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AVE UCR Ce 100 Directions BB Play the R.H. melody alone. IB Now add L.H. blocked chords on beat J of each measure, as indicated by the chord symbols. Ns te datiacerpman Gomera) Greensleeves Lead Sheet Flowing smoothly Am = A= is my love, you dome wrong. dis - cour - teous - ly © And 1 have Green = —sleeves___ was my de Green - sleeves was my G = heart of + gold,___ and who but my la. - += dy_—s Green sleeves, Unit 8: Theory of Minor Scales Applied Music Theory ‘The lyric of “Lady Greensleeves” dates to the 16th century. Not exactly an innocent love song, the ‘early lyric recounts the pleading of a gentleman for love from his bored mistress. The melody was first published in 1652. Two centuries later, the Christmas carol What Child Is This was set to the same tune. This popular chord progression steps down from the i chord (Am) to the V chord (E). Am G F b= ot Broken-5th Accompaniment When you can comfortably play Greensleeves using blocked chords, practice accompanying the melody using this L.H. broken-Sth pattern. Am G Ce AGE pe ee ee