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Pattern of Before Hospitalization During Hospitalization Analysis/

Functionin Interpretation
Health Whenever the patient gets Her family considered her The patient
Perception sick, she seeks medical not healthy due to her cannot function
- Health attention every 6 months condition. She was normally like
Manageme since year 1991 at capitol diagnosed with Acute before due to
nt medical center, though she Respiratory Failure and her
is a doctor she wouldn’t other complications were confinement.
want to rely with her noted. She was bed ridden
equipped knowledge in since August for more than Data collection
medicating herself. a month since her is focused on
admission; she was also the person's
given medications for her perceived level
present condition. Doctor of health and
Chavez has no clear well-being, and
evidence of what caused on practices for
the drastic effect of her maintaining
illness still the health care health.
team is doing their work as
medical care givers.
Nutritional Patient drinks 8 to 10 Patient is with Silicon NGT There were
- Metabolic glasses a day. She is a non and is on Osteurized changes in the
Manageme alcoholic drinker. She is not feeding of 200cc every four patient’s
nt picky in terms of food and hours with 60cc flush of nutritional
eats meat and vegetables Wilkins distilled water. metabolic
nothing in particular. pattern due to
her condition.

Food belongs
to individual’s
According to
Maslow each
and everyone
of us must
have at least
three times of
meal a day
lunch and
should be
taken to have a
healthy and
body. Water
also belongs to
therefore an
consume at
least 8 glasses
of water a day.
Elimination Bowel: Bowel: There were
Pattern Patient defecates one to Patient was with diaper on changes in
two times a day with a and she has irregular bowel patient’s bowel
consistency of semi-formed movement with greenish to elimination, it
stools without experiencing black stools and mushy in became
discomforts. Brown in color texture. irregular. She
and shape is cylindrical has a foley
catheter on
Bladder: Bladder: because she
Patient voids usually 6-8 Patient is inserted with a was already
times a day without noted foley catheter and urinates bed ridden.
discomforts. The urine’s for less than 500 ml a day.
color is yellowish with Elimination
aromatic scent. according to
hierarchy of
needs is a
need thereby a
deviation must
be noted to
alteration in
the physiology.
Normal bowel
according to a
study is 3times
a day to a
minimum of
3times/week of
Activity, Her activities of daily living The patient doesn’t have There is an
Leisure are eating watching TV any activities because she obvious change
and walking inside her house was already bed ridden. in the activity,
Recreation playing the piano playing The only activity she can do leisure and
Pattern with her great is raising her hands slowly, recreation
grandchildren, she does the rest is passively done pattern that
not do heavy jobs because like turning her every 4 patient had.
her private duty nurse hours and other activities She could not
quoted her as “Buhay done to her by the private do her usual
Donya”. She goes to the duty nurse. routine due to
mall with her family if she her condition.
has time.
Most of the
people at this
age are
engaged in
different forms
of exercise to
maintain their
health and
improved their
physical status
and is normal
for a housewife
doing the
Sleep and Patient usually sleeps 6-8 The patient is having Patient’s sleep
Rest hours a day without having accumulation of 3-4 hours and rest
Pattern any sleep disturbances. of her intermittent sleeping pattern is
She also takes 1 to 2 hours pattern, and according to altered or
of naps every day during her private duty nurse she changed due to
her wee hours in the thinks that the patient has her present
afternoon at 4pm. insomnia. condition.

People at this
age must have
at least 8 hours
of sleep a day
in order for
them to
maintain their
body’s normal
Cognitive- The patient is alert and Patient is non-coherent and Patient wasn’t
Perceptual active. She was able to is bedridden. Patient is able to
Pattern verbalize her concerns. semi-conscious, conversant verbalize some
She is a graduate of at times and awake. of her concerns
medicine in U.P. Manila. anymore since
She was able to practice her
her profession until she’s confinement.
90 years of age.
Piaget believed
that we go
through four
stages in
the world. At
this stage, they
are open to
able to solve
problems and
Self- Before hospitalization, she During hospitalization, the She wasn’t able
Perception considers herself healthy patient may or may not be to foresee nor
- Self and can do a lot of aware of her condition, but able to decide
Concept things/activities on her as far as the group has for self but her
Pattern daily living because she been observing, the patient family is there
doesn’t have any illness, and her family is very to do what is
did not feel any pain nor cooperative with the health good and not to
had previous diseases. She care team, whatever care do what they
can do her daily activities. or medical approach that is think is bad for
being done to her for as her.
long as it will help
prolonging her life and
somewhat alleviate the
sufferings of the patient
they allow it and give it just
for their mother.
Role She is a mother of 8 She not capable of doing There was an
Relationshi children, her husband died her work as a doctor and as obvious change
p at the year 1997, since a mother because of her in her role
then she focused on her condition. For the past 3 relationship
work, and her family, she weeks the group have towards her
spends time with her observed that her mother family though
family by going out with instinct towards her family she wasn’t able
them at the mall, eating before is being given in to do her
together if she has free return by her family by obligation and
time. Though she is taking care of her and responsibility
workaholic she finds time visiting her at the hospital as a mother
to spend it with her family. during her confinement. during her
still the love
and care of her
family is intact.

Accdg. to
Erikson, at his
age, Intimacy
vs Isolation,
dominate this
stage for all of
us and relies
heavily on our
ability to solve
the conflicts
faced in stage
five. Intimacy is
referred to as
the ability to
make a
and doesn't
mean sex.
met with
make this a
stage. If unable
to handle this
stage, an adult
will resort to
Sexuality- Her husband died at the She was not able to do her She was not
Reproducti year 1997 since then on role as mother, but her able to do her
ve Pattern she focused more on her family and friends were roles as a
work and being more of a there to care for her, to mother but still
mother to her family. decide for her and to pray her family and
Despite the fact that her over her for the fast friends were
children has already their recovery of the patient. there to help
own family she still sees to and guide her.
it that she also passes her
love and care for her Love
extended family. relationships
dominate this
She goes to the mall with stage for all of
them, eats dinner at fancy us and relies
restaurants. heavily on our
ability to solve
She is workaholic before the conflicts
hospitalization, she faced in stage
socializes well with her five. Intimacy is
colleagues, and she has so referred to as
many friends form different the ability to
places regardless of the make a
gender. personal
and doesn't
mean sex.
met with
make this a
stage. If unable
to handle this
stage, an adult
will resort to
Coping and She is very expressive She is not that much There is a
Stress when it comes to her conversant as before but change in
Tolerance feelings. Patient’s stress somehow she tries to coping and
management includes only express her feelings and stress tolerance
prayers. The patient was her wants. Though she is but with the
able to cope well towards not able to decide and to help of her
stressors that she is facing take control of her stress family she is
on her everyday life. her family or those who are somewhat able
close to her absorbs some to compensate
of her burden and stress for the
while she is ill. stressors that
she is facing.

According to
Lazarus’ theory
stress can
affect the
equilibrium and
so coping
strategies are
used to make
activities and
should be
observed and
Values- The patient is a Roman During her hospitalization She and her
Belief Catholic. She goes to she was not able to attend family has
Pattern church every Sunday with church religiously but she strong faith in
her family and prays the prays the rosary by playing God despite of
rosary every night. the cd player reciting the her illness.
way of the cross while she
is holding her rosary Adventists
everyday at 3pm. abstain from
secular work on
Even though the patient is Saturday. They
ill, her family keeps on will also usually
praying and believing in refrain from
god that she will be healed. purely secular
forms of
such as
sport and
watching non-
programs on
nature walks,
charitable work
and other
activities that
in nature are