planning on adding headcount, include the number of employees, their job titles, and
when you're planning to bring them on the team.

Target Market
Whether you're writing your first sales plan or your fifteenth, knowing your target demographic is
crucial. What do your best customers look like? Do they all belong to a specific industry? Exceed a
certain size? Struggle with the same challenge?Keep in mind you might have different buyer
personas for different products. For example, HubSpot salespeople might primarily sell marketing
software to CMOs and sales software to sales directors.This section of your sales plan can also
change dramatically over time as your solution and strategy evolves and you find product-market
fit. In the very beginning, when your product was in its infancy and your prices were low, you may
have found success selling to startups. Now that the product is far more robust and you've raised
the price, mid-market companies are likely a better fit. That's why it's important to consistently
review and update your personas.

Tools, Software, and Resources

This is where you'll lay out which tools your salespeople should use to succeed in their jobs (e.g.,
training, documentation, sales enablement tools, etc.).
Now, name your competitors. Explain how your products compare, where theirs are stronger
than yours, and vice versa. In addition, discuss their pricing versus yours.You should also
discuss market trends. If you're a SaaS company, you should note vertical-specific software is
becoming more popular. If you sell ads, mention the rise in programmatic mobile advertising.
Try to predict how these changes will influence your business.
Marketing Strategy
In this section, describe your pricing and any promotions you're planning on running. What key
actions will you take to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Note the impact on sales .
Prospecting Strategy
How will your sales team qualify the leads that are generated by your marketing strategy? Don't
forget to include the criteria prospects should meet before sales reps reach out.And identify which
inbound and outbound sales methods your team will use to close more deals.

Action Plan
Once you've outlined where you want to go, you must figure out how you'll get there. This section
summarizes your game plan for hitting your revenue targets.

We can set annually goals based on revenue. Or have volume goals of having an increase in certain
amount of customers or sales. Making sure that the objective is realistic. Factors such as prices,
resources or total addressable market (TAM) can also be considered.

Describing costs of associates hitting your target or sales goals. This usually includes:
 Pay
 Sales tools and resources
 Sales training
 Contest prizes
 Team bonding activities
 Travel costs
 Food

Item Price
Arduino Uno Rs. 345
Servo Motor Rs.125
GPS Module Rs.575
Bluetooth Module Rs.240
Battery Rs.20
Android Application Rs.50